Choti Sardarni 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher announces Amrita’s coaching’s opening

Choti Sardarni 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone dances and celebrates. Sarab says this year’s Lohri is very special for all of us. This is my son Karan’s first lohri. Everyone claps. Sarab picks him and says I am grateful my whole family is with us. So tonight is for my son Karan. Everyone dances and celebrates. Amrita is worried, Meher looks at her. Mehr says I know there is something. Mummy ji has told you something. What is it? Tell me? What is it? Kulwant says I have to separate Meher and Amrita. Kulwant says Meher go with Sarab I will take your photo. Param says papa let’s go dance. Kulwant says Amrita you stand with Jagga. Come here. Meher says one minute. Meher takes Amrita aside. Yuvi asks Kulwant to dance with her. Meher asks Amrita. Amrita says it messes the peace of the house. If this is mummy ji’s last wish, I won’t open it. She offered to give me 6k every month but I said no. Jagga says okay Amrita if you have decided. Meher says that’s not okay. Mummy ji is doing the same thing. She manipulating her. Meher says you can’t be scared like this. What would be the difference between you and arti then? You have to raise a voice for your rights. Sarab says Meher is right. This is your career and your life no one can decide for you. Jagga says our house and rules are different. What you and Meher are saying is right. Kulwant says I have to take Amrita with me. She says Amrita come dance with me.

Sarab says attention, please. It’s time for a very special announcement. Today on Lohri I name the biggest NGO in Punjab on my son Karan’s name. Everyone claps. Harleen leaves in anger. Harleen takes the mic and says today, I will open India’s biggest NGO and name it after Param. Meher looks at Kulwant and says mummy ji I am your daughter I know how to play. Meher says I also have to make an announcement. Atari’s biggest coaching center is opening tomorrow. Amrita Coaching center. You are all invited to the inauguration. Sarab says you all have to come. All the best bhabhi. Kulwant is shocked. Meher smiles at her. Yuvi says dadi you said mama’s coaching won’t open but you can’t control things in front of bua. Kulwant says I do what I want. I don’t listen to God who is your Meher bua then.

Scene 2
Sarab says time for our most special rituals. Ganna (sugarcane) break. Rana says what is that? He says people bid and they put dry fruits in the fire. Sarab dances with the kids. Everyone dances with him. Meher dances as well. Meher dances with Param and adds peanuts in the fire. She brings Kulwant and dances around her. Kulwant is silent. She dances after Meher and brings more dry fruits to add to the fire. Jagga joins them. He sings we will do what our mother wants. Sarab sings bhabhi’s coaching would be the best in the city. Meher brings Amrita.

Jagga says to Amrita better late than never I promise you my queen, I will always be your shield and protect you. Amrita is teary. He says just promise me you will never leave my hand. Amrita holds his hand. Jagga kisses her hand. Kulwant is mad. Amrita hugs him. Everyone celebrates together. Jagga and Amrita eat sugarcane together. Yuvi says mama says you are my roof and mama is my land. Jagga says your mom is right. He says so am I a room? Like bua gave Param Karan to play with, give me someone as well.

Sarab holds Meher’s hand and says I love you more than God. There is only one small request. I only want your eyes to see me first. Because for you these are just eyes but they are my son. Your lips take my name all your life. My wish is that we always stay together. My wish is that my Param and Karan always stay with you. I want our voice to echo in this house forever.

Scene 3
Kulwant is driving home. She recalls what Meher said and then what Jagga said. Kulwant says now I know why my eye was blinking. Bad isn’t going to happen to me, I will do bad with someone. She laughs.

Sarab says come Meher ji, let’s make a promise, if one of us makes a mistake we forgive and move forward always. Meher smiles and nods.

Kulwant comes home and takes the board inside. Sarab says one more promise, you will never cry. Kulwant breaks furniture and says now you will be with Meher show me down? Now I will show you who I am. She picks an axe and breaks the furniture. Kulwant says I will show you who I am. I will shatter you like this. You and your Meher, I will shatter your ego. Do you think I can’t do anything?

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant burns the furniture and says I will burn your ego just like this. The smoke goes in her eyes and burns her eyes. She says screams save me.. Meher and Jagga come there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Samaila

    R u serious. Does this mean Kulwant is the one who killed Jagga!!😯😦😳🀯

  2. Yes she will act as blind. Kill Jagga. Put blame on Meher and make everyone hate Meher. Harleen will make Param against Meher. Amrita will rule Gills.
    Seriously how can they show mother to be so much egoistic and self centred that she kills her own son and burn the house of her own daughter just to satisfy her pride.
    Show has lost its charm. They should have worked on loopholes like getting Kulwant , bitoo ,Rana punished; making Harleen see Robbie’s truth; making Sarab see Harleenn’s truth; solving who tried to kidnap Meher in Serbia.
    They should have focussed on how Meher and sarab solve all these and live happily with Param and Karan.Anrita, Jagga opening coaching andiving happily. Aditi and Vikram having baby. At the end all the villians being improved and they all living happily.
    If they don’t have story why are they showing such crab things. Show has lost its charm. Even reading updates is stupidity.

  3. If it is Kulwant, that is so redundant at this point. There is no end to her insanity. There are quite a few spoilers that I’ve heard at this point which are inconsistent across different sites. The only common thread is tat Jagga will die, Meher will go to jail and Harleen will brainwash Param and Sarab. If the reason for the show to fast forward 10 years because that’s when Meher gets out of jail then that is absurd. I wish they would tie all the loose ends and finish the show on a positive note.

    1. agree with your comment they need to tie up loose end if they run out of ideas. now show has lost its charm

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Why dont we wait for the show to actually reach that point where it will take a leap?? I mean the makers of the show are not foolish enough to leak the story prior to any website or people.. the news of the leap is going on and on because the makers have started auditioning for kids to play roles of param karan sehar etc.. if you check out the audition clips on youtube then mehar is in gill mansion with her kids and sarab..but its only audition script..the real story may differ or maybe the same..
      Most of the shows usually have a leap with the lead couple separated post leap.. and added with the most confusing promo ever all are just assuming that mehar will be accused of murder.. to be frank i have no idea what is the new chunauthi for mehar that they are meaning with jaggas murderπŸ€”πŸ€” so far one thing that is consistent in the show is that kulwant has hurt her kids mentally but never harmed them..and i really dont think for the sake of a silly coaching centre she is gonna kill her sonπŸ™„πŸ™„ all she did today was that she destroyed the supposed furniture for the coaching class…not actually kill jagga.. and here people already saying that kulwant will kill jagga and put blame on mehar…and destroy the lives of her own children?? πŸ™„πŸ™„ it doesnt make any sense.. maybe pathak tries to kill jagga because even he wants to open coaching centre and he has enemity towards gills and dhillons.. that would make more sense..and maybe the challenge for mehar is to save jagga as well as to find the real culprit…
      Post the custody track every promo has come out as ” mehar ki nayi chunauthi” ..
      The leap could be after a happy ending to all these issues… a fresh beginning with older kids and maybe they need older kids to show some more drama…
      All the sites are giving enough negative vibes and stupid ideas about the show post leap.. reading all that and getting frustrated is not gonna help us.. so just relax and enjoy when the show is going good and if it turns bad later can worry about it that time na🀭
      Todays episode for example was really good to watch and enjoy..
      The auditions for post leap kids are still going on which means the cast itself isnt finalized and shoot hasnt begun so why are everyone worrying about it now..relax and enjoy guys.. we are gonna miss p for param and k for karan though after leap..

    3. Vishaa Thevishaaa

      You right..

    4. Thanks Radhika for being the voice of reason! Here’s hoping for a fresh start in the next chapter of this series with more interesting well thought out stories with lots of comedy! I’m hoping that there will be flashbacks to catch us up to speed with the 5-10 year leap, so the original Param and Karan may still be a big part of the show. We shall see as things unfold!

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Thank you dear… lets all hope for the best..

  4. Bye my friends nice to meet you. I gonna quite. I love meher and Sarab but I know what is gonna happen Harleen is full of evil and will washbrain Sarab and Param. Plus Mummy ji will be more evil and meher will gl to jail. After 10 year meher could come with revenge and recoger their kids but they are gonna hate meher . I have seen this in other drama plot. But nice to meet you all.

  5. Harleen loves Param and Sarab so much in fact she wanted to get him married so that they stay happy. Meher had donated her liver during her pregnancy risking her own and her baby’s life for her step son. Is that not enough proof of her love towards them?
    Why Harleen is against Meher then?

    1. Harleen didn’t get sarab because of her love towards them, yes she loves them a lot. She got him married to swap responsibilities of Param. She thought sarab will never fall in love again, she was looking rather a mother for Param.

    2. Agreed Ayni! Excellent point. Harleen wanted a mother for Param and someone to take care of the household overall. It was for selfish reasons, as she was tired of doing it herself. The only thing she is good at is throwing and hosting parties. Maybe she should be a party planner so she has something do to other the meddle in other people’s lives.

  6. Good point Ayni! Harleen has consistenly been selfish and hypocritical. She wanted an unmarried mother to look after Param and the house, despite having a widowed brother with a child from a previous marriage, probably so she can get back to doing her nails!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      I really dont feel harleens character is consistent towards one direction.. one day she will be good another day neutral and on another day bad.. i feel makers themselves arent sure about her character… in the beginning they showed harleen giving less care for param ( before sarabs wedding) and now she cares for param even more than her daughter πŸ™„πŸ™„ she is opening ngo in params name..what about khushis name??πŸ€”πŸ€” she got worried about param mentioning hostel and she has sent khushi to hostel..πŸ˜‚ she seems to be angry on mehar sometimes and when mehar and sarab were out of gill mansion she kept telling meri mehar meri bhabhi…
      Harleens behaviour is very confusing is what i feel and so no one can really predict her moves…
      After mehars godhbharai she wanted mehar to leave gill mansion forever and later when serbia case came she wanted mehar to win the case and come back to gill mansion…πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
      Only thing that is consistently shown about her is that she loves sarab the most.. apart from that her attitude and relationship with every other character keeps changing with the weatherπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Vishaa Thevishaaa

      True 😊😊😊

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