Choti Sardarni 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher, Param and Sarab in Serbia

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Choti Sardarni 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param holds Meher’s hand. He ties her dupatta to his hand. Param says this is so that you never leave me. Meher says I am sorry. I won’t go. I love you. Param says I love you too mama. Sarab says in heart how would I part them?
Kulwant falls. She says save me Yuvi. Yuvi says I am making you fly. Amrita says he doesn’t want to study. Kulwant says don’t worry. He is a kid only. Amrita says you got him out of school and now you appreciate this behavior. Jagga comes in. Kulawnt says Jagga leave that file. Now pick it up. Kulwant says sit now. He says what are you doing. Kulwant says see Amrita, my kids do what I say. Yuvi will go to Param’s school. Bitu comes in. He says to Jagga did you see this photo.

Scene 2
Sarab, Param and Meher arrive at Serbia. Sarab why do you have this handkerchief on the suitcase? She says so I can identify my suitcase from distance. Sarab says you monkey. Meher says you called me monkey. He says what else would I? Param says you are fighting here as well? Sarab says no Meher you’re very sweet. Meher says you’re sweet too Sarab. Meher says Param can we remove this knot? I have to change. Param says promise me you won’t run.

Meher goes to change. Her bag is exchanged. Param see another man with napkin. He says there are other idiots like her. Meher says what would I wear now? She comes out and says Sarab open your bag. He says now you would wear these shirts? He laughs. Meher says dont’ laugh.

Dolly says Param is also going to Serbia with them? Harleen says yes he made it there. Harleen says we hid in the bag and went there. Dolly says I am sure Meher did this drama to keep Param in her grip. Harleen says Param lives in her heart.

Meher comes out weaing the shirt. Sarab says we have lost all the documents as well. Meher says here are they. I kept them safe in hand carry.
Sarab says you will start life anew here. Meher says no one knows me here. Sarab says no one knows me either. A man says Sarab.. He says Jolly mama. Jolly meets Meher and Sarab. Jolly says is this your wife Meher? Sarab says what are you doing here? He says I have been here for two years. Dolly called me and told me you’re coming here. I will take care of Param, you can enjoy your honeymoon.

A very well dressed girl stops Sarab. Meher says you said no one knows you here. She says I am Pam. We were going to get married. Sarab says I don’t even know you. Jolly says this was the girl Dolly used to talk about. She says you married her instead of me? She says hello Param.

Scene 2
Bitu shows the site to Jitto. He says we will name the gym Bijoo. She says we will name it Kulwant gym. Bitu hugs her.
Param sits in the car. He says I am smart mama. Sarab says whose son are you? He says Meher mama’s. Sarab says Jolly mama, we have to go to mall. Meher lost her bag. She has to get new clothes. They go for shopping. Jolly says Meher you look so good in these. Param says my mama looks wonderful. Sarab says let’s go home. Someone steals Meher’s bag. It has all the documents. Sarab says oh no, it had all your documents.

Precap-Sarab runs after the theif. A masked man puts gun on Meher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it must be all dolly s plan

    1. Yvonne Codner

      I agree with you because she does not want to see them happy.

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