Choti Sardarni 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab and Meher disqualified

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Choti Sardarni 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The host announces there would be four rounds of the dance competition. She announces the judges. The host welcomes the couples. Harleen and Robbie. Then Amrita and Jagga. Sarab and Meher are our couples. First one is ‘we live in your house’. She calls Sarab and Meher first. They have to hide things in the rooms. Keys, mobile and lipstick. She says go and hide. Amrita asks Jagga are you worried about the elections. He says yes I would say no to Sarab.

The host says you have to tell where each other kept the things. She asks Sarab would she put the keys? He says the right drawer. It’s right. She asks Meher where would Sarab keep the wet towel? Meher says on the bed as usual. It’s correct. The host asks Sarab about Meher’s phone. He says not to disturb our sleep, she puts her phone under the pillow so her alarm doesn’t wake us up. The host asks where would Sarab keep his keys? She answers right. The host asks where would Meher keep her lipstick? He says she hides it because Param uses them as drawing crayons. So under the ramp. He is correct. The host asks where would Sarab keep his socks? Meher says over the bed. She is correct. The host says all answers are correct.
The host calls Amrita and Jagga on the stage.

Scene 2
Kulwant has called panchayat. The man says because of your verdict my daughter delivered very well. She says would chant my name? They chant for her. Kulwant says Jagga is contesting in the elections. Chant for him.

The host asks Robbie where would Harleen keep the keys? He says under the bed to hide them from. Sarab and Meher are at first spot. Mr and Mrs. Kapoor are disqualified. The host says we will start the second round. It’s called made for each other. We will ask you questions and the answer should match your partner’s.

The round two starts. The judge asks Meher’s favorite color. Sarab says white and blue. Meher wrote the same. The judge asks Jagga what’s your wife’s favorite line. He says ‘haye mein mar gaye (oh God I died)’. He’s correct. The judge asks Robbie what does Harleen call you with love? He says Robbie the robber. Harleen has written a baby. Everyone laughs. The judge asks Meher what is Sarab’s favorite place to spend time? She says washroom. She is correct. They ask Meher’s favorite place. Sarab says Punjab. Meher wrote something else. The judge says the wrong answer. The round ends with Harleen and Robbie losing the round. The host says Meher and Sarab are at first spot. Param hugs Meher. They both laugh. Sarab looks at Meher. The song chahay bolo ya naa bolo plays. Sarab tucks her hair behind her ear. Meher smiles.

Scene 3
The host says the third round is anything for love. Let’s welcome the couples. The host says the man has to eat a bite and the woman would move one step. The first one to hoist the flag would win. Sarab says don’t worry I can eat anything. The food is chilies. Sarab and Meher are shocked. Meher recalls he can’t eat spices at all. Jagga says Amrita, see my favorite thing spices. I would eat them quickly. We will win. Sarab looks at the chilies. Jagga eats them easily. Amritamoves forward. Sarab can’t eat them. He looks at Meher confused. The host says Sarab hasn’t eaten a single spice. Meher says you don’t have to eat it. It doesn’t matter if we lose. She gives him water. Meher pats his back. Jagga and Amrita are leading the round. They win it. Harleen ends next. Sarab and Meher are disqualified. Param is sad. They say sorry to him. The host says we have fourth round. Sarab and Meher aren’t going to this round.

Precap-The host says last and final round. Everyone dances. Harleen says Meher you will see how I made your defeat my win. She falls on the stage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Which is this school who have parents competition like this???? 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 though its enjoyable and fun, but no story…
    2. Hope to see Robbie truth, harleen truth, kulwant truth and Dolly truth soon….

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Harleen, I am sure you gave the idea about the chill because you know that Sarab would not be able to tolerate it, but karma was waiting for you on the dance floor. Poor Param didn’t want his super 👪 parents to lose the contest, but Meher will teach him about making sacrifices for loved ones and he will understand. I wanted to see the super couple dance 😊

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