Choti Sardarni 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditi comes to Sarab’s house


Choti Sardarni 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi comes home crying. Meher says what happened? Harleen and Sarab get worried. Sarab says did Vikram say anything? aditi says I left that house. I’ll never go back there. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says what happened? Aditi says Vikram wants to divorce me. Aditi tells them what she heard, she shows the chunri he was holding. Meher looks at Sarab. Harleen says this chunri is your Meher? Sarab says Meher has a similar chunri. Aditi says let’s go to the shop so we can find out who is the girl he wasn to leave me for. Meher we have to find out. Sarab says please calm down. Aditi says I have to go. Harleen says sit down and relax please. They give her water. Guddi can’t breathe. Sarab gives her water. She gets an asthma attack. HArleen says I won’t pardon that girl and Vikram.

Sarab brings Aditi’s inhaler. She cries. Aditi says I will kill myself. Sarab says you’re our life. Nothing will happen. Aditi says I want to meet that girl. She took my biggest happiness. I wil talk to her. Sarab says you have to control yourself. Everything will be fine. Harleen takes her to the room.

Scene 2
Seema looks for Aditi. She calls her. Aditi picks. Aditi says mom I had to go for an emergency. Seema says you didn’t even eat. Aditi says I won’t leave without telling you. Harleen says why didn’t you tell her? Aditi says she’s a heart patient. I will expose that girl in front of everyone. Robbie hears all this. Aditi says I won’t leave this girl.

Sarab says how does Vikram have this chunri? Meher says this isn’t mine anymore. Sarab says everything good will happen now. You will always be with me and so will be our Karan. Meher says everyone will know the truth. We should tel everyone right now. Call everyone. SArab says no. We can’t lose our cool. This is about Aditi’s life. we have to keep our cool.

Sarab calls Manav. He says you called so fast. What’s the solution you found? Sarab says I need to meet you. Manav says I will meet you in 2 hours.
Param comes and wipes MEher’s tears. He says mama why are you crying? Meher says something went in my eyes. He cleans her eyes.

Scene 4
HArleen says to Robbie you want money right? You lost this time in gamble as well? He says I don’t need any money. I don’t have any money on me. He recalls Pathak asked Robbie to help him destroy Sarab. He said you won’t have to beg Sarab for this money.

Scene 4
Amrita is on her way. Kulwant takes a bike from a guy and follows her. Amrita says to someone on call I am on my way. Mummy ji doesn’t know. Reach the bus stop.

Param says when will Karan speak? Meher says when he’s big like you. Param says Karan say papa, I will record in the camera. Manav comes. Karan says hello son. Param stands in front of Karan. Param says he’s playing with me, he is our Karan not yours. Sarab says Param go inside. Manav says making kids say your words? Sarab says you thought you will emotionally torture my sister and we will give Karan to you? Manav says Aditi is here? Sarab says so first you threatened her and now acting oblivious? You saved my life but that doesn’t mean you can torture my sister like this. If you hurt her I will. Manav says what?

Episode ends.

Precap-Manav says your sister and my relationship is over. She’s not my wife anymore. Aditi hears it. She slits her wrist.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Meher and sarab doni hi bade matlabi hai.
    Dono manav k saath esa behave karte hai jese uska karan se koi lena dena hi na ho.
    Or ye dono kyo nahi chahte ki aditi ko sach pata chale. Ye aditi ka v haq hai ki usko sb sach pata chale ki uske husband or uski bhabhi ka ek past tha. Kal ko kisi or se pata chalega to kya hoga.
    Ye meher or sarab apni family ki so called reputation k liye manav or aditi ki life k saath nahi khel sakte.
    Or sb bol rahe the ki aditi sarab ki tarah mahaan nahi hai jo karan ko apna le . To phir ye v ho sakta hai ki meher or manav ka Sach janne k baad vo manav ko v na apna paye. Phir manav ka kya hoga. Bechare ka ek baar phir se dil toote jayega.
    Isliye better rahega ki aditi ko manav or meher ka sach pahle hi pata chal jaye . Uske baad hi manav aditi k saath move on kare.
    Varna mahaan meher or sarab ka kya hai vo to manav ko easily bol dengein ki hum kuch nahi kr sakte. Tum jao yaha se.

    1. Yah apne ekdom sahi bolo

    2. Ye sarab to maanav ko aisi dhamkiyaan deta hai, jaise pata nahi kya ukhaad lega. Use pata nahi hai ki maanav ke paas khone ke liye vaise bhi kuch nahi hai. Bechara maanav abhi bhi sharafat dikha raha hai, varna chahe to bahut kuch kar sakta hai.

    3. I agree with u first manav should tell whole truth to adithi sach janne ka pura haq hai then let her decide manav ke saath rehana hai aur nahi rehana hai…..manav bhi kabhi move on nahi kar payega without telling whole truth to adithi….. bonding toh aa jaayega Kam se Kam dono ki beech mein sach bolne se…..

  2. Shaheera Khan

    its the show for the power who have the power everyone respect them and they want to maintain their image as mahhan.

  3. Some people are so unfortunate that never get any happiness and MANAV is one such character. It wasn’t enough trouble he was already dealing with now he has to to take care of a crazy wife… No peace at all. He should consider running away with Karan.

    1. One of those Unfortunate person was aditi too!!
      Aditi never got any happiness in her life. But ignore her, Only Manav Matters!

    2. Manav is the most unfortunate character out of all. He has lost his identity, love, he can’t even touch his child and cannot tell anyone the truth. Manav is silently watching the people who tortured him having a gala time. In contrast, Aditi, even though was not accepted by her father’s relatives, had her mother, has an established career, found relatives who love her and with whom she can share her troubles, and most of all have her own identity. A relationship ending does not mean it is the end of the world, as a qualified doctor she should understand this well. The way she behaved slitting her wrist was crazy. This kind of juvenile behaviour can be expected by immature teenagers. Her fate has put her in a messed up situation and she has my sympathy. But SHE needs to stop acting crazily. If she shows a little bit of patience her troubles can be sorted out. She is in a far better position than Manav.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      I agree aditi is acting crazily. Even if her husband is really cheating on her then instead of blaming the other woman leave that husband i say..why do you wanna be tied up with a guy who is one day with one girlfriend marries her and then goes with someone else..( i know here the case is different) but my point is even if what she is thinking is true there is no need to end her life..she is a reputed doctor with her brother and family supporting her she can a get a good alliance again..and regarding what manav is doing to aditi..he is absolutely 100 percent selfish and ruthless in his behaviour towards aditi..phere lethe huye yaad aayi thi tho phere rok dethe agar akhri phera bhi poora nahi huva hotha tho bhi shaadi poori nahi hothi..aditi ko biwi ke roop mein dekhne ki zaroorat nahi hotha..chodo usko aakhri phere ke baad agar sab kuch yaad aaya..tho shaadi ke baad hi sahi aditi ko bol dethe ki aditi meri yaddash kho gayi thi ab sab yaad aaya mein vikram nahi manav hoon please mom ko mat bathana voh bimara hain sehan nahi kar payegi..ithna karthe agar mature insaan hotha..lekin manav ne kya kiya pagalon ki tharah mehar ke ghar se chunni leke serbia gaya..okay voh emotional tha ..isiliye kiya..kam se kam serbia se vaapas aane ke baad bol detha…us bechari ne kithni baar poocha ki vicky kya baath hai ..lekin manav ne kuch nahi kaha..manav aditi ke saath bohot bura kar raha hai..aditi ne koi manav ko phasaya nahi thi..manav ki jab yaddash chali gayi thi tjo ussine khid propose kiya aditi ko..aur qb aisa barthav kartha hain..usne bohot kuch khoya hain life main lekin iska matlab nahi ki voh aditi ko saza de

    4. He was his girlfriend before and used to love her. If he thinks what Meher did to him isn’t fair, then what he is doing to aditi isn’t fair as well.

    5. Manav-Meher relationship can not be compared to Vikram-Aditi relationship. In Manav’s case, he has lost the chance to be with his child,which is truly unfair. Whereas in Aditi’s case it is the situations that are unfair rather than her husband’s actions. Yet Aditi can save her marriage if she uses the right approach.

    6. Aditi lost her mom during her childhood only. Then she became a reputed doctor all by her own strength without any help of guardian or financial aid. Her lonely life was not shown in the episode.
      She lived all her life in the pain of revenge..She saved Manav’s life. She saved Karan’s life (tho at that time her intent was wrong) but she repented for that. Now the person who’s life she saved will take away her life from her. Agar aditi nhi hoti na..Na hi manav hota aur na hi karan!
      Manav had a guardian, Aditi didn’t. Aditi got her relatives back, Manav got Seema and Surya. Aditi is a well reputed doctor and Manav a well reputed CBI officer. Both struggled all their life. But I know only Manav Matters…Aditi to passive character hai. I know it very well why you people ignoring Aditi. Her life struggle was not shown na!😊

    7. I am highly disappointed with the way the makers have portrayed Aditi. She was earlier trying to kill a small child for his great grandfather’s mistakes and now trying to commit suicide with out even confronting her husband.There is nothing like I don’t feel for her, but I find it hard to connect to her character and feel that she has some psychological issue.

    8. Manav is poison all he will do is spread his misfortune to Karan. Manav is a good for nothing dhaba cook, he must give up everything he received as Vikram and try to raise a small baby who needs its mother. Manav is worthless trash. I blame Kulwant, she can’t even murder someone properly. Manav will just drag everyone’s dignity down to his worthless level, he’ll make Karan illegitimate, Sarab will be called a cuck and Meher will be labelled as characterless but noooo you psycho lot think Manav deserves so much. Vikram was good as a grey character they made parata mad Manav who’s still sniffing Meher’s dupatta like a creepy stalker. Best resolution- Manav dies

  4. Jo v kah rahe hai ki karan ko gil family k saath ek better life milegi. Ek joint family to kon kon hai iss joint femily me….. Or karan manav k saath akela rah jayega
    Sarab or meher – inn dono to itne mahaan hai ki inke hi hajaare dusman hai to karan ki safety ka kya hoga.
    Harleen – jese hi use karan ka sach pata chalega ek min. v nahi lagega karan k liye uska pyaar nafrat me badal jayega.
    Robi – jo param ko kidnap kara sakta hai vo karan ko kaha chodega.
    Aditi- ye v kam nahi hai jb ye param ki jaan lene ki kosis kar sakti hai socho jb use karan ka sach pata chalega to vo uske saath kya kya kr sakti hai.
    Nani or mama – ye khuni log to vese v karan ko kuch nahi samjhte.
    Issi joint family se to accha hai ki karan manav k saath akele rahe. Kam se kam naam k rishton se achhi hi life milegi karan ko.

    1. Harleen to abhi bhi karan se pyar nahi karti, bas sarab meher ke saamne dikhava karti hai.

    2. Jab meher aur sarab case ke silsile mein abroad (I forgot country name) chali gaya tab harleen bua ne Kya Kiya tabiyat Karab hone ki natak Kiya Karan ko amrita ke saath bheja…harleen dikhne mein modern hai lekin unki soch bahuth peeche hai….adithi bhi kuch Kam nahi hai param ko harm Karne ko socha tho Karan ko kyu nahi….agar adithi Vikram se Sacha pyar karthi hai wo jarur samjegi manav ko aur Karan ko accept bhi karlegi……

  5. Seem a should give company to crazy Aditi and with all the Gill family members they can play house….😂

  6. Jo kuch v meher or manav k saath hua pyaar ya bachpana to usme manav hi kyo sab kuch khoye apni jaan v manav de or apna bete ko apna v na bol sake . Sare sacrifices manav hi kyo kare kuch sacrifices to meher k naam v ho.
    Kam se kam manav ka karan pr jo haq hai use vo mile vo v karan k saath time sepnd kare. Use v karan ka pyaar mile or karan ko v manav ka pyaar mile.
    Pata nahi ye log joint custody k bara me kyo nahi soch raha hai…… Joint custody sb k liye sahi rahegi manav, meher or sarab teeno me se kisi k saath galat nahi hoga.
    Pr dekhna ye writes kuch esa karega ki phir se meher or sarab mahaan ban jayenge or manav ke saath justice nahi hoga.
    I hate this type of concept jaha main leads ko mahaan banane k chakar me other character k saath anyaay kr dete hai .

    1. The makers have brought the story to a point now Meher or Sarab doesn’t need to discuss about joint custody. They are going to blame Manav that he is responsible for Aditi’s state. So for the sake of Aditi, the great couple Meher and Sarab will hide the truth. Even if the truth comes out and Manav manages to convince Seema,Aditi will try to kill Karan and probably Meher too. Aditi due to her past experiences has some psychological issue.

    2. Completely agree, the problem itself is not like the end of the world. It is characters who are making everything unnecessary hard. Calmly explaining the situation with proof to everyone and co-parenting for karan could have avoided lots of drama.
      Instead of taking the simplest solution they are finding excuse of society, relation, habit and other poor justification to delay the inevitable and in consequence do more damage to each other.

  7. Critisms everywhere! I agree everyone has their own point of and their own perspective. I accept every perspective presented here 🙂 What happened was all Past. Past ka discuss krk kya fayeda? Ye socho ki aage kya hona chahiye, kya nhi.
    FYI I was not supporting a heroine here, I was supporting a MOTHER. I have experienced what it feels like, to live without a mother.. That’s the reason I want Karan to be with Meher.I feel Karan will be a happiest child in the Gill family. About Manav, if he gets the custody of Karan, Both of the will be devoid of their Mother’s Shade.

    But I am so Sad to know that People still measure Maturity by Age!

    Maturity comes by hamdling experiences and responsibilities, not by age.
    But no will agree, SAD REALITY 🙁

    1. That is very true.

  8. The biggest casualty was always going to be Aditi – married to a husband who has fathered a child with someone else and, much worse, having a sister in law who had a relationship and a child with her husband. Further, a brother who knows all this but decides to keep to himself for ‘family preservation’. Aditi has nowhere to go, and it is no surprise that in todays episode she decided to commit suicide (whether she dies or not will be revealed next episode). Aditi has had a tragic life and look’s almost certain to end her life that way too. If so, two people in Manav’s life would have committed suicide, one after another. It is than likely that once Seema comes to know the truth, she will be the third casualty too. Will Manav himself survive in the long run? Clearly, as long as Manav remains in the serial, the Karan matter will never go away. It may be, and this is a guess, that Manav’s life too will end in tragedy. Only than can the Karan matter be resolved definitively. The show story is now going nowhere, beyond the Karan matter, and the writers are introducing people like Pathak to be the next villains and try and kill people. All the attempted murders and hijackings, which invariably go nowhere, are just fillers while the writers decide what to do next. Sarab has unfortunately become a serial lier – in order to protect one lie, he is forced to tell another, like the chunni not actually belonging to Meher but just being a similar one. Both Sarab and of course Meher are both complicit in hiding the truth from everyone, for their own selfish ends. Meher is truly Kulwant’s daughter, and in many way’s no better.

    1. When one lie can save a thousand people’s lives then it is not a sin to lie. Sometimes one truth can destroy many lives and families just in two minutes.

  9. Shruti, maa woh hoti hsi jo apne bacche aur bacche ke father ke liye duniya se lad jaye. Na ki apne bacche ke baap ke kaatilo ki love story puri kare. Na ki apne bacche ko haraamkhor bolne wale ko apne ghar aane jane de.

    1. Exactly sonam
      Meher ne pahle khud hi apne bhaiyon ki shadi kara k do ladkiyon ki life barbaad kr di. Or ab chali hia medam manav k katilo ko saza dilane. ek saal se kaha thi mahaan meher. Tb yaad nahi aayi ki manav lo insaaf dilana hai.
      Are meher se better to ginni ki ma thi jo ginni ka sach shadi se pahle hi bata diya tha. Meher v to bata sakti thi ko uska bhai ek khuni hai pr tb to medam ko mahaan banna tha. To ab kya hua. pahle khud aaenge bd bd kr apne khuni bhaiyon ki shadi kro phir unhein saza dila ke un ladkiyon ki life puri tarah barbaad kr do.
      Sach me meher kulwant kore ki beti hi hai jaha fayda dikhta hai vo hi kaam krti hai
      Or meher or sarab k joote ki saza aditi ko mil rahi hai

    2. Sonam ji aap to mat hi bataiye hme ki maa ka farz kya hota hai..! I knew it from very beginning ki no one will agree and you sorta proved me right😊

      Ab dedo Karan ko Manav ko and watch him ruining a total of 6 lives,
      Your turn to guess which 6 lives.
      Keep up the guess work!
      One person already committed suicide.
      Now watch 2 more people dying.
      Peace out!

    3. Ok shruti ji, aage se nahi batoongi.

    4. My point of view is that Manav is absolutely selfish. i feel sorry for what happened to him in the past but comming now to wreak havoc in everyone’s life is cruel and selfish. They are not the ones who hurt him. Meher is not being mahan. She is doing what any mother would do. Right now the best place for the child to be is with the mother. What have meher and sarab done that they should be punished.

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Sonamji..zaroori nahi hai ki har maa ko bache se bache ke papa se ek hi tharah ki feelings ho..har maa apne bache se pyaar karthi hain bhale voh uss bache ke baap se pyar ho ya na ho..kyonki kitni saare aurathein hain jo divorcee hothe hain phir bhi apne bachon se uthna hi pyaar karthe hain jithna unke paida hone pe kiya tha ya ohir usse bhi zyaada..isiliye maa voh hothi hain jo apne bache ke liye duniya se lade ..aur apne bache ke chehre pe ek hasi laane ke liye kuch bhi kar lethi hain..maa aur bache ka rishta rab ne khud ithna khaas banaya hain ki usse describe karne ke liye shabd bhi nahi hothi hain..ek maa apne bache ko iss duniya mein lane ke liye iss duniya ka sabse khatharnak dard( labour pain) seh lethi hain..uthna koi bhi kisi ke liye nahi karthe hain..voh sirf maa hi karthi hain aur sirf maa hi kar sakthi hain..

    6. Haha radhika main divorced couple ki baat hi nahi kar rahi thi. Main ek aise couple ki baat kar rahi thi jo ek dusre ko bahut pyar karte the, apne aane wale bacche ke liye sapne dekh rahe the. Jisme bacche ke baap ko sirf bacche ki maa se pyar karne ke liye maar diya gaya ho. Leave it dear arguments ka koi fayda nahi hai. Log yahan personal ho jate hain

  10. Shaheera Khan

    l think the cat is already out of bag by Robby i know sarab and mehar are going to hide the truth in the name of Adity .

  11. I agree with meher today, they should have told everything. Even though she has become selfish and insensitive for karan she still understands honesty is the only option left. But sarab lost all conscience and moral. Being called Rab he believes he is actual God who will solve everything by magic. And feels entitled to take decision on other behalf. In short he transformed into real rotten politician we see in movies.
    I am also disappointed on manav for not telling truth. He is not obligated to stay with her or love her as this relation is fake, cheat and lie but he could have been honest with Aditi and give her his reasons.
    As for aditi I didn’t expect her to be that emotional.
    She could have confronted vikran before taking such step. She better than anyone knows there is reason behind everything, coz she herself was deliberately putting karan and param in danger for her revenge.
    Only seema and harleen are innocent here so sarab can stop acting like saint and leave this blame game coz making aditi understood is priority after she said she will kill herself.

    1. If one truth can determine if someone will be alive or dead tomorrow why should you reveal it? Seema is a heart patient. She may learn the truth and probably die of heart attack. Right now we can clearly see that Aditi doesn not know the girl yet but she wants to commit suicide, so what will happen when she comes to know that the girl is non other than her sister-in-law. Sarab does not want to risk people’s lives. If Manav would have behaved more maturely then all this wouldn’t have happened or gotten out of hand.I like how Sarab is matured. An example is during their wedding night when Meher confessed the truth about her pregnancy, he was angry with her but did not make it evident to the rest of the family. In fact no one knew that there was something wrong between the two of them. But Manav could not handle himself even for a minute even when it was not Aditi’s fault. He should have treated Aditi right even when he regained his memory because Aditi did not know that and thought that it was still his Manav. Now the whole family is going to be destroyed just because of one person. As a responsible man, he should have thought carefully of the situation instead of making it worse. Everyone is saying poor Manav is being treated unfairly while he is out hear treating Aditi like a trash which shows his lack of respect for women. Do to others what you want them to do to you. Why is he treating Aditi like that while he is expecting to be treated nicely. I’ve seen a lot of comments saying how Meher is harsh to Manav. He is also being harsh to Aditi? He knows very well that Aditi does not know he is Manav, so he should also act like Vikram in front of her. If she knew but was still following Manav, it would have been understandable but the fact that Aditi does not know he is Manav and he is treating her like that makes him guilty. If he is not ready to reveal that truth to Aditi, then he should act like Vikram and stop making other people’s lives miserable. A man who cannot treat women right, how can he become a good father and example to his child. I hope Karan to never be like Manav in the future.

    2. More than manav sarab did damage to aditi. Manav is outsider at the end of day but sarab share blood relation with aditi yet lying to her face. Even meher cares more about aditi than sarab.
      And If aditi is ready to kill herself over a man without even confronting him then she needs counselling not a husband. Suicide is no joke, people who attempts have most of the time underlying disorder. It is important to heal wounds rather than throwing lollipop to keep quite. If Sarab was actually mature or had any morals then this custody drama would have been settled long ago and by now aditi would gone to kill kulwant the origin of her misery rather than cutting her own wrist.

    3. Sarab used to a very honest human being worthy of all respect and praise people gave him. Calling him off is not enjoyable as he is one of the best character in this show. But situation and characters are getting spoiled for no reason. I just hope all the 3 parents get their rights without any tragedy and we are finally able to move to next track.

  12. Shaheera Khan

    i agree jui adits had to confront Vikram first that why he said that instead of making of a seen and creating more problems into her husbands life and does she really care for seema s health then she would not had walked away from her house and on top of that without trying to find the reason try to sucide , and sarab will do any thing to cover his wife back and blame vikram instead .

  13. @ Shruti and k.khan
    Ha aditi ne v bahut dukh sahe hai apne past me pr kis ki vajah se gila family ki or aditi ne to innocent param ki jaan lene ki v kosish ki thi. Aditi k saath jo v hua usme harleen sarab ya param ki koi galti nahi thi pr phir v aditi ne unko punish karne ka try kiya tha. Remember sarab ko juthe case me fasa kr or param or meher or uske unborn child ki life v risk me dali thi.
    Yaha manav ne esa kuch nahi kiya na to meher k saat or nahi sarab ya aditi k saath.
    So manav is better than aditi. Or jis tarah aditi ko uska haq mila theek vese hi manav ko uaka haq mil jye.
    @ k. Khan
    Aditi manav ki gf nahi thi vo vikram deevan ki gf thi.
    Or jb vo vikram tha tb usne aditi ko always apne Bhai or sister se milane ki kosis ki. Pr ab uski memory bapas aa gyi hai or ab vo manav hai jisne kabhi aditi se pyaar nahi kiya.
    Or aditi k saath jo kuch v ho raha hai uske liye manav se jayada sarab or meher reliable hai.
    Or jo sarab manav ko dhamki deta rahta hai ki uski sister ko koi dukh na de nahi to accha nahi hoga. To pahle sarab ek baar khud aania dekh le ki vo kya kr raha hai aditi k saath. Vo khud aditi ko sach nahi batana chahta use ek juthi life jeene k liye majboor kr raha hai agar sarab itna jo aach hai to aditi ko sach bata de phir aditi ka fesala hoga ki use kya karna hai. Pr vo esa nahi karega because meher and sarab both are selfish for their personal reason.

  14. The lies and not revealing of truths is not because of saving anyone’s life, but to safeguard family honour and or dignity. Sarab, for example, is willing to hold back the truth about the murderer Surya but at the same time, he has no qualm’s about calling the police to arrest his mother in law for a separate murder too. He has shown himself to be a hypocrite, very willing to bend the truth if it suit’s his ends, and far from the “gem of a guy” he previously was. Meher is deceptive and untruthful for the very same reasons. Hardly a ‘Sardarni’. This serial has ruined reputations, and images too, of the principal characters.

  15. Today Aditi was like, Mai uss chunni wali ladki ki jaan le lungi, mai muh noch lungi uska😂, mai taange tod dungi us chunni wali larki ki😂, mil jaye bas gira gira kar maarungi usey mai😂🤣🤣
    Anyways, jokes apart, Aditi has right to know everything. My sympathy is with her.
    Bechara Manav, he can’t even share his pain with anyone. I think, aditi will soon learn the truth. I hope makers won’t ruin his character by turning her negative again.

  16. Haha shreya.. mujhe lagta hai ab makers ko aditi maanav ki love story start karni chahiye. Sarab meher ki story main vaise hi kuch bacha nahi hai.

    1. Right Sonam, Manav Aditi ki love story start ho jaye jaldi se. Jab aditi ne apni wrist cut kari thi, to Manav rone laga tha. May be, ye beginning ho unki love story ki.

    New promo…Ya to ye Mehrab ki planning hai may be ya fir ab makers dikhaynge ki Manav se Karan sambhaala nhi gaya aur fir wapis Karan Mehrab ke pas

    1. Rose, makers har situation main sarab meher ko hi mahaan dikhayenge, but woh maanav ko bhi gira nahi sakte. Choti sardaarni ke kisi bhi video par yt par comments check karo, almost sabhi maante hai ki this time maanav hi sahi hai.

  18. in the new promo sarab gave the custody papers to manav/vikram and asked him to sign the papers. there lies the twist/hitch i guess. with which name he signs ? as manav sharma name which is given by sharma dhaba owner who brought him up like father? or as vikram diwan the name given by suryapratap diwan who gave him parental love and status in the society?.It is the reason manav/vikram looked perplexed may be thinking of future repurcussions(if he is so matured enough to think of) in the promo now it is interesting to watch and i can guess how the story opens up! waiting for next week episodes.

    1. Mehak Singh- as for signing of the papers, it depends who they are addressed to. Surely they are addressed to Vikram Dewan as that is his legal name and therefore he will sign in that name.

    2. Unless the paperwork is written as
      Fill the blank haha

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