Choti Sardarni 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulwant threatens Manav

Choti Sardarni 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram brings Seema to Surya’s dead body. Seema is shocked. Aditi is shocked as well. The saree drops from Seema’s hand. Aditi and Seema sit next to Surya and sob. Vikram tries to console Seema. She says no he can’t leave me alone. What will I do without him? Manav hugs her.

Rana says what is this mummy ji? Where are you going in white suit? She says Vikram’s dad died, we have to go there. Bitu says we are going to jail and you want to go for condolences? Kulwant what was Surya doing there at night? Rana says to see Sarab. Kulwant says there’s something. I have to go there for find out. Bitu says Sarab is conscious. He will tell police everything. Amrita comes and says let’s go. Kulwant says sit in the car I am coming. Bitu says such a big problem and you’re going there? She says I am finding a way to save us. Only one thing can save us. We have to go Vikram’s place.

Param video calls Meher. He says where is papa? Meher shows Sarab and says he’s asleep. Param says you also go to him. We want to see you two together. Meher says okay. Param says closer. Meher sits next to sarab. Param says who loves Param and Karan the most? Meher says papa and mama. Param kisses and says who did I kiss? Meher is confused. He says both of you. Meher says I so want to kiss you. Param says you can kiss me from distance. Papa also used to kiss you from distance. When you went to nani’s place. He used to kiss me for you. Meher says you can kiss papa for me. I will kiss Karan for you. Param kisses Karan and says for mama. Meher kisses sarab. He wakes up. Sarab winks. Meher says Param I will call you back.

Scene 2
Surya’s funeral is going on. Kulwant comes there crying. She says such a big officer, military person he fell from sixth floor? God give him peace. Amrita says mummy ji please sit. She says such a big man is gone. How can I sit. Kulwant says to Seema how did this happen? Looks like a crime. Kulwant says you never know. First Sarab and now Surya. Seema cries. Manav is angry. Kulwant says you are a widow suddenly. Seema cries more. Manav says I have to talk to you. Manav says to Kulwant what do you want? She says Manav ji.. I mean Vikram ji.. I have lost hope in world. Such a good man is gone suddenly. He has given you so much. A mom, a name, a family. manav says what do you want? Kulwant says Sarab si conscious. He will send us to jail but we will tell in court and tell them Manav is alive. Police is investigate and find out that you’re alive.

Kulwant says don’t know if your mom would be able to take this shock. Manav recalls Surya begging him to never tell Seema. Kulwant says don’t worry you can tell her you’re not Vikram you’re Manav. Manav says shame on you. You’re taking advantage of someone’s death? Kulwant says for myself I can kill people. The advantage is a small thing. I don’t want to go to jail. But if someone saves me from going to jail I can spare his life. You had nothing. You were an orphan. Now you have a mom. Alive mom. Kulwant leaves.

Kulwant says only kids are our everything. For us widows. you have your son Vikram for you. Seema looks at Vikram. Kulwant says you have your own and Surya’s blood Vikram.. He will always remind you for Surya. You have to live for him. Don’t give up. You will have grand kids. Stay strong. Seema says you’re right. Kulwant says your son is so wise. He will never let anything happen to you. Kulwant leaves. Manav looks at her in anger.

Kulwant slaps Bitu and Rana. Ran says what is this for? She says for overacting. You were crying like your dad died. Let’s go we have to buy sweets. Bitu Rana say for what?

Scene 3
Harleen comes to meet sarab. Sarab says how is Seema? Meher says is she okay? Harleen says no she’s very upset. So much has happened. Who attacked Sarab? I am really worried. Meher says we will find out soon. sarab says don’t worry. Harleen says I have one brother only. I haved asked police to speed up inquiry. I want the name.

Kulwant, Bitu and Rana come to the hospital. Kulwant says hold sarab’s feet and cry. Tell him your wives are pregnant. Bitu says what> Rana says Ginni didn’t tell me. she says do drama. Sarab loves kids. His heart will melt.

Kulwant comes in and says live long live long. Police is already there. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant says is this for the attack’s investigation? Do it. We will come later. Let’s go. Sarab says stop. He says this isn’t for yesterday. This is for yesteryear. Sarab says this is my mother in law, Sarpanj Kulwant and says Bitu Rana are my BILs. Arrest three of them for killing innocent Manav. Kulwant says what? Have some fear of God. I am like your mom and they are your brothers. You want us to go to jail. I should have died before seeing this day. Bitu says have some mercy. Rana says our wives are pregnant. Bitu says yes they will be mothers. Kulwant says you will be uncle. I have done nothing. I swear on you. Meher says don’t you dare swearing on Sarab. Stop this drama. Inspector ji please. Kulwant says well done. The mother who brought you up, who brought you in this world, you want to send her to jail? Sarab says don’t bring motherhood in this. A mother doesn’t kill anyone. You have to pay for what you did to Manav.

Precap-Kulwant says to Meher you don’t know your mom. I will twist everything. They are taken to jail. Kulwant says can I make a call? He says who? She says Vikram Dewan. Vikram says tell them my phone is not reachable.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kulwant Kaur has all the aces up her sleeve – she can reveal all to Aditi, Seema as well as Harleen and have their lives ruined. Besides, Sarab, Meher and Manav are deliberately not revealing Sarab’s murderer and no doubt, Kulwant will come to know about this too as she has already hinted. The only loser in all this would be Meher herself.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    It was mixed episode…
    Pain, emotional, touch and last one was commedy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    But i still didn’t get just to unite Manav/Vikram with seema, surya was trying to kill Mehar??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Something is really fishy on this…

  3. Nice episode but kulwant blackmailing manav these things are too much.
    We just want manav to get justice and to move on with his mom and wife. And meher, sarab, param and karan to live altogether.

  4. Kulwant needs to go to jail. She is insensitive. Imagine the family is mourning Surya’s death and she is the only one talking. I have a feeling though that something will happen to Manav and on his hospital bed, Meher would have to tell him that Karan is his son and he needs to pull through

  5. Kulawant kithna gatiya hai just seeing apna fahida bas
    Manav ko aur kitna pareshaan karegi?

  6. Kulwant can go to any level for her own profit.When seat in Sarab s party was given to Jagga and not to her , she in revenge did the illegal transfer of things in her own son Jagga’s truck. So she can stoopbto any level, can even kill her own sons and daughter also for her own selfish motive.

    Also I feel Surya did not fired the bullet .I feel it was Seema as she is very oversensitive about her son. So to save her Surya took the blame.

    And seriously it is house of a politician.There would be so many body guards, PSOs etc.They could have easily catched the culprit. And there must be cctv footage also to nab the culprit.

    They think audience is stupid.

    Also where is Tarkash ??

  7. Shaheera Khan

    ok mehar made her mum and brothers arrested for the man who is blackmailing and following her every where and now she she have promised him when and whatever he will ask she will give him and what’s the trying to murder carb or her why they have to keep quit and for robby s all doing they have to hide . why on the earth she is ruining scarabs reputations , now i want all her hiding’s to come out at once her sand manav s hiding .

    1. i want dolly and robbie , harleen truth also to come out . No one is perfect everyone has secrets. sometimes keeping secrets for sake of family happiness can sometimes b a good thing. if manav truth is out how many lives will b destroyed, not worth it sometimes.

  8. Shaheera Khan

    that what i am saying if you want to get the truth out get everyones truth out that’s mean sarab is not that honest as he have been proved

  9. Shahseera Khan

    noe i realt hate mehar she is hating her family because they did not let her get married to manav but all other crimes are forgettable .

  10. But here thing is not that Sarab is a true man or not? The thing is if he tells that Surya attacked him , then Seema will die , Vikram aka Manav s life will be ruined, Guddi s life will again be ruined (she had suffered so much since childhood ). Harleen , Meher ,Param and Karan will also be affected in a way or other.

    As far as Kulwant is concerned she for her own benefit to get ticket in Sarab’s party wanted her only daughter to marry Sarab , a widower and father of a child . Who does that with her own daughter ?When she came to know Meher loves Manav and is pregnant with his child she called Manav in pretext of meeting him and stabbed him to death. Who does that ? Isn’t she a mother or is she stone hearted ? She could have threatened him or complained against him but what was the need to kill him mercilessly and then throw his body in the river. Then she blackmailed Meher to marry Sarab and did not reveal the truth to Sarab.Done fraud with Sarab. Then for her own self esteem she got admission of Yuvi done in Param ‘ s school that too by hacking Sarab’s mail id and then sending application from his mail.Then she blackmailed her own son Bitoo to not to marry Jeeto and marry someone rich.She even defamed Jeeto and made her video viral. She asked for money from Jeeto’s parents to marry their daughter with Bitoo. Then she kept taunting Jeeto after marriage. Even her love for Param is also fake. She married his son Rana with Ginni also for her selfish needs.To keep Harleen under control. Then when she did not get ticket in Sarab ‘s party but her son Jagga got it out of jealousy she got some illegal thing done with his truck to defame him. When she saw Vikram , she again tried to kill him 2-3 times. Now also she was ready to kill Sarab to save herself from police. She is taunting Seema so much. She is really stone hearted .She should get punished.

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