Choti Sardarni 15th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab wishes Meher Valentine’s

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Choti Sardarni 15th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab is on a cycle with his face covered disguised as a milkman. The song aj din charheya plays. Meher wakes up. He comes outside her place. Meher stands in the balcony. She says veer ji I am coming. She goes downstairs. Sarab gives her the milk. Their theme song plays. Meher looks in his eyes. The cloth falls and Meher sees his face. Meher smiles. Yuvi says uncle is a milkman now. They look at each other and the milk falls on Yuvi. He screams. Sarab says I was just.. Meher says I told you, you missed me. He says I heard there is fake milk in this neighborhood. Meher says fake milkman. Accept now, that you missed me. Sarab says first you say you missed me. Meher says yes I was too. You missed me. Sarab says yes I did. I am used to you. It’s so empty now. There’s no one to annoy. Meher says I don’t annoy like you. She says I didn’t ask you to come here. He says your memory did. Meher says it’s just been a day. He says one day.. I can’t live without you.. I mean Param and I. We can’t live without you. He says HVT. Meher says what milk is that? He says it’s romantic where did the milk come from? Meher says I am with a milkman. Sarab says happy valentines’ day. He gives her a bracelet and makes her wear something. Meher says happy valentines’ day. Kulwant is coming out. Sarab leaves. He says I miss you.

Yuvi comes with pot on his head. He says Sarab is a milkman. Meher says are you out of your mind? Go to your room. Sarab goes back. Tarkash calls Sarab. He says finally we found a clue. Someone entered the hospital at night from the backdoor. It looks like a woman. Sarab says send me footage. Sarab sees it but the face isn’t clear. He says Tarkash ji reach the hospital. Tarkash says but there’s police everywhere. Sarab says we have to try.

Amrita says to Meher happy valentines’ day. Maher says what? Amrita says Sarab is romantic he came here. Meher says he didn’t. Amrita says so the milkman gave you this bracelet? Yuvi says he injured my neck. He is selling milk these days. Amrita says what did you give him? Meher says I don’t believe in Valentines’.

Scene 2
Dolly says Sarab where did you go? Sarab says morning walk. Dolly says in these clothes? Harleen says you went to meet Meher right? Dolly says lovers can’t stay away. Harleen says you need to be careful. She doesn’t want you and this party involved in this case. Please be careful. Param is ready for school. Harleen says who got you ready? He says I got ready myself. Meher mama called and taught me how to tie my tie. Sarab says let’s have breakfast. Dolly says Harleen they can’t stay away from each other at all.

Scene 3
Rana is talking to a girl on the phone. He says when I meet you music plays in my heart. He sings Pehli nazar mein. Meher comes in. Meher says gift wrap it and send to Sarab. Meher leaves. Bitu coms. Rana stops singing again. He says wrap this gift and give to Jeeto.

Harleen says Sarab you don’t listen to me. You shouldn’t have gone there. Robbie says stop scolding your baby. You forgot today but Sarab didn’t. Harleen says what is it today? Robbie says Valentine’s. Here is your gift. Harleen says thank you. Robbie says Sarab went to Meher’s place to wish her as a milkman. Sarab says why would I? Robbie says I received the 15 lacs bracelet you ordered for Meher. Don’t blush. What did Meher give you? Meher says what did she give you? A servant comes in and says Meher sent you this gift. Sarab says this. He smiles.

Sarab opens the gift. It has clothes. It has a nighty. Meher writes, I know you would feel weird wearing this. But wear it. Iknow you won’t wear it in front of everyone. So wear it in your wrong and send me a photo. We will meet for the dinner at night. Happy Valentines’ day.

Precap-Meher and Sarab both are at the hospital. Meher says we have to find out the real culprit soon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. funny episode knew rana would mix d gifts up .hope dey find d culprit soon. wat about d serbia loose ends time to tie dat up too

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