Choti Sardarni 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandhya denies to follow any rules

Choti Sardarni 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sandhya comes out. Sarab is with Karan. Sandhya is scared. She hides. Karan says I will see you.

Param tells his friend karan is mad. Seher’s nurse has become more important to him than me. So much homework is left too. Your mom will get yours done. Sandhya comes in. Sandhya solves his maths problem. Param says I don’t need your help. Because of you Karan fought with me.

Scene 2
Kulwnat comes in. Rana butters her. He says let me massage your foot. Rana says I need your debit card. He says give me the pin. She gives him hairpin and says you can earn on your own.

Scene 3
Seher tells Sandhya karan and param fought. She says you will patch them up. Seher tells him Karan loved rabri jalebi and papa didn’t eat because he said he eats healthy. At night he sneaked in the kitchen and ate it. Meher and kids came there and caught him red handed. They all enjoyed rabri jalebi. Sandhya says I will make it. Param says in heart I will surprise him.

Param gets jabelbis made for Karan. He says but they will get cold by the time Karan comes. Param’s hand burns and he slips. Sandhya runs to him. She collides with Sarab. Sandhya gives him first aid. Sarab picks him and takes him to the hall. Sarab says what were you doing in the kitchen? He says Karan is mad at me. Sandhya wanted to surprise him with rabri jalebi before her. Sarab says did she speak to karan? He says no she wrote on paper.

Sarab shouts at Sandhya and says I told you not to break the rule. Get out. She says you asked me not to talk. Sarab says you planned on surprising him and came in front of me? She says I did because Param was in pain. Sarab says we are here for him. This paper has all the rules. Never dare to break them again. Sandhya tears the paper apart. Sandhya says I am sorry but I won’t follow any rules anymore. I came here to treat Seher but I need to fix the environment of this house. From now kids will play with me. I will laugh with Seher. That is part of her treatment. I am a nurse no one can stop me from treating my patient. I know you are mad at me. I wish Meher didn’t come in front of our car. I wish she didn’t help us. But I won’t leave until Sehrr is okay. I will be there for her. She leaves.

Sarab says I can’t tolerate her. Harleen says Sandhya is taking care of Seher. She is recovering because of Sandhya. Nothing is more important than Seher’s heath.

Sarab sees Meher. She says there’s something on your nose. Red anger. He says if you were here.. she says I would hug Sandhya and thank her. He says okay then she can stay here for Seher but will have to leave once Seher is okay. And I would never thank her.

Episode ends.

Precap- Sarab says you are alive Meher and you will meet me one day. Meher is in a hospital.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. finally our meher is here..Thank God…just hoping she wont lose her memory

  2. Radhika Purohit

    OMR… Sarab we are all with you!!! Even we cant tolerate this sandhya !!! But then we all have to untill mehar returns…
    Are the makers gonna tease us with this promo for 16th april as the precap untill Thursday??🙄🙄🙄
    There are rumours of a memory loss track since the time promo is out …Even if there is a memory loss we can definitely tolerate it!!! After all we can see our adorable sarab trying to win his bandrijis heart!! ( though i would prefer the other way round) and probably we will have light hearted episodes too rather than the all time emotional drama..
    The flashback sceneof rabdi jalebi (though a fresh scene) reminded me of the time when we used to have such light hearted episodes very frequently!!! Hope to see the gill family united soon😍😍😍 and let them eat rabdi jalebi together 😍😍😍

    1. Tarija I LOVE your positive vibes but you know that choti loves drama. I am thinking problably they are gonna make a LOVE triangle with the person Who save meher or harleen Will recieve a call that Meher is Alive but she is gonna live again. I loves how sarab has hopes, they soulmates but sometimes productions dont let live on peace some episodes

  3. @ Saviour I was thinking the same thing! Either a memory loss and Sarab somehow finds her or she regains consciousness and remembers everything and makes her way back to her family. It will be interesting to see how the makers mark Meher’s return! So excited to have Nimrith back though!!

  4. Maybe, Meher Will lose the memory and the doctor Who take care Will be a LOVE triangle or the hospital Will call and the Evil harleen Will Meher fue and another separation. Believe Producers sometimes hate the LOVE of this drama couple.

    1. @Ayni I don’t think the makers would be so quick to introduce another love triangle. They attempted with Samira and though that was cut short because of Nimrith’s health issues, I would imagine the makers would want something different. As for Harleen, I never know what the makers do with her and have no idea whether she will embrace Meher or hate her guts again. Her moods fluctuate more than the weather!
      @Radhika I was hoping that for a memory loss track, it would be Meher fighting for Sarab too! The only sad thing about a memory loss track is that we will have to wait longer for all the romantic Mehrab moments, but you’re right…that’s a lot easier to tolerate than all the high voltage drama that was this track.
      I wonder if Sandhya and Meher will be on the show together prior to her departure? Maybe it’s Sandhya that will trigger Meher regaining her lost memories?! And that’s what kind of makes Sandhya tolerable to Sarab, haha!

    2. Hahaha @MD, I wasn’t even commenting and you blame me🤔😂. Wasn’t able to watch the episodes though. I too don’t think they would put us through stress right away . In choti sardarni there was no triangle, not even when Manav was around. Glad Meher is back and with her our excitement.

    3. So sorry @ Ayni!!!
      Clearly my comment was meant for @ Luz 😂🤣
      Oh boy…this pandemic and this show are both making me lose my marbles 😅

    4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. Radhika Purohit


    6. Thanks MD. Dont worry pandémic and this drama make is become a little crazy.

    7. @ Ayni I really enjoy your comments! I find often we are in alignment with our opinions 🙂

    8. @MD: i too enjoy reading your comments👍.

  5. Radhika Purohit

    @MD… The point here is they have to make sandhyas exit along with mehars entry!! So mehar has to reunite with the family to give a good ending to her character… which the actress herself said that her character has a good ending…. so i guess we are all just overthinking…. anyways even if there is a memory loss it will be interesting but i highly doubt about it!! The makers need to concentrate more on the power of choti sardarni which they left midway because of the crisis!! So i guess they will continue with the remaining tracks now…rather than getting another track of memory loss …

    1. I thought about this too…how it wouldn’t make much sense to introduce a coma track given what we know about the planned exit for Sandhya. I’m just preparing myself because you never know with these makers and they have been so good at throwing us off and surprising and tormenting us in new ways! I will not be sad if they decide to just resume instead of any memory loss. The countdown to Sandhya’s departure is on! Great actress…wish she was a better character on this show though.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @MD… Kratika maam is a great actress… if you have time you can watch” punarvivah ” which used to air on zeetv long back… she is the lead in the show and its a really good serial… she has also done a show in colors named kasam but i havent watched it so no idea… Even i wish sandhya was a better character !!!

    3. I love kasam. Recarnation is a nice track but depend how production works in the path of story.I didnt like Tanuja personaje with other actress I dont remeber her name.But after the production brought again katrika and the TRP was better.

    4. Kasam is a very nice movie. What I didn’t like about it was it had so much reincarnation. But in general, the serial is funny and very nice. Make sure you watch it, I’ve watched it twice actually 😀

    5. Radhika Purohit

      Thank you @K.khan… i will make sure to watch it in the coming days

    6. @Radhika that is a really good point. I hope this truly happens and we get a wonderful reunion of the Gills! Just one or two episodes where we can see some family bonding and genuine happiness before we get into the next track.

  6. Kasam is a very nice movie. What I didn’t like about it was it had so much reincarnation. But in general, the serial is funny and very nice. Make sure you watch it, I’ve watched it twice actually 😀

    1. sorry I forgot and uploaded twice

  7. I forgot to ask…but did the set for the Gill mansion change?! I don’t recognize any of the rooms. There are so many colours happening in this ‘new’ Gill mansion!

    1. @MD, my first thought was did they went for a Holliday? Looked like a holiday accommodation especially the kitchen.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Looks like a temporary shift… but seeing the latest offscreen pics shoot was again in the usual gill mansion… may be they were sanitizing the sets or something and couldnt stop the shoot… but the new place looked cool 🤭🤭
      Btw… we have sehars birthday party in upcoming!!!

  8. Radhika Purohit

    This is so hilarious!!! The best SIL-MIL duo😍😍

  9. Radhika Purohit

    New promo!!! Meharab reunion through udariyan mahasangam🥳🥳🥳🥳

    1. The date is saved. Very clever of the maker to bring fateh as path to reunited. Excited!!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Yesss @ayni!!! Very much excited!! What an idea by the makers to give a dhamakedar reunion of mehrab!! 🥳🥳🥳 i just hope mehar regains her conciousness when sarab holds her hand!!! Power of true love!!

  10. Snowflake

    I cant view it…login is used 2 not happen earlier…can u post a youtube or twitter link?

  11. Well this is all very exciting 🤩🥳
    Kudos to the makers for a clever way to reunite Mehrab 🥰😍
    Now we just need to see how they transition Sandhya out of the show on a high note…perhaps it will be via Seher’s bday 🎉

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