Choti Sardarni 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Robbie shakes hand with Pathak

Choti Sardarni 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant says I will tell the entire Atari what did I gift my DILs. Kulwant says Ginni come here. She gives her a gold necklace. She gives the bucket to Jeeto. Jeeto says who gives the bucket? Kulwant says people who give pans. Bitu says to Amrita bhabhi your turn. Kulwant says I will give to you later. Video memory is full. Amrita says I know you very well. You didn’t give me a gift because no one sent you anything from my house.

Meher hugs Karan and cries. Meher says I won’t let my Karan go anywhere. Sarab comes and sits with her. Meher says when I look at Aditi I feel so guilty. Meher says how long can we hide such a big truth from Aditi? My past is creating problems in her life. Sarab says don’t say that. It’s neither your, nor Vikram’s fault. We three have to handle this situation maturely. It was fate. Meher says but you saw how he reacted today? How will we make him understand? You handled it today. Sarab says we have to handle it maturely. Our actions affect Aditi adn Karan’s life. We can’t make a mistake. Relax.

Kulwant says to Amrita you look weak. Did you lose weight? 5KG? Which reminds me where is your chain? Why did you wear it? Amrita says my chain.. When I went to market someone snatched it. Kulwant shouts how dare someone snatch my DIL’s chain? When did this happen? Meher says last Friday. Kulwant says why didn’t you tell me? She says I forgot. Kulwant says why didn’t you wear the other one? Why are you wearing artificial? Amrita says let me check gas. Kulwant says Jeeto will check. Where is your other chain? Amrita says that also got snatched. Kulwant says so twice your chain got snatched and you didn’t tell anyone? Amrita leaves. Kulwant says you can’t fool me.

Scene 2
Aditi takes Seema to the kitchen. Manav is cooking for her. Seema says when did you learn to cook? He says 15 years at dhaba. Seema is shocked. Manav says joking. Learned from Youtube. I am cooking for you. I hurt you a lot. You had tears in your eyes. Sorry, mom. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Seema says I slapped you for the first time. But all Indian moms want to slap their sons. He says it was full of love. You can slap me twice after every meal. Manav hugs her. He says I am sorry mom. Seema says never say what you said again. Always respect Aditi. She’s our Laxmi. Harleen and Sarab come. Harleen says where is Robbie jeju?

Robbie is playing cards and drinking with his friends. Pathak comes. Robbie says happy Diwali, come sit. Pathak says I heard there was an attack at Gill mansion. Robbie says no one was seriously injured. Robbie says come play with us. They drink and play. Pathak’s man is sitting behind them. Robbie keeps drinking.

Scene 3
Harleen coughs. Sarab gives her water. He says Harleen doesn’t eat spicy. Sarab says it’s very tasty. Manav says have to cook for the family now. I will make milk for Karan as well. Lukewarm and will check as well. Meher says he already had milk and slept. Manav says he was sleeping in the evening as well. Don’t you have a schedule for him? Sarab says all kids have schedules. Parents observe their habits and set it. Meher and I have set timetables for Karan and Param. Param listens to Meher’s lullaby and Karan to mine. Manav says I also love kids. Harleen says Guddi? Girl or guy? Seema says just a healthy baby. I hope I will become dadi soon. Manav says keep praying. Mata Rani will listen to you and your grandchild will be in your lap soon.

Robbie drinks more. He says had to celebrate Diwali. I lost 50 lacs. Now I don’t have money. Pathak says the owner of this place is very dangerous. If he finds out you’re not gonna give 50 lacs, he will break your bones. Robbie says I don’t have money please save me. Pathak says I am a politician. I don’t move a finger without benefit. Robbie says I will do what you ask. Please save me.

Sarab says to Manav.. Listen. Manav says just because of my mom’s slap don’t think it’s over. I will talk to my mom and convince her one day. I begged you, people, for my child and I didn’t. I will fight for my right now. I will go to the court and ask for Karan’s custody. Sarab says what if you don’t get the custody? Manav says I will get the DNA test done. That way the truth you have been hiding will come in frnot of everyone. Everyone will know your wife had a boyfriend before marriage and it was me. Your political career would be ruined and she will be defamed everywhere.

Sarab says you’re talking about defaming the person you gave your life for? Is this your anger or is your mind so disgusting? I wanted to resolve this matter maturely but you have crossed all the limits. What do you think? You can blackmail us and take Karan from us? There are many lives tied to you and me. We have many responsibilties. They are done maturely. Manav says if you think my right is my anger, I will take it. I will take my Karan. Sarab says I know your pain but the way you have behaved it doesn’t suit you. Manav says what suits you? Taking someone’s child. Sarab says this is no one’s mistake. Neither yours, nor Meher’s, nor yours. These are circumstances and fate. Manav says you always talk about fate. I don’t care about whose mistake is it. I only want my child Karan. I will create such a big drama. Sarab says you can do whatever you want. But I don’t care. My Meher and my kids are my life. I will stand with them in any trouble. Do whatever you want.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says what was Vikram doing?? Did he threaten agin? sarab says take this tension off your head. Seema asks Manav why do you want to leave Adiit? Because of whom? Why did you say in front of Sarab that you want to divorce Aditi? Aditi hears it. SHe’s shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This robbie drama is another filler before climax.
    I don’t know why characters are behaving like there is no solution and one has to sacrifice for sake of another. Just share the custody and move on to the next problem. Decent parents usually opt for shared custody instead of creating unnecessary trouble for each other and child. I have even seen teen parents raising kids together while being in another relationships and these grown up, educated characters are behaving like they are in 18th century and joint custody is the invention of the devil lol.
    Truth will come out anyway as it is law of the universe and karma. Better find a good arrangement before truth is exposed to the world coz their fights will look very ugly to the outside world and will ruin their reputation more than karan’s origins truth.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Its high time they tell aditi everything and all 4 have a matured conversation…simply blackmailing will only lead to hatred to increase and nothing else..and without letting aditi inside the loop how is manav planning on raising his kid…agreed that karan is a small baby but he is not invisible..if he comes to dewaans house will aditi not see the child and want to know why mehar and sarab gave their child to vikram..i really dont understand how vikram/ manav became cbi officer.. he has no thinking about future at all..cant he atleast talk to aditi tell her the entire truth ..give her some to time to accept then as a couple approach sarab and mehar..atleast that would have been reasonable demand as a father..

    2. Radhika I completely agree they need to tell Aditi asap. It is a time bomb that will explode anytime. If she gets hurt by manav at least she will have her brother but if she learns he wasn’t any better than manav in handling this then she will have no one . She is basically lied by 3 important men in her life: father, brother and husband. I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone in her place.
      Frankly I don’t think any of the characters deserve their position and it goes for sarab and meher too. Like they can’t solve their own problems how will they solve the issue of people who votes for them. Better step down from position until their own life is on track. Politician, CBI officer and sardhani ji cannot solve a simple child sharing case yet they are in position of making decisions about country, justice, security. I think makers are bringing awareness about people in high position, they want us to question if they are actually qualified or doing any abuse of power.

    3. Sarab is at least thinking maturely and try to make Manav understand the situation. Manav is behaving so immaturely and Like a kid as he does not want to understand anything. If you talk to a child in a soft voice and doesn’t listen, then you have to be harsh in order for them to be able to think and stop being stubborn. At this moment Manav is behaving like a kid and should also be treated like a child because he is behaving like one. Does he think everything will end after revealing the truth and destroying Meher and Sarab’s reputation. He should be well aware that Karan is connected to Meher too, and if he destroy’s Meher’s reputation, it will also affect Karan as he wouldn’t be accepted to the society positively. he would still be affected by it as he would also be called an illegitimate child and we very well know how such children are treated in the society. Manav is nothing without Vikram identity because his CBI job, he was able to get it because of his father. If he decides to live as Manav, Aditi might abandon him and has he thought how he will support Karana as a full time parent. If he would be working as a CBI officer, we very well know how he is always occupied by his job, who will be taking care of Karan during that time? Obviously he can’t hire a someone to take care of him while he is working when Karan’s mom is still alive.

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Really well said K.Khan …if manav does what he has blackmailed the biggest loser will be manav himself because after that mehrab wont tolerate him and also will not have a healthy relationship with him..sarab would never forgive him if he tries to destroy mehars reputation..and also karan will have to face the criticisms from society for being an illegitimate child and seeing that manav will have repent for his choice of decision

    5. Absolutely none of them is behaving maturely otherwise karan custody would have been shared long time ago with dragging. One is provoking a helpless man, another is getting provoked without thinking and the last one is watching whole drama mouth open. If these people are in charge of Amritsar responsibilities then good luck to the people who are counting on them.
      According to me only Aditi is self-made and deserving her post. Otherwise manav is nothing without vikram, sarab is nothing without baap-dada name money power and meher is nothing without kulwant’s swag and sarab name.
      Truth always come out and society will find dirts to belittle someone anyway. Just raise kids strong enough so no narrow minded so called society can break them with taunts.

  2. Radhika Purohit

    Aur kitna ghirega yeh manav apne bache ko paane ke liye..ab samaj aaya ki kismat ne akhir kyon mehar ki shaadi sarabjeet se karwa di..insaan ko sabse pehle aurat ki izzat karna patha hona chahiye bhale voh aurat koi bhi ho..agar pehchaan bhi na ho tab bhi uski izzat ki raksha karna ek zimmedari hothi hain..yahan pe manav mehar ko jaanta hai aur phir bhi usski izzat kharab karne ki baat kar raha hai..isse samaj aatha hai voh apna maksat paane ke liye kuch bhi karega.. asli mein tab hi samajna chahiye tha jab voh sarab pe goli chalane gaya tha..lekin aaj ke episode mein tho usne saare hadh paar kar di.. apne maa (adoptive mother) se ithna pyaar kartha aur baaki saare aurat ke izzat ka koi fikr nahi hain…very disappointing move from manav..agar sarab chahthe tho manav ke adoptive father ke gunah ke barein mein bhi sabko bathane ki dhamki de sakthe the..lekin unmein ithni manners thi ke mare huye insaan ka naam ek galthi ki vajah se kharab nahi karthe..kabhi kabhi logon ko apne khud ke alava bakiyon ke barein mein bhi sochna chahiye..manav ke iss ladayi mein usko lagtha hain ki usse badi khushi milne wali hain..lekin anth mein usko patha chalega ki voh yeh jo kuch kar raha hain ya karnewala hain usmein ussi ka nuksaan hoga..

    1. I totally agree with u Radhika and what is the need for vikram to cook in the kitchen of Gill Mansion to show his love towards his mother when he is about to dump her with the truth by going to court and dna test?Is it not looking absurd? the writers have lost their mind it looks . they created mess and now struggling to comeout of the mess i guess. Now he has gone to the extent of ruswai karne keliye jaa rahaa hi meher ko whom he wanted to run away with him from serbia leaving sarab!! Is it revenge taking on Meher for she moved on with Sarab or really he is pining for Karan?Atleast for a few episodes if they focus on bhav chod do and arth pakado case involving solving a mystery or bomb blast case. this manav sarab and meher track is dragging and boring. Atleast jagga veerji and amritha bhabi’s track if they show also it will be good. or Param’s some special track. this manav karan track is hell nagging without any solution and repetition. Infact i am finding this discussion also waste and arguments and counter arguments too!! viewers have different opinions and better we go with our own opinions. myself feel really i am wasting my time on these created confused characters.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Really mehak..this will just go gol gol gol without an end point if all 3 keep bickering like this …dont know what writers are planning

    3. correction :“Arth Ko Jaane Dijiye, Bhaav Ko Pakadiye” kumar pathak’s quote is wrongly mentioned. getting confused .

  3. The time is coming nearer and nearer, possibly in the next few episodes, that Aditi will come to know of Manav’s past with Meher. No woman will be able to forgive either the husband or the ex girlfriend (who happens to be the sister in law) for such betrayal. Aditi, whose early life was miserable as she was abandoned by her paternal family, is almost certainly doomed in her marriage (and possibly her life too) with Manav and she will also not forgive Meher. If rumours are true, the Aditi character will be played by a new actress soon although that will spoil the storyline, as viewers will not see the new Aditi as the old one, whose emotional acting has been very good. No matter what, the custody battle for Karan will not go away as the writers have created it by bringing back Manav.

  4. I don’t what writers will going to do, but mujhe sarab aur meher ko kabhi kabhi irritating lag jata hain,both of them..overacting too much..,though srab is a very well hearted person,from the 1st episode of this serial i like manav only..wo jo bomb blast ka drama omg..mujhe sarab aur meher ko bahaat jyaada laga

  5. It seems like Robbie will leak Karan’s truth to Patak and it will be used to defame Sarab. The whole family will blame Manav, specially Meher.

  6. When will Robbie go to jail? Guy is so crooked, Harleen should of dumped this crook and his family long time ago!

  7. Now a days storyline is dragging.
    Unnnecessary dialouges n overacting with hypermakrup😂
    Only good part is this comment section.
    Though i love all comments but the best is MEHEK SINGH RADHIKA PUROHIT N AJ.
    KUDOSto all for analysing minute details

  8. Manav Vikram Diwan ban kar sirf apni maa ke liye jee raha hai, jaise pehle usne Dhabe par kam karke mehnat karke Civil Services ka Examination qualify kiya tha, Doctor of Philosophy ki degree hansil kar skta hai just 25 yrs ki age mein,vo abhi bhi utna hi intelligent hai…vo abhi bhi kar sakta hai apne dum par sab kuch, but vo ek orphan tha aur ab jb usey Maa mili hain to vo unhe khona nhi chahta, Manav bohot chidha hua hai is time par, ye vo nhi uski frustration bol rahi hai, Sarab aur Meher to apni batein ek dusre se share kar sakte hain, par Manav apni mom ko kuch bta nhi skta aur aditi ko vo apne close samjhta nhi, Jesa ki Aditi ne kaha ki Vicky rat rat bhar sota nhi hai, issey pta chlta hai ki Manav kitne pain mein hai….Mere according Sarab ko maturely joint custody ki bat karni chahiye….Ye wahi Manav hai jisne Meher ke liye apni jaan de di, ye whi Manav hai jo Road par Meher ke dupatte ko apne seene se lgaaye ghum raha tha,ussey milne ke liye bekarar tha, ussey apne pyar ki bhik mang rha tha, Ye wahi Manav hai jisne Meher ke liye Kabir Singh bankar hardcore nashediyon ki trah Whisky ki bottle gatkaayi😂, ye wahi Manav hai jo Meher ke liye itna roya, jisey ehsas ho gya ki Meher usey yad kar rhi h jab vo kahani suna rahi thi Sarab ko,Ye wahi Manav hai jisne Meher ke pyar ke liye apna khoon diya, vo chahta to marne deta Sarab ko….
    Ya fir may be, ho sakta hai ki makers ab Manav ko negative karna chahte hon taki logon ko ussey sympathy na ho…

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Mere khayal se insaan ka asli character ya behaviour tab aathi hai jab voh extreme stressful situation ya phir koi non favaourable situation mein hotha hai..yahan pe manav ke haalat vohi hai..bohot stress mein hain.. uske zindagi mein philaal kuch acha nahi ho raha hai..aur tab voh kya decision le raha hai?? Mehar ko ruswa karne ki?? Sochiye jab sarab ko mehar ke murder case mein arrest kiya tha aur lawyer ne suggest kiya tha ki agar meher ko characterless prove karenge tho sarab bach saktha hain tab sarab ka reaction kaisa tha?? Tab tho voh donon hamesha ke liye bichad gaye the..phir bhi sarab mehar ko ruswa karne ko thayyar nahi tha ..khud saari insult sehli lekin meher ke character pe ek kalank nahi aane diya..isiliye manav ne jab yeh bola ki agar usse bacha nahi mila tho voh court jaayega mehar ko ruswa karega uski character negative light hi dikha raha hai..koi bhi bhala insaan kisi bhi aurat ko ( bhale voh dushman kyon na ho) uski izzat ko kharab karne ka sochthe bhi nahi hain..jaan boochkar tho bilkul bhi nahi…haan yeh sach hai ki usne sarab ko khoon diya tha uske jaan bachane ke liye aur tab mujhe uske character pe respect bhi tha..lekin ab uski yeh harkat ki vajah se bilkul acha nahi lag raha hai voh..kyonki har insaan ko apne apne limits hone chahiye..”mere bache ko paane ke liye mein kuch bhi karoonga ” is baat ko hum justify nahi kar sakthe..sochiye kulwant kaur bhi yahi bolegi na?? Ki meine ho kiya apni bachi ki zindagi sawaarne ke liye kiya..tho kya usne jo manav ke saath kiya voh justified ho jaayega?? Nahi na?? Voh ek gunah tha..vaise hi manav jo mehar ko badnaam karne ka soch raha hai voh bhi ek gunah hi hai..uske past actions ya motive ki achayi se usse hum justify nahi kar sakthe..

    2. For me, this is the beauty of Manav’s character. He is playing a “grey” character, a unique character.Of course,He is not any saint and we can’t justify what he said, vo manav hai yani ek insan hai….In fact mujhe Manav ka character hi sabse realistic lagta hai poore serial mein. Ye bas mera opinion hai, Aap apni jagah bilkul sahi ho Radhika.

    3. I don’t think Manav’s actions are due to frustration. It is a strategical tactic. He is trying to build pressure on Meher and Sarab, so that he can have Karan, which is his first priority at the moment.He isn’t planning on filing a custody case at least as yet. HE wants to get Karan without creating a scene and that is only possible if Meher and Sarabjeet agrees. But I hope this does not backfire as there are many crooks around them who will use this to get their agendas fulfilled. IMO the episode belong to Manav. He is a self made man who didn’t bow down to circumstances in his life. He believes in writing his own destiny. So the time he spent at GILL’S was used as a opportunity not only to clam his mother but also to show Meher and Sarab that he is responsible enough to look after Karan, which is something Meher told him during the hotel fiasco.

    4. Radhika Purohit

      It is said that a weapon that leaves ones hand and the words which leave ones mouth can never be taken back.. similarly what manav said cannot be taken back ..whether he will do it or no only time will tell..if he can join hands with kulwant kaur to get the baby..he can do no point in saying its only a could ne or it may not be also…he maybe serious about it..he doesn’t care about mehar or sarab anymore so he maybe more than willing to do that..and i dont think destiny is not something that is in one person’s hands.. it is something which is already written and if we choose the right path then destiny definitely gives us good life at the end..but if we stray away from right and do wrong anyday in life then destiny will definitely payback someday or the far as manavs destiny is concerned he has not done any grave mistakes till now.. and his destiny has given him a mother who loves him dearly and a wife who loves him and in future too he will have a good life..but if he is gonna be blackmailing and trying to insult his ex girlfriend then what the future holds for him will have to be seen..there is nothing so far that he has written in his destiny to say that he believes in writing his own destiny..yes he is a selfmade man.. but that doesnt mean everything he does and says is right

    5. Meher is not just an ex-girlfriend, she is the mother of his child. If he wanted to defame Meher he would have done that by now. Manav is in a bad position and Meher and Sarab has not made it any easy. He knows once the child starts identifying the people he cannot change. So he is using the such tactics to get his son.

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Kulwant killed manav and mehar did not tell it to the entire world is the biggest crime and therefore nehar is most selfish lady…then how is manav any different?? His adoptive father tried to kill mehar and sarab got shot and almost died and manav is hiding that fact from the world to save his fathers reputation…that isnt wrong then?? Please dont say that sarab didnt die and so its okay..the circumstance was different and so sarab got saved by manav only ..but the crime is the same ..relation ia the same and both hid the truth..infact initially mehar hid it for the sake of safety of her child and manav hid it coz he lives hia father … i dont understand how mehar who after manavs death cried and cried almost killed herself, suffered so much at her brothers and mothers hands is the selfish one just because she moved on …its the law of nature..people move on..even married women after husbands death move on and get married to someone else..and then may fall in love again also..there is nothing wrong in that..but then ultimately its the age old fashion to just say ” kuch bhi ho hamesha ladki ki hi galthi hai” …cannot help..according to me mehar manav separation was destiny and kulwant kaurs criminal mentality made it worse by manavs murder..mehar or manav have no role in their seperation sarab said its none of their ( mehar sarab and manavs ) mistake..regarding mehar calling manav and her love as bachpana is probably because there is difference in the love she had for manav and the love she now has for sarab..that manav will also realise once he falls in love..isilye tho kehthe hain ki kisi ka pehla pyaar banne se acha hai unka aakhri pyaar banna..lekin mehar ka bolne ka yeh matlab tho nahi tha ki usne kabhi manav se pyaar nahi kiya tha..meharne bhi bohot kuch saha hai apni life mein..aur uske baad ab jaakar usse life mein kushi mili hain..manav ko bhi milega..agar voh aage badega tho..lekin agar vohi khada hokar rotha rahega tho duniya kisi kw liye nahi rukhthi hain..duniya apne hisaab se chaltha rahega..aur manav dukhi hi rahega..

    7. Radhika Purohit


    8. Haa Manav ne chhupayi ye baat but it is not completely wrong bcoz Surya is no more,he is dead. Kulwant aur uske vo nalayak ladke bhi mar jate to koi problem nhi hoti, par Kulwant to tehla karti thi Meher ke saamne, aish kiya karti thi Meher ke saamne, itna bada kaarnama karke khush ghumti thi Meher ke samne aur Meher apne khooni bhaiyon ki love story puri karne me lagi rahi, Ginny aayi thi uske pas Rana se shadi karne ki zid kari thi, tabhi Meher ko sachhayi bta deni chahiye thi, tab dekhte ki kya decide karti Ginny….

    9. Yashi abhi 2 din pehle ke hi episode main saare khooni milkar sarab meher ke saath naach rahe the..devta sarab aur devi meher ke saath

  9. I am extremely elated with Manav’s actions. Mehar does deserve whatever is coming to her.
    Now i am really glad that mehar did not get married to manav. She would have destroyed his life with her heartless nature. My only hope is that he succeeds. The insensitive couple will not understand what manav is going through.
    Sarab laughably says he understands Manav ..No he does not and looking at his character now , he will never have the capacity to understand Manav.
    Sarab might do the jaap of being mature but his behaviour till now is very much removed from maturity.
    “Sarab says you’re talking about defaming the person you gave your life for? Is this your anger or is your mind so disgusting? ”
    Yes he is defaming the person for whom he gave his life for..who has shown that his sacrifice was wasted on a ungrateful person if there was any. Her characterization of her and Manav’s love cemented for me that she is truly of a ungrateful mindset. She could have told sarab on the day of their wedding about what she had gone through and she just said she is pregnant. It shows an affinity to murderous people.Words are fine but actions define whether the words are true.
    Just because sarab thinks it is disgusting does not mean it is disgusting keeping Karan away from his father is absolutely and insidiously devilish of them to point fingers at him.
    It is at adversity that truly a character is tested and the couple has failed miserably and kudos to Manav for not bending for their melodramatic ways…funny is Sarab said that Manav was threatening ..just because Sarab speaks his words “sweetly” does not hide the poisonous intent of keeping someones son from them hidden to me.

    1. Yeah ryt, I am also glad that Meher did not get married to Manav.She would have destroyed his life by her heartless nature. Meher insulted his love by calling it childhood. Vo Meher ke liye bachpana hoga, par Manav ke liye to nhi tha na.Manav was brutally stabbed and thrown in river in front of Meher. So as per her, Manav was murdered and was dead. Any person with good morals would have drown in guilt until gets justice for the person especially whom we claim to love. But Meher remained silent for 1 year and did not bother about Manav’s justice, even when she was accepted by Sarabjeet.
      Manav’s life was in danger again multiple times due to her silence. When Manav returned as Vikram Diwan, Kulwant sneaked in his house and tried to kill him again. When Manav was in hospital, she again tried to kill him by disguising herself as Nurse. She also tried to kill him by Rod when Manav was standing on road.

    2. So true yashi, aur woh bhi woh insaan jis se naa hi sirf tum pyar karte ho balki tumhare bacche ka father bhi ho.

    3. Narayana, you are right. This meher is such a disgusting women. Aur sarab ko bas meher hi sahi lagti hai.apna brain to use karna hi nahi hai.

  10. valid point Gingi Robby is going the sell the secret out now and sonam and peoples who have been saying that Mehar thinks its childish yes she have same mentality as sarab so what i was higher than you i just used you for my needs and you thought it was a love ? they are all the same hypocrites statues is every thing for them and i don’t want Adits to die a i want her to give the mehar punishment for all her deeds because of her she have going through all .

    1. aditi is not innocent she tried to kill param for revenge for what sarab dad did to her mum. bring back manav with no real plan ruin this show just read WU dont watch show. They ruin some of d characters. I miss yuvi an jagga.

  11. Kisi ki laash par apni khushiyon ka ghar nahi banaya jaata .meher ne zindagi ki nayi shuruaat tab ki jab uske hissab se maanav mara hua tha aur uske bacche ke baap ke kaatil khule aam ghum rahe the.

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