Choti Sardarni 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarab gives Meher her new house

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Choti Sardarni 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says here is Meher mama’s return gift. Promise me you won’t suck the thumb. He says no mama I won’t. Promise. Sarab says now it’s his papa’s turn to give you a gift. Meher says what? He says there is a surprise for you.

Kulwant says they’re lying. Why would I do this? Bitu calls in the guy she hired. Bitu says am I lying now? Jagga says how could you stoop so low mom. Bitu shoves Kulwant and says let’s go in Jitto. He holds her hand. Bitu says if you dare doing something to Jitto, remember police station is close. I can get you behind the bars. Amrita sees Yuvi listening in. She says what else is Yuvi going to learn in this house? I have to do something. Bitu calls Meher. He tells her he and Jitto have married. Meher says really? He says I will tell you the entire thing.

Pam tries to go after Sarab. Jolly spills coffee on her dress. She says you ruined my dress. Jolly says there’s a washroom there. Jitto says Meher come back soon. Bitu says take care. Sarab says congrats. Dolly calls Jolly. She says give me my news. He says what news? Dolly says I gave you a task. Remove Meher from Sarab’s life and add Pam. Jolly says Meher is a really nice girl. She is perfect for Sarab. She loves Param like his real mom. Dolly says do what I asked. She hangs up. Jolly says I won’t part them. They are such a good couple.

Scene 2
Meher says you will sleep on bed. Sarab says no. She says and then cry about back pain in the morning? Sarab says thank you for caring for me and putting a pillow behind my back. Jolly says what is this mattress. Sarab says I fall from bed like childhood. He leaves with Param. Meher says we can both sleep on the bed. I trust you. Sarab says are you sure? She says yes. They both sleep on the bed. Meher says thank you for celebrating my birthday and the surprise. Sarab looks at her sleeping and says there’s another surprise waiting for you.

Meher and Sarab come outside a house. Meher says where are we? He says a surprise for you. Param says whose house is it? Sarab says I have a friend, this is going to be her house. Param says was she in school? Sarab says no but I learned more from her than even the school in a few days only. Meher is shcoked. Sarab says let’s go.

Amrita packs bags and says let’s go Yuvi. Yuvi cries and says I don’t want to go. Kulwant says where are you going? Amrita says to my parent’s place. yuvi says I don’t want to go. Amrita slaps him. Kulwant says how can you go? Without my permission, you’re leaving the house? Go back in. Yuvi says I don’t want to go. Kulwant says you are the reason why I am leaving this house. You did so wrong to Jitto I will never forgive you. Kulwant says I did this for my son as a mother. Amrita says I am doing this as Yuvi’s mother. Kulwant says don’t I wish good for him? Amrita says you cut his name off from school? You encourage his behavior and he called his mother crazy. All because of you. Kulwant says you can leave. Yuvi won’t go anywhere. Amrita takes his hand and says no one has a right on the child more than his mother. She leaves. Bitu says please stop.

Sarab gives keys to Meher and says I hope you will like this surprise. Meher takes the key. Param says this is such a pretty house. Let’s go to the balcony. Sarab says such a nice view. Meher says there couldn’t be a better surprise. Thank you so much. Sarab says I promised you I will give you a new life and I fulfilled my promise today. He smiles. Param says mama let’s go to the balcony. They both hold his hand. Param says I love you mama papa. He hugs them both.

Precap-Param is crying. He says papa, where is Meher mama? Where is my mama? He cries and looks for Meher everywhere.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Anjali Sharma

    Ahhh the emotions.
    I really love this serial because of the positivity shown btw param and Meher.
    Like god there is so much negativity already everywhere and this is just plain love ❤️
    The things sarab does for her.
    Respecting boundaries fulfilling promises and the kind of love Meher has for param being a step mom this seems a fairytale 💜💜
    And it is magical to watch them 💫

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