Choti Sardarni 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Sarab fight

Choti Sardarni 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says have you ever seen someone drowning? The only person who dies is the one drowning. Other people just watch and make videos. I’m the one who lost everything. Don’t I have right to live? My heart is of stone now. i was innocent all my life. What did I get? My mentality isn’t disgusting. This is my right. Right that I will take. Aditi says to Seema they’re discussing something serious. Seema says let’s go Vikram. They leave.

Sarab fixes Meher’s earring. Meher says what was Vikram saying? Did he threaten? He says I will tell you first take this off your head. Meher says what? He says tension. He pretends to pick it and says such heavy tension. Meher says don’t change the topic. Sarab says instead of thinking what will Vikram do tomorrow, let’s think about to tonight. When it’s diwali and our Karan is with us. We have to think positive. Parents negative vibe affects kids. We’ll see what happens tomorrow but today we have to think about kids happiness and of 5 of us. Meher says but we are 4. He says baba ji is also with us.

Meher smiles. Sarab says statue. What a pretty smile. Meher hugs him.

Scene 2
Manav recalls saying to Karan I will celebrate Diwali with you. He recalls his fight. Manav says sorry my son. Adiit comes in. She sees toy in his hand. Aditi sits next to him. Aditi sleeps as well.

Scene 3
Kulwant sees Jeeto and Ginni getting ready. Kulwant says return my gift. Ginni says why? Kulwant says you didn’t even upload it on facebook? Ginni says we will upload it right now. Ginni says you have 3 DILs. If two would steal it would look weird. Jeeto says why didn’t you give Amrita a gift?

Harleen calls Robbie. He doesn’t pick. Param comes. Harleen picks him. Her back hurts. She screams. Meher says relax. Lay on the floor. Harleen says call a doctor. Meher says you will be fine. Lay on the floor. Sarab says okay listen to her once. Harleen lays on the floor.

Meher treats her back. They pull her leg and arm. Harleen says the pain has gone. I feel perfectly fine. Param says yay. Sarab says I lost the bet. Meher says di you have to sit on sofa straight.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seema says there’s something wrong between you and Aditi. Why do you want to leave her and because of whom?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shaheera Khan

    wah wah sardarni jee is har fun maola. wasn’t the episode very short or it was a short update but very thankful Atiba .

  2. Shaheera Khan

    wah wah sardarni jee is har fun maola. wasn’t the episode very short or it was a short update but very thankful Atiba .now harlem is going to be a big fan of sardarni jee but lets the truth comes out .

    1. True it was very short.

  3. The inevitable has now started as everything in a serial has a ‘sell by date’. Aditi will very shortly come to know of the Manav-Meher relationship. Aditi will have three people to blame – her husband, her brother and Meher as any one of them should have informed her about this and her marriage should not have taken place. Meher or Manav might say ‘they did not know about this until the marriage itself’, but that would be a very hard sell. If Harleen also comes to know, and it appears she will or is about to, she and Robby will make life very difficult or even hell for Meher and Sarab. It now look’s like the last of the serials secrets is about to be revealed and one wonders if their is still a story ahead in the serial. The serial was about Meher getting pregnant by her lover and her mother forcefully marrying her off to Sarab. Now that same lover is back and claiming the child and everybody else has come to know about it. Meher is no heroine and the title ‘Choti Sardarni’ is not deserving on her. Her reputation (among viewers and the public) has taken a back step.

    1. Its not the characters fault, its d way it is written. d writers ruin a good show. I no covid stopped d show for a while however if they couldnt come up with fresh ideas then close d other story lines thats out in d wind. dont think d writers really thought about what they will do once they brought manav back. now its just dragging. agree with most of d comments, i feel sorry for vikram mom not aditi. her secrets need to b out too lets c how sarab meher manav and harleen will react.

  4. Shaheera Khan

    very well said AJ before i used to blame Manav to create the problems in mehrab life now i can’t even stand them because end of the day they are all the same ,seems might accept the truth but the family and all their reputation is on stake now just because mehar did not informed the whole truth before and sarab is going to lose all his respect because of her hiding the truth uphill now but sarab have already have turned the same as all of them now .

  5. I felt Aditi’s crying stupid. She could have eavesdropped to the entire conversation. But she had to cry and go to her brother’s place. She has no fault in all what has happened and she has my sympathy, but there are other people who are in worse condition than she. Even if the truth comes out in future, I don’t think Kulwanth’s involvement in the case will be known to anyone.

    1. Kulwant’s earlier behaviour is now a side issue. She is not the cause of the current problems. The problem is, once Meher and in particular Sarab knew about the Manav truth, they decided to hide it in order, understandably, to preserve family relationships. Further, Sarab also decided to hide the fact that Surya was the murderer, for the same reasons. Sarab’s reputation as an “honest gentleman or nobleman” has now taken a battering. He is open to deception if it suit’s his own ends. As for Meher, she is anything but a Sardarni. A Sardarni is not dishonest, does not get pregnant by lovers before marriage. Her excuse that it was “bachpana” was pathetic and insulting. Perhaps, to be fair, it was a difficult role to play by whoever decided to take on the Meher role and I understand many actresses rejected the role. Likewise, Sarab’s role has probably now not done any favours to the actor Avinesh Rekhi. Once the lockdown ended in July, the writers decided to bring the Manav character back – the serial was very enjoyable in the days when Dolly Momsi was around. Now it is tragic.

    2. True, Sarab and Meher are very similar in many ways. They can go to any extent to preserve their family bonds. It does not matter to them that they are aiding and encouraging criminals. But they try to vilify people like Manav who pose a threat to their idea of a happy family. Sarab does not suit for the title of an honest man, and Meher is not an ideal person as a Sardarani.

  6. Today manav’s dialogue crushed me. It was so relatable and different from the usual emotional scenes. Especially the part about drowning and people uploading photo on FB instead of helping is very accurate. Our society cares more about reputation, image and showing fake concerns than human rights and well-being. I don’t know how can anyone bear so much pain, injustice and desperation but still have enough strength to fight back. Kudos to him.
    Thanks Atiba for translating this monologue so beautifully. I really enjoyed this part as it gave me additional perspective.

    1. Right Jui, that scene was really heart touching💔

  7. Aaj Manav ki baatein dil me utar gayii, Uska dard dekha nahi ja raha tha mujhse, Rona sa aa gaya😣

    1. Shreya, actually hitesh is a fantastic actor. He delivers his dialogue really convincingly.

    2. I HATE HIM. The reason is because he is selfish and narrow minded as he can’t think outside the box.

  8. Shaheera Khan

    hope he shares all his pain with Adity who really loves him he cant tell that to his mum its understandable

    1. Haa Shaheera, vo bechara apni baatein kisi se keh bhi nhi pata, akele hi sara dard sehta hai,ghutta rehta h, vo aditi ko apne close nhi samjhta, mai wait kar rhi hun uss time ka jab vo Aditi ko apne close samjhe aur apni baatein share kar sakey…

  9. A lot of people are saying that Manav is innocent and Mehrab should be blamed. What is Sarab’s fault in this? Is accepting an illegitimate child and loving him unconditionally wrong? Sarab and Param are innocent and in fact one of the people with the biggest heart as they accepted Karan and Meher into their family. Meher and Manav are to be blamed because if they had not slept together before marriage this wouldn’t have happened. A man who can impregnate a woman before marriage is not at all innocent, so I don’t understand why he should be claiming to be innocent. If they had not commited that one mistake, he wouldn’t have been attacked by Kulwant or have to deal with child custody cases. So he should accept it as his punishment for doing what he is not supposed to do. Why in this society, only women have to bear the shame and insult from the society for having a child before marriage? Vikram is trying to ruin Meher’s reputation for having a child before marriage while he is the one who Impregnated her. Manav is trying to put the blame on Sarab while he is the cause of the problem. Why is he threatening to ruin Sarab’s reputation while he is the one who actually impregnated Meher. Sarab has no fault in this and Manav should stop blaming people for his actions and take responsibility.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly k khan well said..though i agree that todays episode was really emotional and i did feel sympathy for manav.. but what he is doing right now is i said before he is just standing at that spot in his life and not moving ahead and being sad about his example of a drowning man..if the man knows to swim he can save himself which means manav should move ahead in life just like mehar did..and then he will see happiness coming his way

    2. that is why it is called bachapana. meher agreed but manav is not able to comprehend the issues raised out of it. It is his immaturity. Practically in this world no parent accept status difference and an orphan without any family background and no proper job(may be infuture becos of education he may get) as a match into marriage. a parent tries to convince as love at that age may be infatuation too. Then meher was a 2nd year graduate student as she said when harleen asked her whether she finished her graduation. So for matured and practical people what meher and manav did looks bachapana only. but the whole thing is also a msg to society for the people expecting social msg to society not to fall into love/infatuation before settling in life and standup on their feet hehe!! to be precise it is the major mistake of the writer to create such a plot where the makers are not in a position to come out of this rut/situation. Bringing manav back is a disaster for the show.instead they would have sent kk and her sons to jail and continue with other cast and find new problems as indian tv runs only on problems and how the heroine cries a lot and all others initially hate her and later she gains their support.

    3. K.Khan &Radhika if two people just go around fire and say it is marriage what is the sacredness of marriage rituals and if it is register marriage it is official. in communist marriages also bride and bridegroom sign some oficial documents before some elders. what type of marriage in whose presence manav and meher married? does it have any value?Is it called marriage? that is cinematic and thinking that they are married do they cross the borders when their rishta is not approved by the parents or elders? he has no parents he is orphan but he has that dhaba owner as his fatherly figure and meher has mother. how the marriage is official to have a night? did she tell her amrita bhabi that she is going to marry him on college function day? all fuss they both made and kk made it further by murdering him. people they warn if they don’t like the match but only in extreme cases they deal with someone for murder like two cases recently happened in hyderabad due to caste issues. But for such worst ever situation viewers taking sides and without any practical approach arguing and sympathising one party. Yes Meher may be immature but when she came out of the agony she accepted and happy with a person who gave her life time assurance. so the girl has to live forever with agony and wait for her dead lover to comeback in life? for her immaturity does she have to live the entire life in hell? she would have got aborted when harleen insisted. but sarab gave assurance.likewise for his immaturity now he got married to aditi instead playing drama with her he would have told her the entire thing to aditi and find a solution. He is not so sensitive to affections as he thretened meher and sarab to inform everybody as he is not able to think how his adopted mother and aditi will be affected by the issue. does he have no responsibility towards them? his every action is like a film of sharukkhan ran after juhi crooning KKKIran though she is married. anyway it is waste to discuss the fault of the writer too for creating such useless situations! if possible to bear the show till it ends for the sake of the characters we like or switch off the tv

  10. Manav before committing his relationship with Meher he married her from religious pov (although it was not official) at his college function where Sarabjit was chief guest. She lied her bhabhi and was with Manav. According to her she enjoyed her childishness. Really I hate this sentence and that too with main leads mouth. How bravely she said on those days that she did love but not any gunah. Humara pyar sachha hai, koi pap nhi,hum dono ek dusre ke ho gye thay uss raat, humara byaah ho chuka hai Lohri ki raat ko, humara pyaar sachha hai,koi pap ya gunah nhi and all. If love is true then how it would become childish. Did writers think on this. Worst dialogue. Of course whatever happened in front of her it happened and she had to believe that her love is no more. But now her attitude towards Manav is too harsh and her words calling that love itself is childish can’t be digested.
    It is just my opinion. No offence to Meher Fans😇
    Anyways, Manav’s words in this episode made me cry. I don’t know why I am so emotional😅

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Vohi tho baath hai mehar ke liye vohi sacha pyaar tha..aap khud hi sochiye 22 ya 23 saal ke ladki mein kithni maturity hogi..aur isilye tho patents love marriages ke liye kaafi protest karthe hain ..aur real life mein bhi early age mein kiye huve love marriages mein baad mein jaakar differences aane lagthi hain..mehar aur manav donon ne apni us kachi umr mein pyaar kar baithe aur jab kanooni thareeke se shadi nahi huyi thi..tho agar un donon mein thodi bhi samajdhari hothi tho kithne saare thareeke hain yeh sure karne ke liye ki ladki pregnant na hojaaye…voh unki immaturity hi thi ki mehar pregnant hogayi..ismein koi shak nahi hain..maanthi hoon usmein donon ki galthi nahi hain na manav ki na mehar ki..lekin agar voh donon maturely act karthe tho as a result pregnancy nahi hothi..Ab mehar sirf ek premika nahi hain voh ek ma hain aur ek biwi bhi..usmein in donon rishton ne zimmedari nibhana sikhaya hai..aur voh kaafi mature ho gayi hain..agar aapne show shuru se dekha hai tho aapko yeh baat samaj aayega ki serial ke shuruvat mehar ne kaafi saare actions ya harkathen bachon wali ki sirf sarab hi mature tha..lekin ab mehar mein voh maturity aayi hain..aur uska apne purane pyaar ko bachpana bulane ka matlab bas yeh tha ki manav samaj jaaye ki mehar an sarabjeet ki mehar hai..aur voh manav ke saath bhaag nahin sakthi..i am sure kal ko manav kisi se shaadi karke uski biwi se pyaar karne lagega( aditi uski biwi hogi ya nahi yeh dekhna padega) thoanav ko bhi apna pehla pyaar bachpana hi lagega..ho saktha hain mehar ke vaise bolne se manav aur manav fans ke emitions hurt huve hain..lekin meharne jo kaha voh completely galat nahi hain..unki harkathen bachon jaisa hi tha aur voh donon bhi bachon jaise hi the…jab mehar sarab ko apni poori kahani bathathi hain ( manav zinda hai yeh janne se pehle) tab bhi usne sarab ko yahi kaha tha ki bachpana tha undonon mein bhi aur un donon ke pyaar mein bhi ( exact dialogue yaad nahi hai..lekin bachpana word use kiya tha)..manav abhi us mod pe hain jahan pe mehar ek saal pehle thi..apna pyaar khoyi thi..lekin naye rishten aur nayi zimmedariyan aane ke baad voh mature hogayi aur apni zindagi ko ek acha mode mein aaya hain..aapko lagtha hai ki tab agar mehar sirf rothi baitthi apne ghar mein manav ke liye tho aaj voh khush reh pathi..kulwant kaur kabke uske bache ko maar dethi ..isiliye mehar ko patha tha us bache ko bachane ke liye usse uake ghar se bahar nikalna hoga..mehar ne uske baad har step mein yeh socha uske us kadam se bache pe kya asar hotha hain..lekin manav vaisa nahi hain..voh bas apne dukh ko hi baar baar jee raha hain..aur us dukh ka naam bolkar mehar ko ruswa karne ki dhamki de raha hain..sharam aani chahiye usko apne aap par..yeh tho vohi baath hai na hamari society ki galthi bhale kisiki bhi ho zimmedar sirf ladki manav mehar ko ruswa karne ke baath kar raha hai na ussi ki wajah se mehar pregnant huyi jab boyfriend tha tab girlfriend ki izzat ki chinta nahi thi aur ab jab baap banne ka shor macha raha hai tho apne bache ki maa ki izzat ki chinta nahi hain usko..aur voh manav ke saath harsh isiliye hain kyonki voh kuch samaj nahi raha hai..koi bhi aurat aise hi behave karthi..mehar ne kabhi bhi yeh nahi bola ki usne manav se pyaar nahi kiya..usne bas yeh bola ki voh pyaar bachpana sach hi hain..

    2. haa Meher ki harkatein bachpane jaisi thi, par Manav ki mohabbat, uske jazbaat ka to mazaak ban kar reh gaya na, Manav bohot practical tha, jab tak Uska upsc ka interview nhi hua tha aur vo apne career settle hone ke bare me sure nhi tha, tab vo Meher ko mana karta tha ki abhi sahi time nhi hai rishte ki baat karne ke liye,yaha tk ki usne flat book kiya tha apne aur Meher ke liye.Meher ke liye vo bachpana hoga par Manav ke liye to nahi tha na. To galat kiske sath hua….Manav ke sath na!!…Kiske pyar ka mazaak bana….Manav ke pyaar ka na!!…Kiske jazbaat ka mazak bna…Manav ke jazbat ka na!! Meher ke bachpane ke chkkar me Jaan kiski gayii….Manav ki na!! To sympathy kiske sath jayegi….Manav ke sath na!!
      Aapke kehene ka matlab hai bs Meher ne Manav ke saath bachpana kiya, to humaari sympathy to Obviously Manav ke sath hi jayegi, ki bechare ne dil laga liya uss larki ke sath jo uske sath bachpana kar rahi thi.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Tho aapka matlab hai ki mehar ke saath kanooni thareeke se shaadi karne se pehle usko pregnant karna manav ki maturity thi?? Seriously?? Yeh 2019 ki baath kar rahe hum jahan pe jaise meine already kaha ki kithne saare thareeke hain pregnancy ko avoid karne ke liye agar ladka uthna samajdar hotha tho …aur agar samajdhaar hone ke baad usne voh kiya tho usmein phir uske intensions bure the yeh matlab ho jayega…isiliye meine kaha ki manav bhi immature hi tha..kyonki voh insaan acha tha..mujhe nahi lagtha agar usne pregnancy ki possibility sochi hogi tho usse prevent bhi kartha..usne aisa kuch tab isliye nahi socha kyonki usmein ithni samajdhari nahi hain..abhi bhi voh bas emotional hoke soch raha hai..mera bacha dedo..voh koi bhi consequences nahi soch raha hai..isiliye kaha ki voh abhi bhi immature hain..aapko agar yeh sab highly responsible mature actions lagi tho teek hai…responsiblity aur maturity ka perspective aapka shayad alag hoga..sabko apni apni opinions hothe hain

    4. Koi bhi contraceptive method 100% successful nahi hota hai. Chahein vo barrier method bhi kyun na ho, vaise bhi thin rubber ya latex sheath ka hi to bana hota hai, kya pata tear ho gaya ho….kon janta hai contraceptive method use kiye hon fir bhi ho gyi ho pregnant, ya fir agar nhi bhi kiye hon use to vo dono emotional ho gye honge…. Sridevi a very popular actress was also pregnant before marriage with Boney Kapoor’s child and she publically accepted this. Was she immature? News to ye bhi thi ki Twinkle Khanna was also pregnant with Akshay Kumar’s child before marriage par aaj unko #couplegoals kehkar bulaya jata hai. Reel life me bhi Kabir Singh ne Preeti ko Pregnant kar diya tha, vo to doctor tha, koi roadside romeo nhi, par uska pyar bhi sachha tha na, Anurag-Prerna in Kasauti Zindagi Kay….in sabko bachpana kehkar inka pyaar rafa dafa to nhi kiya ja sakta na…..
      To Manav ka pyar bachpana kaise??

    5. Shruti Sharma

      Radhika, I agree to you. Leave it, some people stay biased towards their favorite characters. Manav ke saath jo hua vo bohot galat hua lekin kahi na kahi manav khud bhi zimmedaar hai. Agar unn dono mein se koi ek bhi mature hota uss time to aisi nobat aani hi nhi thi..Dono ka pyaar uss time immaturity hi thi. Kbhi bhi kisi ko hormonal infutation hoti hai to pehla pyaar hamesha sacha hi lagta hai.
      Jo hua usme dono ki galti thi aur kisi ek ko blame krna galat hoga.

      Meher Maturely accepted her mistake, a quality I adore of her’s. Agar Meher ko zyada hi Mahan banna hota to vo saara blame Manav pr daal deti. Lekin she’s mature enough to know that both of we’re at fault.

      Baat rahi Karan ki. Everyone in the Gill family loves Karan. Even Garden has accepted Karan to some extent (I agree, not entirely). Gill family mein Karan has an elder brother, a loving mother, a loving father, a loving bua (Aditi) and a whole lot of joint family from Meher’s paternal home, why Manav is stirring up everything then? With Manav, Karan Will be a lonely child..Manav just cares about Getting his son back but he haven’t thought about if Karan will stay happy With him..
      I know a father’s love is unconditional like a mother’s love. But I am also aware about a mother’s value in anyone’s life.
      Everyone’s thinking about Manav’s pain but what about A mother’s pain?

      For a mother, her every child is very dear. Karan is a part of Meher…She suffered so much while giving birth to Karan so an attachment is evident by a mother’s side.

      Everything apart, I loved the show before. Pehle, show was all about Mehrab’s cute nok jhok and Param’s innocence but Mama’s entry made the show worse. I am not even watching it since Diwali

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Yashiji aapki point bilkul valid hain..lekin failure of contraception se huyi pregnancy ke news sunke koi aisa nahi chillatha” o duniyavalon suno mein baap banne vala hoon”…instead yeh sochthe ke contraception use karne ke baad bhi yeh kaisa huva?? Kam se kam 1 minute ke liye sochtha right?? Isilye meine kaha voh immature hain..ek tho bina shadi ke pregnancy aur oppar se ithna chillaya usne..kam se kam shaadibfix hone ka intezaar kartha khushi se duniyavalon ko bolne se pehle..aur aapne jinka examples diye hain voh real life ke celebrities hain..aur har koi vaise nahi jee sakthe hain..aur agar unka pregnancy huyi hai shaadi se pehle voh isiliye aaj problem nahi hai kyonki unki shaadi hogayi..agar nahi huyi hothi thabhi tho situation comparable hoga na..yahan pe manav ko kaunsa guarentee tha ki mehar ke gharwale in donon ki shaadi ke liye maan jaayenge?? Uski naukri lagnewali thi..okay maanliya..lekin kaunsi maa chahegi ki apni beti ki shaadi kisi anaath ladke ke saath ho jiska maa baap nahi hain aur dhabe mein pala bada hain ( and please mein kulwant kaur ki actions ko justify NAHI kar rahi hoon) mera kehne ka matlab hain ki shaadi ke liye mehar ke gharwalon ko raazi karne mein hi bohot time lagtha agar mehar ki maa reasonable hothi tho bhi..aisa tho nahi kehthi ” chalo beta chat magni aur pat byaah karthe hain” bilkul bhi nahi..manav ko samajkar time lekar decide karthe..ho saktha mana bhi karein ..ya phir maan bhi jaayen ..tho isne kaunsi maturity ka kaam kiya jo mehar ke ghar pe baat karne se pehle usko pregnant kar diya?? Mein bas yeh keh rahi hoon ki donon immature the tab..aur agar unki shaadi hothi tho unko bacha saath mein hotha aur apni life mein saath mein hothe aur maturity aane pe kuch change nahi hotha..yahan pe situation alag hain..isiliye unke raasthe bhi alag aur voh baat manav ko samjhane ke liye hi mehar ne bola ki unka pyaar bachpana tha..jaise childhood sweetheart ya lovers agar aage jaake shaadi karein tho voh amazing love story aur role models hothe hain..aur agar childhood lovers ke shaadi nahi huyi tho us pyaar ko bhi bachpana hi kehthe hain.. voh isliye nahin kyonki unke pyaar mein kami thi..kabhi kabhi life ke situations vaise hi hothi hain..

    7. True, yrr Manav ke words😣 uske dialogues sunkar mere bhi aansu nikal aaye. Aap hi emotional nahi ho, mai bhi emotional ho gayi thi😂….meri Mom keh rahi, beta tv hai tv, dharti par raho, zyada ghusne ki zaroorat nahii hai TV mein🤣🤣

    8. Yashi, you should also leave it😉. We are not here to change others opinion. We are here to express our views. Some People will keep on justifying their favourite heroine, after all she is lead. By the way, Starting me love wali feelings aane waley hormonal changes puberty ki age me hotey hain. Aur Agar libido ki baat karein to vo waley hormones 23 years ki girl aur 24 years ki girl me same hotey hain. Loss of Libido 30+ par hota hai.

    9. Yaaron, 1 minute, kya aap log bhi indirectly😂, some people will stay biased towards their fvrt characters😂….some people will keep on justifying their fvrt heroine😂
      Hum logon me se bhale hi koyi Meherab fan ho ya Manav fan, par dekhte to hum sab chhoti sardarni serial hi hain na…we are divided by our opinions about some characters but united by this serial❤

    10. Radhika Purohit

      Baath tho aapne bilkul sahi kaha shreyaji😄

    11. Shreya, tumne bilkul sahi kaha yar, bhot pyari bat kahi tumne😇

    12. Meher ab 30 sal ki nahi hai maturely situation handle kar sake woh abhi bhi 23 24 hai, immature hai,woh kabhi bhi manav ko samajh nahi sakthi kabi manav ke POV se soch nahi sakthi……agar meher sach bol Diya hota manav ko pehele se shayad manav ye sab kartha hi nahi….shayad meher is thinking ye manav kyu aaya meri life mein phirse….

    13. Radhika Purohit

      Age abhi uske kam hi hain maturity ke liye..lekin meine kaha tha ki ek maa aur biwi ke zimmedari nibhathe nibhathe usmein maturity aayi hain ab..aur jab manav hath dhoke mehar ke peeche pada tha bhaagne ke liye sarab ko chodke tho voh yeh bolthi..”sorry mein nahi bhagoongi and by the way hamara ek bacha hai ..lekin tum aditi ke saath kush rehna” sirf manav ke nahi mehar ke pov se bhi sochna zaroori hain

    14. Praveena problem yeh hai ki meher ka maturity level to abhi bhi 0% hi hai but selfishness level 100% ho chuka hai

    15. Yashi, I agree to you. Leave it, some people stay biased towards their favorite characters. some people will say some people are biased not knowing they themselves are

    16. U r saying [email protected] why meher is not telling truth to manav tum kabhi bhi Bache se mil sakthe ho responsibility share kar sakthe ho ye kyu nahi kehti manav ko ache se kyu nahi samja sakthi thi….Mera bacha Mera bacha kisiko nahi dunga ye kehne se sach joot nahi ho saktha manav kabhi apna responsibility se nahi baagha….

    17. @Yashi. Their love was childish because they never thought about the future and only relied on hopes in life. Manav said that he will have to get his life together and also get a good job in order to go and ask to marry Meher from her family. That itself shows that he wasn’t at all prepared as at that time, he was working in a dhaba. How can we guarantee that Manav would have acquired the job? What if he did not get the job? Their future wasn’t certain as we can’t guarantee that Manav would have acquired the job. Meher got pregnant, she had not finished school and Manav did not have a proper good job at that time, how would they have taken care of their child. Their life was childish because, they were not settled yet and had no plans of Starting a family at that moment. All they did was to drive together, cook together and play childhood games unlike Meher and Sarab’s love right now which is more matured and they are both responsible in that their wouldn’t be an issue if Meher get’s pregnant right now, because they are already settled in life. One does all the dowry payment and asking for hand in marriage before starting a family and not after getting someone pregnant then you are now starting to look for a job. Their dream house had not even started to be constructed, where would they have lived?

  11. Meher has not at all matured into a woman. She is still the immature and selfish person she use to be. A year ago, she married Sarab to save herself and now she is trying to separate her son from his father. MEHER as a mother does not understand that she is indeed destroying her child’s life and is not very different to her own mother. BOTH these people only care about how they get their job done. A relationship that resulted in a child can never be called as Bachpana. If the people involved do so it only shows that person’s crass mentality.
    Meher calls her past as bachpana because she has found a comfortable home and in-laws who tolerates Karan’s existence. If the scenario was different she would not dare to say such things. This is purely her selfishness that she twists the truth according to her narrative. In all this Manav has no fault.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Mehar jo kar rahi hain mujhe nahi lagtha selfishness hain..voh jo kar rahi hain apne bache ke liye kar rahi koi bhi maa karthi..usne lekin kisi ki haan nahi li hain jo usse kulwant kaur se compare karne ke liye..jab couples ke divorce hothe hain aur agar 3 mahine ka bacha hotha hain unka tho har maa aise hi barthav karthi hain..vahan pe baap ko thoda sabr karna hotha hain bacha thoda bada hone thak..kam se kam khudae chalne khane ki umr tho ho jaaye uska phir maango bache ko..shayad uske baad sambhal bhi payega..yeh kaunsa nyay hai jis maa ne bache ko 9 mahine apne kok mein rakkar deliver kiya usse aise ho de do bhale voh doosra insaan baap hi kyon na ho..koi nahi detha aur agar dedi tho us maa ka dil pathar hain..ek maa ke liye uske bache uske duniya hothi hain..

    2. Radhika, baccha na de kam se kam yeh to bole ki haan ye hamara baccha hai, tum iske father ho,aur tumhari jagah iski life main koi nahi le sakta.

    3. @Ginije. Meher married Sarab to protect his unborn child but not herself. If it was to save herself, she would have accepted long time ago but because Kulwant threatened to kill her unborn child, that’s why she married Sarab. One more thing Meher is not separating Karan from Manav but is trying to prevent Manav from separating her from Karan. As you heard earlier, Manav wants to take Karan and settle with him somewhere else which means his intention is to separate Karan from Meher. Why couldn’t he have asked for joint custody? Sarab proposed for the same but he rejected.He wants Karan all for himself.So he is the selfish one as right now he is only thinking about himself and not thinking the fact that Karan is small and needs his mother now more than anyone else. He hasn’t thought of Karan’s future or his betterment even for a minute. Has he thought how the society will treat Karan when he reveals that he is an Illegitimate child. He won’t be treated with the same respect. Manav is all set of taking revenge from Mehrab and hasn’t even thought of the consequences of his actions. Sarab asked Manav to be visiting Karan when he wants because he thought ahead and new even if they decide to give Karan to Manav, his mother and Wife will have questions as to why he took Meher and Sarab’s son with him without revealing that he is Manav. Because once he takes Karan, it will be obvious that he is not Vikram but Manav and his mom will still be affected.

    4. When he reveals the truth, Sarab is not going to be affected so much. The people who are going to be affected are he himself, Karan and Meher so he should stop threatening Sarab with that. He can protect himself, but how is he going to protect Karan from the society’s taunts. He is still going to go to school and wouldn’t stay attached to him forever, so he should also think about that. He won’t feel good either, seeing his mom being insulted when he grows up and he is going to hate his father for this and also for separating him from his real mom.

  12. I had problems with how over the top some scenes in the show were about some god like powers the shows couple had by making a doctor’s degree worthless and CBI useless and Jhansi rani meh…
    But by giving manav a voice today when sarab lobbed his accusations ,I am happy with the show runners for that part

    1. Narayana, I completely agree with you….I am also glad to see Manav like this.

  13. Shaheera Khan

    we cant deny that mehar and her family and sarab they are all selfish they can turn around the things which suits them , they don’t even want to understand manav s situation he just came to his senses and the whole world is turned around in an years time off course mehar dose not loved him but at least manav should have someone to share his pain and help him to show the right path.please dont compare manav s life against sardarni and sardar jee its a big difference.

    1. That’s why they gave Manav permission to visit and play with his son. But because of Manav’s selfishness he rejected because he wants Karan all for himself.Even in real life situation, when there is a joint custody, the child will stay with the mother and probably when he becomes big enough, will be alternating with staying with his mother and father. Will Manav be able to take full care and responsibility of Karan without having to hire a helper? Will he be able to raise him better than Meher and also work at the same time?Meher takes care of Karan full time, while Manav won’t be able to do that because he is working and will have to go for his work in order to provide for Karan and the family.

  14. Guys, wait for 6 more years. 23 main maanav se pyar bachpana tha, 24 main sarab se pyar bhi bachpana hi hai aur haan saccha pyar to use after 30 hi hoga.

    1. Loved your comment Sonam

    2. [email protected] before 18 I can understand(ye umar hai kar le galti se mistake😂🤣😂)but after 22 people will definitely think what to do what not to do I don’t think kabhi meher sacha pyar kiya hi nahi manav se…..agar kiya ho toh at least manav se ache se behave Karti….

    3. Sonam i think meher is 26 coz in the report Harleen found about meher being 3 months pregnant which lead her to understand baby can’t be sarab’s it was saying 26 years. I don’t about india but in my country by the age of 21-22 people complete their bachelors degree and usually get a job. They are treated as full adult, expected to make own decisions and behave maturity at least for serious situations.

  15. Shaheera Khan

    yes sonar at least to lighten our moods thanks

  16. Critisms everywhere! I agree everyone has their own point of and their own perspective. I accept every perspective presented here 🙂 What happened was all Past. Past ka discuss krk kya fayeda? Ye socho ki aage kya hona chahiye, kya nhi.
    FYI I was not supporting a heroine here, I was supporting a MOTHER. I have experienced what it feels like, to live without a mother.. That’s the reason I want Karan to be with Meher.I feel Karan will be a happiest child in the Gill family. About Manav, if he gets the custody of Karan, Both of the will be devoid of their Mother’s Shade.

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