Choti Sardarni 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Seher goes to guru ji again

Choti Sardarni 18th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The girl is fainted. Devika says I gave her shot but she fainted by then. Seher says open the window. Her dad is crying. Seher asks for first aid. Her dad says I shouldn’t have brought Mitali here. There were peanuts in her food. She’s allergic to it. I shouldn’t have brought her in this house. Seher says we are sorry we didn’t know. She gives her first aid. Seher cuts her nerve and gives her injection. Everyone is scared. The girl opens her eyes. Everyone is relieved. The doctor comes too. He says who did this? Seher says I did first aid course in Canada. Doctor says you did the best.

Seher says let us know the hospital bill. Param says thank God you saved mithali. Mrs. Balla says to Harleen only Devika and Amreen are left. Param has to choose Devika. Harleen says well done Seher it shouldn’t stop. Kulwant says first Neha and now Mitali are out like this? Harleen says the contest shouldn’t stop. Seher is worried about the seeds. Kulwant asks everyone to go and sleep. Kulwant says to Seher go and give those seeds to guru ji. Seher asys those seeds.. She tells her everything. Kulwant is shocked. She says let’s go find them.

Scene 2
Seher says if I don’t find them Guru ji won’t help us. They both pray. Kulwant and Seher start looking for the seeds. The sun comes out. They start collecting the seeds. Seher counts 8. She says thank God. Kulwant says no one can stop Raj from healing. Let’s go. Seher says I hope he agrees to help me. Seher says to Bitu and Rana to make sure Karan and Param don’t fight. Raj isn’t home either. Rana says we will handle everything.

Scene 3
Seher comes to Guru ji. He says I told you to come before the sun is out. And you’re this late? Get lost from here. Nothing can be done now. I won’t help your husband. Kulwant says Meher really respected you. You know what Seher is doing to help her husband. She was there to save a girl’s life. She did her service. You are her last home. Please help her.

Scene 4
Param gets ready. Harleen says you look so pretty. Devika and her family would be here too. Bitu and Rana bring Karan too. Bitu says girls would fall in love. Devika says girls need a lot more than just good looks and dressing. We girls want to see how well they bond with their family? Devika says they can fly the kites with their family then we will decide who’s better. Harleen says isn’t it childish.. she says we still do it. Karan says it won’t be possible because we don’t have a band. Rana says shut up. Their bond is the stronger. Karan says okay then do it. Bitu says we will do the arrangement.

Guru ji asks Seher to put the seeds in the fire. Seher is confused. He says do what I said. Kulwant says it took her the entire night to find them. How can we burn them? She bruised her hands. She can risk her life for her husband. Seher says I have faith in guru ji. I will do what he says. SHe goes to the fire. She throws them in the fire and says please help my Raj guru ji.

Scene 5
The contest starts. Everyone dances. Bitu and rana welcome Karan and Param. Karan says he would need extra threads. Devika says it’s so sunny. Her servant brings umbrella. Bitu adn Rana bring in professional kite flyers. He says they will compete against Param and Karan. Harleen wonders where are Seher and Kulwant.

Seher says you have to help me and heal Rajveer. He says okay I will help you. He throws his ring in the fire and says bring my ring back from that fire. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant says no Seher. Seher sits by the fire. Guru ji says do it if you have courage. Her hand burns. Seher recalls when Rajveer was about to fall. She recalls Robbie ridiculing him. Seher puts her hand in the fire.

Episode ends

Precap-Seher says I will do what you say please help my Rajveer. He says it’s in your hands. Do this treatment in next 6 hours otherwise it would be wasted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    Harleen is at it again!! 🙄🙄
    How far can she go just to get Param married to her choice??
    Poor girl almost died!! 😢
    Guruji, what’s wrong with u?! What exactly do u want?!
    Seher loves Rajveer with her whole heart that she is so brave to even put her hand in fire🙏

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      True sis,seher can do anything for sake of rajveer👌🥰

  2. Snowflake

    2 weeks no new promo😢😢

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      yes,waiting for a new promo😍🥰

  3. Snowflake

    The actress playing Devika changed… I was wondering who she was😬
    Karan is also attracted to her looks like…. Hope this track ends properly with Param and Karan getting married, and not Khushi interrupting everything!

    1. The character change, theirs a new devika, what, i didnt watch yet, whos the new devika if someone replaced her?

    2. Snowflake

      @Sanam, I don’t know the actresses name😢
      She isn’t a prominent face tho

  4. Really boring. If they can bring complete original cast with Avinesh then this show has long way

    1. @pop, boring yes but Avinesh will not come back to this cartoon like show, not in million years. He has closed this chapter and moved on and enjoying his new project.

  5. Aaj chotisrdarni ne 700 hundreds complete kiya he. Koi bhi news channel jyada clips upload nhi karta, promote nhi karta, phir bhi COLORSTV KI ejjat bachaya aya he, Chotisrdarni!!
    Thanks for entertaining us 3 years. Big Achievement 💪💪

    1. Your one day late it was yesterday!

    2. Snowflake

      Yo, Jaery, its fine man!!

  6. @Pop: Bringing back Avinesh to CS now? There is a better chance for people to settle on Mar’s next year.

    1. I have a better chance of winning lottery, than Avinesh coming back to this show!

  7. Also i noticed they specially introduced Devika’s brother , and even today s episode he had something to say, I wonder what role he is going to play in this serial? Could he be Khushi’s lover?

    1. Snowflake

      They got him because looks like Devika is surely becoming a part of the family! So a little insight in their family and life will be good.
      Khushi-Seher-Rajveer will have a Love triangle, its in the news!!


    What happened to rajveer?

  9. Snowflake

    Today’s update??

  10. Today’s update!

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