Choti Sardarni 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan takes a stand for Mannat

Choti Sardarni 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeeto telling that she don’t want unwanted illegitimate child in this house. She asks Kulwant to ask her to leave. Zoravar recalls her father’s bad behavior towards him, who used to call him unwanted. Jeeto says we don’t need you, why don’t you go away from our sight. Zoravar gets tormented thinking about his childhood. Mannat cries hearing Jeeto’s hatred for her. Zoravar picks the desert bowl and throws on the table, breaking it. Everyone is shocked seeing his reaction. He leaves. Dolly, Scarlet and Kiara run out behind him. Mannat sits down to pick the glass pieces. Jeeto asks Mannat to stop her drama, and blames her for ruining their respect. Karan says enough, what is your problem with Mannat. He says when you can accept me, then why can’t you accept Mannat, you taunt at her identity, why? He asks do you like and enjoy seeing her in problem. Jeeto asks him to be in his limits and says I am your Mami. Karan says I know and asks her to talk sensible and get quiet. He says everyone has problem with your doings with Mannat. Bittu shouts Karan. Seher asks him to be quiet. Karan says past can’t be changed now. Jeeto says Kulwant has shot my son. Karan says it is your and your mayka’s mistake, even you are responsibility for Gullu’s state. Bittu slaps Karan to make him quiet and asks what is this way to talk to your Mami. Jeeto asks did you feel peace now? She goes. Karan says if this is the punishment to say truth, then I will not say, but listen to me, if same thing happens with Mannat again, then I will not stay here anymore. Kulwant says Karan. Seher says what are you saying? Karan says I didn’t feel bad as Mama slapped me, but I can’t bear how Mannat is treated here. Kulwant breaks down. Mannat says she will talk to Karan.

Zoravar takes out his anger on the boxing bag and recalls his father’s negative words. He pours water on his head. Kiara asks what happened to you? Dolly asks why are you disturbed, seeing whatever happened with Mannat, or did you remember your childhood seeing it? Scarlet says surely childhood trauma, he has nothing to do with Mannat.

Karan is about to leave. Mannat comes infront of his car. He gets down. Mannat says he shouldn’t have slapped you. Karan says I am not upset about that, I can’t see everything like a statue. Mannat says he didn’t know about my existence and says it is shock for him that I am here. She says Jeeto couldn’t bear this truth and your pain is less than hers. Karan says whatever happening with you, I can’t bear. It reminds me of my illegitimate state. He recalls Harleen refusing to accept him. Mannat says everyone accepted you as your Mamma and Papa was with you. She asks if you go, then how can I handle alone? She says Seher and Raj are leaving, and you know Dadi’s anger. Karan says I can’t stay back, let me go. Mannat asks will you leave me in this difficult journey, I can’t fight this alone, I need my brother. She says it is her dream since childhood to have a big family and brother, who advices her on everything, who is her best friend etc. She recalls his assurance that he will be with her always. She asks him not to go and says I need you.

Kulwant tells that she wants to go to Karan. Seher asks her not to worry and says they will talk to him. Just then they see Mannat bringing Karan back home. Kulwant gets emotional. Mannat says Karan is fine. She recalls , a fb is shown, Karan giving her hand in her hand and hugging her. Karan says Jeeto Mami will not agree. Mannat says we have to convince her that love can overpower the hatred, we have to give her sometime, then her hatred will end. She asks will you support me? Karan smiles and keeps his hand on her hand. They hug again. Fb ends.

Karan comes to Jeeto and apologizes to her. He says I am really sorry. Jeeto forgives him. Bittu apologizes to him. Karan says don’t apologize to me, your slap is like a blessing to me. Bittu regrets to slap him. He keeps hot bag on karan’s face. Seher asks Rajveer if he noticed what Mannat has done, only she can keep the family united, thought about happiness and peace, she is the perfect daughter of the house. Rajveer also notices this. Seher thinks what to do.

Zoravar goes to his room. Scarlet thinks to take out his night suit to make him feel good, when Zoravar comes there and asks her to stop it. He asks her not to cross the line, though they are close. He thinks he don’t want few things to come infront of the world, which he has hidden.

Seher tells Jeeto that she is leaving for US and asks her to accept Mannat as her daughter. Jeeto gets angry and refuses to accept Mannat. She says you are doing whatever you though right and let me do what I think right. Mannat hugs Seher and cries. Seher says I am really proud of you, it is not easy to handle the situation in which you are in, and says you shall handle everyone with love, and I am sure that you will make place in everyone’s heart, God has made daughters to make them stay in everyone’s heart and luckily you are that daughter. He says I am going to US and this house needs a daughter. She says everyone must have noticed, the way Mannat handles all relations, only a daughter can do this. She counts on her good deeds and says only Mannat can do this. Everyone smiles.

Precap: Sehar gives chuni to Mannat and says it’s yours and you deserve it too. Mannat says to her, I felt bad on not seeing Mehar bua, but you sorted everything for me. Mannat hugs her and sees Zoravar walk in with a girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sakeenah

    Ok I will say it again I love 💞💞💞💞💞 Karan so much the guy is just matured I loved the way he stood my his sister Mannat… I believe they will have a lovely and strong 💪 💪 bro and sis relationship 👍👍.
    Scarlet was asked to stay in her limits 😂😂😂 while reading that part I was like please help me and tell her 😂😂😂😂 u are not his wife I doubt if u are even his girlfriend 🤔🤔🤔🤔.
    I Jeeto needs to stop now is high time like please she should stop insulting Mannat every second 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.
    My lovely Rajveer (Mahir) is leaving am gonna miss u lots of love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ wishing u all the very best for a brighter future same goes for Seher 💞💞💞..

  2. Snowflake

    On which post to comment for yesterday’s episode?!!!

  3. Snowflake

    Wow… So I was right about Zorawar!
    Poor guy! This Scarlett can’t keep him calm, doesn’t even understand him well, why is she in life still?!! 🤦🤦
    Mannat, poor girl still has to suffer for no fault of hers…. Jeeto being elder one needs to understand that it isn’t Mannat’s fault! It’s Bittu’s!!!

  4. Snowflake

    This Karan is such a gem❤️❤️
    We must protect him at all costs😅😅
    He is Mannat’s only close support… Who actually understands her thru n thru❤️
    Like Karan and Seher when they were kids!
    He deserves the best in life✨

    1. May you please tell me whether this show is ending or not?

    2. It’d ending 27th May last episode

    3. Snowflake

      End of May

  5. where is param we cant see him thou

    1. Snowflake

      He has gone to Canada

  6. cs ends this heart is broken.

  7. cs ends this heart is broken

  8. sehraj dont leave

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