Choti Sardarni 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulwant tells Meher Vikram is Manav

Choti Sardarni 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab says come on Meher. Complete the dialogue? She says let me see Karan. Sarab says say it first. Param says Karan this is my favorite cartoon. Kulwant calls. Param says why are you calling over and over again? She says give it to Meher. Please. Param says mama she has called 10 times. Meher says what happened? Bell rings. Karan is outside. Kulwant says increase security. Shut all the doors and windows. Vikram is Manav, I have confirmed. He is alive and here to take revenge. He will come to your place to take your baby away. Ask the guards to make him run. Are you getting it? Meher opens the door. Vikram is there. He says hello Mrs. Gill. Meher is shocked, the phone falls.

Harleen says what do you want to say? Robbie says if you can own your sister then why not Karan? She says we know that she has my dad’s brother. I have no problem with Meher. But Sarab never even asked her who is his child. What if his real father shows up then? Sarab calls him his partner. My brother would be broken if the real father comes. I will never own him. Robbie says I thought it’s about Param’s future. Harleen says that’s also a reason. There are many reasons. But conclusion is the same, that child isn’t good for this family.

Meher picks her phone and says let me call Sarab. Vikram meets Aditi. She says be careful no one should know why you’re here. Param says I recognized you. He reaclls meeting Vikram. Param ties himself with a red ribbon and says get me out of it. Vikram cuts it. Param says not this way. Aditi says he didn’t like it. Say sorry. Vikram says he will say thank you. Vikram gives him a toy car. Param says thank you, uncle. Sarab comes and says home you didn’t have a difficulty in finding the house. Sarab says this is a villa. Sarab giggles and says we were waiting for you on breakfast. Meher says let me see Param. Karan says oh Gobi de parathy. Meher recalls that’s what Manav used to call her. Vikram says only two things are famous in Punjab. You and Gobi k parathy. Aditi says I am sorry. I forgot to tell Vikram only eats continental foods. Sarab asks the chef to ask Vikram what would he like? Vikram says one black coffee with no sugar. Meher hears all this.

Kulwant calls Meher. Kulwant says I was so scared. Manav is alive. Meher says he isn’t Manav. He can’t be Manav. Stop calling me. Kulwant says he is here to take revenge. He is alive. Kulwant says ask Bitu Rana. Bitu says he’s Manav. Rana says he is doing a drama. Meher says stop it. She cuts the call. Param says uncle is so nice. He gifted me this car. Do you want to play with me? He isn’t a stranger. He is papa’s friend. Meher recalls what Kulwant said.

Scene 2
Vikram is using his phone. Aditi says weren’t you here for investigation? He says our training tells us that no one should know what’s happening when you’re investigating. He shows her the phone. Aditi says this means you planted a camera in that toy car? He says mic too. Harleen says to Sarab your case isn’t over yet. You shouldn’t invite a CBI officer to your place. Sarab says you can meet him once. Harleen says I am already very worried. Param says papa see my new car. Sarab says you play outside. Param says to his grandfather’s picture and says dadu this is my new car. Vikram recalls he saw a photo in Aditi’s car. He says Guddi? Aditi says who? Vikram says I saw a photo in your drawer while looking for the script. It was of a sardar and a little girl. She says it was an old patient’s. Car’s battery goes down. Param places it on a charge.

Sarab says Meher make Karan sleep and come downstairs. He says hello partner to Karan and says will you act with me in the play? no? He laughs. Sarab plays with Karan. Meher is worried. Sarab says I am going downstairs.

Scene 3
Sarab says I am ready. Aditi says your character is called Raja Inderjit Singh. Meher recalls what Kulwant said and how Vikram scared her. Meher says he can’t be Manav. He’s Vikram a CBI officer. Manav used right hand, his voice was different, he liked Punjabi food. Meher washes her face. Meher’s room catches fire with a short circuit. She’s in the washroom. The car is burned as well. Meher comes out and sees Karan in fire. Meher screams for help. Meher tries to save Karan.

Precap-Meher’s room is one fire. Sarab and Vikram both run upstairs. Karan is surrounded by fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shesha485

    Post lockdown, now I have started to watch the show. The show is seriously going interesting. The background music (new one in the last few episodes) is really awesome. I don’t think Manav and Vikram are same even I wish they should not be the same. Aditi is interesting somehow and liking Manav in this new form. Can’t even expect the family have a interesting backstory and they are presenting well.

  2. Shaheera Khan

    thank you for early wu ,can you please give the wu for shubharambh and Naati piny as well ,sorry i am asking too much but a short update will do . thanks and sorry .

  3. hope
    Vikram is not manav love d fact dat meher and sarab getting along just fine I still want answers to d dolly blackmailer and who kidnapped meher and harleen Robbie and dolly true face shown love kilwant she’s funny and will do anything to protect her family even if it’s d wrong thing to do

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