Choti Sardarni 16th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Param and Karan to choose dresses for the girls

Choti Sardarni 16th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says we won’t give up. Rajveer hugs her. Rajveer says I will do it one by one. Seher calls the whole family. Ginni says how will this help? Seher says I don’t know but Guru ji said he will help Rajveer only after these tasks. Bitu says to Rajveer promise me when you get your vision back you won’t call me fat. Rana says we will watch Charlie Chaplin movies because you might be tired listening to everyone. Kulwant says hurry up we need to prepare for the event. Jeeto says Seher and Rajveer you both go out and handle things. we will do this. Seher says let’s go.

Scene 2
Harleen welcomes Rathore family. Other families also come in. Devika looks at Param and smiles. Rajveer says Punjabis like to eat and dress well. Seher says we dress for our Jutts. Seher says to all girls you look very pretty. Seher says Param and Karan have to choose the best dress and jewelry for their to be wives.

The jewelry comes. Seher says to Rajveer let me check inside you handle this. He says yeah there are so many pretty girls why would I have a trouble. Seher says shut up. Param and Karan pick the same jewelry. Karan says it matches the dress I chose. Param says I don’t think so. Your sense isn’t good. Karan wonders wehre is Seher?
Seher says there’s no purple seed. Kulwant says use your hands Bitu and Rana. She says don’t worry Seher we will find the seeds. Kulwant says your family is always with you. Seher says I hope everything works out.

Karan asks Rajveer where is Seher? I don’t what girls like and all. Rajveer says I will help you. Your sister has trained me well. The dress should be chosen as per the event. The dresses matches the eyes. KAran says thank you. Now I know what to do. Rajveer says Seher is coming. You got prepare. Kulwant says Seher your hands are hurt. Seher says I am fine. Ginni says Seher says you should go out. Karan and Param need you. Rana says there are no purple seeds. Seher says guru ji won’t lie. Rana says don’t worry we will find them. You go tout.

Scene 3
Rajveer gives the dress and jewelry to Amreen. He says you look good. Kulwnt says that a true Punjabi boy knowing what to choose for his girl. Amreen looks at Param and smiles. Kulwant says you’ve set the floor on fire. I smell someone burning already. She looks at Harleen. Seher says to Rajveer it’s almost 2. I’ve to go in and handle the task. She goes inside. Harleen says what are they going inside for?

Param gives another dress to a girl Neha. He gives a white dress to Devika and says this is for you. Harleen says isn’t it too simple for the princess? There should be a heavy stone work suit. She says Param’s choice matters for than the dress. If thinks it would look good on me, I will wear it. Devika’s mom says she’s a princess but she has no ego. She loves to serve people. We’re grateful for a daughter like her. Neha says to Param thanks for this special dress. Harleen says to Devika I have considered you my DIL already. I want to tell you Param’s choice. She says I don’t believe in short cuts and being hasty. If Param has to be mine, he will be mine. She leaves. Rajveer says to Harleen don’t be oversmart. I know you like to cheat but not everyone is like that. He leaves. Harleen says I will teach him a lesson.

Scene 4
Someone takes out a necklace from Seher’s closet. Seher says to Param and Karan you’ve to wait for the girls to get ready. That’s what husbands have to do. Come on the stage. Seher says let’s welcome the 3 girls Param got ready. Neha, Amreen and Devika come on the stage. Seher says 3 girls Karan got ready. The other 3 girls come on the stage. Seher says you all look beautiful. Well done boys. The girls walk on the stage one by one. Everyone claps.

Ginni and Rana tell Seher they found 4 of the seeds. Seher says thank God. she’s very happy. Seher looks at Rajveer and says you will be fine soon.

Episode ends

Precap-A man says the SIL of this house has a big disease of speaking too much. He can’t even see his wife’s face and he can say all this about my daughter? Seher says he can see me and get me ready, with the eyes of his heart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    The family members helping Seher❤️❤️
    Soon all seeds will be found 😃✨
    Finally Param and Karan are mixing up with the girls, and have favourites…. Hope they find who they deserve ❣️💞
    Rajveer’s talk with Karan 🙌 Such a sweet guy!!

  2. Amreen for Parm, and Devika for Karan, that is the direction they are headed!

    1. Snowflake

      But Devika keeps giving flirty stares at Param… N Param looks at her too…

  3. Well there’s nowhere written that Raj is Daljeet’s father. But as some people are say this here that makers are giving hints..Rajveer’s lookalike can be Daljeet’s father. I am sure Raj is not lying! Whatever he told Seher is true. But khushi’s partner can be Raj ‘s lookalike. Then Harleen will exploit this fact to bring back Khushi’s Pride but i am sure, Raj is truthful.

    1. I am saying this because Dida was also very concerned about her Sonu!

    2. Snowflake

      Yes… Infact, Rajveer’s character was introduced as a holy person, in the gurudwara…. He wasn’t a party club going person…
      The lookalike part cld be true…. N suppose it is, them OMG! Khushi will think it is Diljeet’s father (inspite of him denying) and try to steal him by causing problem’s between Sehraj!! I dont want this to happen!!!
      Mehrab was so strong too… Then that woman came(I forgot her name…the one who got Meher’s dad back)… N Meher did the unthinkable…. I dont want this for Sehraj!! I just hope the makers are playing with us!!

    3. Could be Raj. We can be good persona but nobody is holy.Some people in the teenager life was party and meet people and Kushi always do what she wanted and Harleen never care . So IT is posible Raj is the father .Kushi is gonna do hell seher and raj like like typical India triangle.. what is gonna do Harleen to rajveer with necklace?

    4. I think it may be the plan of harleen to bring khushi back because she want raj to be out of the house and she may definitely take the fayda of raj blindness to trap him so that she can take out raj from seher life. Raj has not seen khushi and I think harleen will do something evil.

  4. Snowflake

    Its still not clear from whose cupboard the necklace is stolen 🤔🤔
    Is it a girl from the event? Or who?

    1. IT is Harleen command

  5. Snowflake

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but some dresses from the dress wardrobe were Meher’s costumes…. Especially the green n gold ( there was a montage with it), and a whitesh silver with flowers…. Wow!
    Apart from that, “America” where Khushi is, is the same room where the lawyer was (property and house tranfer time) and also Sehraj’s room in the Babbars mansion?😅
    And Guruji’s ashram is the original Gill mansion AND Babbar mansion, and now they swayamvar is being held there!!
    And ofc, the Dhillon’s house is the current Gill mansion and Dida’s house in flashbacks…. Why do they re-use sets so much? Budget issues? Idk if others can make out, but I literally look at the set first coz they have limited options 😅😅

  6. Luz , Harleen let the neckless to be stolen, incase param select the girl she did not like, to use it against her by framing her. she cant blame raj with this,

    1. What necklace has been stolen?

    2. Snowflake

      Bacii, somewhere in the episode, a small clip was shown wherein a person wearing a pink jacket and black gloves went into a woman’s cupboard and opened a jewelry box and stole a big necklace from it….

  7. I guess Karan will get Devika as partner then only Harleen’s ego will break and Param will get Amreen.
    I am saying this because Devika’s Mom’s words were indicating that Devika is a simple 👧 and she wants a simple boy and Param is simple but he overacts too much.

    1. Snowflake

      Devika is definitely coming in the family… Either param of Karan….. I personally think that only Param will find a girl, not Karan….
      Devika is a simple person, and isn’t abiding to Harleen’s orders lol😂

    2. Sha_NimLoveCs

      I agree👌👍

  8. I think it may be the plan of harleen to bring khushi back because she want raj to be out of the house and she may definitely take the fayda of raj blindness to trap him so that she can take out raj from seher life. Raj has not seen khushi and I think harleen will do something evil.

  9. None of these girls are pretty at all, I wonder if it’s to make sure no one upstaged the female lead!

    1. Jaery I didn’t think that you would measure someone’s worth based on their beauty. But let me tell you, makeup can do wonders. However i find every girl beautiful. Cannot really find a flaw about how they look. Its sure that their look will upgrade once they get selected and finalised. But i request you not measure someone’s worth based on how they look 🙂

    2. Snowflake

      I find them all beautiful ❤️❤️
      Initially when I first started watching cs, i didn’t like Jeeto(Yuvleen)…. But over time, i realised that it isn’t about the outer beauty ❤️✨ Now I love her, the way she is🙌✨✨
      Ppl on social media even shame Nimrit for looking fat, not having “the features”…. And also bcoz she had a hump…. Seriously 🙄
      And @Sakshi, true… Makeup can do wonders…. All characters evolve, their looks, clothes, makeup….
      And @Jaery ur saying to glorify Nimrit, right? Geetika(Ginni), Jeeto(Yuvleen) Harleen (Mansi mam), even kk (Anita mam)… All are so pretty!!!

    3. Why are so many of the commenters here describing Nimrit as a self-centred, attention-seeking hypocrite who does everything just to have everything revolve around her and always steal the spotlight (kind of like Bloom from the Italian anime series Winx Club)?

  10. The whole scenario with kind of thought choosing one girl over the other, and the men sitting there as if they are buying a toy or something isn’t really funny. This mentality is actually sicking me.

    1. Snowflake

      We’ll, it happens in India! And it’s going on for years

  11. Sha_NimLoveCs

    @ Swati Gupta
    Yes,I am also sure these are all plans made by harleen and khushi.

  12. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Now they have all become people who are so greedy for gill property🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Anything can do for money🤬
    That’s why harleen brainwashed param and put him in control🥺🙄


    Don’t want love triangle stories.

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