Choti Sardarni 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Zoravar and family visit Kulwant’s house

Choti Sardarni 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zoravar hearing his office workers telling that they will not let the women workers complete the order in any circumstances. He recalls Scarlet telling that Mannat has burnt the Logo of his factory and Mannat’s words. He asks the workers not to put hurdle in their way. Manager says how can we let them complete the order, it is our failure? Zoravar says sometimes victory is hidden in defeat. Dolly calls him and tells that she is going to Atari, to meet Seher and Rajveer, as they are going to US for Prince. She says I want to ask them to come to Gill mansion, and tells that she is taking Kiara and Scarlet along with her. She asks him to come with them. Zoravar says ok. They come to Kulwant’s house. Mannat looks at Zoravar. Dolly asks Seher why did she take a sudden decision to go to US. She invites them to Gill Mansion. Seher says it is important for them to go there, and promises to come to Gill Mansion with prince. Kiara and Scarlet come there. Seher greets Kiara. Mannat looks at Zoravar. Kulwant asks Mannat if he is the same guy who got the news published and is creating hurdles in the workers’ way. Mannat says yes. Kulwant says she will go and talk to him. Mannat asks her not to talk to him. Dolly sees Mannat and tells Zoravar that she will scold her for creating problems in his life. Zoravar stops her. Kulwant comes there. Zoravar touches her feet. Kulwant asks him to create problems in others’ life and drinks their blood, while acting to bless him. Dolly gives reply to her. Kulwant then replies to her. Dolly tells that she will have peace after teaching a lesson to someone. Kiara sees Mannat and says so good to see you. Rajveer asks if she knows her? Kiara says she has relieved me of my neck pain, she is like a blessing to me. Mannat smiles. Jeeto comes there and gets angry hearing Kiara praising Mannat. She keeps the lassi tray on the table angrily and the glasses fall down. Jeeto goes from there.

Mannat sees Bittu taking the food tray from kitchen. She sees some sticks on the way and stops him calling him papa, and then calls him pehelwan ji. She says I will pick it. Bittu is about to keep his hand on her head to bless her, but just then Dolly calls him. Scarlet comes to kitchen and tells Jeeto that she knows why she hates Mannat. She says Mannat manipulates people a lot and tells that she has troubled Zoravar and me in business, but this is your house. She says if I was on your place, then would have shown her place to her. Jeeto comes in her provocative talks. Kiara asks Mannat to come and sit with them, to have food. Mannat asks them to eat food and says she will serve them. She is about to serve Kulwant, when Jeeto comes there and takes the food bowl in her hand, asking what is she doing here? She asks her to go to her room and not to show her face to them. Kulwant stops Mannat and asks Jeeto to be in her limits. Jeeto says you have forgotten your limits and had shot my son 4 days before. Seher says how can you talk to Nani like this. Jeeto asks her not to interfere. Mannat cries and goes from there. Jeeto asks Kulwant what was the need to exhibit the illegitimate girl. She asks Servants to serve the food. Dolly tells Kulwant that Jeeto will never accept Mannat. Kulwant says mannat can win anyone’s heart. Zoravar gets up and goes. Kulwant refuses to have food.

Mannat goes to her room and asks herself not to get weak and cry. She talks to her mother’s pic and says you had said that this can happen, I had promised you that I will never cry. Zoravar looks at her from outside and is about to come inside. Mannat stops him and asks if he needs anything. He asks if you can give. Mannat says you are guest, and asks him to be the guest. He says you are guest, and that too unwanted guest. He gets inside and says you talks big and tells that you are tigress. He says you fight for other rights, but not for your rights. Mannat says Ic an fight with the world, but not with my family. Zoravar gets touched with her words and recalls her father’s words. Mannat asks why are you showing pity on me and why did you come? Zoravar asks himself why did he come? She throws teddy bear on her. He looks at her and is about to hit her with it, but stops. He says you still plays with it, even though you are grown up. She asks him to give her teddy back. He teases her. Mannat gets closer to him while trying to take the teddy bear. They have an eye lock. Prince comes there and asks what they are doing? Mannat says he was tearing your teddy. Prince asks Zoravar to give his teddy. Zoravar gives his teddy and goes. Mannat smiles and kisses Prince.

Dolly asks Kulwant to have something. Kulwant says I will not die if stay hungry for a day. Karan keeps the desert bowl aside. Kiara asks Scarlet to have it. Kulwant signs Karan to eat, but he refuses. Prince and Gullu are playing. Mannat thinks to talk to Kulwant. She sees Gullu about to fall on the glass table and saves him, injuring her own hand and hugs him. She asks if he is fine. Everyone comes running hearing him. Jeeto takes Gullu from her and scolds Mannat for coming there. Mannat says I…Jeeto says you will lie and make an excuse, you are a liar and your identity too, you are hungry of sympathy. Kulwant asks her to stop it. Jeeto asks Mannat to get sympathy from Zoravar and his family. Seher says what happened if she comes out. Jeeto says she reminds me of my husband’s betrayal. Bittu apologizes to Dolly. Jeeto says everyone shall know how Bittu betrayed me. Seher says Mannat is also the daughter of this house. Jeeto says you are the only daughter of this house, and we don’t want illegitimate and unwanted daughter. Everyone looks on. Zoravar feels bad.

Precap: Mami insults Mannat, calls her step kid and says to her, you liar, no one needs you here. Zoravar hears everything with teary eyes, gets angry and breaks glass.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. precap please?

  2. Where is 17th May episode this 18th May!

  3. Sakeenah

    I don’t know why but this Jeeto is getting on my nerves I know she’s angry and all but calm down lady Mannat is not even try to do anything bad
    Karan is a sweetheart I just love the guy ❤❤❤❤❤
    Hmmm so Seher and Rajveer are finally leaving for US but why are they using Prince…… what does he need to do there???? That they are going because of him🤔🤔🤔.
    Scarlet I have no words to describe how annoying I get when I see her on my TV screen 🙄🙄🙄🙄.
    Kiara I thought since she and my lovely 🙈🙈Karan are in the same place I will get to see something between them Hmmm I don’t know what the makers have in store for them😔😔😔.

    1. Yeah karan and kiara will get married too I think and zorawar is falling love with mannat and scarlet zorawar will start to hate her

  4. Gill mansion is Sarabjit’s and his legitimate kids home why momsy to invite them to the house which belong to them legally. Geeto time to calm down.

  5. Snowflake

    Not fair.. the update coming before hand!
    But look how Zorro is falling for Mannat!
    Ahh Zorat❤️ their moments are precious✨

    The precap (yesterday’s) made me wonder why Zorro’s eyes are red… My theory is: he remembered his father’s torture towards him and he felt it happening to Mannat too, that’s why he burst out…
    I didn’t quite understand the update.. let’s wait n see👀

  6. Snowflake

    Already Zorawar had started hating Scarlett, wait till he finds out she was the culprit behind the burnt poster and was framing Mannat…
    He just doesn’t love her anymore! Why is he wasting her life?🤣🤣

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