Choti Sardarni 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab finds out who did it

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Choti Sardarni 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher looks for her halwa. Yuvi is eating it. Meher says it’s mine. Yuvi says you didn’t like it. Meher says it was always my favorite. Kulwant looks at her eating and smiles. Meher says this taste and smell. Yuvi says give it to me too. Kulwant says I am very happy Yuvi. Yuvi says but she ate it all. Kulwant says I will put it in the fridge every day.

Meher calls Sarab and says Kulwant has a diamond bracelet. He says we have to check if there’s a diamond missing. Meher sneaks inside Kulwant’s room. She’s asleep. Kulwant wakes up. She says is everything okay? Meher says I wanted to check if there is water in the jug. Kulwant says I know you still care for me.

Scene 2
Sarab says to Tarkash we have to take the diamond to Sartaj jewelers. He knows them very well. Khushi says mama scolded me for wearing her necklace. Sarab says why Harleen? Harleen says she displaced a diamond from my necklace. this isn’t a small thing. Khushi says I didn’t. When you wore is the day before yesterday the Diamond was missing.

Meher looks at Kulwant. She says what happened? Meher says my head was hurting. Kulwant says you’re finally talking to me. Let me massage your head. She massages her head and leaves her bangle. Meher checks the bangle. The central diamond is missing. Meher takes a picture. Kulwant comes back. Meher says go and rest.

Dolly says Harleen I am tired looking for your Diamond I can’t find it anywhere. We will buy another one. Sarab picks the necklace and says sure. I will get it fixed. Dolly says see he’s the same old Sarab. Harleen says yes.

Meher calls Sarab. She tells Sarab about Kulwant’s bangle. He says Harleen’s necklace is also missing a diamond. We are going to the jeweler. Can you send me the bangle? Meher says I will.

Scene 3
Jagga is worried. Amrita says please don’t worry. MEher says what happened? Amrita says all people have canceled the booking with us. His business is going down the drain. Meher says we will expose the truth. No one can harm us. Meher says I am going to the doctor. Kulwant says I will go with you. Meher says Sarab would be there so I don’t need anyone. Meher leaves.

Sarab gives the diamond to the jeweler. He says this diamond is of the same piece. Sarab calls Meher and says it’s someone we know. I got to know who it is. Some good surround Meher’s car and start chanting against her. Some goons try to harm. Meher hits them. People protest against Meher. Meher stands on her car and claps. Someone makes her video. Meher says what a city. And our people. I am proud to see where innocents were saved. But now people only take out their phones. Does anyone else want to attack me? no one would say a word. No one would stop anyone. Everyone would make a video. You all decided to be the court and called me the culprit. It takes years for courts to announce the verdicts so you all can make me the culprit. I supply fake medicines. So throw ink on my face. Hit me. No one has any shame. I know everyone has freedom of speech. But only the court has right to decide. You can ask me questions. A man says you’re rich people who can question you. Meher says I have a press conference at 2 today. You can question me and I will answer. You will also know who did this.

Scene 4
Dolly says Harleen aren’t you going? She says no. Robbie says let’s go and see who did it? Harleen says let this Meher do what she wants. Kulwant doesn’t go either.

Precap-Sarab says someone close to me did this and I will kick that person out of my life. Meher says her name is.. They stand in front of Harleen and Kulwant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Ok, so did the diamond fit both pieces of jewelry? Harleen and Kulwant? Will the person be exposed? I am so curious! Thank you, Atiba!

  2. they both seem to b d obvious culprits cant wait fir tomorrows episode thx for d quick episode.

  3. Lilie

    I’ m sure , it is Robbie

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