Choti Sardarni 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Seher completes Guru ji’s challenge

Choti Sardarni 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param comes to Karan’s room and opens his closet. Karan says what are you doing in my room? He says I am looking for my clothes. Karan says they would be in your room. what are you checking? He says the maid exchanged them by mistake. Karan says ask your Harleen bua for your cothes. Param says stop hating her. Karan says here are your clothes, take care of them. Param says thanks. Karan sleeps.

Seher says to Rajveer why are you not asleep? He says not sleepy. Seher says we have some time left. I will go look after the preps. Rajveer brings tea for her. He says tea. Seher says how did you make this tea? He says it’s just tea. Seher says what if anything happened to you? He says you trained me. Seher drinks the tea. He says sip loudly so I can hear. Rajveer sleeps again.

Scene 2
Seher comes to Guru ji. She recalls she said to Guru ji she would bring the leaves by the first ray of sun. Seher looks at the tree. She starts climbing the tree. Seher falls Rajveer wakes up. Rajveer says I hope Seher is okay. Guru says your face only looks like Meher. Not your strength. Seher says I will get them. I am like my mom.

Rajveer is worried for Seher. Kulwant says I know you are worried but Seher will come soon. He says till then I will handle everything. Kulwant says yes you are my son in law after all. And Seher’s my grand daughter. She does what she decided. Seher keeps trying and climbs the tree. She falls down again. Guru ji says if you fail the first test forget about the next. I won’t do anything. You didn’t learn anything from your mom. You only talk. Seher keeps trying. She climbs again. Seher gets the leaves. She gets on top. Guru ji says only one minute is left. 10 seconds. Seher plucks the leaves. Sunrises. Seher says thank you mama. Rajveer is waiting for Seher.

Seher brings the leaves. Seher says my mama taught me to be brave. She learned it from you. She says to guru ji will Rajveer be okay? He says put these leaves in the fire. Sehr says what? I got them with so much difficulty. He says do as I say. Seher puts them in the fire. She says what next? He says already tired? Seher says no I can do anything for Rajveer. He says go now and come tomorrow morning.

Scene 3
The event starts. Kulwant welcomes the guests. Rajveer asks Param adn Karan to get ready. Two kids are fighting over the chocolate. Rajveer divides it for them. They say thank you. Rajveer says never fight with your siblings. Rajveer says where is Seher? Seher is on her way back. She sees the time. Rajveer says why do I feel so worried. Seher is on her way. She says I need to be there for my brothers. The road is under construction. Seher says I’ve to take the other route.

Rajveer says Seher is still not there. I don’t know where are Param and Karan. Kulwant says Param is here. Where is Karan? Karan comes downstairs. Rajveer says why areyou not ready? Where are you going? I will ask everyone to wait. Karan says where is Seher? Kulwant says she’s coming back. Go and get ready. He says Seher promised she will be there for me. She broke her promise like Punjab dal. So much drama happened there. Until Seher is here, I won’t get on the stage. Seher is on her way. Rajveer says she will come back. Karan leaves. Rajveer says I will talk to Karan. I told Seher I will handle everything. Kulwant says I trust you.

Kulwant gets on stage and says welcome everyone. I know you’re all waiting for the event to start. But this is Punjab. We start everything with fun and dance. Harleen says what drama is this? Kulwant plays desi girl. Everyone dances. Rana and Bitu dance around the house. Harleen says she’s trying to save her face. Harleen says to param what is your nani doing? He says everyone is enjoying. Harleen says where’s Param? He says I don’t know. Harleen says Param and Rajveer both are not here and they’re planning something. Kulwant is trying to distract everyone.

Seher is on her way. She recalls Karan being worried. Seher says I’ve to be there for Karan.

Episode ends

Precap-Harleen asks Karan what is your life funda? He says a person should not only talk and do things that makes him recognizable all over the world. Param says I believe if you say something and do something else no one respects you. Seher’s car breaks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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