Choti Sardarni 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kumar is the culprit

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Choti Sardarni 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The reporters come to Meher’s press conference. People are protesting against her. Does a reporter ask you and Jagga are going to jail tomorrow? Meher says how do you know? The court hasn’t given their verdict yet. I will answer all the questions even if I have to stay here all night. A reporter says you married a widower with a son why? Was there a specific reason? Did you marry under pressure? Meher says did you become a reporter because of pressure? He says no it was my choice. Meher says it was my choice as well. I married him for the love of Param. I hope you got your answer. I married sarab for the love Param gave me and Sarab’s honesty.

Kumar says to Harleen I am with you. The reporter says first you’re attacked in Serbia and your husband is accused. Then you are here in another case. Was all that a publicity stunt? Meher says do you have any shame being so unethical? You go to dead people’s families and ask them how do they feel? You only want sensation, not news. I am the daughter of the man who served in the army. I am the wife of who has everything yet he doesn’t sit for a single day and works for Punjab. Shame on where you have taken your profession. We don’t do publicity stunts like you people. I was actually in trouble there.

A reporter asks Meher your house was being auctioned a few days ago? What happened between Harleen and Sarab? Sarab comes and says I will answer it on my wife’s behalf. Sarab says to Meher wow serious monkey. Meher says not funny. Sarab says when did you say I love you last time to your wife? He says you can’t personal questions. Sarab says neither can you? It’s our house. We can sell it whenever we want. A reporter says what about the fake medicines case? Can you tell us the proofs you would show to save yourself? Sarab says someone has done this defame me, Meher and my party. But unfortunately, someone close to us did this. Meher says instead of court this proof will be given at a live event in front of everyone. Sarab says because of people of Punjab are associated with this case. We will give all the proofs in front of the media. After today, I will have no relation with that person. I will kick that person out of my house, party and life.

Sarab and Meher come downstairs. Harleen and Kulwant are worried. Sarab says politics’ friendship is something you never want to lose like a diamond. He takes out the diamond from his pocket. Sarab says people use these diamonds differently. Some people make a bangle like the one mummy ji is wearing. Kulwant looks at her ring. Sarab says some people make a necklace like this one. He takes out the necklace and says this is Harleen’s necklace. Some people make small diamond jewels too. You might be thinking how is it related to the case? But it is. This is the diamond we found in our warehouse. Only our authorized people could go there. I will return this diamond to it’s owner so we aren’t blamed for it later.

Sarab comes near Harleen. She stands up. Sarab walks past her. Sarab comes to Kumar and says your diamond. He says what are you saying? This isn’t mine. Sarab says so you would lie and I would answer and we would argue. So let’s come to the point. They show a video of hi wearing the diamond. Sarab says this video is of four days ago frmo Meher’s baby shower. That is that day when you repaced it. He says this CCTV footage shows a man wearing a shawl so it’looks like it’s a woman. He shows from the front and says we have seen the same scar on a hand. Show me your hand. The scar is on his hand. He says this is a plan against me. You can’t do this trial. Meher says this press conference is a court of people. People have decided. Police arrest Kumar. Sarab says people who plan against others fall in their own trap. People chant in their favor.
Precap-Meher says Sarab you should go home. It’s late. Sarab says to Param you started crying let me stay here. Why didn’t you say keep papa too? Meher laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. now can we solve d Serbia one now. fed up of it not been mentioned and resolved .who is d mastermind behind it all someone was pulling Toni stings

    1. fed up the trail is good. you can’t watch kundali bhagya shirlyn has been pregnant for 2 years 🤰🏻 no one can catch it 😂😂😍😍

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Really, Kumar! that’s just too obvious. So who does the diamond belong to? Once more another unsolved mystery!!

  3. Yvonne Codner

    I have now watched tonight’s episode and what drama!!! However, I am disappointed, I really wanted those two ladies to be involved but Sarab exonerated them. They all were looking guilty as hell, but they got away. Sarabjit and Meher do make a lovely couple! The ending was hilarious!

    1. i thought harleen and kulwant were in cahoots.d diamond belong to d button hole in his shirt.he is supposed to be gill family friend wih friends lije these u dont need enemies. een robi looked guity

  4. Verma4

    You go girl. Media only likes to shove the mic into peoples faces.

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