Choti Sardarni 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sandhya is hidden in the bed. Rajan looks for her. Nurse asks him to leave. Robbie asks Sarab to go in the room. He says Sandhya is in room. Sarab is about to see Meher. Sandhya says Sarab ji you.. he says I can’t leave you in this danger. Meher takes Sarab’s name. Sarab looks back and says I feel weird.

Sarab peeks in. The nurse says what are you doing here. Please leave. People make Sarab’s video and say see Sarab is moving around with his lover after killing his wife. People say he’s a shame. We all curse him. He killed Meher. We can see it now. Did you get her pregnant? Or went abort the baby? Sarab says have some shame. He leaves with Sandhya.

Sarab gets a call. The kids are expelled from the school because of him. Sarab says I coming. Scene 2
Karan says why are they calling papa and nani? Yuvi says I hit the kids.

The principal shows the video to Sarab. He says your family is already defamed. No parents want them here. We are suspending the kids. Kulwant says how can you do that to the kids. Sarab says what if all this is false.

Scene 3
Rana says to Jeeto I will get you new tv. Rana gets a call that his client’s stuff is stolen. Rana says what.. bitu says now he will know.

Sarab brings the kids to the restaurant. Seher says can I have 2 ice creams? People start throwing things at them. Sandhya comes as well. The manager says please leave. Our restaurant will be destroyed because of you. Sarab asks Sandhya to leave. He says I need to answer these people. People chant against Sarab.

Sarab asks the people to shut up. He says you can’t blame me without a proof, can i blame you all too? The hearing isn’t even started. What is my fault. Reporter asks sarab for proofs. Sarab says what proof should I give? Cut my heart. They say because you have Sabdhya in your heart. Sarab says Meher sent Sandhya because her life was in danger. Meher will come back to save me. I thought you were my people. You have ashamed me. But God is seeing everything.

Episode ends.

Precap: Meher removes her oxygen mask and gets up from the hospital bed. She asks a staff what’s that place. A nurse tells her to try to remember her name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sandhaya brought one bad luck after the other to Meher’s family. Kids are suffering and she still try to calm them down with a lie. Why she can’t keep her mouth shut off when she is not needed? My Gosh! Nothing new with hit and miss, everyone of us had the feeling it would come out this way, some other woman but never I thought that woman would be the one and only the queen of misery miss sandhya!

  2. What is the precap🤔🤔?? And by the way it should be 22nd April not 23rd April 😅

  3. Radhika Purohit

    New montage is just😍😍😍😍😍
    I dont want to talk about sandhya and the miseries she brings about because she will be gone in a week or so… the montage of mehrab with each other that too a new one gives me enough patience to tolerate the current miseries…
    One piece of advice to the most incredible husband our very own sarabjeet singh gill… if you wanna find your wife always listen to your heart!!! Your heart always identifies her!!! But its some ghoonghat or curtain or sandhya or nurse who comes in the way…. but listen to your heart sarab …. you will find her sooner!!!
    After seeing the precap i feel that it will take 2 days for mehar to recollect everything 🤭🤭🤭 obviously makers need some big drama before the dhamakedaar entry of mehar!!! This weekend is definitely gonna be sleepless!!! I can already sense some cliffhanger coming…. but as i said the new montage is a blessing in disguise!!! Tells us exactly that mehrab reunion is not that far!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

  4. Well…I’m not surprised that the makers teased us with the promo and Mehrab did not meet at the hospital. A lot of shaming for the Gill family happened during this episode. It’s so sad to see them going through this, but when you’re a politician, you are bound to get a lot of attention from the media and the entire family has to suffer the consequences:( You would think that all the blame and shame that Mehrab have suffered through the media and proving their innocence every time, the public would learn to give them the benefit of the doubt at the least!
    Sandhya just needs to stay at home until this is all over. No more excursions to make things right because she clearly makes things worse. I don’t have much hope for her positive exit from the show at the moment because she keeps creating a bigger hole as time goes on!
    Dear Sarab…for the love of God…please start listening to your instincts! You would think he would have learned from Kashmir and Govindpur to act when he feels Meher’s presence. I cannot wait to see what the remaining episodes will have in store for us!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @MD… We learnt our lesson from kashmir track and the govindpur track but sarab seems to not learn his lesson!!!

  5. Radhika Purohit

    New promo!!! Cannot take my eyes off sarabs face… the moment he sees mehar!!!
    But i wonder how things turned into this marriage function…. but whatever!! We get to see mehrabs 4th wedding together 🥳🥳🥳🥳
    Cannot wait till 28th april!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

    1. @Radhika is for sure Harleen doing and sandhya guilty feeling and want to take responsiblity for the kids. I am disappointed in sarab even to think to to marry her.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @Ayni… sarabs character has never disappointed us till date… lets see what exactly happens.. in todays episode we already saw public alleging that sarab got sandhya pregnant!!!🙄🙄🙄 we dont know what allegations and what leads to this marriage function as such!! Sarab has strong faith that his meharji will get him out of this current trouble… he has been saying it since the time he is arrested!!! I am pretty sure even if he enters the mandap to marry sandhya it will be with the faith that mehar will comeback and save him!!! And its quite evident on his face !!! Glowing like a LED bulb the moment he sees her face!!!

    3. @ Radhika, i said that because sarab believes that Meher is alive and she will come for him. He said as well he has no relationship with sandhya except she is their guest. And we all know it is true! But Sarab always wants to make his kids happy for sure Seher wants mama’s friend to be her sandhya mama, like last time Param wanted his Meher mama then karan his samaira mama, he better learn to say no to his kids! Especially when he was constantly saying mama will come back.
      It is true many things can happen in between and obligated to come to this point, marriage is sacrament not a sacrifice, every time he feels the pressure about it, he gives in. But atleast this time sandhya will be happy and exits happily that Meher is not dead.

    4. Thank you for sharing @ Radhika
      After a long time today i got to see CS and just now completed reading my arrears episodes its really a nice 5rack and happy to see nimrit back on screen.

      This promo is really unpredictable sarab and sandhya about to get married 🤭🤭🤭..
      What an entry the million dollar smile on meher’s face !!!!
      Sarabjeetji’s reaction on seeing meher !!

    5. I really don’t like this sandhya her charector is irritating me so much

    6. Was Sarab about to marry Sadhya or what?

    7. I was so hoping for another Mehrab wedding somewhere down the road…I actually thought it would happen when we were all expecting a Kashmir reunion. I will happily accept another MEhrab wedding, this time with ALL of their children any day of the week!
      I too am curious to know how the situation came to be where Sarab and Sandhya are the ones getting married??! There’s no way he would do that…he could barely get through the engagement with Samira! SO this part is confusing to me!

    8. Radhika Purohit

      @MD… Probably public is forcibly getting him married to sandhya alleging something really vile maybe!! Because we dont see any of the relatives in the function…!!! Another 7 days dear!!! And then we have our dream come true….
      We wished mehar stop sarab and samairas wedding but we got mehar stopping sarab and sandhyas wedding 🥳🥳🥳 plus we get to see her proposing our sardarji!!! Dil khush kardiya!!!🥳🥳🥳 he has made it loud and clear that his every heart beat and every breath belongs to mehar… so whether he goes to mandap forcibly or grudgingly or helplessly… we know his heart!!! So … anth bhala tho sab bhala😂😂😂

    9. 🙌🙌🙌 Yes!!! I’m so excited I can’t even contain myself!

  6. The reunion in the promo is really massive .
    What if the promo turn to be sarabjeetji’s dream ??

    1. I guess it won’t be a dream but still…

    2. Good point! It is possible that Sarab and Sandhya on the mandap could be a dream. The makers could go so far as to include Meher coming back to rescue Sarab on that horse in the dream too!! And then the real reunion is done in an unexpected way! The makers could tease us and torment us in this way again!!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      I woudnt even mind if the entire track including sandhyas entry in their lives and all the tragedies that follow turns out to be a bad dream by sarab… i actually even wished so when i read it on an Instagram fanpage!!!😂😂😂 imagine that …. sarab wakes up and realises mehar returned from delhi after her work safely and all this was a dream😂😂😂😂 dont mind me.. looks like i am over excited because of the promo!!! Last time they ruined the happiness of reunion promo with the terrible accident 🤭🤭🤭 this time i can happily enjoy the promo!!!

    4. Now that would be an ultimate twist in the best way possible 🤣🤗

    5. Radhika Purohit

      The kashmir track really did a number on us!!! We start worrying if everything turns out to be a dream!!! 😂😂😂 these makers have played with our emotions too many times for us to trust them!! 😂
      But relax this isnt a dream…

  7. I am glad to see it’s Meher getting down on one knee and asking Sarab for HIS hand in marriage!!! He should be appreciated more as a husband and father, so I really like that the makers are taking this approach 🙂 How are we supposed to wait until April 28th for this??!!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @MD… You happen to have a time machine… we could really use it now… go ahead to april 28th … see the episode and pause the time that way with mehrab getting married!!! What say???

    2. @Radhika 🤣😂 I wish! And I don’t think I can manufacture anything In time if I had the expertise. As an alternative, perhaps we can convince a doctor to put us in an induced coma until April 28th?!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Ohhh nooo dear!!! What if we wake up late and miss the episode!!!😂😂😂😂
      I guess better to watch the promo daily and wait till 28th… though i have absolutely no idea how i will gain that patience… the makers should have released the promo on Saturday… that way we would have to wait only for 3 days 🙈🙈🙈

    4. Because the makers are mean. Next level mean. They have zero empathy for their fans. It’s just torment on top of more torment. And we can’t even hate on them because they gave us the gift of Mehrab and all of this glorious entertainment. And they continue to bring us joy at a time when it’s most needed!

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Its april 23rd already🥳🥳🥳🥳 another 5 days of crying sarab and then we can have our happy flirting sardarji back!!!! With his sardarni 🥳🥳🥳

    6. Now that we know the reunion is right around the corner, tolerating sad Sarab and all the nonsense surrounding Sandhya will be SO much easier to tolerate. So whatever the makers want to throw at us in the next 4 episodes, whether it’s false blood types, false birthdays, Harleen’s bipolarism, Dhillons setting things on fire, etc…bring it on! I will accept the insanity because the countdown is on!!

    7. Radhika Purohit

      Yes right @MD… We are even ready to tolerate this stupid marriage track so that we can see mehrab wedding again!!! That too this time mehar proposing!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳 well our sardarji deserves this…🥳🥳🥳

    8. Yes so [email protected] MD nice of makers let us know /see those precap in advance. But you know what I still get angry when I watch old episode with vikram’s / manav’s obsession till this day and as soon as he come I forward it. Sandhaya and the others are less annoying.

    9. @ Ayni Yes Vikram/Manav during the custody track was so ugly to me as well and it went on for far too long! The thing that really ruffled my feathers is Harleen making Sarab swear on her life to get engaged to Samira. She kicked Meher out knowing that she came back for her family and that Sarab was longing for her. For this reason, there is nothing Harleen can do to redeem herself.

    10. @MD Oh yes Harleen making sarab swear on her life was aswell too to much! She behave more like manav/ Vikram than Sarab. Even sometimes their facial expression matches.

  8. The new promo is nice but would have been wonderful if Meher planned a surprise wedding with Sarab rather than stop the wedding with Sandhya. How many times will we have to see Sarab trying to get engaged or married? Its tedious & meaningless to see a marriage track again & again. Also, the mahasangam showed that Fateh was supposed to unite Sarab & Meher together, not sure what happened to that track. Meher should have a new character where she starts appreciating the good husband that Sarab is & shows the same kind of love that Sarab shows to her all the time. A few good moments & romantic moments between them would be worth it before a new track kicks off. Also, when Sarab is trying to prove himself innocent, how does getting married to Sandhya help him in the case? As much as I love the serial & the way the story unfolds, it is tedious to see a marriage track so many times that too for a father with 3 kids.

  9. I have never been mad at our sardaji before..How can he even think of marrying sandya..I’m more angry than happy to see this promo

    1. It’s probably against his will and from public pressure. He’s likely to take it as seriously as when he performed the rights at Meher’s ‘funeral.’ It was for show and for others, because he knew in his heart that Meher was alive, so he never took the ‘funeral’ seriously.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Absolutely right @MD..

  10. dropofthought

    Hey everyone, I’ve been watching Choti Sardarni since the beginning and its the only show I’ve seen for so long. I don’t mean to intrude on the other manfiction writer but I have started a small series on WattPad, it begins from Meher’s recent accident. As the story right now seems illogical and makes me want to pull my hair I will try to write an alternative so I can stay somewhat sane. I read everyones comments here often and would appreciate feedback. Wattpad is a free site so check out the story if you’d like. Thank you, here’s the link:

    1. Bravo 👏 this was such a fun read and well written. I really appreciated all the details and descriptions. It painted such a nice picture of the atmosphere and mood in the house and captured Sarab’s emotions well. Great job! Hope you keep writing!! And if you can re-write that entire manav/vikram disaster, that would be amazing 😜

    2. Snowflake

      @MD you can check out my ff…here on telly updates only…..
      You may like it..pls leave ur comment too

    3. I have read all 4 @snowflake! I enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of the letters in particular!!! It was very creative!

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Amazing work @dropofthought … loved it!!!

    5. Dropofthought

      Thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to write my version of a logical story in the best way of course this is CS so logics something don’t follow but I’ll try. I’ll try to update one everyday for as long as I write. Once Meher is back and the show is normal I may stop writing. Thanks again.

  11. @MD..I don’t agree in the sense that is he not a man enough to do what he feels is right.

    1. But @saviour you can make the same ‘he’s not man enough’ argument for when he went through with the engagement with Samira. He only went through with it for Harleen because she made him swear on her life! We will need to see what led the this ‘wedding’ with Sandhya, but it’s definitely not because he’s not man enough to say no. We are talking about Sarabjit Singh Gill here…the man who gave Meher’s child from another relationship his name, took a bullet for her, sacrificed the reputation of his political party for his family, was homeless and lived in poverty, had to raise their kids on his own, waited for his wife for 5 years and much more! Trust me…Sarab is definitely man enough!!

  12. Snowflake

    all those who cant view the insta link:

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