Choti Sardarni 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav demands Karan’s custody


Choti Sardarni 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says to Meher I want my baby. Meher says today? He says yes today. I didn’t come here to celebrate Diwali. Meher says see.. He says enough. I have begged, I have cried. You told me you will talk to sarab. Meher says I gave you Karan in your lap. Manav says take this phone, now return. He says you did the same with me. You gave me Karan and took back.

Robbie’s gambling friends call him. He says if Sarab find out it will be a trouble. His friend says no one would know. Pathak says to the friend, well done. We have a donkey with us now.

Manav says you are stepping back from your promise but I won’t. I will speak to Mr. Gill myself. Sarab comes and says what will you tell? Sarab stands in front of Meher. Sarab says I know what you want to say. Meher already told me. I know you are Karan’s biological father, but I am also his papa. I can know the pain you’re going through. Manav says you can’t understand. The one who goes through understands only. Sarab says sometimes the one healing you also understand. He picks Karan and says look at him. He’s very young. So many lives are attached to him. Sarab says the easiest thing is to show your authority and the most difficult is to show responsibility. I am already taking care of his responsibility. Meher knows that. From his diapers to his sleep, everything. I change my office timings for Karan.

He’s my life. That day when you took Karan from our place, you couldn’t even handle him for half an hour. You don’t know how to do it. Manav says like parents teach kids, kids also teach them how to become a parent. I will learn it so well that no one will complain. It will take time. Sarab says this isn’t the right time for Karan. Karan wants to be with his mother. Meher takes Karan. Sarab says who is the most important to you in your family? Manav says Karan. Sarab says in your family. Your mom.. Nothing is more important than a mother. Especially for a kid. Look at how happy he’s in Meher’s lap. A mother is his world. You know I realized this when I married Meher. I felt the same that I can manage Param. I will learn. But no, I was wrong. The love and care a mother can give, no one can. KAran needs Meher ji. So I request you, don’t take Karan away from us. You can always meet him, play with him. But I won’t let anyone take Karan out of this house away from me and his mother. Manav says so this isn’t your request, this is your decision. You can say whatever you want. My decision is the same. I will take Karan. Meher took her time, I won’t give time to anyone now.

Manav goes to Karan. Sarab stops his hand. Sarab says you can’t take KAran from here. Manav says then there will be a huge drama here. Sarab says are you threatening? He says yes. Sarab says what will you do? Manav says I will divorce your sister Guddan. Sarab and Meher are shocked. Manav says today, right now. Seema slaps Manav. He’s shocked. Seema says what did you say? You will divorce Aditi? How dare you even think about it? You can’t do whatever you want and say what you want if I am not strict. Pandit ji is right your kundli.. Who is she? Who is poisoning your mind? Who is it? Seema says if your dad were alive.. She cries. Manav says mom are you okay? She says yes I am fine. In fact, so happy. My son is making me so happy. Seema cries. Manav says mom, please. She says I am dead for you. How can you even think that? Aditi is such a nice girl. Manav says mom please.. Seema says shut up. Seema says Sarab and Maher I won’t let anything happen to Aditi. Please forgive me.

Sarab says mothers don’t apologize. Seema says your dad just died. Who are you doing this for? Who is that girl? Who wants to ruin my home. Seema cries. She faints. Manav says mom please calm down. Your BP is low. Seema says if you cared you won’t have done this. What will I say to Aditi? She cries.

Aditi comes there. She says what happened? Mom are you okay? Vikram? Veer ji? Harleen comes as well. Sarab says everything is fine. Your husband doesn’t take care of himself so aunty was mad at him. Vikram was saying you don’t take care. So I told them my Guddi will take care of both of you. Aditi says of course. I am always there for them. Aditi says mom, please don’t get mad at Vikram. He doesn’t sleep the entire night, then I don’t sleep either. Manav looks at Meher. Meher goes inside.

Precap-Manav says I begged and cried already, now I will fight. I will go to court and file a case. I will win his custody. Sarab says what will you do if you don’t get the custody? He says I will get his DNA test done. The truth that you have been hiding will come in front of the world that before marriage your wife had a boyfriend and it was me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Radhika Purohit

    I dont get it.. Does manav mean that if they give karans custody to him without going to court then no one would know that he was mehar’s ex-boyfriend?? Then how is he the father of the child??

    1. Radhika Purohit
      three points1. first of all he has to prove himself as Manav and not vikram
      2. he has to convince aditi and his adopted mother(though she doesn’t know that he is Manav and not her son) or else aditi may divorce him or his mother may die.
      3. As vikram he got his cbi officer job and he may lose it if he is proved as Manav.
      so with out wife or mother or job what is he going to do with kid? instead he better wait for some years till the boy can stay even without mother and go for joint custody then.
      now joint custody or live in the same house is it practical to stay peacefully after knowing the truth to aditi also to live for both exlovers under the same roof?
      the writer has totally spoiled the decorum of the relations and situation.
      regarding gill family’s reputation though it is out that aditi is the daughter of senior gill’s daughter from his second marriage which is not known to many nothing happened and the society accepted. so in big families and with political background people may accept but it may be a point to harass in elections. but major problem is with kids in their growing stages. this is my opinion. for this i don’t want any arguements to prove my personal opinion as wrong. when viewers are in lakhs from different countries they differ in their opinions. i shared this reply to Radhika purohit.If u feel this view is wrong u can say it. this medium is to share our views politely but not to fight over i feel

    2. Radhika Purohit

      I am completely in agreement with your opinion dear mehak singh.. i personally commented this few days ago that it will affect karan very badly in the society..he will be called najaayaz i meant ki i am not understanding what manav is trying to say through his new dhamki..coz even when he asked for the child and if they did give him the entire truth would be out in front of family…nobody simply goes on distributing kids for no reason..if they give the kid everyone will what is his purpose of this new dhamki?? Somehow i get a feeling that manav only wants to punish mehar for leaving him ..otherwise as you said court will never give him full custody only visiting rights may be given…which sarab already agreed to other than humiliating mehar and sarab and probably also leading to death of mrs deewan i dont see any advantage that manav might possibly get by going to court.. just my thoughts…this entire thing is such a mess and manav is not at all thinking anything..

    3. even if he is biological father and prove it through dna test courts won’t give the custody of a premature 3 month old child to a single father as far as i know. usually they give to mother and after a certain period may be 5 or 6 yrs father also gets custody sharing but the boy shd accept and go with father even for half of the year

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly mehak..infact manav himself should understand that a child needs his mother

    5. One more aspect if he proves himself as manav and not vikram Mr.Diwan’s truth of trying to shoot meher and sarab got shot in his attempt to save also may come out through sarab. Even if it doesn’t comeout if he loses his job as cbi officer (because he is not vikram but manav )where an officer is selected through rigorous process then it comes under cheating CBI by Mr.Diwan who was an upright military which brings disgrace to Diwan’s family too in the society. so Manav doesn’t care for diwan’s who gave him identity and he agreed to diwan’s request saying pydakarnewale sey palnewala great!!! now who gave him rebirth by saving him and gave an identity in the society will he forget??? How does Mrs. Diwan bare all this and does she survive? i am not an immatured thinker to just show sympathy to a character like manav with all these problems he has to face further in life. The writers might have thought it easy to solve this puzzle????

    6. Here the point is not devaluing father’s role. Mr.Diwan is addressed as father by vikram and diwan dared enough to even shot meher to save his adopted son’s married life. in a way he sacrificed his life for the sake of vikram. usually in the society also manymothers can alone bring up a child with the support of relatives or parents but very few fathers can bring up the children as single parents. calling someone else as father when the real father is alive happens in many cases and that too for the good of the child! Infact this whole scenario of bringing manav back to life itself is a disgusting part by the writers when they are not able to solve the puzzle.

    7. Not supporting KK and her sons. anyway they are useless, worthlessons shame to be called as sons.But For Anitharaj to give importance or to continue her roll the makers are doing this all. it is waste to continue those characters. better they send them to jail and end their role.

    8. calling someone else as father when the real father is alive happens in many cases and that too for the good of the child!

      How nice . Who decided this? The father himself? I just see many cases like this around me too (actually i do not) but yes a ridiculous statement deserves a ridiculous reply.

    9. Radhika Purohit, I totally agree with you. I also felt that Manav is asking for Karan as he is jealous that Meher has moved on and is happy without him.He is trying to revenge on meher for the fact that that she left him. His present actions are starting to prove that this whole Karan custody drama was all about getting back at meher for refusing to reunite with him. The fact that he rejected joint custody really justifies and emphasises reasons as to why he should not get Karan’s full custody. He just proved how selfish he is. He has proved that him claiming Karan was for his own benefit and interest but not for Karan’s betterness or future. The fact that Sarab explained to him that Karan really needs his mom and even used an example of Param and still Manav wants to separate Karan from his biological mom makes him the most selfish father ever.

  2. Shaheera Khan

    i think the whole of their relatives and friends will know now if he goes to court then mr and mrs gill s so called respect will be destroyed

    1. Radhika Purohit

      If that is all what he wants then he really doesnot deserve to raise the child on his own. What kind of values will he teach his kid?? To do anything to gain what he wants…that is basically kulwant kaurs policy..

    2. @ Radhika Purohit .Yes that is Kulwanth Kaur’s Policy and it has served her well.
      It will be horrible for him to see Karan call someone else his dad.
      It is not about deserving.He is the dad.
      Karan was born sharing his blood too. He is not Karan’s uncle to visit him. He is the dad.
      The only waay i would want him to leave them to themselves is if Karan does not call Sarab as dad …

    3. Radhika Purohit

      What is sarabs fault in all this?? Loving the woman he married ?? Or loving and caring the child who is not his own biologically?? Why shouldnt the child call him dad?? Just because they are not blood related.. that is not justified at all.. if blood relation was the only valid relation then sarab should have let mehar get the child aborted when she herself decided to do so on harleens insistance..he could have aramse acted as if he never got to know about harleens plans ..mehar also wouldnt blame him..bit he didn’t do that…instead he acted like a real father and saved the child . If manav was in sarabs place he wouldnt do it. I personally feel manav is the one not thinking through the entire problem and just acting impulsively.. how many more lives does he want to end?? Suryapratap committed suicide only beacuse of manavs incapability of accepting mehars marriage to sarab. Now his never ending demand for karan will take his moms life (knowing he is manav and her son is dead and that her husband lied to her will be too much for a lady with that serious heart disease) then maybe aditi also …proving his identity may cost him his job and then what is his plan for future??

    4. The only way he stays out of there life is, if karan is not karan then he was exchanged during the kidnapping on aditi’s watch.

    5. Yes. Karan should not call him dad becuase he is not blood related to Karan, Manav is alive and well .Poor Meher cannot seem to be parted from karan for a second,,,But Manav is expected to give up Karan . Hypocrisy at its finest.
      What was manav’s fault ? That he loved Meher ?
      How do you know Manav would not do what Sarab did?
      Its like you are wishing Manav be the worst, Sarab is the holiest of all the main leads .lolololol
      Surya Pratap did suicide because he could not face his mistakes…Wow just wow Blame Manav for everything so that Sarab’s and meher’s insensitivity can be justified.This is absolutely ridiculous

    6. Radhika Purohit

      This is ridiculous..Hypocrisy is saying that mehar who has been taking care of karan since past 1 year( including the pregnancy period) and is also his biological mother should give up her son so that the biological father who has just come into karans life can have the child..and they both are biologically related ..if you say mehar has no right..then even manav doesnt have any right to keep karan away from mehar.. first of all he should stop acting as if mehar was some surrogate mother whose responsibility was only to deliver the child and hand it over to him..then maybe he will get some respect and some of his right..

    7. “Now his never ending demand for karan will take his moms life (knowing he is manav and her son is dead and that her husband lied to her will be too much for a lady with that serious heart disease) then maybe aditi also …proving his identity may cost him his job and then what is his plan for future??”

      Such concern for Manav’s future.
      It is not his mom. It is a lie.She thinks manav is Vikram.She is not Manav’s mom she is Vikram.

    8. Radhika Purohit

      In my opinion all relationships blood related or not need to be valued especially the “Non-blood related” because there the depth of love involved is different..manav considers vikrams mom as his she is entitled to be addressed as his mom..there is nothing to say that she is not his mom and she is vikrams mom..manav is only vikram for her.. and also when he considers seema as his mom he is supposed to be taking care of her and see to it that she doesn’t have a heart attack because of him.. either stop the entire drama as vikram deewan and be manav or just be vikram deewan completely ..vikram deewan never had any personal relationship with mehar..also in real life everyone gains happiness by accepting their situations and acting accordingly. Which is why mehar and sarab are happy today. Because when they were in bad situations they tried to cope with best possible solutions without hurting anybody else..everyone has their own phase of sadness and once it passes good days will come need to act for it and wait for it..first of respect the woman whom he has married is what he should learn first..manav is talking about his wife( and please dont tell she is vikrams wife, she took the saath phere and all the wedding rituals with manav only whatever be the name)as of she is something that is only a ticket for him to get his son …that shows how much he knows about respecting women and which is why i know he would never do what sarab did ..sarab married mehar and later got to know she is pregnant with someone else’s kid many husbands would respect her the way he respected her right from the beginning…aditi has not done anything wrong toward vikram/manav still he wasnt treating her nicely untill karans issue came up. Manav when he was vikram he loved aditi so much .. he only got his old memory back did not loose the recent memory right?? How come aditi suddenly had become some lady to whom he could barely talk few kind words?? He was so rude to her in the initial days of regaining memory back and later improved only after karans issue came to light ..lastly surya pratap committed suicide coz he was guilty..absolutely right and he was guilty because he shot mehar and sarab got shot and that was because manav could not forget mehar and move ahead.. he was trying to secure his sons life ..which would not have been required if manav was sensible enough to understand mehar has moved on in her life and he should also move on..

    9. Narayan, you asked “How do you know Manav would not do what Sarab did?” and i have a simple answer for that. We would know because of the way He has been acting from the past few episodes. We saw how he was treating Aditi while it wasn’t even her fault. Just like he treated Aditi after regaining his memory we can actually predict how he would have acted if he would have found out that Aditi was pregnant with another man. He made it too obvious that he wasn’t interested in her anymore and people could even sense their was something wrong with their relationship. If it would have been Sarab, he would have acted in a more polite and matured manner and would actually not eve make it visible that he is not interested. The fact that Sarab was angry with meher because of the fact that she was pregnant with another man but took it calmly and no one in the family could even guess that they are having issues in their marriage made me even feel that even if manav was in the same situation, sarab would have still handled it better than him. and in summary the reason to your question is because Sarab thinks more maturely and is more responsible than Manav.

    10. @ Radhika Purohit
      That is funny so if someones son cannot accept the shitty life that he has been dealt with then the parent has to shoot/kill the people and the son is responsible for it?
      Wow just wow.Surya pratap is the only person responsible for Surya pratap’s action Blaming manav for this is a cheap excuse to absolve suryapratap of his culpability and put the blame on Manav so as to justify vilifying Manav.
      The connection that we feel to our blood related parents cannot be surpassed by any non blood related relatives.That pull that we feel to our parents , the anguish that we feel to out blood relatives when they are in trouble is completely different.
      He has not come to terms with Adithi.He has not just regained his memory he also has to keep it hidden, manav is a human he is not an unrealistic character (saint). There is no support system for manav here.Heck he does not even have his identity. So him wanting that connection to his past that was so callously destroyed is a perfectly understandable one.
      And seema is Vikram’s mom not Manav’s .She is loving VIkram …by appealing to melodrama we should not disregard truth

    11. Speaking about identity, did Manav go and see how the sharman’s the dhaba doing? After gaining his memo back? They were his Family who took care of him. He to take wants Karan away from so that come running back to him. It is all about Meher. If he can forget those family of him he sure will forget the Diwaan too.

    12. @ K Khan…Had sarab lost his memory and had to hide his identity…Did srab have to give up Param..Now we can see how sarab is acting towards father of Karan. He is not mature…he is selfish.
      The show has many unrealistic scenes of Jhansi sardarni..disregarding that i can see with how he is denying manav his right to even hold the child now.Which Meher did.From Manav’s point of view meher his from him his child…there is no reason to trust her words and more so even now when Meher tells laughably that she gave Karan to manav and he superbly gave example by giving her his mobile and taking it back.I dont have rosy coloured glasses when i watch sarab.
      I do not want Manav to be like Sarab…Manav has to remain and Manav and has to fight for his son to stay his son.

  3. “Exactly mehak..infact manav himself should understand that a child needs his mother” and father?I some devaluing of fathers going on here.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      It is not some devaluing.. its just that mother and father both are required for a child but if to choose one then definitely mother will be the choice even in the court of law..a father cannot fill in the void that being away from mother leads to …thats my opinion…

    2. In my opinion a mother cannot fill in a void of the father . and it is devaluing the value of a father and the part he plays in a child’s upbringing.

    3. @Narayan exactly, it is very discriminatory towards fatherhood. And coming from another father who wouldn’t give his chid to anyone else is unbelievable.

    4. I agree but the fact that when Manav takes Karan, it is likely for him to separate with Aditi and try to raise Karan alone while when he is with Meher he has both a mother and a father. It hasn’t been stated anywhere that the biological father can raise a child better than the adoptive father or that the a child needs his biological father for a better upbringing.

    5. @K.Khan, so then how about we round up the kids of people who cant take care of their kids due to various reasons and give it to people who can.
      It is not about better it is about OUR.
      A kid having a biological parents, should have them in his/her life as parents and if he/she does not have him it is a sad situation.
      I commend Manav for not just giving up on his chance to have a father son relation with Karan.

  4. I felt extremely bad for Manav.It was truly heart breaking to see how trapped he was.
    The woman who destroyed his life ,her sons and now her daughter too are placed quite well.Meher is the luckiest of the lot in her family.
    Normally children bear the fruits of their parents misdeeds ..the funny thing is looking at the way show is progressing looks like he has to bear the rotten fruits of someone else’s parents.
    As I said before i hope he goes scorched earth on Gills.
    Today they (gills) felt truly horrible to me

  5. Shaheera Khan

    now we have seen true face of mr and mrs gill what will the child learn from them that its the game of power , sorry i have never liked vikram because i have not seen him as manav but sarsb and mehar have no values of the relation either its just a show off as politicitions

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Seriously a mother who wants to keep her child with her and not be away from her child for whom she faced so many hurdles and waited since long is bad…and she giving away the child would make her a good mother??

    2. I totally disagree. I do feel sorry for both sides as actually both are right in their own place. It is not possible for any mother to give up their kids so easily in the name of so called principles and i personally feel that a mother has more right over a kid than a father not only because they suffer more during pregnancy and bringing the child up, but also because there would be a stronger soul connection as for 9 months, the child was a part of her. In this case, Meher had in addition faced torture from her mother to make her abort the kid and was forced into marriage with a widower which she was least interested only for the sake of saving her baby’s life. Its a different thing that over time she found love and respect in the marriage which also is not wrong- i mean do you expect a girl to kill herself and her unborn kid if her guy dies or live in grief throughout life? Similarly, Sarab too is emotionally attached to the child as he had shared the journey as parent with meher till Manav reappesred. Manav too is not wrong to yearn for his kid as he truly loved Meher and all that happened was not his fault, and needs someone to truly love, and it is too early for him to move on from his trauma. It is a complicated situation difficult to resolve like many situations in real life and no one is perfect/bad but all are humans acting according to their heart and emotions and oerspectives

  6. Very interesting comments today, especially by Radhika and Mehak. Now, if this was a real life situation, the best that Manav can hope for is legal custody rights over Karan and although Karan would carry on staying with his mother, Manav would get rights to meet and play with the child and take him for week-ends. It is now Sarab, surprisingly, being selfish. Whilst acknowledging Manav as the biological father, that is as far as he is prepared to go and Sarab wishes to solely be the Papa. It is simply a matter of time (rumours are that the actress playing Aditi has already left the show and may have committed ‘suicide’ upon knowing the truth, which won’t be surprising – we shall see.) that Aditi will come to know of the truth and that will destroy her, and her marriage. One thing is certain – as long as Manav is in the show, he will never give up on Karan.

    1. New actress Raghavi virmani is replacing drashti agrwal(Aditi) role . It has come in telly updates as Drashti is a Punjabi film actress and her contract is over and after karona she is going to start her filmy shootings.

  7. I want manav to be willon, and destroy mehr and her family specially her maayka. He should make their life worst then hell

  8. Sarab gyan deta hai, Responsibilities ki. Main meetings cancel kar deta hoon, agera vagera.. bhai tum politician ho. Kuch bhi kar sakte ho woh cbi ka officer hsi.

    1. Sonam, I feel so bad for my chocopie Manav. If I were in Manav’s place, I would have gone mad, he has to see his love with someone else,his love Meher is completely in love with someone else, its not easy for him to see them together,he has to live in fear that his mother may not know his truth.He has to keep Kulwant and his sons out of jail. He has to act like Vikram Diwan in front of everyone.He has to act to keep Aditi happy. We all know he is so uncomfortable with Aditi. Now it will be horrible for him if he will see his son calling someone else his dad.

    2. Shreya, even i feel bad for him. Aur jo yeh meher hsi, itna poorly written character hai. Meher pregnant hokar pyar ko bachpana kehti hai, agar maanav ne pregnant karkar pyar ko bachpana bol diya hota to use abhi tak villain bana diya hota

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Everyones life has a time when it feels that there is nothing left ahead of them.. Even mehar and sarabjeet had this phase in their life ..but they faced it and dealt with it without hurting anyone else..mehar wanted to go away with her kid but also she didnt want ro hurt param in this process which is why at the end she chose to stay as params mother..and when she is someone’s wife that too a gem of a person like sarab it is quite natural that she will fall in love with him ..its not like manav died and next day she fell in love with took her a year to fall in love with sarab..if manav wants happiness in his life first of all he need to give a chance to his marriage..he can tell aditibthe entire truth and ask her to start afresh if she wishes to ..they can become friends first and then later can decide if they want their marriage to last forever..and also by telling truth to aditi she will also know about karan and then if she can accept karan in future they can go for co parenting with mehar and sarab…its not like tomorrow karan is going to call sarab as dad will take more months for karan to start talking and calling dad etc …untill then cant 4 mature people discuss and decide and come to a solution..but no..manav wants his life as vikram deewan with his mom..job as cbi officer and his child as manav..if he gives a chance to aditi then only he can know if he can love her and be happy with her..who knows tomorrow they may become a happy couple with love for each other and their kids..when life gives problems in our way just standing there stagnant and not moving ahead wont help us gain anything in life..its natures rule face a overcome it and then you forget it..a woman cannot love 2 men at the same time…mehar completely loves sarabjeet and she should also because she is his can anyone expect her to love her ex lover at the same time?? And if she called their love bachpana i feel she said it so that manav realises his responsibility towards his wife..manav is still standing at a point where he still clung to his past life ..sometimes forgetting some events of life becomes a boon…in his case forgetting his part of life involving mehar will solve all his problems..even mehar has moved ahead by forgetting her love for manav and letting every memory of it go away from her..

    4. Radhika, i appreciate your sentiments but mehar is really a pathetic character. Iam a married woman and also a mother to a 1year old baby . I love my husband dearly, that’s why i know ki pyar bachpana nahi hota. Maanav se mehar ki shaadi nahin hui to uska pyar sarab meher ke pyar se kam nahi ho jsyega. Pyar pyar hi rahega. Maine kabhi nahi kahan ki meher ko maanav ke paas wapas jana chahiye, jane se uske pyar ko badnaami hi milegi but woh jis tarah se maanav se behave karti hai, us se uska pyar jhuta aur farebi lagta hai hai. Hospital main maanav ne meher se kaha thi ki woh use kabhi rote nahi dekh sakta fir bhi kya meher ne maanav ko sahi tarike se samjhsne ki kashish ki . Ulta rab hai bhagwan hai mera ishq hai kehkar aag main ghee dalti rehti hai.. woh itni hi aachi hai to sarab ki behen ki shaadi apne khooni bhai se kyun hone di

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Sonamji..mehar ne ginni aur rana ka rishtha nahi joda tha…voh donon ek doosre se pyaar karthe the pehle se…mehar aur sarab ne bas unka pyaar ka saath diya..mehar ne thodi bola tha ginni ko rana se pyaar karne ke liye..aur mehar apni love story poori nahi karpayi thi ..tho jaayaz baath hai ki voh chahegi ki har ladki ki shaadki uski marzi se honi chahiye..and jab mehar ko unke reletion ke barein mein patha chala tho mehar ne sabse pehle rana ko danta tha yeh bolke ki ginni ke zindagi barbad math karna..voh tho agle din ginne ne aakar mehar ko bola ki agar rane se uski shaadi nahi huyi tho voh kuch kar baithegi…ab ismein bhi log mehar ki galthi kaise doond nikaalthe hain mujhe samaj nahi aatha..

    6. Hi @shreya iam missing ur comments yaar… even iam also feeling bad for him,everyone is cursing manav like the one who is the villan of the show but actually he is the victim of everything…. why they don’t understand he is the biological father of Karan pura haq hai manav ka….sarab se zyada pyar karega manav apna Bache se…aur adithi se manav ne kabhi misbehave nahi Kiya…bas thoda sa vakth ki jarurath hai move on Karne ke liye why meher and sarab forcing manav on adithi…

    7. radhika ji, main maan gayi ki meher mahaan hai. Woh sabhi premi jodo ko milana chahti hai, chahe premi jode main se ek khooni ho kyun na ho. Khooni hai to kya hua pyar to sachha hai na. Bechari nanad kue main kudna chahe to kya hua. Kudne do. Apni convenience ke hissab se sab hona chahiye. Jitna sach bolkar apna kaam nikal jaye bas utna hi bolo. Aur haan zindagi barbaad mat karna is par daanta tha kyunki khooni se shaadi karke to zindagi aabaad ho jayegi

    8. Radhika Purohit

      Sonamji aap tho bura maan gaye…mein bas apna opinion batha rahi thi..asli khooni kulwant kaur hain aur jab unhe election mein ticket diye jaa rahe the tho mehar ne us baath ko roka bhi tha aur ticket diya bhi nahi..rahi baat bittu aur rane ki..mujhe tho pehle hi lagtha tha mehar ko unki madath karni hi nahi chahiye kyonki voh donon tho bhaiyion ke nasm pe hi kalank hain..lekin phir bhi mehar ne donon ki shaadi mein madath ki. Unki galthiyon se tab sabse bada nuksaan tho mehar ka hi huva tha phirbhi usne madath ki uski bhayion ki..tho ismein mujhe mehar ki koi galthi nahi samaj aaraha hai..haan agar rana aur ginni ka shaadi proposal hi mehar bolthi tho uski galthi hain..lekin yahan tho ginni aur rana ne pehle apne relation bana li thi…aur mehar ke maa aur bhai log khoni hain ismein mehar ki kya galthi hain..insaan ko sirf apne kiye pe control hothi hain doosron ke kiye pe nahi hotha bhale hi voh maa aur bhai kyon na ho..unka karm ke zimmedaar voh hai mehar nahi..manav ke khoon ka zimmedar kulvant kaur aur unke do betein hain..mehar nahin

    9. Haha radhika iam not angry on you. But yeh meher mujhe gussa dila deti hai. Main to choti sardaarni dekhti bhi nahi thi, meri mummy dekhti thi.maanav ki memory vapas aayi to main dekhna chahti thi ki meher is situation ko kaise deal karegi. But iam totally disappointed with her.

    10. Radhika Purohit

      Ha sanam okay..i used to watch it from the beginning and i liked their theme very much about this being parent and loving someones kid as ones own… hope this mess is cleared soon somehow and you will come to like the serial😊

  9. Mehak Singh: Whatever you may think of KK and her sons and DILs, they are very entertaining to watch and the show would be very boring without them. Meher-Sarab-Manav etc are the serious stuff, and not too entertaining. KK and her family are the reason so many people watch the show – entertainment.

    1. Shaheera Khan

      you are right AJ where have you been all that time and if mehar does not want accept manav and her relationship then why she gives the dirty looks to her mom all the time just because of her you are chat sardarni today if you dont accept a motherly love then you are not a not a good mum and never be .

  10. It may well be that Manav’s mother, Aditi (and the new actress allegedly taking over) and than Manav himself have ultimately a tragic fate in the serial. Manav’s fathers suicide may the only the first tragedy in that family. The Aditi-Manav marriage was rocky from the start. It is difficult to foresee a happy ending.

  11. On Colors TV, Subharamh has now come to an end as I guess they ran out of new ideas and kept repeating the old one’s. That serial was based on just a single family with the same theme repeating itself. I hope Choti Sardarni has a longer shelf life, as the Manav-Aditi-Karam theme cannot go on forever without repeating the themes. I notice the writers organise kidnappings and murders to make up time, and they still continue to do so. How many more such kidnappings and murders can they come up with?

  12. May be Karan is not even karan! And they would find out when Manav does DNA test. Aditi’s driver/servant once kidnapped mehers baby, so it is possible, that baby Karan was exchanged Aditi’s wrong doing should come out.

    1. Indeed, Karan may have been the wrong baby in the first place and the writers always leave such possibilities. Karan was taken from the hospital room and was only identified by Meher with her eyes closed! In other words, she may have identified the wrong child. It is distinctly possible that may be the case and Meher may not even be the mother.

    2. These possibilities seem more fun than what they are showing 😄. Wouldn’t mind if it actually happens lol finally a break from this intense serious drama.

  13. And Manav leave the show for searching his karan and problem solved.

    1. Even though, sounds interesting. Don’t think this is possible. It’s shown from the very first scene itself that Manav and Karan shares a special bond.

    2. Meher and Param scarred a bond from the beginning, do that makes her his biological mother? So it possible that baby Karan has those same connection to Manav, it is not impossible?

  14. Very interesting analysis of today’s episode. I echo Radhika and Mehak. A blood relationship is not required to have a relationship. The relationship is where you feel a sense of acceptance and belongingness. A relationship generated with anger and arguments is never a healthy relationship. No point in having a forced relationship. Mehar has moved on and there is nothing wrong with it. Perhaps, Manav can go for professional help and accept reality and move on. Some people never move on and make their and others’ life miserable. Besides, Seema has no clue that Vikram is not her son. She loves him so dearly and so as Aditi. Param, Meher, Sarab bond is very strong. Removing Karan from Gill’s care will have a significant impact on Param as well. Sarab has taken a strong stand right from the beginning that if Meher can be Param’s mother, why can’t he be Meher’s child’s father. It is neither Manav’s nor Meher’s fault, the circumstances apart them. It was very easy for Meher to give up her life. She faced every struggle and kept herself and the baby alive. My final comment is, Karan should remain with Mehrab and continue to visit Manav.

    1. Radhika purohit & Baci truely my opinion too is the same. someone mentioned when father is living noone else shd be addressed as father. in the society where we live (largest colonies in Hyderabad,India) we saw some parents who gave their kids for adoption for different reasons to their inner circle with some ritual and so the kids surname also changes and the child addresses the adopted father as dad and biological father as kaka or chacha. they meet also but due to practice they call the adopted father as papa. due to work from home option thesedays due to carona me and our family members and friends are getting sufficient time to watch shows on tv and share our views. but it is surprising people take the characters to heart emotionally, setimentally to becomeaccusative of some characters. some feel the show shd give msg to society. really any film or show gives any msg people watch it? most of the shows or films usually people watch for entertainment is my opinion. but for trp pupose these shows go over board and show impractical things and making some viewrs too sensitive to the characters to an extent of cursing them to die etc which is funny.

    2. Adopted parents come into a kid’s life due to different reasons. Most of the time it is when there is an absence of the biological parents or inability of the biological parents to look after their kids. At times bio-parents may give away their parental rights to complete a couple who have no kids of their own. In such cases it happens due to the closeness biological parents have with the couple with the idea that their kid is always around them and we’ll take care of. However, these scenarios are possible only when the biological parent/s is in favour of the decision. Here in Karan’s case Manav wants his child. Also, one cannot expect Manav to leave his Son for Seema and Aditi’s well being. Hence,the only person who has the right decide is Manav.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Why is manav the only person who has right to decide?? My mehar does not have the right inspite of being the ” BIOLOGICAL MOTHER” ?? And the way some are commenting about sarab inspite of doing so much for the kid just gives out the message that one should always do good to people who are blood related that what the society wants?? When harleen did not accept the child because it was not biological child of sarab she was narrowminded and now when people say that manav is biological father and so only he has rights isnt that narrowmindedness??

    4. Radhika Purohit

      #why mehar ( correction in the second sentence)

    5. Yes, she has full rights over her child. But that does not mean Meher has the right to give away biological father’s position to someone else. Such thing is only possible if the biological father is absent(dead), refused to take the responsibility, or if the father is a threat to the child. Manav is none of the above and is financially well off. Even if tomorrow he loses his job with the CBI, he is qualified enough to find another job.
      Coming to Sarab, I do agree that he has done alot for Karan. However, that does not mean Manav should give away his child. As much as Sarab didn’t want Param’s grandparents to TAKE Param away, Manav doesn’t want HIS child away from him. There is no fault or narrow mindedness in it. Also, both blood and heart relationships have its own place in Karan’s life. But, as a sensible adult Sarab needs to understand that he cannot be the ONLY father figure in Karan’s life.
      Hence, it is only Manav right to decide. Finally, in a court of law Manav may not be able to get Karan’s custody, as Karan is still very young. But no court can deny Manav the right to be Karan’s father.

  15. @Mehak singh we saw some parents who gave their kids for adoption for different reasons to their inner circle with some ritual and so the kids surname also changes and the child addresses the adopted father as dad and biological father as kaka or chacha.

    “gave their kids for adoption” This is key factor.

  16. @ Radhika Purohit Why is mehar the only person who has right to decide?? My Manav does not have the right inspite of being the ” BIOLOGICAL FATHER” ??

    Parents are selfish for their kids.i dont know about others commenting but is something that I have realized in my time on this earth. They will strive to give their best for their kids with whom they share flesh and blood. I am glad my parents treated me special and different from my cousins , friends etc. were not just my wardens. Same way as a child i too am selfish for my parents and regarding them.
    Funny thing is parents do not ask society to decide .They will always treat their kids different from other kids. Will they not do good for other sure they will ..but what they do for their kids will be in a different level.

    harleen was narrow minded in that instance and it was keeping with character ..such variations in character make them interesting and not one not caricatures of “mahanta”.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      I strongly feel that parents become parents over a period of time ..the 9 months of pregnancy is not some fun period..its the time when the mother and father bonds with the child. A mother dreams about the kid day and night…so does the father sarab was the one who has completed that phase counting days and minutes till the child was born.. i dont understand how anyone with a heart can just say” but he still isnt the father..” that could be most ruthless thing anyone can say to sarab for all that he did for the child..when he loved karan he never did any partiality between karan and param ..what if sarab thought that karan is not blood related to him and loved him less..and then if manav was really dead then would karan ever get a fathers love?? No right…i know now that manav has comeback karan will get manavs love and which is why people are considering sarabs love as of less value..but according to me the moat valuable love for karan is that what sarab gives him..because mehar and manav would anyway love their kid ..because its their kid..but sarab loves karan without any blood relation and that is DEFINITELY GREAT..even in the eyes of almighty

  17. Radhika Purohit

    Ginige.. it was params grandparents not his mother whom sarab denied giving away param.. that is the big manav is denying rights of mehar who is the mother of the child..regarding rights of sarab.. he has and should have rights on karan ..if mehar and sarab are insensitive about manav then manav is doubly insensitive about everything except the part where he wants his son..according to the new promo he is blackmailing sarab that” dna test huva tho rusva hojayegi aapki meharji ” arrey mehar ka chodo uske saath uska pathi hain support bankar..lekin uss bache ka socho..he should think about his own son…every insult that mehar may have to face will come upon the child also …if people call her bad names and insult her does manav think it wont affect his child and his future..karans entire future he will be treated as some naajayaz bacha.. we live in a society which still avoids and disrespect children born out of wedlock ..does manav think about it?? a father he should …before his every step he should think about its effects on his child if he loves karan..but if his only motto is to trouble mehrab then he is on the right track..coz going to court will not get him karans custody for 100 percent but it will definitely ruin reputation of mehar and karan..and manav if he is a responsible father shouldnt do it to his child..

  18. Manav in my opinion is far more reasonable than Meher and Sarab. Meher from the very moment she got to know that Vikram is Manav has tried to keep Karan away from Manav. She may give excuses but it doesn’t change the fact that she was selfish. Sarab too is doing the same. However, what Manav has done is very little compared to the disappointing behaviour of the lead couple. Manav when he took Karan to the hotel room, did not push Meher or snatch the child from her. He allowed her to take care of the baby and allowed her to walk away with the baby giving her ample time to take a decision. Manav is not the enemy here, he is the FATHER. A man who holds equal rights to Karan and is the reason behind his existence. When the very man is threatened and denied his right he will react to it in the worst possible way. If Sarab or Meher was in Manav’s place they would do the same. The court case isn’t going to do any damage to Meher, Sarab or Karan. Meher-Sarab are rock solid as a couple and Karan, he has his father Manav to protect him. Also, this case if it takes place will give Karan his real identity. The only people who will be in trouble with the case would be Kulwanth, Bittu and Rana. As much as I justify Manav’s side, Meher is the MOTHER and should not lose her rights either. It would be very difficult to watch if Manav would not allow Meher to touch Karan. Therefore, these two people who are the most important parts of Karan’s life needs to come to an agreement how they can share Karan.
    Here, Sarab has to stand as a husband more than a father.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Its easier said than done that sarab should stand as a husband and not as a could he possibly do that?? When his married life started with being a parent..we shouldnt forget that sarab was first mehars child’s father and then later her husband.. so now when the real father is come discarding all those deeds of sarab as how a tissue paper is discarded is really sad..manav is now dreaming to be with his son and playing with him etc..sarab has dreaming about playing with his bandhru since he day he decided to name the child as his..belittling everything that he did so far is really sad..also their reaction is absolutely can we expect sarab and mehar to just feel sorry for manav and leave their kid..they are karans parents…and parents dont trade kids..sarab never once discriminated between param and karan …though only param is his biological son similarly mehar never discriminated between param and karan though only karan is her biological when the biological father has come into the picture suddenly sarab is not the father?? He is just a guardian..if this what the society wants or preeches then no man will ever be ready to love someones elses child …because in the end people will just say ” lekin tum iske biological father nahi ho”.. kuch relations blood relations se pare hothe hain ginige..if you seen the movie “goodnews” you may know biological kids became a mixup there…still the mother decided to keep the child…i am just saying its not always about being biological father/ son / mother…sometimes somw relations are well beyong blood mehar and params..and sarab and karans ..and we need to respect such relations … this is my personal opinion..everyone has their own perspective about relations…i feel and believe that the relationships built on the foundation of love and care is much more stronger than the one based on blood relation…

  19. Very interesting comments on this episode. My view now is that if Manav were to forego his right and claim on the upbringing of Karan now, he will be in a much more difficult position after a few years to do that as the child would by then have a settled life in the Gill household. Sarab was offering Manav nothing more than just playing with the child. Any father in Manav’s position would fight for their child’s custody. As long as the writers decide to keep Manav in the serial, this custody battle will not simply go away. Meher on her part has decided not to tackle Manav directly but leave it to Sarab. Manav has shown a genuine love for his own child and Sarab has not yet accepted the reality that the biological father is simply not going to disappear from the scene.

  20. The biggest loser from all this will surely be Aditi. Once she finds out the truth, and that is only a matter of time, life would be unbearable and intolerable for her. The humiliation would be too much for her. Chances are she will accidentally find out the truth as obviously nobody is going to tell her. Expect her to be a casualty as she has been betrayed not just by her husband but also by her own brother. The marriage would not have taken place if she knew the truth.

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