Choti Sardarni 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarab says yes to Meher

Choti Sardarni 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab asks Jagya to come with him. Sarab says I know you are worried for your sister. you are like her father. Amrita is worried. she wonders where asmita is.
Param and Yuvi play together. Yuvi sees Meher’s photo. He says this is my aunt. Para says she is my mom. They tore the picture.
Sarab says to you must think I have a child, how can you marry your sister to us. Yuvi comes there. Param says papa yuvi hit me. Yuvi says he said Meher would be his mummy. Gulwand slaps Yuvi. She takes the photo from him and gives it to Param. Gulwand says I am sorry. Sarba says they are kids. It’s okay. Sarab asks Param to go to room. Yuvi is angry. Sarab says I want to tell you all something important.

Bitu and Rana drink outside. Sarab says I am glad you came by. I never

wanted to marry. But then I met Meher. I saw Param’s mom in her and I decided she would be my wife. But before that she would be Param’s mom. You can tell that to Meher. Bitu says to Harleen’s husband our mother’s plan never changes. She wants to become minister. He says would be sarpanj then?

Harleen gets the dinner served. Sarab says you call me sarab. Gulwand says then you have to call me mom. Amtria says to Jagya we shouldn’t say yes. He has a child. He says you are right but he isn’t a bad guy. Let’s ask Meher. Sarab says come join us. Harleen’s husband comes and says see what happens now. Bitu and rana come in drunk. He says you are getting meher married here so you can become a minister. WHo would be sarpanj then? Bitu or rana? Gulwand salps them and says what are you saying. She says Sarab I am sorry on their behalf. They get drunk. I don’t want to contest elections. I came here as a mother. I want a true man like you. Who serves poor people. I saw you helping that mechanic. Meher’s dady left me her responsibility. Harleen says don’t worry. Jagya says we should go now. They leave.

Scene 2
Yuvi is mad at Gulwand. She says come to me. He says I wont. Jagya says mummy ji I want to speak. Gulwand says stop the car. She says to Rana and bitu get out of the car. You will walk home. If you weren’t my sons I would hit you with the car.
They come home. Jagya says this isn’t right with Meher. Gulwand says what did you say to Sarab? He says you are using her for elections. Gulwand says shame on you if you think that. Where is Meher? Who would talk to her.

Yuvi says to Meher who are you? My bua or Param’s mom? Meher says what. He says Dadi and param said that. dadi slapped me for Param. There was your photo in his dream house. Param and dadi said you would be his mom. I won’t talk to you if you become his mom. Meher recalls her moments with Manav.

Precap-Gulwand says to Meher he is a really nice man. Meher says I don’t wanna marry him. Gulwand says is there someone if your life?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I doubt that might be gulwand get manav killed, as she want to get election ticket and she is selfish, who can do anything for her selfish motive….

  2. Parminder Dhanda


    Anita Raj as Kulwant Kaur, Meher’s mother

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