Choti Sardarni 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Surya dies

Choti Sardarni 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab says he didn’t want to kill me. He wanted to kill Meher. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says he shot Meher not me. Sarab recalls the masked man came there. It was Manav but Surya came from behind and shot Meher. Sarab came in her way and took the bullet. Sarab says mow je wanted me to die because I was the one who saw it. Surya says don’t tell this to your mom. Consider this your dad’s last wish. Surya jumps off the window. Manav shouts dad… Meher and Manav run downstairs. Meher says please take care Sarab. Doctor asks sarba to relax.

Manav comes running to Surya. He says dad.. Nothing will happen to you. You’re bleeding. Manav screams. Manav says why did you do this dad. His head is bleeding. Manav screams for help. Surya says I couldn’t see all that. He saw Manav always looks for Meher. HE always ignored Aditi over Meher. Manav says nothing happened to you. Meher comes there as well. Surya dies. Manav cries. Meher says calm down. Manav says the one who gave me a new life, the one who saved me gave his own life. The man who gave me a family, name, respect, he left me. Why did you do this. Manav cries. Manav says what was my mistake? Meher tries to console him. Manav says nothing happened to him. Manav cries. Meher says for your mom, you have to be strong. For Aditi.

Hospital staff comes there. They ask what happened? Meher says Surya uncle.. Manav says he slipped from the window. He came to see Sarab. Aditi says but how did this happen. Who was in ICU. Who attacked you? Meher says I couldn’t see his face. Doctor calls Meher. Meher goes upstairs. Manav says no one will touch my dad. Nothing happened to him,

Scene 2
Aditi comes home. She says mom, dad said you’re not well. Seema says he over cares for me. aditi says where is he? Seema says he went to the hospital to see Sarab. Seema says how is he now? She says nothing to worry about;. Seema says come there’s a surprise for you. Aditi says what is it? She takes Aditi to other room.

Meher asks doctor how is Sarab? He says better than before. You will have to take care of him a lot. Don’t talk about anything that will give him stress.

Scene 3
Meher comes to Sarab. Sarab says Surya uncle, he cries. Sarab says how did all this happen. Meher gives him water. Meher recalls Manav said everything is over. MEher spills water. she recalls the doctor saying not to tell Sarab anything stressful. Sarab says water is spilling. Where are you lost? Meher says I can’t tell you anything. Meher says we have been tested a lot and God gave us the strength to fight all exams. We have to fight and go back home for our kids. Param doesn’t even eat without you aand you’re my breath. I can’t even live without you. Sarab says do you love me so much? Meher says as if you don’t know. Sarab says I don’t. Meher says you know it all. Meher says I love you more than my life.

Seema asks Aditi to keep eyes closed. She says wait here. Seema gives her shagun. Aditi says what is this? Seema says your sargi. It’s karwa chauth tomorrow. We will both fast. Will you fast for Vicky? Aditi nods. Vikram comes home and hugs Seema. He cries. Seema says what happened? Is everything okay?

Sarab says nothing happened to me. Meher says I won’t ever let anything happen to you. He holds her hand and says you saved me again. He says I am not scared of death, I am scared of losing you. You gave me strength. I only cared about you and Param Karan that day. I decided that I have to live for my family. And see I didn’t go anywhere. Meher says you won’t ever go anywhere. Meher says you will always stay with me.

Precap-Seema sees Surya’s dead body. Kulwant says to Vikram Sarab will send us to jail. Manav says what do you want? She says tell police you were doing drama of being Vikran.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am new to comment here.
    I don’t understand one thing how sarab’s blood group turned AB- from O+ and meher’s blood group turned O+ from AB- which was shown during param’s liver surgery.

    Makers show anything nothing is impossible in these shows.😂

    1. Sneha: That is not the only thing that makes no sense. The theme of this show is blackmail, and more blackmail. Most of the cast are blackmailing each other over one thing or another, as a way of somehow preserving relationships, which in most cases is like walking on thin ice. Sooner or later it will all blow up. It may be that the serial could be heading for a conclusion in the near future.

    2. Most of the television shows have blood group Ab- when ever their is a hospital scene🤣🤣🤣

      Sab ek dusre ke bhai behen hai lagta hai🤣🤣

      And writers also forget what the had wrote in the previous scripts😝😝😝

  2. And surya tried to kill meher because manav got his memory after she came in his life. That’ was a very bad reason.😑

    1. It is actually funny to me that he was trying to shoot Mehar just for this reason but then no surprise, this serial is full of all these stupid reasons. I wish they can give logical reasons for whatever happens so that brilliant acting of the characters can be justified

  3. It is sad to see that Surya died for trying to protect his son from Meher’s non acceptance of Manav. This would be a wake up call for Manav. Manav will just have to move on now for his mother and wife sake and put his feelings aside. Waiting for when it is revealed he has a son.

  4. Really Manav is in a sorry situation I actually feel his pain

  5. In this show manav was more suffered person not Meher literally he lost his love, child (I know that will happen for sure),now dad and this kulwant want to destroy his new identity too please manav leave Meher move on and happily live with u r mom and wife Sarab will make justice to u and punish kulwant

  6. Why Manav had to suffer always??? Why life is always unfair to him?? Enough is enough…. He is such a pure soul. He deserves happiness and love. I want to see him happy now…!!

    1. Yes the most cutest thing his the way he smile (manav) hai main marjawan

    2. Yeah ryt…His smile😍…Manav’s cuteness is enough to melt any girl’s heart🙈…And the one whose heart does not melt, her heart is not heart but a stone😅😝

    1. if this spoiler is true then this serial going backwards, and if sarab give up meher so easily after all they have been through then i will not be watching this serial again. It makes no sense. manav should move on since his ‘father’ give up his life for him and build his life with his iwfe and mom. Life and love is not fair but he should move on and find happiness, u cannot live in the past.

  7. the cuteness is manav smile

  8. I can see a deal being struck between Kulwant and Manav. The former will not reveal his identity to his mother and the latter will in return make sure no one goes to jail for Manavs attempted murder. The whole show is based on everyone be blackmailing each other.

    1. I also think that way. But by then i wish Meher and Sarab cut all ties from Mehers Family.

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