Choti Sardarni 25th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Param saves Seher’s life

Choti Sardarni 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher’s treatment is going on. Meher is also inside as a nurse. The doctor gives Seher emergency treatment. Param says papa please let me help Seher. He hugs Param. Param says papa, nothing will happen. God is with me. Everything will be okay. He says how can I take such a risk with your life? He says Seher is already at risk. Her mom saved mama. Shouldn’t we save her daughter now? Meher comes out. Sarab says Param will give bone marrow. The doctor says but we can’t do this surgery until this form is signed by her parents. Sarab says I know her mom but I can’t contact her. The doctor says we can’t start surgery without the form being signed by a parent. Sarab says we can’t delay. Meher says in her heart I have to save Seher’s life and show my identity. Meher takes off her mask. Sarab signs the papers as Seher’s father and says please start the operation. Meher puts her mask on. Param hugs Sarab.

Param is taken for transplant. He says don’t be scared. I am right here. He says papa, I will be okay. I love you. Param says to Meher, sister doesn’t let my papa cry. Stay with him. His hands are shivering. Meher says in heart I am also proud of you. Param is taken inside. Sarab prays for him. He goes to the temple and says please save both kids. Meher also comes there. She puts her hand on Sarab’s shoulder. Sarab looks back. Meher leaves. Samaira says Sarab everything will be okay. Karan says don’t cry, papa.

Scene 2
The transplant starts. Sarab and Meher pray outside. The doctor comes out and says transplant was successful both are okay. Seher’s life is out of danger. Sarab thanks, God. Meher gets teary. Karan says let me meet them. The doctor says you can’t. They need rest. You can meet them later. Sarab goes out for formalities. Kaul says to Meher Param saved his sister’s life. Did you see how well life played? Meher comes in. She looks at both the kids. Meher holds Param’s hand. She looks at Seher. Param says mama I saved Seher. I healed her. Meher cries and hugs him. He unconscious but he opens eyes a little. Meher says forgive me. I couldn’t come to you. I missed you every moment. You are my lion son and Seher’s sister. You always wanted a sister. Seher is your sister. Always hold her and be there for her. Meher mama loves you. Thank you, Param. Seher is your responsibility.

Scene 3
The doctor tells Sarab it’s very strange. Their stemcells matched and it was well accepted by Seher. It feels like they siblings. Kulwant hears this on call. She says is this girl Seher Meher’s sister? This means Meher could be pregnant. The doctor asks Sarab to write the date of birth. He says I don’t know. They check in her medical file. It’s 24 octor. Kulwant says 5 years ago? Does this mean she came out of jail with that baby? She is Sarab and Meher’s daughter? I have 5 people to kill now? Sarab signs the papers.

Meher holds Seher’s hand and says you always wanted your papa. You will stay with him from now on. He won’t let you miss me. He will give you everything. You will always have your brother. Mama has to go away from you. Always stay happy. Sarab walks towards the room. Meher is crying. He comes in. Meher wears her mask. Sarab looks at her. Meher says I also have too small kids so.. He says a mother’s heart feels the pain of all the kids. Meher leaves. Sarab looks at Seher and smiles. He holds Param’s hand. Param looks at Seher. He says papa.. This girl’s name is Seher, right? I chose that name for my sister. Remember? Sarab recalls everything. He looks closely at Seher. Meher looks at them. Sarab caresses Seher’s face.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sarab shows Meher’s picture to Seher and asks whether she’s her mother. Seher says, yes, she is her super mumma. Sarab gets excited and tells Param that Seher is his sister. He rushes outside to see Meher, but Meher leaves in a bus.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Chhavi

    Thanks for update

    1. Why Maher dnt show off to Param and sarab does not make sense we need good family not tht Samaira taking over noo this serie if no close this two people won’t let good looking I needs sarab and Maher be together with they kids

  2. Radhika Purohit

    I am kind of liking this kaul character… i mean though he likes mehar he does give her advice to unite with her family… even today he asked mehar to reveal about sehar to param…
    And OMR sarabs expressions when mehar kept her hand on his shoulder… that relief on his face😍😍… he could feel her😍😍😍
    And the episode ended on such a cliffhanger🙈🙈 i hope atleast now our sardarji connects all the dots since param gave him a starting point..
    I knew kulwant will be the first to know this big secret 🤭 it has to be.. but i am surprised that she asked onky for info from the nurse and not any plan to harm param..

    1. Kulwant for the win! Finally…someone who can put all the pieces together in record time! I was hoping Mehrab would meet today, but figured the makers would tease us AGAIN! How short-lived will this reunion be??! We know that Sarab gets into an accident on Saturday!

    2. Now he should look back to those picture Harleen showed him, Meher with a child and Seerat’s clothing.

  3. kulwant is so intelligent. She alone could thinks beyond the box…The funny part was when she said I have 5 people to kill now.

  4. Honestly…this show is making me nervous! I’m losing faith in Meher coming to her senses and feel like Sarab can only wait for so long before he cracks under Harleen’s pressure and Karan’s desire to have a mom! Samira is doing a good job to win our Sararji over. I still can’t believe Meher wanting to leave her family again, this time leaving Seher behind!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yes MD… I have a feeling that she wouldn’t even actually mind sarab getting married again because ahe heard karan call samaira as samaira mumma and mehar didnt even flinch🙄🙄 so i guess unless something really drastic happens eg: karan being thrown out by harleen once sarab loses memory… mehar wont claim her rights… she feels she is a curse on her family… and something really terrific and strong only can shake it…
      Even today she actually told her daughter that sehar would be happy without her mom🙄🙄🙄 though i really cannot understand mehars decisions..
      I feel they are showing a weak side of mehar for some purpose… lets wait and watch what that is

    2. Radhika Purohit

      I think the probably the onky reason that can get mehar back to being the sherni she actually is if she gets to know about kulwants attacks on her family… to save her family she would do anything.. and absolutely anything… and the truth is that the only person who can fight kulwant kaur dhillon is mehar kaur gill

    3. I wonder if Meher will only reveal herself to Sarab and not Param/Karan. Once he gets into an accident, what will happen to the kids?? Sarab signed off as Seher’s father and apart from Param, Harleen will have no interest in taking care of Seher/Karan. I don’t think she will have a choice but to stay for the kids. It’s easy for her to leave if Sarab is around because he will take care of her family. With his life in the balance, she can’t just leave.

  5. Radhika: Actually both Kaul and Sumaira are excellent characters and good hearted. Perhaps too good hearted to be true. But will this last ? Aditi also started on a good note and look what happened.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      No aditi didnt start on a good note.. she started with a plot to destroy the entire gill family

  6. Radhika: You are right. Aditi than had second thoughts and did an about turn, only to do another one later on.

  7. @ Radhika…I had so much confidence in Mehrab and their unbreakable relationship. But between the makers throwing the fans off lately with the Kashmir track AND the terrible decisions being made by Meher with her intentionally staying away from her family…I have doubt now. Is she going to be relieved that Sarab lost his memory so he no longer has to feel pain and can have a fresh start?
    AAAHHHH This show is going to kill me!!!!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      She would have felt so… but here the problem arises because she has left her kids with sarab… okay if harleen gets to know sehar is sarabs daughter she will still accept her…. but karan will be abandoned… sarab loses memory and if he forgets mehar then he forgets karan too…. and how is mehar gonna explain the situation to karan?? Also probably she will know that people like samaira who descriminate between apna and sautela may also illtreat param someday… sarab is the biggest security for her kids… mehar knows nothing will happen to her kids as long as he stands with them… but him not even recognizing them or mehar will really push her to the edge … it should… because afterall according to her she is staying away to avoid problems in her kids life and so that they can stay happily with their father…
      Also dont lose your confidence on mehrabs relationship… writers are still portraying it as the epitome of love and trust… its just that the aspect of togetherness is missing… which will definitely comeback… hopefully soon enough before we have major heartbreaks and emotional outbreaks😭😭

    2. So far, Samira has actually supported Karan and Sarab’s decision to take care of Seher, even though Harleen has been against both of these things. And she brought food for Karan/Param. So she hasn’t shown any sign of her being evil YET or that she would discriminate against the kids. If she is truly desperate for Sarab, she could go to any length to show how invested she is. She already has Harleen’s approval.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      MD if there is an amnesia track.. samaira need not be good to karan… she knows sarab since long.. means she knows that sarab fell in love with mehar seeing her love for param… so now she is showing live towards karan to get into sarabs goodbooks… and also supporting sarab in his decision… but once he loses memory ( if he loses it) then there is no karan in his head🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ and samaira also need to be in harleens goodbooks and that manipulative harleen can ask samaira to do anything…. but keeping that aside now the twist will be that param will know mehar is alive and then he will know that she will return so how harleen can fool sarab is a question…
      So now my guess is maybe the writers are planning something else with the accident…. MOST PROBABLY AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MEHAR TO ESCAPE WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ i hate it when i see sarab cry missing mehar…god!!! These makers are again gonna make sarab cry for mehar😭😭😭

    4. Radhika I do’nt think Samaira is puting up an act right now, she’s not evil and I guess she’s being her real self. She even asked Harleen to not force her decision upon Sarab.
      I don’t think Karan will be abandoned, how Param cares for him. It was Param who asked Sarab to consider marrying Samaira for Karan’s Sake.
      Param is Karan’s lifelong guardian and wo’nt let any thing happen to him.
      As for Sarab, Harleen might manipulate him into believing that Meher is no more. Then asking him to marry Samaira. Everything’s becoming unpredictable right now.
      Harleen thinks that Meher has moved on, but after knowing that Seher is Sarab’s child, she will know that Meher has not moved on yet..So lets wait and watch what makers are thinking to do.

    5. Radhika Purohit

      But shruti.. have you noticed how samaira’s behaviour is different in front of kids and when only sarab is around… i mean even her dressing style… whenever she is around kids she is dressed up exactly like mehar… and when she went to give shoes to sarab she was in completely different style… modern outfit…. which is why i feel she is putting up an act…
      You are right…everything is unpredictable right now… and with some shoot going on in jungle i wonder what is about to happen 🤷‍♀️

    6. I would think that if Sarab, Seher and Param are all in the hospital recovering, Meher would stay because as you said earlier, Sarab is a security blanket for her kids. He has to be okay for her to feel that her kids will be well taken care of. If she decides to run away post Sarab’s accident, then the makers of the show will have committed character suicide with Meher.

  8. My humble opinión is that very soon somaira will be evil. In this show all the good ones end bad. Somaira doenst want to be betrayed for 3 time and she is fighing for the love Sarab. Maybe , Sarab will do the test and know he has daughter but he is gonna have an accident. Harleen could not accept seher and hiden blood test or she can say to mehe go out of everybody life but let me seher. I think kulwant could put some medicine to put seher in coma too.

    1. Kulwant has all the Gills in one place. She will definitely try her hand at something with Seher, Param and soon Sarab since all will be at the hospital. It’s only a metter of time before Harleen gets to the hospital too and if Meher reveals herself, I’m sure she will unleash her wrath on her.

  9. Snowflake

    Wow…not a bad episode…just waiting for the precap…once it is aired pls let me know and do post the link

  10. Luz: I too share your view that at some stage, Sumaira will turn negative. Possibly even Kaul. Both will eventually realise they can’t have the respective partners they desire. As for Kulwant, she will continue to fail in all her attempts to harm anyone and will eventually realise Meher was not the murderer. It is possible that Sumaira will take advantage of Meher’s continued absence and claim she is Sarab’s ‘wife’.

    1. I have more scare in somaira than Kaul.Kaul could fight for meher love but I dont see energy like somaira. She is more ambitius.

  11. I dont gonna meher because her decistions are not the Correct. Sorry, she didnt see consecuenses.

  12. Radhika Purohit

    And there lies another possiblity that this entire accident track could be just a draaggg….. with no outcome out of it… sarab getting discharged fit and fine after few days… mehar goes missing again… i wont be surprised if writers do it again playing with our emotions and expectations 😭😭😭… they made such a hype with the previous promo… all of us expected reunion and then bam!!.. all we got were dream sequences… now also all of us are expecting memory loss and then something good out of it… but makers may surprise us again 🙈🙈🙈

    1. I thought about this too! And if this does happen, all i can hope for is that Sarab connects all those dots, realizes that Meher is Seerat, they have a daughter now in his care and he continues to look even harder for her, while dealing with Harleen/Samira as background noise.

  13. Precap anyone?

  14. Finally sarab got some sense of thinking 🤔🤔🤔
    Kulwant bravo good at connecting dots.will sarab be able to connect the dots what happened with him in kashmir??
    It seems to be interesting ..
    After a long time

    1. His emotions are clouding his ability to think logically..let’s give our sardarji a break! He has a crazy sister who’s solution to every problem is marriage, a crazy woman who’s put her life on hold for him, a wife who he can’t seem to find, and a son in the hospital who just went under surgery. The last two episodes have been better. It shifted the focus on to how amazing the kids are as opposed to how sad the adults are! I’m curious to see how things unfold leading up to the accident.
      DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE SPOILERS! Some sources were saying the reunion was today, others say Sarab will die, some say amnesia post accident with an entry from his ex wife who is evil, etc. Nobody knows what is going on!

    1. AHHHHHHH Precap looks so good!!! Sarab confirms with Seher that her mom is Meher from a photo 🙂 Meher needs to stop running away!!

    2. Ugh the emotional stamina I need for this show is unreal. All of this to lead up to a tragic accident with Sarab. I’m glad Param will be informed about his sister. He will keep his siblings together post accident, even if Harleen tried to interfere with that. And Param/Karan will know that his Meher mama is alive through Seher. Now if only we can get Meher to be as responsible as Param, we may have a chance at a family reunion!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Very good sarab!!!! Good that sarab informed param about sehar… and i am sure param will know now that mehar is alive🥳🥳🥳🥳 this was unexpected!!!!!

    4. @ Radhika I’m sure when Harleen comes to find out about Seher, she will blame Meher for being very irresponsible for abandoning Seher so that she can start her new life with Kaulsab, as Seher was her last thread to Sarab and the Gills. She will use this against her.

    5. Radhika Purohit

      That is a possibility too…but the point is once param knows his meharmumma is alive he will never let anyone take that place in his dads life… harleen can think all that she wants…but sehar and param both will tell that samaira is not their mumma… sehar is sherni…harleen cannot win against our bacha party.. and even karan if he gets to know that seerat aunty is meharmumma then he will also want her only 😜

    6. I’m sure our little Karan will convince our Seher that Harleen is a witch 😉 Finally, after all the disappointment lately, I feel hopeful! I wanted the kids to be the one to run interference with Samira and reunite our beloved couple and I feel like this can be a reality. It will take time, but at least we can transition from being depressed to being entertained and hopefully tears of joy instead of sadness. So excited for what’s to come next!!!!

    7. I hope that the brief conversation Mehrab have prior to his accident involves Sarab making Meher swear on his life to not runaway, come back to their kids and spend their lives together. Just so she stops her nonsense, pulls it together and comes back with guns blazing!

  15. Like always meher will run away.

  16. I miss Meher’s beautiful smile. Its been long since she smiled. my lioness is now a coward

  17. Now it all makes sense and we all know what is going to happen in the next couple of episodes – Sarab has the serious road accident. Beyond that, it is anybody’s guess. Anything is possible. Some websites claim Sarab will die and therefore the serial ends – why would the makers introduce so many new characters only to end the serial – will definitely not happen. This could be a Vikram/ Manav repeat in a way – he is likely to lose memory and not remember his previous life or maybe from 5 years before, only for his memory to come back after some major events (it was a marriage in Manav’s case). There is a constant repeat of theme’s by the makers, one way or another. Expect Samaira to take advantage. Interestingly, Meher seem’s least bothered with Samaira who she has already seen and is guessing she is Sarab’s new wife. Odd’s are the marriage will not happen as Kulwant Kaur will become irrelevant.

  18. Geographical Locations:

    Was wondering how many of you are based in India, and how many are not. I am in the UK.

  19. I have started hating Meher. So she has finally decided to throw all her children to Sarab? A mother should be in a position to fight with the society to keep her family together but she is the other way round. She has left all her responsibilities to Saran and Harleen. She is leaving her children behind to go and start a new life, continue living with a man whonis not even his husband or relative. This is not the old Meyer who could go to any extent for her children. She has fought the society before, what is happening now?

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly k khan… mehar post leap seems to have a different character which is really cowardly and foolish too… what the writers are gonna establish with this still remains a mystery considering the show title is choti sardarni… which actually should show the sardarni rising to power….

    2. Agree with you.I dont what happen with makers who transformers meher personaje. But she is gonna suffer and with all respect she deserves. Indeed, I feel Harleen is gonna accussed about Sarab accidnet I dont if accept seher but in revenge and thinking she is with kaul she is gonna say give seher but you must go away and like always she will accept and go with kaul. Seriously, I dont scare about kaul is somaira more , she is ambicious. So, Meher you sign your destiny.

  20. This show is literally the only show where the promos are legit wrongly depicted. Most shows either give a glimpse of something and that happens or they don’t show anything at all. Here they will give you a trailer of what will happen along with the date. At the date, nothing as per the promo happens, not even close, even the clothes and locations are all off. They will drag this even further. Friday they will show Sarab running and trying to find Meher, only to end the episode at a cliff hanger that he sees her. Maybe, maybe Saturday he will see her but they might not talk. The meeting will happen next week followed by Sarab’s accident happening later on in the week and so on. I’m going to watch till Saturday and then give them a month. I’ll watch again in April, it’ll make more sense then. Right now I waste more time and energy assuming what will happen. Someone should sue the makers, masak bana ke rakha hain.

    1. Take the promos with a grain of salt and don’t believe the spoilers. We all have our theories and the makers of this show are trying to be unpredictable. I would have loved to have Mehrab and kids in the mansion before Sarab’s accident. Otherwise, it’s unclear as to where she would live if she decides to stay after the accident. I’m not even concerned about Sarab’s accident so much as I am about Meher’s abadoment of her family and whether she will once again run away. Param seems to be the most logical person on the show right now.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      The show has it from beginning the same trend.. it was always param who connected sarab and mehar… he was the one who solved their fights.. he was the cute little cupid always… i can still remember the last episode of karans custody battle where param explained to a bunch of adults that its the family which gives happiness and not money… its the same param who today opened his papas eyes and brain… now sarab will think how seerats cooking, behavior and the feel matched with mehar’s… now he will see sehar looking exactly like param… afterall param is param😍😍
      To be frank the more i think about the accident track i wonder what will happen…. i mean choti sardarni has always given us something different from the other shows.. different from expectations…. imagine the makers took so many members from the cast and went to kashmir and all they seriously shot in kashmir was the initial episode post leap, sarab running around in market searching karan and mehar running behind sarabs car and also karan buried in the snow… rest all the scenes were shot in mumbai with kashmiri setup🤭🤭 i had thought at that time that they wouldnt take so much effort and pain to go to kashmir for absolutely nothing… BUT the kashmir track ended with no much gain… and truly speaking i am still not out of the disappointment from that track… so currently i would love a memory loss track though it would keep mehrab apart for a longer time… it will definitely give some freshness to the show rather than daily emotionally charged episodes😭😭but now i am scared to hope that too…because the makers may bring yet another twist and do something totally unpredictable… and depressing also maybe…. which will only make me more sad….
      I really really want the old mehrab back… as much as i hope that mehar unites with sarab soon i also dont want this current mehar to unite with sarab who instead of being his strength will turn into his weakness… current mehars behaviour is absolutely contradictory to the behaviour of choti sardarni… the title which sarab gave her for a reason…. not because she runs away from all her problems blaming herself… but because he saw strength in her even when he was weak… i still remember his dialogue before leaving gill mansion for karans custody… he had told mehar that he could travel any long distance journey by seeing the spark in her eyes… but the tears in her eyes makes him weak… so i so wish that old courageous mehar who never cared what anyone said when it came to her familys wellbeing comeback and then take her rightful place as choti sardarni…
      Another 2 days max the next promo will be out soon… lets see whats next in store for us…

  21. Right now, I am starting to hate meher Sorry. She is gonna suffer a lot and she deserves, I dont said that but she will feel more pain that Sarab felt during 5 Years. Sorry for the makers but she doesnt represent a Real choti sardani. Specially a real sardani wife, mother. Harleen Will acussed about her brother accident also I dont if she is gonna accepte seher. Maybe i n revange she will take of meher with the conditon that go away and she like always go with kaul. Seriously I don scare Kaul more somaira. But there is a diference somaira know what she wants and she will gain the love of the children or worst Harleen could not accept seher.

  22. Radhika Purohit

    Guys… geetika mahendru (ginni) insta story says shooting in jungle.. and that truck is also there…
    And after seeing this it is almost definite that sarabs accident is caused by kulwant kaur… 🤭🤭 but what are they doing in jungle🙄🙄 this show is gonna torture us all giving anxiety 🙈🙈

    1. Thanks for sharing! I had a feeling that she would be responsible for the accident. I wonder how long it will be before the Gills find out she is behind all of this chaos! BUT AT THE SAME TIME, Kulwant is running interference with Harleen/Samira’s plan to get get Sarab engaged/married, so I’m not totally upset about it either. And maybe this unfortunate attempt will snap turn our quiet mouse Meher into a roaring lioness?!

    2. Can you share the link if u can ??

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Sorry @pythagoras… i am not able to.. if you can tell me how to do it i will try doing it

  23. What makes me more sad is, that Param once more has a duty to look after his siblings. He is a child who needs to be looked after. Now if the accident happens as many thinks and precup shows it would, and with his insane Bua and spider Stepmom, he will have his hand full. That is not fair to him nor I find that cruel from Meher to tell him that, even he may not heard her.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yeah… and mostly sarab will tell him to take care of sehar untill he returns ( because history repeats)… so now param will have to look after both his siblings untill his parents reunite and return and peace returns to gill family 🙄🙄

  24. To me, the only thing that makes sense is to give Sarab amnesia, where he forgets everyone, have Meher come back to take care of him, her kids and battle kulwant, Harleen and samira, who will turn out to be a toxic villain. The kids will help Sarab remember things and run interference with samira. It would make for such an entertaining month worth of shows minus all the crying and anxiety. It would truly bring back the excitement and humour for the show.

  25. I wonder how many loads of glycerine would they have used after jaggas murder for the crying and weeping scenes???

  26. I wonder how many loads of glycerine they have used so far ??
    Right after jagga’s murder for the crying and weeping scenes

  27. too much fake showing in serial , please stop it. do not try to make audience stupid.

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