Choti Sardarni 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher upset with Kulwant

Choti Sardarni 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant dances. She says all is well that ends well. Sarab comes close to Meher. Meher says people are seeing. Sarab says people saw us parting, now they will see us together. I want a kiss. Meher says close your eyes. Sarab stands with a pout. Meher leaves. Bitu and Kulwant see Sarab and wonder why is he standing like that? Sarab says Meher ji, ready, steady, please go now. He touches Bitu’s lips. Sarab opens his eyes and screams.

Scene 2
Rajan comes in and says wow see here. There’s a celebration going on. What could be a bigger proof? Chetan make recording and make breaking news. Here’s the groom and the bride. This Sarab murdered his wife and married his lover Sandhya. This is breaking news. Tell people that he killed his wife and removed all the proofs. Kulwant says shut up. Sarab stops Kulwant. Sarab says you did right by bringing police and media with you. Do you want to make a recording right? And want proof of Meher’s murder right? Let me give you the proof. He says come.. Meher comes there. Rajan is shocked. Rajana recalls Sandhya’s family killed her. Meher stands in front of him. He’s dazed.

Meher says you wanted proof of me being alive? She slaps him. Meher says you accused my Sarab ji? She slaps him again. Meher says you ruined a woman’s life. She slaps him again. Rajan says how are you alive? You can’t be alive. I killed you myself. The entire media records it. The reporter says Rajan accepted his crime of trying to kill Meher. Inspector arrests him. Rajan says this isn’t Meher. This is someone else. Sarab says say all this in the court. Everything is recorded and all the proofs against you are in this drive. The police take Rajan.

Scene 2
Kulwant asks Meher what was he saying? Harleen says he said he killed you? What did he mean? Meher tells everyone she was buried behind a wall after Sarab left. Sandhya’s mom got me out. She had a plan to save me. She already made a trench behind the wall and covered it. Meher says after I don’t remember anything. She holds her head. Meher cries. Sarab gives her water. Sarab says Meher ji.. Are you okay? Meher hugs him. Sarab says drink water. Meher says only remember that I was in a hospital bed. He says it’s okay. Don’t stress yourself. Relax and drink water. He hugs Meher. Sarab says everything is over. You’re with us.

Sandhya says I always heard about Punjab’s bravery and generosity. Meher says and we always heard Haryana people are the nicest and you proved it. Sarab says we have all suffered a lot. So we have to make each other a promise that after today there will only be happy in this house. Because today my Meher ji came back. And today is Sandhya’s wedding. We have many reasons to celebrate today. Tonight for these brave women. The kids say we are ready.

Seher says the name that comes out of this bowl will have to dance with the person who picks it. She asks Meher to pick. Meher picks a chit. Karan asks whose name is it? Meher says my Sardar ji. Kulwant, Harleen, and everyone pick chits. Kulwant says Robbie. They all tell the names. Seher says papa and mama let’s start. Sarab extends his hand to Meher.

The song janam janam plays. Sarab dances with Meher. Sarab picks Meher. Everyone claps for them. Meher smiles. Kulwant dances with Robbie on tukur tukur. Harleen dances with Rana. Everyone dances and enjoys. Bitu dances with Sameer. Jeeto and Ginni dance with each other. Everyone claps. Yuvi says the song changed. Let’s change the partners. Seher asks Meher to pick one again. It’s Kulwant. Param says who is it? Meher is silent. Seher says nani.. Kulwant says wah ji wah. Come let’s dance my daughter. Meher is silent. Meher picks another one and says Harleen di. She takes Harleen to the floor. Karan says you picked nani’s chit. Param says why didn’t you dance with her? Meher says I am not feeling well. I will go. Meher leaves. Everyone feels weird. Sarab goes after Meher.

Jeeto says Meher isn’t even talking to you. Kulwant recalls how she became Meher’s enemy and always cursed her family. Kulwant says why should she talk to me? I don’t deserve it. I did so wrong with her. No mother can do this. It’s too late. My daughter will never forgive me. Kulwant says I am really tired. I am going home. Karan says no nani. Param says we got happy after so long. You’re not going naywhere. Yuvi says please don’t. She says you all enjoy, I am tired. Kulwant walks.. The kids stop her. Kulwant says to Sandhya take care and stay happy. We will miss you a lot. She says Sameer, take care of my daugher. I will come to you if you don’t take care of her. He says I won’t let it come to that.

Scene 4
Sarab says I know what you’re thinking Meher ji. But you don’t know how much mummy ji has done for this family and the kids once you left. Sarab tells her everything. How she took care of the kids and stayed there for everyone. Meher gets teary. Sarab says she has done a lot for us. Rest, you can do what you think is right.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab comes close to Meher and says I have a gift for you.. He shows her a dress. Meher says close your eyes, I will wear it. Sarab counts 3.. 2.. 1.. Meher is asleep with the kids. Meher says why are you counting at sleep time? Are you doing homework? She laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. sarab and meher are the cutest like i get butterflies in my stomache when i see them

  2. I really enjoyed today episode..
    That was so funny when sarab touches bittu thinking of meher with closed eyes and open then screaming … Like he saw a ghost ..
    I really loved the way our monkeyji mocked the jat for counting while they were asleep

    After a long time we had a family episode today lets celebrate 🥂🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉

    1. these are the type of episodes i LOVEEE because theres so much love involved

  3. Radhika Purohit

    OMR… poor sarab🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣 for a second i thought as usual sarab is gonna mistake kk for mehar🤪 but for a change it was bittu this time!!! 🤣🤣 loved their scream🤣🤣🤣
    Loved the episode to the core!!😍😍😍 its like our old choti sardarni is back!! Happy happy episode…
    Precap is so cute… our sardarji doesnt have patience even for a single day… but then we cannot blame him too.. he has been through a lot in the past month..
    but in my opinion this night after mehars homecoming should better be a family night… justice for all…🤪🤪but i somehow feel sarab will do something to get his bandriji alone🤭🤔

  4. ADORED today’s episode. From getting justice, to some comedy, to the joyful family moments…it was everything I needed given everything the Gills and the fans of this show have been through over the past couple of months! I am so glad Meher is not sporting her braid anymore, haha! I am enjoying Meher getting her memory back slowly…we’ll see what other things get exposed!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      They should also tell us whose body they recovered from the site!!! I mean according to what mehar said today that wall should have been empty!!

  5. Im very happy with today’s episode but felt that they could have dragged the sequence with Rajan for a little longer. It should have been for one episode atleast & they should have shown the proofs gathered by Sameer. It would have dragged for one or 2 episodes easily. They could have also added some dialogues for Sandhya to give it back to Rajan for all this mess with a message being conveyed about honor killings in the Haryana region. That would have made it more powerful, just a feeling as we always want more from this show.

    1. @SL I agree. I would have been nice to see some more details of what proof Sameer had against Rajan and to @Radhika’s point, who this other woman was that was cremated at what was perceived as Meher’s ‘funeral.’ Highlighting honour killings to send a strong message and also giving Sandhya a chance to say her peace to Rajan for all the issues he has caused in her life and being responsible for killing her former partner. It did feel that the makers rushed the conclusion of the Rajan plot. BUT I am happy that the makers did close the loop on this track with Rajan. As we’ve seen in past tracks, there have been many instances where there was not any closure. At least our favourite couple is back and we can see smiles all around! In addition to some happy moments and family time, I do hope some of the upcoming tracks are not as tragic as what we have seen lately.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @MD and @SL.. i agree with you guys.. but i think the makers rushed through the track because this track had an enough drag since over 40 days!!! So probably they felt its better to close it shooshatak😜
      Within few minutes rajans chapter was closed… i seriously wanted sarab and rajan to have a physical fight…but then mehar gave enough slaps to satisfy us i suppose… as per nimrit maam and avinesh sirs recent interviews the upcoming tracks are interesting and a relief from all the tragedies in the past month!!!

    3. @Radhika that’s a great point! This current track has gone on long enough. I didn’t expect Meher to give 3 slaps! Amazing! Glad to know that upcoming tracks will be a little more lighthearted!

  6. Falguni Mistry

    Pls next time don’t separate Sarab n Maher. In any cost they should not get separation. pls show their love even after they grow older. They should make one beautiful love story…

  7. Snowflake

    Lovely..this is what we track will be meher forgiving kk…
    n waiting for tom 2…precap is love..

  8. Snowflake

    Just wondering…What about the paralysis track??(hope its cancelled)
    no mood for troubles…

  9. Dropofthought

    Shoutout to Radhika Purohitji, MDji and Ayniji thank you ladies for supporting my first attempt at my written series Choti Sardarni: A different Perspective. No I am not a writer but flattered that you found me to be so, also thank you Radhikaji for posting on the site for me. I was just trying something for the first time since the episodes were dragging, now as Meher is back it seems like I should step back from my series. Thank you ladies once again, I will still be around so until then, take care.Thank you.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @Dropofthought if you have the time and patience to continue the series then please do.. we would definitely be interested in reading it… infact we would love it… but if you are busy with work then let it be… as you said since mehar is reunited with sarab in the show all are relaxed…

    2. @Dropofthought I second @Radhika…please continue if you can. We really do enjoy your writing. You obviously have a talent for it and I think you have such a creative imagination! I would love to keep reading more 🙂

    3. Dropofthought

      Thank you ladies, I am studying for my post grad exam along with work so time is a bit hectic. However what i will do is i will post maybe one or two episode a week or so in the coming weeks so we have some more to talk about. Also we have some nice relaxing episodes ahead so you wont miss me much, but when its dragging again, I shall be back! Thank you for all the support again!

  10. @Dropofthought, you earned all the complements you getting and more because you gave us an excellent and defferent story here which I am very thankful. I would love to read more but at the end of the day it is your time and if you decided to step back I respect your decision and thank you for the work well done.

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