Choti Sardarni 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: All women hit Sartaj

Choti Sardarni 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher sees Nimi being taken to the basement. She says to the warden go to OT. There is an emergency. He rushes there. seher tries to wake up Nimi. Seher says get up. I will handle everything. Everything will be fine. She points at the door. Rajveer calls Seher but her phone turns off. Seher gets in the room. There are many pregnant women there. They ask who are you? Seher says you are all being forced right? The woman says they are dangerous right? They will hit you. They will force you too. Just do what they say. See they hit Nimi and all of us. Seher sees their numbers on the board. Seher says for money he is doing all this. This is worst than jail. Why are you being forced to do this? They all tell her their families forced them to do this.

Nimi gets up. Seher picks her. Nimi says my family forced me to do this. When Sukhi and I said no, our parents ruin us. We don’t even know what they do to the babies. Seher says enough. You all have suffered enough. But not anymore. Nimi says you don’t know Sartaj. He will kill us. Seher says nothing is stronger than a mother. You will all fight for the child you gave birth to. You will bring them in the world and they are your babies. We can’t run on other people’s orders.

Scene 2
The second round starts. It’s to tie a turban. Param and Jassi tie the turban. Karan says Veer ji come one. Param does ties it on Karan’s head.

Scene 3
The women hear someone coming. Sartaj comes there. They are all scared. A girl says please go. He will kill us. Seher says I want you all to listen to me. You are not weak. You can fight this together. The strongest in this world are mothers. When a child is in trouble only a mother can save him. A mother can become durga. It’s time to end Sartaj’s game.

Sartaj enters the room. All women are standing. He says what’s wrong? Why are you standing here? Who is 124? It’s her delivery tomorrow. A woman says it’s me. Another says it’s me.. All say we are 124. Sartaj is confused. Sartaj says what drama is this? Who’s the real 124? Nimi says it’s me. He says you got enough courage? Let me teach you a lesson. Who is 124 number? I will see for myself. The women don’t let him go out. They tear their files. Seher comes out.

Scene 4
Jassi wins round 2. Parma says just think of Seher’s face Karan. When she sees the paranda. Round 3 starts. It’s tug of war. Karan and Param do their best. They look at the paranda and how Seher usedot love them. Param and Karan win the round and the paranda. Jassi tries to take it. Param holds his hand. Jassi says you wont’get it. Param says you said the winner will get it. Jassi says you won’t. Karan says you can’t be unfair. Param says how dare you. jassi says don’t threaten me in my village. A man says Jassi this is wrong. The winner should get it. he says but chachay.. The old man says they will get it. He asks Param’s name. Param says Param and Karan Gill. They ask do you know Sarab Gill? Param says we are his sons. The man says Gil”s sons? He says to Jassi they are Sardar Sarabjit Gill’s sons. He has done so much for Punjab. Jaasi says sorry brothers. He gives them the parandi and says give it to your sister and this brother’s love.

Seher slaps Sartaj. Seher hits him with a rod. All women say hit him more Seher.. They all hit him. Sartaj says stop. Women keep hitting him.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher gets Sartaj arrested. She says there is a surrogacy racket going on in this hospital. A truck comes to kill them women. Seher stands in front of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    Sardarni Seher🔥🔥🔥
    Such a great episode… How Seher gave them strength….
    The gill bros can do anything for their Seher❣️
    Now hope everything gets back to normal… But will Seher re-think abt her decision abt giving the baby to dida?
    Hope police arrest that Sartaj…n hope that truck doesn’t harm anyone… Giving kk vibes..who cld it be? Dida’s ppl, sartaj’s ppl or a new villain?

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      My guess Sartaj people…
      Want kk positive side not negative😍😍

  2. Snowflake


  3. What a double standard seher’s part. She is willing to give her baby away and lectures other’s to keep their kids. Are those women married? I am not saying this should not keep them but still, first clean your own mess seher befor going in a random rescue.

    1. @AG this is the same Seher that gave up her dream of opening a school so she can be a servant to the Babbar family!

    2. Snowflake

      I think this will make Seher re-think

  4. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Today’s episode🔥🔥😍😍
    Sherni entry was mind blowing🔥🔥
    Disappointed with the song, I think the title song will be played but🥺🥺
    Yes, sehraj must re-think about his decision.
    Dida ji never got baby sehraj because before that sehraj would know the truth of dida ji.

    1. Snowflake

      Yes… this will make Seher re- think her decision… Hope she changes it!

  5. Well! Can anyone tell why Nimmi hasn’t been set free? She has already delivered, yet no one is letting her go? Why so?

    How is that logical? Well @Snowflake, since you love and understand this show so much, why don’t you explain this and tell why Nimmi is still in captivity?

    1. Do you watch this illogical cs ?

    2. Snowflake

      Its a racket so I think they will make her pregnant again. As they said this makes their lives hell. Nimmi also said that they make us pregnant then take our baby away… So it must be like this …. N she had been brought to the hospital n made unconscious again to get her pregnant….

    3. Yes @Cs, just for time pass

  6. @Bacii @cs, I heard kk is coming back to CS. Leap fail but I don’t know why Anita ma’am agreed to come back and save the show, where she was showed the door among the others cast members! What do you think can she brings back the old vibe? Is she coming to stay or just to bring them on track back?

    1. No one can’t save cs. Anita’s decision is not good at all according to me. Now cs is nothing . No one can’t increase trp or can’t give old vibe. According to me Anita ‘s decision is not professional . She is removed by makers but now she is coming to save cs. It is just a joke. Big joke. Other thing after 16 leap kk is old lady …. she can’t save this rubbish any more. Makers and some actors behave like unprofessional way. It is very unfortunate . But trp will say reality . 1.7 to 1.3……… Nimrith and New overacting male lead can’t save show anymore . Anita or any actor of old cast also can’t save this. Makers dig their own grave. This is my opinion as old fan of cs.

    2. Yes @cs, i think the same about her dictions is wrong and CS vibes is gone forever by killing the souls of the show Meher and Sarab! Avi kept that for long time alive even the storyline wasn’t that convincing and was only glorifying Meher in her absence but still fans watched it for his talent. I wished she wouldn’t accept the offer!

    3. Both Ags are same or two. Any way I agree with you two.

    4. I meant when nimmt absent avinesh kept it going @ CS, CS was successful because of them two and the talented supportive casts.

  7. Snowflake

    This is for all “missing Rajveer” and want to know what happened:
    He has undergone a refractive error surgery..for his eyes… He used to wear he doesn’t need them anymore after this surgery..he’s still recovering (pretty well).. hope we see him soon❣️
    Check his insta..he posted a vid abt it

    1. Let’s hope his overactive becomes less after all this!

    2. 😂😂 His overacting and his health pproblem are not related eachother. He is good in overacting not acting

    3. He better go to acting school directly from his hospital leave. He is not that much missed

  8. Snowflake

    @Cs … Ur indirectly making fun of his health also? Like his health means nothing to u..ur just after his acting!
    I just informed where he suddenly disappeared… And you?
    Sigh, let it be☮️

    1. Oh really … I am not fan of cs. But I am human ok. I don’t want to gain a fun with his medical condition . I just replyed not you.I replyed Megha. I wish him get well soon. I wanted to tell his medical condition and acting are two things.

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