Choti Sardarni 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher realizes her love for Rajveer

Choti Sardarni 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The police come. Inspector says to Seher are you okay? Rajveer asked us to trace you. Why are there so many pregnant women here? Seher says there is a surrgacy racket going on in this hospital. Sartaj says I didn’t know about it. A truck comes near the women to mhit them. Seher stands in front of the truck. All women run aside. Param and Karan come and hit Gurvinder. They say you will hurt our sister? The police arrest him too. Seher says what are you doing here? Seher says who told you? Karan says BAdi bi. Thank God we came here. We would die if anything happened to you. Seher hugs him.

Sartaj says I will come back to take revenge. Seher says you will rot in jail all your life. Param says get lost before I kill him.

Scene 2
The media comes to take interviews of Seher and the women. Their families come. Seher stops them. she says you care about Nimi? You were using her for money. You are so greedy. What kind of mother are you? You ruined your daughter’s life. Be ashamed to call yourself a mom. Badi bi and Harsh watch her on TV. Nimi’s mom says forgive us please. We made a mistake. Seher says you did a sin. And there is punishment for it. Seher says shame on all of you. People like you should be shot. Parents are supposed to protect their kids. If I were in a trouble my parents would fight the world and come here. And you call yourselves their brother? My brothers would kill Sartaj if he did something like this to me. Your daughters will never forgive you. God will never forgive you. A woman feels safest in her house. God will never forgive you. Always remember people who bow down to fear are taken advantage of. Badi bi says proud of my daughter. Seher says to the girls I am with you and tha’ts my promise. They all hug Seher. Param says we are all with you. We are gonna open a factory here. Karan says so you can work there and be indepdent.

Scene 3
Seher comes home and recalls her moments with Rajveer. She looks at his photo. Seher says I think about you all the time. Today when the truck was about to hit me I wanted to live for you. Am in love with you? Seher smiles and hugs his photo. Seher says I love you Rajveer. I have fallen in love with you.

Param and Karan come there. Karan says see the photo in her hands. Param says missing him? There’s a susrprise for you. They show her the paranda. Seher is very happy to see it. Seher asys it’s like.. Param says like what mama used to wear. Seher hugs them. she says it means the world to me. Param says the factory we are gonna have won’t be in your name. Seher says it should be in your both names. Karan says it will be Sehraj. Param says we love your couple. Karan says you both are made for each other, like Mehrub.

Seher waits for Rajveer. She imagines dancing with him. Seher recalls how he has always been there for her. Seher dances around. Rajveer puts flower in her hair. Seher smiles and sleeps. She imagines Rajveer holding her hand. Seher realizes he’s not there. Seher says I am ready to be more than best friends. When I meet you I will tell you I love you Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher and Karan see the orphanage they donate to. The kids try to tell them something but they drive past.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG Seher has fallen in love! Now it will be interesting. Hope Rajveer gets well soon! I am really waiting for him and missing him as well. Whishing him a speedy recovery ❤️
    And Hey Meghan S. 2.0😂 Thank You so much for making me famous! You don’t have an identity of your own so I will let you borrow mine, atleast you got some attention from me!
    I have learnt to ignore useless comments but a comment with my own name caught my eye.
    Giving ZERO attention to haters. Let them waste their time, why should I waste mine?

    1. Snowflake

      Yes…now we can finally say SEHRAJ is a glad they named the factory Sehraj ❣️

    2. hey Megha Singh you should open a fan club for that cry baby over actor Rajveer, your always swooning over him! Infact you and Snow Flake will be only 2 members!

  2. Snowflake

    Mahir will be back soon Woohoo….
    Seher…yass finally!! This episode makes Sehraj fans so happy ♥️♥️♥️ imagine her reaction when she comes to know Rajveer loved her all along..n when Rajveer meets her after this holiday thing..n how wil she confess to him??
    Ahhhhhhh too many questions 😅

    1. Snowflake

      I just hope she gets courage otherwise she’ll keep it a secret n then there won’t be fun

    2. Sha_NimLoveCs

      Unable to contain my nervousness, what would seher do when meet raj face to face🙈🙈
      I don’t think seher will tell love to raj
      Sounds like kunal entry🥺🥺
      Get well soon Raj🙏🙏

    3. Snowflake

      Kunal won’t come back so soon I think

  3. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Mind blowing episode🥰🥰🥰
    Sherni Sardarrni Seher kaur😍😍
    First part seher is fire 🔥🔥
    Last part seher was in love ❤❤
    Finally seher realized love for raj.
    So happy💃💃💃❤❤

    1. Snowflake

      Ik…can’t wait for them to meet❣️

  4. There is something I don’t get about all this surrogacy traffic. Why do they say the baby is Nimmi’s? Aren’t the Canadian couple the biology parents? Nimmi must be carrying the baby and giving birth to it but they are not genetically related. Why is she concerned what happens with the child if it isn’t hers? Isn’t this the way surrogacy works? The crime here is that she is forced into it but it’s not like her own child is stolen from her.

    1. Yeah that what I understand about surrogacy and the women here are surrogate. Legally or illegally the babies are not theirs. If the women became pregnant they have to sign adoption peppers so should be could illegal adoption!

    2. Tippo: If the girls became pregnant with their own egg then the babies are their and therefore they will be signing up for adoption forcefully.

  5. Is kunal in that orphange where the boy was in? What was he wanted to tell them? I bet either kunal or chomu is there. Seher won’t be able to see chomu and tell him she was hallucinating him like sarab used to, unless they’re going to finish this leap for good.

    1. Ok,who is chomu ?

  6. Same story . This overactor is very boring . Without him story is good . Who select him as male lead ?

    1. Snowflake

      He isn’t even in the episodes these days 😑

    2. Well we know. We don’t want to see him again, you see.

    3. Snowflake

      But u will see him shortly so be prepared 😉

    4. Thank God that someone invented for ff bottom!! The invantion saves us from thise boring rajveer whenever he comes to my screen I do 2zzzzzip him.

    5. Same Choti. Very boring

    6. @Choti, even Kunal actor is better actor then Rajveer!

  7. Nonsense story. Better to end

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