Choti Sardarni 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Tai ji gets to know everything about Meher

Choti Sardarni 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says Seher and Karan you don’t have photos with papa from childhood. What will I place here? Seher says I was in jail. Tai ji hears, she’s shocked. She says what are you saying? Seher says I was born in jail. She says why? Karan says Meher mama was in jail for many days. She’s shocked. Tai ji holds her head. Karan says they came back from jail but nani went to jail. Tai ji says don’t joke, be ashamed. Param says we are not lying. Our nani was arrested when you came. She says why did your nani go to jail? And why your mama? Seher says we have to make the project. A maid gives them biscuits. Tai ji says bring them sweets that I got. The kids aren’t interested.

Karan says, sweets? Tai ji makes him eat. She says I made it all for you. Karan says Dolly Dadi and Harleen bua don’t love me. They keep scolding me. What’s in this? She says I will open this when you answer me. She asks who went to jail? Karan says mama and nani. Bitu and Rana keep going to jail.

Scene 2
Harleen says Meher hurry up. It’s about time for Daar ji’s food. Meher says tell me tai ji’s favorite dishes too. I have to win her heart too. Harleen says she’s so abrupt, you saw what happened. Meher says it’s okay. she’s live a mother. She will love me like a daughter.

Amrit says I will tell everyone now. Daar ji was very impressed by Meher. the kids show the family tree to Daar ji. He is very proud of them. Sarab comes home. Harleen says Tai ji. Meher has made all your favorite dishes and Daar ji’s. Meher serves the food. Amrita says all Gill DILS have taken care of this family’s dignity always. Your friends are coming tomorrow. Daar ji says yes I am very happy. Amrit says Meher call your family too. Daar ji says they will come as well. Let’s double the joy. Meher smiles. She looks at Sarab. Harleen says everyone will come. She says come let’s eat everyone.

Dolly says to Harleen what will we do? It will be fun when they find out Kulwant is in jail. Harleen says I am really worried for Sarab. He will really insult Sarab. Dolly says Meher will get insulted. Harleen says no keep changing the topic. Meher comes to Sarab. Meher says what will happen now? He says I went to talk to Bitu and Rana but they said they will come on the condition if I get mummy ji bailed. Meher says what did you say? He says I said no.

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana tell Kulwant. She says Sarab had to say no. Bitu says he will have to say yes. Kulwant says looks like there will be a twist in the story. This Taya tai must be a big deal, that’s why Sarab came to request you. I will tell you what to say.

Meher says we have to tell Daar ji about mummy ji right now. Sarab says no let’s wait till tomorrow. We will tell them everything tomorrow.

Scene 4
The next morning, Daar ji says Meher made such good food last night. I felt like my mother made the food. She has handled this house so well. Sarab and Meher aren’t like our son and DIL. Sarab is one in a million and so is Meher. Tai ji says in her you will know this when I expose Meher and her family. Mother, daughter and granddaughter, all have been to jail. She says our Rani necklace. I want you to give it to Meher. She deserves it. He says wow, you look changed. Better late than never. Finally, you are trusting her. Meher deserves it. I will give it to Meher in front of her family.

Meher says I will tell Daar ji everything. I don’t know how will he react. I am really scared. He says drink water. Meher is scared. Meher says what if Daar ji leaves? Sarab says I am with you. He will love that we told the truth. Seher says Bitu and Rana are here. They are sitting with Daar ji. Meher runs out. Bitu and Rana are sitting with Daar ji. Daar ji says sit. Tai ji says where is your mom? Bitu says she went to the temple… Bitu says Ludhayana.. Daar ji says what? Tai ji says maybe they mean she went to Ludhyana’s temple. Bitu says yes. Tai ji says call her, let us talk to her. Sarab says Tai ji.. come with me I have to tell you something important. Tai ji says you can’t save your wife today. She goes with Sarab. Meher says I have to tell Daar ji. He says give my meds and ice pack. I will have a chat with your brother till then.

Episode ends.

Precap-Tai ji shows photos of Seher stealing the money and says these are Meher’s manners. Meher gets angry and says Seher come out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please get rid of taiji! She is unbearable to
    Watch! The other characters are fine even when evil but taiji is making harleen look like
    A saint

    1. Exactly 😌

  2. Devil called tayiji😳⚠️

  3. Radhika Purohit

    OMR!! Sarab really didnt give in for bittu rana’s deal🙄🙄 that was a surprise… and he came back and told meher too that those idiots tried to strike a deal… And they both decided to reveal truth to daarji but tayiji knows only half truth obviously and she has her own presumptions…. I am getting a deep feeling that she is inviting trouble for herself…she obviously doesnt know that meher herself got kk arrested for attempt to murder on sarab … because even karan doesnt know that… and honestly i so wish back the karan who kept saying “No girls means no girls”.. that way he wouldn’t fall for this tayijis trap… she is showering so much love on him but when the truth about his paternity will be out then she will change her attitude towards him too… when the entire truth is out including why meher was in jail no one can actually blame her.. because she didnt do anything… and daarji is a sensible person he will understand too that meher is innocent…He may be upset about hiding the truth .. thats it..But this hungama should make sarab and meher confess about karan too… otherwise another hidden truth will simply create another hungama…
    And OMR Harleen flipped again… i couldn’t believe my ears when she was listing everything that meher cooked 🙄🙄 please someone kick out this dolly momsy and taiji out of gill mansion!!!
    Loved the way sarab said no matter what he will always stand with her by her side when meher was worried that daarji will leave the house…
    And the precap!! This was taijis great plan!! She thinks meher was accused of theft🙄🙄 and she says therefore seher also robbed🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ why do I feel this is fall ulta on her only… considering the fact that she herself will get the shock of her life when she gets to know that meher was charged of murder and not theft!!🤣🤣🤣 and also that it was proven as a false accusation!!!
    I am more curious to know when is karans truth coming out??🤔🤔 The promo was dated for today… and even tomorrow the hungama is about meher and seher!!!

  4. WOW…so last episode I made the assumption that Sarab agreed to Bittu and Rana’s condition to release KK. I eat my words 🙈🙈 I should have known our Sardarji is not capable of such things, but with how this track was going and his character was being portrayed, I let myself believe that he would!! So happy that he not only agreed but that he told Meher about it 🥰😍🤗 This was the highlight for me today!
    As for Taiji…I look forward to her flopping with heed pathetic plan to expose Meher 🤣 Her ‘plans’ are almost as good as Harleen’s!! One constant fail after the next. They should take a lesson from KK…the ultimate queen of scheming!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. Same here… even I assumed that sarab would agree to their terms.. but he didnt… and he told meher too… how wrong we were to assume that in his desperate attempt to please this annoying tayiji he would just accept their condition… BUT NO.. its really a surprise for me that sarab is harbouring so much anger towards kk!!

    2. @MD, I was too, to quick to judge sarab about the bitu and Rana’s condition. In fact we should have known better those two, never succeeded in any kind of mission ordered by mummy ji🤣🤣. Tayiji is very sure of her evil plan, 🤞wish she falls on her nose👃. She has really bad habits listing someone else conversation🥴🤞.

    3. @Radhika I am loving all the resentment that Sarab is harbouring towards KK! I think it’s not so much the accident itself, as it is all the sabotaging she did and lies she told along the way while not only deceiving him, but playing Meher for a fool during the entire investigation!
      @Ayni Taiji has such terrible habits AND manners!! For someone who has all this pride and is so selective as to who ‘deserves’ this necklace, she herself does not deserve the title of a ‘Gill’ or any respect based on her behaviour thus far!! I cannot wait for her to be put in her place by Sarab, Meher and the kids. Just because she has had a bad experience in the past with other DIL’s or whatever other trauma she is carrying, it does not justify her over reactive nature and projecting unwarranted judgement onto Meher.
      I forgot to mention earlier about Harleen…not sure what is going on with her…she keeps flip flopping and I just can’t keep up with which Harleen we are going to get from one episode to the next! We already have 3 crazy ladies in that mansion unleashing their nonsense onto everyone…I don’t even know how we are going to handle KK when she starts to work her evil magic into that house…whether it’s through her puppets Bittu/Rana or herself directly! I hope these elders leave soon! There’s just too much crazy at the moment! With more on the horizon!

    4. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. Absolutely right!!! All of kks mistakes especially the one fooling meher and keeping her worried all the time is something sarab is most resentful about…
      Kk still calls sarab as jawaiji!! Unlike during the kashmir track when she called him either sarabjeet or some other curse word!! Plus that she is once attested for murder attempt on sarab , she is smart enough to know if she tries to kill mehrab then the blame will come upon her… so whatever she will do i think she will try to harm them emotionally or creating a public scandel or something like that…

  5. Would have been really good to watch KK with Meher v taiji!

  6. TheSilentGirl

    I honestly don’t get why do Sarab and Meher always face obstacles in telling the truth. They preach so much that telling the truth is the best way bla bla bla…but when they are in a situation where they need to be true, they often delay it. The same thing happened in the past, which led to more severe problem like Aditi’s track, Ginni-Rana track. Whenever they are about to confess a truth, there will be something else coming in their way. Why? Why? Why? And, why are they so worried about how the uncle and aunt will react once they know the truth? Both Sarab and Meher didnt do anything wrong in the first place, then why such worried look on their face. It’s your family, why are you letting a third person’s reaction to affect you and your family? I dont know, probably it’s the family tradition to be blamed! Nobody tells their horrible past to strangers (i know they are relatives) who have just returned to their family after 25 years! And isnt the public aware of Karan’s birth secret and Meher’s false accusation? How come the uncle and aunt are unaware of these hot news? Are the makers forgetting that sarab is a public figure?! The way Sarab telling meher that he will always be her support reminds me of the aditi track. Hopefully nothing like leaving the gill mansion come up again! They should not easily give up on their right for outsiders! Regarding seher stealing money, I hope there’s a twist stored by the makers. Hopefully she had returned the money to the grandfather or put back in the purse. Hopefully they dont show meher raising her hand on seher like how it happened in the past with param begging for money. Coz that would add up to more problems! Today I saw a post saying that one of the director’s of the show saying there’s no leap. Not sure if its realiable or not.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @TheSilentGirl… I would believe the news of the leap only when the audition clips for actors post leap start coming online or the promo for the leap comes out… i remember the last leap was in feb 1st week and the audition clip of different kids aiming for param , karan, yuvi and seher’s role were available online right from jan 1st week… that is like from a month before!! If there is a leap they need bigger kids and if they need kids they need to audition for a long time .. they are the kids of the main lead so they cannot just pick any artist for the role… And if the director has said there is no leap now.. then there is no leap .
      These many days i was seeing post from all the gossip pages that a particular actress was approached for the lead role in in one of the serials on colors… and then today i see post on those pages saying that the actress stated that she wasnt even approached for the show forget about being finalized for the role..
      This is the extent to which gossip pages are true 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
      Our own experience after the accident promo of sarab… every page screamed memory loss memory loss!!! But they were wrong…
      So relax and enjoy..

    2. Absolutely @Radhika, I think this gossip remains gossip. And I am very happy🙏if it stays that way.

  7. I hope param speaks up and reminds them what Meher taught him when he was begging

    1. TheSilentGirl

      Absolutely @Radhika! I wonder how reliable are these gossip websites in India. And why are the fans getting too worried about the rumoured leap as if they are news from a press conference/ the makers themselves…hahaha, frankly I’m one of those worried fans too! I was thinking if this is just their tactic to increase the trp, I mean its like telling the fans ‘If you dont want a leap, then you better watch the show!’. @Charl, that’s possible too! But for sure this trashy aunt will not be satisfied! How on earth does Sarab see his aunt as a good role model! Isn’t it obvious to him how negative she is towards his wife. Full of negative thoughts all the time! Well, he’s blinded by her love I guess. Like how he is blinded by Harleen!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @TheSilentGirl.. I am absolutely happy that the fans responding worriedly and against the possible leap… the main advantage of such response is that if we tag the makers, then the makers will get the message that the fans want to see mehrab and their small kids together as a happy family solving the problems coming their way, facing it together…

  8. Radhika Purohit

    I dont know why but this tayiji reminds me of the lady neerja – sarabs ex mother in law… who also had similar behaviour with meher!!! Always insulting and taunting!!! She also had no sense of boundaries to be followed in a house…
    But that track ended well…. hopefully this one ends well too!!!

    1. @Radhika I can see how there are some similarities between Taiji and Neerja in terms of their habit of making assumptions and judgements towards Meher. However, with Neerja, she made the assumption of BOTH Sarab and Meher being unfit parents to Param. Though she disliked that Meher and Param didn’t share blood, she also disapproved of Sarab remarrying (stating that ‘all men are the same’) AND she didn’t appreciate that there was not a single photo of Simran. Although she had more of an attitude towards Meher, she also was disrespectful to both Meher and Sarab. Taiji on the other hand, seems to solely hate on Meher and is constantly looking to find and point out her flaws, accuse her of things which she has no concrete proof of and is SO condescending! She does not misbehave with Sarab at all! The only thing that irks her is how Sarab defends Meher.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @MD you are right that neerja was disrespectful towards sarab also… but that was because sarab was her ex son in law who is now married to someone no relation exists…but for tayiji sarab is her dulara son since childhood… and hence she loves him dearly… or if we put in her own language… sarab is gill khandhans blood!!🙄🙄
      Now that i think about that neerja i get all the more angry on her… i mean how can someone behave rudely with our sardarji… anyone would die to get a relative like him… be it any relation… to be honest he really didnt have to tolerate her drama in gill mansion.. no court would give the custody of the child to a maternal grandmother over the father (unless the father endangers the kids life)… But still sarab tolerated her, agreed to prove himself and respected her …
      With this tayiji too he is gonna tolerate to some extent but then this lady is gonna hit herself by repeatedly insulting meher that finally after a point sarab will end up snapping at her!!! I hope that happens!!!

    3. @Radhika Purohit Perfectly right! Neerja and Tainu both had/have false assumptions. It is just that Neerja had an aim. She wished to take possession of Param and was hurt because of the neglect shown towards Simran. So she had some bad blood.
      Even though not correct, her actions did have some justification.
      But this Ragini is an aimless and senseless head. Punishing someone for someone else’s deeds. Does that really make sense? Her actions are neither correct nor justifiable.

  9. I feel meher will slap seher like she did Param.Seher in her inocence thought was okey but IT is gonna repeat the story.

    1. And in both the cases, Kevina Tak will be the one to be slapped. When Param was portrayed by Kevina Tak, he was ill with liver tumor. And then Seher, also portrayed by Kevina Tak, got Thalassemia and then that illness during Sandhya track. Why does everything have to happen with Kevina Tak only?
      They highlighted multiple times that Karan’s immunity has always been low, but they never showed anything happen to him.
      I honestly don’t know why…

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