Choti Sardarni 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab runs on the roads. Doctors try to stop him. Param sprays pepper in eyes of a goon, Meher stabs him. Sarab calls Harleen. She says we are the party. I can’t hear you. sarab tries to tell her but harleen can’t hear. Meher keeps fighting.

Manav sends Aditi a message, I think you will get late. Let me know when you’re free. I will pick you. Karan, your papa is coming. A goon shoots Meher. Sarab comes there and shoves Meher. He saves her from the bullet. Meher says you? He says are you okay? sarab says when Sarab are together, they can win any war. Param says yaay. They hit the goons together. Sarab’s wound hurts. He goes after the one hiding.

A goon hits Sarab. He falls down. Meher and kids look at Sarab. Sarab says Param. Param cries..

Pathak comes to the party. Harleen says what is he doing here? he says forgive me Harleen ji. We are old friends. He gives her diwali gift. Pathak says I was here at the party. No one would to know who got that attack done on Gill mansion. Meher keeps beating down the goons.

Scene 2
Kulwant wraps silver foil on the laddus. Kulwant says I will give these laddus to Param, sarab.. Pram falls down. Meher picks him. Kulwant says third to my daughter Meher.

Manav arrives at Gill house. He sees Sarab protecting Karan while the goons beat him. Manav is shocked. The goons throttle Sarab. Manav shoots them. Meher and Sarab look at him and are shocked. Manav runs in and hugs Karan. He says are you okay? Manav says are you okay Mr. Gill? He says yes. Some goons take Meher and Param. Sarab and Manav look for Meher and Param. Param cries. They go inside.

Param says papa Meher mama. Manav and Sarab move forward. One goon is holding Param. He says I will shoot her. Sarab says Meher ji.. Meher is tied with her mouth tapped. There’s a bomb beneath her. The goons take Virkam’s gun. Kulwant arrives outside, she sees the goons and says oh God what is happening here?

Meher is standing on the bomb. Kulwant and everyone come inside. Everyone is shocked. Kulwant says leave my daughter. The goon says stand inside old woman. The goons ask Sarab to give them Karan. He says I won’t. They put gun on Karan. Manav shouts don’t dare to do anything to the child. The bomb is ticking. The goon says they will all die together. He ties all of them. The goon says you all have 10 minutes. See each other for one last time. After that the bomb would explode. Meher looks at sarab in tears. The goon says if you try to step down Meher ji, this bomb would explode. They set up the timer and leave. Sarab and Manav try to break free. Sarab falls down. He tries to crawl towards the bomb. His hands are still tied. Sarab comes near the bomb. Sarab tries to diffuse the bomb. He tries to say something to Meher but she can’t understand. Meher recalls Sarab used to keep a pin in his turban. Meher takes it out. Sarab tries to cut his ropes. He releases his hands. Sarab opens Manav. The bomb is ticking. Sarba opens Meher. Meher says Karan and Param. Sarab takes them out. Manav opens Amrita, Kulwant, Bitu and Rana. Sarab picks Karan and Param. Manav calls officers. Meher says don’t try to release me, this bomb will explode. Sarba says what? Meher says let me be here.

Episode ends.

Precap-Everyone rushes outside. Everyone tries to stop Sarab. Sarab comes back in. Meher is still standing on the bomb. Meher says please go back our kids would be orphaned. Sarab says you are my life. I would rather die than to be without you. The bomb explods. Kulwant screams Meher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kis kis ne dekha aaj ka comedy episode.. rip acting, writing 🤪🤪. Sarab ko to Olympic main jana chahiye, kya jump maari hai..

  2. Shaheera Khan

    i don’t watch it now just read it here so the cow dung have started again

    1. It is getting absurd. Manav with his usual. Many feel the pain of manav. What about pain of Aditi? High time he moved on and had a child with Aditi.

  3. Cow Dung,😂😂🤣🤣

  4. Full Comedy episode, 500 rupay kato overacting ke…makers😂😂🤣🤣

    1. That’s why iam reading just updates only
      Happy Diwali @shreya and happy Diwali to all readers……

    2. Thank you and Same to you Praveena🥰

    3. Thank you and Same to you Praveena🥰😇

  5. I saw it and i liked it . here also manav is worried about karan even after sarab struggled to keep karan safe. nothing will appen to meher and sarab they also will be safe and though the action scenes are over dramatic it is appreciated to give a strong message to some obsessive person!!

    1. Yeah,Manav only cares about Karan.I wish the bomb should have exploded on Manav itself😂😂 Karan ka custody drama khatm ho jata at least😂😂
      Anyways,nothing will happen to Meher and Sarab,abhi Param ki behen aani baki hai…😉

    2. Sarab lost his wife once and he is scared to go through the same pain because, after a long time he started living like a human being again after meher came to his life. I feel like he is scared of losing his wife for the second time and the fear is what is making him think like that. He wanted to protect the whole family including Meher and didn’t want her to die just like that. Atleast he has to try because, as We saw earlier both Param and Karan really need Meher.

  6. Sarab ne prove kar dia ki woh accha husband ho sakta hai but accha father nahi..maa mar rahi hai to baap bolta hai main bhi marunga..bacche anaath ho jaye to ho jaye..

    1. Ryt Sonam, ye sarab Ka pyaar hai Meher ke liye, Goli lgi thi Sarabjeet ko,fir marathon aur fir jump😂itna true love bachhon se nahi hoga shayd usey…..

    2. Sonam shayad makers dikhana chahte hain ki sabki apni apni priorities hoti hain life mein, jaise Sarabjeet ke liye Meher aur Manav ke liye Karan.

    3. Maanav ki priority karan hi hona chahiye..jab maanav ko koi priority nahi de raha to woh kya daanveer karn baitha hai..

    4. Wahi to Sonam, Vaise Manav ko karan ke alawa bakiyon ki fikar bhi hai,vo chahta to Gill Mansion ke baahar lawn me hi Karan ke sath safely chala jata par vo andar Param aur Meher ke liye gaya, kon sa param,meher uski family hain par fir bhi vo gaya….
      Uss bechare ka to kbhi koi dard hi nhi samjhta…😣

    5. Woh sab ki fikr karta hai kyunki woh genuinely ek accha insaan hain.warna meher ki jaisi harkarte hain use to marne hi dena chahiye. Mahaan sarab ko koi bataye bina maa baap ke baccho ka kya haal hota hai. Sarab ke marne ke baad harleen fek degi karan ko ghar ke bahar aur uski naani haraamkhor ki aulaad bol bol ke use jeene nahi meher ki aatma ko lagega ki karan maanav ke paas hi accha tha

    6. Haan Sonam, O maago turu lob😂 kartey huye chale to gye par bachhon ka kya?? Bhot over dramatic tha aaj ka episode aur full comedy😝. Kal tak matlab Sarab properly walk bhi nhi kar pa raha tha, par aaj marathon race laga raha, hil dul raha, kood raha tha aur let let kar mast Nagin Dance kar raha tha😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Yrr bhot hansii aayi mujhe😂😂
      Exactly, Karan ko na to Harleen accept karegi aur Kulwant to sapola, gale ki haddi, haramkhor yhi sab se fursat nhi milegi. Btaao ganda khoon keheti hai, aur uske khud ki body me to Gutter ka pani behta hai🤣🤣😂😂😂

    7. True, the love Sarab has for Meher is greater than the love he has for his Kids. It is the bond he shares with Meher which matters the most. This has been shown many times in the serial. However, Manav is exactly the opposite. He is not a person who needs Meher or anyone to function. But he values the people who are in his life. He is a very stable person in that way. This is probably because Manav has been an orphan fending for himself almost all of his life. So he doesn’t waste time on bygones. This is why it did not take much time (2 weeks max) for him to come to accept Meher-Sarab relationship. Now his priority is his kid. He might give up his right to be Karan’s father too, if he feels that it is the best thing for Karan.

    8. Hats off to you Ginige, you explained Manav’s character very nicely. I loved it❤.

    9. Manav is a unique character, but I don’t think the makers will do justice to it. The last episode was hilarious, less said is better.

    10. Gingie,The way you elaborated Manav is amazing😍. He is really a unique character and I love his character very much.

    11. This is too funny 🤣

  7. Shaheera Khan

    what a joke of the century this show is most of the shows they ruined it by over acting away from the reality that’s why we stop watching them .

    1. Shaheera Khan

      so when is Modi is going to offer his chair for sardarni jee ?just enjoy it dont take it seriously .

  8. Haha, so true shreya 🤣🤣

  9. People are criticizing Sarab and Meher’s love for Karan like they went blind when Sarab was getting himself beaten by goons while he protected Karan. When Karan fell down when Meher’s chunnar was torn..Sarab catched Karan so carefully that he forgot about anyone else. When he was holding Karan, so carefully in his arms he saw a goon was about to attack Param, he could have tried to save Param himself and not ask Meher for it..But he knew he himself was injured and at that time his first priority was to protect Karan, he was holding in his arms, so he asked Meher to save Param because she was already fighting with a sword in her hand.
    About both of them letting their children be an orphan..They knew if they die, Karan will have Manav by his side obviously, but they were actually insensitive about Param. Harleen cannot replace his Meher Mama.

    Also About the show getting unrealistic, I agree..

    1. Dear Shruti, No one is criticising their love😊. Its just the matter of your and my perspective. Its just the matter of people’s priorities and preferences in their lives.Sarabjeet preferred to die with his wife rather than living with his children and looking after them in his remaining life. He preferred to make his children orphan rather than living his life without Meher bcoz he does not want to go through the same pain after losing his first wife.Everyone knows that Sarabjeet loves his children very much but his love for his wife is greater than his love for his children. This is what priority is. Some people have one opinion but some people may have any other opinion. Of course, his love for Meher is so pure,pious and unconditional. But its just the matter of differences in your and my opinion. Some people say haaye haaye kya pyaar hai dono ka, marne mitne ke liye taiyar hain ek dusre ke liye but some people will say haaye haaye, aashiqui nibhaane ke chakkar me bachhon ko anath kar diya.
      Its just the matter of differences in opinion.
      Btw, Pooja, Wishing you a very happy,peaceful and prosperous Deepawali😇

    2. Shreya, koi ye nahi samajh raha ki yahan sarab meher ke pyar ki baat nahi ho rahi, karan ki custody ki baat ho rahi hai. Sarab meher karan se pyar karte hain but kya unki family main karan ke saath accha behave hota hai. Kya karan ki naani us se pyar karti hai, use god main leti hai. Kya uske fua fufa use param jaisa pyar karte hain. Karan jab bada hokar poochega ki uske aur param main difference kyun kiya jata hai to meher kya jawaab degi,ki beta teri maa se bachpane main galti ho gayi thi tu usi ka nateeja hai, isiliye koi pyar nahin karta. Aur jinhe lagta hai maanav sirf ex lover hai to aisa nahi hsi woh meher ke bacche ka baap hai. Jis din usne bacche ko paida karne ka faisla le liya tha, maanav ke saath kabhi nahi tootne wala rishta jod liya tha

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Tho sonamji aapke opinion hai ki karan ko agar manav lejayega tho usse sab pyar karenge?? Kam se kam yahan pe karan ko maa aur baap donon ka pyaar milega sarab aur meher se aur bhai ka pyaar param se milega…agar manav lejaayega tho baap ko chodke kisi ka pyaar nahi milega kyonki seema deevan samaj jaayegi yeh unka beta hi nahi hai aur aditi bhi manav ko saath hi saath karan ko apnayegi iski kya guarentee hai…aur aditi agar karan se nafrat kar baiti tho kisi bhi had tak jaa sakthi hai…param ke saath usne kya karne ka socha tha voh hum sab ko patha yeh koi reason hi nahi hai karan ko manav ko dene ki. Aur manav ke identity bahar aane ke baad kya stability hoga uske life mein yeh bhi nahi patha..karan ko mehar aur sarab ke saath hi better life milega.

    4. Radhika ghar main 10 log rehte hue bhi agar do hi log tumse pyar kare to usse accha hai life main ek hi insaan ho jo tumse pyar karta ho..rahi baat seema ki aaj nahi to kal use sach pata chalega hi tab woh maanav ko bhi apnayegi aur uske bete ko bhi kyunki usne apne bete ko kabhi nahi dekha, usne hamesha maanav ko hi vikram samajha hai..pyar kabhi naam se nahi hota insan se hota hai. Rahi baat aditi ki agar woh gusse main kisi bacche ko nuksaan pahuncha sakti hai to maanav ko vaise hi use chod dena chahiye.

    5. Radhika, If I am not wrong,Sonam,Gingie and Shreya explained about the priorities in the lives of Meher,Sarab and Manav.
      Meher tried to abort Karan for Sarabjeet and Param. It doesn’t mean that Meher doesn’t love Karan but it is clear that She preferred to live with Sarab and Param. It is clear that Her first priorities are Sarabjeet and Param.
      Sarabjeet also preferred to die with Meher rather than living with his children. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his kids. But it is clear that his first priority is Meher
      If we talk about Param, he still doesn’t know that Karan is Manav’s child.We don’t know that How will he react in future,after knowing this truth?

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Yashi meher ke voh purani ek decision se hum usse judge nahin kar sakthe hain and voh abortion koi usne khushi khushi nahi karne gayi thi majboori mein gayi thi. Dekha jaaye tho manav ne bhi tho galthi ki thi na…sarab pe goli chalane ki koshish ki thi. Lekin last minute pe nahi kiya aur usko uski galthi ka ehsaas bhi hui tho isliye hum use bhool gaye right. Tho hum meher ke voh ek decision nahi bhool sakthe?? Har problem mein sabki apni apni opinion hothi hai . Yeh mera opinion hai ki karan ko mehar aur sarab ke saath hi hona chahiye aur yeh bhi patha hai ki manav ke liye yeh bohot bada nainsaafi hoga lekin manav ko bacha dene se sarab aur meher jinhone ithna saha us bache ke liye unke saath kithna bada nainsaafi hoga yeh . Hum yeh kaise bhool sajthe hain ki sarab jo apne di se ithna pyaar kartha hain ussi harleendi se lade the is bache ke liye aur meher ne bhi is bache ke liye kya kuch nahi saha hai..apne khoon ko koi bhi pyaar kar hi lega lekin kisi aur ka bacha hai yeh jaanthe huye usse pyaar karna koi choti baath nahi hai…aur us pyaar ka lehaaz rakhna chahiye humein..yeh meri opinion hai …aap apni jagah bilkul teek soch rahi ho..

    7. I feel sorry for Aditi. Manav has Karan. Sarab and meher at least have param. Who does she have? Manav is totally insensitive about her. First it was all about meher and now karan. What about the woman he married? Has he spared a thought for her

    8. He married Aditi,when he was unaware about his real identity,his real feelings. We can’t force him to love Aditi. Falling in love is a gradual process. Soon,there love will also blossom like Sarab and Meher and I am waiting for that time. I feel that he has started taking some responsibilities for Aditi without realizing himself as he was in a hurry to meet his son but still he decided to drop Aditi first. He also sent Voice Message and told her to let him know that when she will be free, he will pick her. To drop and pick up is a very small thing and anyone will do it for anyone but maybe who knows,this is the beginning of their story. And If he is nice with Aditi for Karan only,then what about Meher? Meher also married Sarabjeet for Karan only. Sarabjeet also married Meher just bcoz Param likes her. Sarabjeet had no desire for second wife. But Sarab and Meher ended up falling in love with each other.
      Pyaar zabardasti nahi hota.

    9. @shreya u r saying correct, love is beautiful feeling pyar jabardasti se nahi hota….cvs should also focus on Blooming love b/w adithi and manav….he already understood meher moved on and also he will understand adithi loves him truly…lekin time lagega iam saying this again time will heal everything…..

  10. I am happy trp has dropped because it is very irritating to watch this show

  11. Not lying but today’s episode was over dramatic.Expecially how Meher killed all those men alone with a child on her back.Including the part where Sarab was flying to save Meher from the bullet. I felt like I was watching an actual fiction movie.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I am in a different time zone and get to watch the show last. I like reading different perspectives about the show and its various characters. Sarab and Meher’s love is pure for each other, for their children and extended family. The last few shows are very dramatic and stressful to watch. new issues are emerging. First Manav’s reentry and now Kumar Pathak’s. Both are destructive. Aditi is very successful in her professional life and her personal life is a mess, especially her married life. Kulwant is creating different drama in each show and is annoying. Enough is enough, put an end to Kulwant’s cunning plans.

  13. This is such a fake serial. How is Meher and Sarab behaving towards Manav is appalling. He is supposed to be a politician for Punjab, yet he does not seem to understand why Manav wants to see his own child. Disgusting behaviour by both Meher and Sarab. Don’t like watching this anymore as this fake story put me off watching it. The way that Kulwant kaur is behaving- she is getting away with murder. It’s ridiculous. The director needs to make this more realistic. Manav should tell the family and agree joint custody of the child. Don’t like Sarab character at all. Meher is becoming an irritating person. Behaving so immature. Just because she has sorted her life she wants Manav out. The storyline are trying to portray Meher as such a brave character- I think she is a weak character.

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