Choti Sardarni 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher goes to her mother’s place

Choti Sardarni 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says Param are you a big boy or small? Brave or weak? Param says big and brave. Meher says then you would have to stay home with out mama. I have to go to my mom’s place. Param says how will I live without my mama. Meher says you want a small baby? Param says yes. Meher says then I have to go and bring him. Harleen says Meher is right. Until the case is resolved you two shouldn’t meet. They will drag you in too. Meher says Harleen is right. Please agree.

Jagga says someone from the family is involved but who? Amrita says I am really scared. Kulwant says nothing would go wrong. Rana call Meher. I am worried for her. Jagga says Meher bua came. Everyone is shocked. They run out. Meher is in the hall. Kulwant says my daughter is back. She hugs her. Kulwant says I was just talking about you. Yuvi says please come in Meher. Amrita and Jeeto bring her in. Kulwant says we arranged this room for you so you don’t have to go upstairs. Amrita says everything is as per your choice. Jeeto says we will prepare the dinner. You rest.

Meher sees the things from her childhood and before the marriage. She sees her dad’s photo and cries. Meher was crying. Her dad said why is my daughter crying? She said I was playing. Her mom called me a thief. I wouldn’t go out. Her dad said you have done nothing wrong. So you never have to hide. You have to stand by the truth. Meher says I promise you I will always stand by the truth. I will fight till I prove my innocence. Meher hugs him photo.

Scene 2
Sarab and Tarkash are investigating. Sarab says let’s go to the hospital. Tarkash says no we won’t. If we go there it might look like we are going there to remove the proofs.

Kulwant says to Meher and Jagga let police investigate. You two won’t involve in the investigations. Meher says someone did it for their benefit. I will find out the culprit at any cost.
Harleen says Sarab media is after you and elections are around the corner. Sarab says if I don’t do anything Meher and Jagga would have to go behind the bars. Sarab and Meher say we will find who is behind it. Param comes and plays Meher’s recording, Sarab please do the dinner and give Sarab medicine. Parma says she made a schedule for us. He says papa don’t drink coffee before dinner. Meher mama says.. Sarab says it kills hunger. I know. Harleen says have coffee if you want. Sarab says no Meher is right.

Scene 3
Jagga says my business would be ruined. Everything was fine. I don’t know how it happened. She says it started since you got the tickets. You’re made for a business, not politics. It doesn’t suit you. Once everything is okay, please return this ticket. We are happy as we are.

Meher says Sarab is weird. Sarab says she is so weird. Meher says he didn’t even ask me if I reached. Sarab says she didn’t even inform me she’s reached. They both call each other but their phones are busy due to each other’s call. Meher calls Harleen and says can you please give the phone to Sarab. His phone is busy. Harleen says he’s busy. I have to hang up I am in the middle of something. Jagga comes in and gives Sarab’s phone to Meher.

Sarab says where were you? You didn’t even call. Meher says what were you doing? He says following your timetable. Meher says to do everything on time. Did you do your dinner? He says I thought you would say something else. Meher says you.. Sarab says in heart she can’t even say I miss you. Meher says in heart he isn’t even saying I miss you. Meher says I only called to say good night. Param takes the phone and says papa will wake up late and then stay in the washroom for 4 hours. Sarab says you taught him this. Param says mama did you eat? Meher says yes I did. Meher says I am so proud of you. Param says let me keep chickpeas for papa. Sarab says thank you for making Parma such a good boy. Sarab says you keep sending me your photo every hour. Meher says in sleep and shower too? They both laugh. Meher says we can’t meet till this case is over. We have to stick to calls. Sarab hangs up and says it’s Valentine’s tomorrow. I will meet her at all the cost.

Precap-Sarab disguises as milkman and comes to Meher’s place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yvonne Codner

    Applause, applause, Harleen, you have successfully separated them, but guess what, it will not be forever. Meher is the boss, you got her out of the house, but her voice is still there with you keeping her guys on the right track and to drive you nuts until you confess your sins. My evil thoughts, because Meher is not an evil or vindictive person.

  2. Never has there been a more perfect match than Harleen and her husband… we were feeling sorry for her now we see she got the husband she deserved

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