Choti Sardarni 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher tries to find out what everyone’s hiding

Choti Sardarni 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjana says to Sarab the tests didn’t match. Sarab is shocked and in tears. She sits down. She says to the donor you can’t donate your liver. Your blood doesn’t match. Sarab says there must be some solution Sanjana says please calm down.

Dimple says sot Meher does Sarab have an affair? Meher says there can never be. I trust him. I am sure Sanjana is blackmailing him. He didn’t tell me because of my condition. She says I will give you her number.

Everyone is getting the tests done. Rovi says Khushi is only a kid. Harleen says kids have more chances of matching. Meher asks Harleen what are you doing? Harleen says we are donating blood. Param says mama said donating blood would give blessings. I will also donate. Harleen says no you’re a kid. Param says when I grow up I will help everyone as my papa does. Param hugs Dolly and says I will take care of you. Dolly says I love you and hugs him. He says I will always help Rovi and keep Khushi didi. And I will love Harleen bua. Harleen hugs him in tears. Param says why are you crying? Is it hurting? Take God’s name and close your eyes. Harleen hugs him. Param says don’t cry, please.

Param calls Meher and says where are you, mama? He says Harlen bua donated blood. Meher says what? Why dd she? Harleen says I was making beetroot juice. He got scared. I told him I donated blood. Where are you? Meher says done with bank work. I met a friend. I am coming back. Meher says to Dimple please keep an eye and call me. I have to go home. Sanjana says we found two more donors. Let’s hope.

Scene 2
Yuvi says why dadi isn’t speaking anymore. Bitu says her fast is confusing us. Rana says she is planning something big.
Meher comes home. She and Harleen see Param fainted. Harleen starts crying. Meher says Param? What happened Param. Please open your eyes. They are both worried. Rovi and Dolly come as well. Dolly says Param please open your eyes. Everyone is crying. Khushi comes and says we are playing doctor doctor. Param opens eyes and says mama. Khushi says Param you had to stay fainted. Param says mama put water on me. Khushi says we were playing. Harleen says how dare you. Don’t play any such stupid game. Dolly says relax they’re kids. Meher says they were playing, it’s okay. Kids play, it’s normal. Harleen hugs Param and cries. She says are you okay? Dolly says it’s all okay. All is well. Let’s go. She takes Harleen bua inside. Param says why did bua hit Khushi di? Meher says because she loves you. Meher hugs Khushi.

Scene 3
Beauty says to Amrita I did a beautician course. Amrita says do my facial too. She says order these things for the herbal pack. I will do it tomorrow. Kulwant hears.
Sarab says isn’t there a single person who can save my child by donating a piece of the liver? I will die. Sanjana says please calm down. Sarab gets a call from Harleen. She says did you find a donor? Sarab says no. Everything is going wrong. Harleen says we got our blood tests done. Once we have the reports, I am sure one of us would match. Sarab says to make sure Meher doesn’t doubt. Meher comes inside. She says Param had this medicine in his room. Did you give it to him? There’s no label on it. Harleen says it’s herbal medicine for growth. Meher says what if it reacts? Please don’t mind.

Param says my whole class is going for a picnic. Meher says you should rest for some days. Param says tell me you will send me for a picnic. Meher says I promise. Meher recalls what Sarab did and Harleen so worried. Meher says there’s something wrong. Everyone is worried. What are they hiding from me? Why did sarab lie? Why was Harleen crying so much?
Precap-A woman comes with her face covered. sanjana says this is your donor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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