Choti Sardarni 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab get married

Choti Sardarni 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yuvi says Bua is leaving our house and going to Param’s house. Kulwant says shagun khichdi is ready. Dadi says the bride and groom would eat in one plate so there is love. Dadi says they would be together, having their own identities. Dadi says Sarab make Meher eat the rice. Sarab makes her eat. Dolly says she isn’t even happpy. Simran was so happy in this house. Looks like she is getting married on a condition. Meher recalls the condition. Param says mama eat it. Meher eats it. A woman says meher your turn now. Meher makes him eat the rice. Amrita takes out a spoon. Dolly says the wife makes the groom eat. Dolly says Meher come on. Meher recalls Manav asking her to take care of their child. Param says everyone close eyes. Meher mama is shy. Everyone closes eyes. Param eats from Meher’s hands. He says thank you mama. Everyone is happy.
Meher caresses his face. Dadi says Meher see this house, yu will be leaving it today.

Meher comes to her room and looks at her dad’s photo. Meer cries. Meher says you lfet me and this house. You are going with me. You won’t stay here. She hugs his photo and cries. Amrtia is in tears. Jagga says let her cry. I hope she never cries after this day. Yuvi says is she leaving out house?
Meher sees her childhood. She recalls how her dad got her folls. The mur ke na dekho plays. She hugs the doll and cries. Meher keeps it in her luggage. She recalls the dress her got her. Meher says this won’t have happened if you were with me. Meher sees her locket that Manav gave her. She kisses it and cries.

Scene 2
Meher’s bidaai begins. She looks back and her room and cries. Amrita takes her downstairs. Rana and bitu try meetin her, meher walks out on her own. Kulwant says you can’t treat us like strangers. These are your brothers. Rana and Bitu hug her. Meher doesn’t show any affection. Kulwant says stay happy. Meher says you are not my mother. Kulwant says a mother can never be wrong. I did what was good for you, you will understand. Meher walks out.
Meher does the rice spirnlke ritual. She doesn’t throw it towards Kulwant. Yuvi says please don’t go. I won’t tease yu. Meher hugs him and cries. Kulwant says can I count and stop you. Please don’t go. Yuvi counts. Meher meets Amrtia. Amrtia says come here often. Meher says this house isn’t worth it. She says you’re my mother. She puts rice in Amrita’s lap instead of Kulwant’s. Jagga says I am sorry Meher. Meher hugs her. She cries. Amrita hugs Meher. Amrita says take care of your child. Yuvi says please don’t go. He cries. Param sits between Meher and Sarab. Meher walks and sits in the car.
Precap-Dolly does the ritual. She says I am going. Param says don’t go Dolly mausi. Dolly says I will only stop if Meher says. Sarab says Meher say it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. thanks for the fast update

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hipe param doesn’t suffer due to Mehar past and unspoken truth… Mehar did 2 things wrong:
    1. By not telling sarab about manav and his baby
    2. By not telling Bhabhi about sarab condition for marrying her…
    Mehar will be in big problem in future

  3. Sarab looking so handsome na….more handsome than Mehar’s beauty

  4. upload fast.. episode finishes at 8..but uploading very late.. plz update fast in coming days

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