Choti Sardarni 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher gets to know about Param

Choti Sardarni 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab says to Meher I.. Sanjana and the donors leave. Sarab says I wanted to tell you. But I couldn’t. Meher sits on the floor crying. She takes God’s name. Sarab sits with Meher. Meher recalls her moments with Param. Sarab is in tears as well. Meher extends her hand, Sarab holds her hand. Meher says nothing would happen to our Param.

Rana says to Yuvi to leave the pizza here. Yuvi says yeah okay I am leaving. Yuvi says never touch me again. Rana says Jitto bhabhi take your neem leaves and make what you want to. Yuvi says Jitto chahchi come. He says this is how you talk. Kulwant is reading the newspaper. She says this would work. Kulwant says the fire is all set. Kulwant replaces the neem leaves. She says the entire village would hear you cry. Jagga comes there. Kulwant starts doing Yogi. He says mummy ji what happened to you. Jitto says mummy ji since you did this fast this house has become so dull. Kulwant goes inside.

Scene 2
Sanjana meets Sarab. She says it’s because of your prayers we were able to find Seema. Her blood group is AB- and she can donate her liver. Meher says I am AB- as well. I can donate my liver. Sanjana says don’t even think about it. You’re pregnant. I can be very risky. Seema says we are married for 8 years but we don’t have kids. The moment we got to know we could help a child, we decided to donate. His prayers might give us a child too. Meher says we will all pray for you.

Amrita says mummy is going to shower. Put some neem leaves in her bucket. She likes taking shower from it. And give rest to Jitto for face pack. Rana’s hand itches. He says am I going to get the money? Jitto picks the rest of the leaves.
Sarab says thank God we found a donor. We have to take care of Param. Param video calls them. Meher says he has a long life. Meher says hi param. He says you go out alone. Param says I saw in a dream you were getting me a lot of ice creams. Meher says we will get you ice cream. Param says I love you, mama papa.

Kulwanat goes to take a shower. Jitto says the face pack is ready. She is about to apply it. Amrita says mummy ji hasn’t spoken to anyone. Bitu says we have to talk to her. Yuvi says she is a don. Rana says we should get her treatment done. Jagga says shut up. Bitu says I hope she starts talking. Kulwant screams and says where is everyone? Kulwant screams. She itches. Everyone comes to her. Kulwant says I am itching so bad.

Scene 3
Meher and Sarab come home on an ice cream cycle. Param says my mama and papa are the best. When I am a big boy I will get you ice creams as well. Meher says which ice cream would you want? But first, you have to pay. Param says but I am small. Meher says each flavor, you have to pay with smiles and kisses and promise that you will always love mama and papa. Param takes chocolate ice cream. Meher and Sarab play with Param. Param sneezes. Meher says Param, are you okay? Param cries. Param says I am fine. Param says let’s go. I have to prepare for the picnic. THere’s a picnic at my school tomorrow. Sarab says you’re not going anywhere. Param says mama, you promised I would go to the picnic. Harleen says they canceled the picnic. Param says don’t lie. Yuvi called and said he’s prepared for the picnic. I will go. Meher papa promised me. Meher says you will go to picnic.

Precap-Meher and Sarab disguise as clows and go to picnic with Param.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sometimes it’s childish .. But the couple of Meher and Sarab are getting stronger and that’s good

  2. Verma4

    Yuvi you’re the star of the show. bet you my bottom dollar that the doner will fall pregnant and cancel the deal. Meher will step up to the plate after delivery.

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