Choti Sardarni 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav plans to take Karan

Choti Sardarni 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harleen says Param don’t cry. Sarab plays with Karan. Manav says aditi check Karan if he’s okay or call a doctor to check him. Meher and Sarab play with karan. Meher says papa mama both are here. sarab says the world will remember how you saved lives of everyone. Meher says you saved us all. Harleen says Sarab you should go back to hospital. Robbie calls in inspector.

Param says I am sad. I thought we would celebrate diwali. But everything is ruined. Kulwant says nani is here. I got you laddus. Let me make you eat. Meher and Sarab look at her.

Vikram gets mad at his officers for being late. Sarab says it’s okay it was so sudden. What could they do. I trust my Punjab police. Manav says an innocent kid could lose his life. Kulwant says don’t worry about Karan. He’s safest with Karan. Sarab says inspector my family was attacked. I won’t pardon the person who did it. He asks Meher how did it happen? Meher tells them about how their servants were attacked first. Everyone gives their statements.

Param us upset. He looks at the celebrations outside and the fireworks. Sarab says what happened? Param says I wanted to wear new clothes and celebrate but now we won’t celebrate. Sarab say why won’t we? We will have candles and we will enjoy. Sarab asks everyone to get ready. He says it’s Diwali.

Meher says to Karan I am sorry son. It’s your first diwali and you had to suffer so much. Sarab says look in his eyes. He’s proud of his mom. He says we won’t let anyone ruin our day. We are all proud of your courage. You’re my lioness. Meher says only two people gave me this courage. Two people who are my strength and power. My everything. Sarab says one is your dad who is the other one? Meher says my sartaj Sarabjit. Meher holds his hand and says you’re my strength. Meher hugs him. He says I will always be with you. I will never leave you alone. Sarab kisses her forehead. Sarab says we have to celebrate for our kids. Tonight will be special so get ready. He gives her earrings. Meher says this is Param’s favourite festival and we will celebrate it the way he wants us to.

Scene 2
Diwali celebrations start. Param plays with firecrackers. They all wish each other happy Diwali. Param thanks Seema for crackers and sweets. She says I know you like them and this is your brother’s first diwali. Kulwant says happy diwali. She asks Manav what did you get for karan? He says I will take Karan with me. Manav sees Karan and says you will go with your papa.

Kulwant says Param will now eat laddus nani made for him. Param says nani is the best. Kulwant says I made them for you. Kulwant says to Sarab Atari’s people love me the same way. How is your elections prep going on? She gives him laddu. Sarab says thank you but doctor has asked me yo stay away from sweets and sweet people and elections, we don’t discuss party strategy with outsiders.

Param gets scared of the firecrackers. He says bad uncle is here. Bomb will blast. Param cries. Sarab says these are just firecrackers. He asks everyone not to play them. Sarab says he’s scared. We have to do something.

Meher and Sarab sing aik dusray sy kartay hain pyar hum around Param. Robbie Bitu and Rana also sing them. Harleen also joins them. Manav looks at Karan in Meher’s lap. Meher moves away. Kulwant joins her. Meher moves away from her as well. The entire family sings together. Param smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap- Manav says Meher Diwali is here. I want my Karan. Sarab says take your hands off him. Karan won’t go anywhere with you. Manav says then there will be a huge drama. Sarab says are you threatening? What will you do? He says I will divorce your sister Guddi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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