Choti Sardarni 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Harleen falls on the stage

Choti Sardarni 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harleen and Robbie with the round. The second couple is someone else. She says the third couple is.. Jagga says us. She says there’s a twist. The host says Meher and Sarab. Everyone is shocked. Yuvi says this can’t happen. The judge says they had the most number of points. They showed they can do anything for love. Even lose. It’s called anything for love. They didn’t care about winning or losing. Jagga and Amrita are out of this competition. Jagga laughs. The host says we will meet tomorrow for the last round, dance baby dance.

Scene 2
Kulwant says you lost the first day. Jeeto says it’s part of life. Kulwant says don’t try to be great. Jagga says they kicked us out. Meher says where is Yuvi? They come out and ask what are you looking for here? He says to Amrita your nose that you cut in the competition. Kulwant says don’t worry your bua will win this competition. They will be couple no. 1. Yuvi says don’t lose like them. Meher says never talk to elders like that. Kulwant says don’t worry he will win in the elections. Jagga is silent. Amrita says tell Sarab tomorrow to withdraw your name.

Dolly gets a call. She asks the cook to take the phone and tell the person that it’s his phone and no Dolly lives here. Sarab comes. She hdies the phone. Khushi and Param tell Dolly both Harleen and Meher are in the finals. Harleen says you lost, what happened to Jagga was unfair. Sarab says we will defeat you tomorrow.

Scene 3
The last round starts. They welcome the finalists. Harleen and Robbie dance, the other couple dances too. Meher and Sarab enter the stage too. The host welcomes all of them. Harleen adn Robbie are called on the stage. They dance. Harleen says in heart Meher I will defeat you today. She trips and falls. Everyone runs on the stage. Sarab picks her up. The round is paused. Sarab says are you okay? Meher says you would be fine. She applies a spray. Harleen says take me to a doctor, please. Param says if papa leaves how would you be jodi no. 1? Robbie says it’s okay I will go. You will miss the round. Sarab says nothing is more important than her. Meher says yes Sarab will take her to the hospital. Param says mama, please stop papa. You will lose the competition. Meher says losing for your family is bigger than winning. He says your turn is next. I hope he comes back before that.

Yuvi calls Kulwant and tells her that Harleen fell. Kulwant laughs. She says is she hurt a lot? Yuvi says I don’t know but Sarab took her to the hospital. They will lose if he doesn’t come back. Harleen says she did a drama for sure. Kulwant says she won’t let Meher win.

The doctor checks Harleen. The second couple does their performance. Param is worried. The host says let’s call-out the last couple Meher and Sarab. Sarab is on his way back. Param says papa your name is being announced. Sarab says I am on my way. Meher comes on the stage. The host says where is your husband? Sarab comes to the venue. Param is sitting outside and crying. Meher says I was saying.. Sarab comes. Meher smiles. Meher says I was saying, we will be the couple no. 1.

Precap-Meher and Sarab dance on Hawayien.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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