Choti Sardarni 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Surgery successful

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Choti Sardarni 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher’s condition worsens. The doctor says it’s impossible to save her now. Sanjana says we can’t give up. Sanjana called Sarab and told him they had ordered the medicine. It would be landing there. Sarab gets it and comes to the hospital. Sanjana says to take it to OT. Sarab says please save my Meher and Param. He sits down and cries.

Mehers surgery is being done. Kulwant is crying. Jagga says please go home and rest. Bitu says we are all here. Kulwant says I can’t go home. Sarab is crying too. School kids come to pray for Param. Yuvi asks everyone to pray for Param and Meher. They all pray for Meher and Param. Sarab looks at the kids praying. He recalls his moments with Meher. They surgery is being done. Sarab sees the news of Param and Meher’s operation.

Yuvi says don’t worry dadi. My friends and I have prayed for Meher and Param. Don’t be sad. Kulwant says I would never be sad if they heal. Kulwant faints. Sarab and everyone holds her. Sarab says to the nurse please check her BP. Yuvi says why aren’t they back yet? Please tell them I am waiting for them. Sarab says don’t worry nothing would happen to your Meher bua and your friend Param. The nurse says her BP is really low. Jagga gives her water and says please go home and rest. Or please eat something. He asks Jeeto to bring her something. Kulwant says I can’t eat. My Meher and Param are suffering.

Scene 2
The OT opens. Sanjana comes out. Everyone rushes to her. Sanjana says congratulations. The surgery is successful. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Sarab sits down and cries. Sanjana says both Meher and Param are out of danger. Meher’s baby is fine too. And Param’s liver is functioning fine. Sarab says can I see them? She says after a while. Harleen hugs Sarab and says I told you. Jeeto says thank God. Sarab says thank you so much. She says it’s your prayers and Meher’s courage. The nurse asks Sanjana to come inside. Amrita says see I told you everyone is fine. Thank God. They all thank God. Amrita says please eat something mummy ji. Kulwant says until I meet them I won’t. Sarab says please go home. I will call you here when they can meet Kulawnt says I won’t go anywhere. Don’t tell Meher that I am not well. She is my life and I am hers.

The news reports about successful surgery. Sanjana says only one person can meet them. We have shifted Param to ICU. We will shift Meher too. You can see Param. He’s unconscious. Sarab comes to Param and caresses his face. He holds Param’s hand. Sarab says your Meher mama has given you a new life. She won’t ever let anything happen to you. See papa is here. The doctor says please let him rest. Sarab kisses Param’s hand.

Bitu and Rana distribute sweets in the whole hospital. Kulwant says I ate everything. Can I see my Meher and Param now? Sarab looks at Meher. He comes to her. Sarab holds her hand. He caresses her face. Meher opens her eyes. Sarab says Meher. She tries to take her mask off. Sarab does it for her. Meher says our child and Param? Sarab says they’re both safe. Meher says thank God. Sarab says thanks to you. Meher says God never lets us down. Her heartbeat goes down. Meher can’t beat. Sarab shouts and calls the doctor. Sarab says are you okay? Sanjana says please let me check. Please move.

Precap-Meher says I will give Param a new life. Meher dies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Not possible

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Meher cannot die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Verma4

    They will pray to their hearts content an Meher will come back to life. waheguru ka khalsa waheguru ki fateh

  4. Please don’t kill her n then bring an evil Meher..lookalike..then same old crappy storyline..

  5. Shesha485

    What a emotional episode. Really Heart touching. This week is fully of high hearted feelings and emotions. But there is some twist on Monday, and I am eager for it.

  6. emotional episode hope meher is not replaced by another actress or meher goes rogue will not watch again as it will go d same way as other serials. i watch this as its different from d usual soaps.hope harleen now forgive and accept meher bsby

  7. This is not what the audience expected to see. You need to reconsider killing off the main actress. I watch the show because it was beautiful to see someone given another chance at a beautiful life. I will stop watching the show. Hope the writers will reconsider.

  8. She is not dying. Param will bring her back to life

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