Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Pathak is back

Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher is alone in the house. She sees Panjod ji (servant) falling and screams. Meher tries to wake him up. More people fall. Meher screams security.. The guards fall as well. Meher runs upstairs. Param and Karan are not there. Meher screams and looks for them. Meher says Param. Param comes and hugs her. Meher picks Karan from the stroller. Param says we were playing hide and seek. Meher takes the phone and tries to call Sarab but there’s no network. Meher tries to use a landline. Param says are we not playing a game? Meher says now we will. Meher takes the sword. She ties Param and Karan with herself.

Some knocks on the door madly. The person breaks the door. Meher points the sword at the door. Parma says I am scared. Meher says keep God in mind. Meher says you have to become my eyes. You keep an eye on behind and I will look in front.

The man is Pathak. He recalls how Sarab got him arrested. He says Sarab you ruined my career and life so I will kill you all. You’re in the hospital and I will kill your family. He laughs.

Meher comes to the hall. There are many attackers. Meher fights with them with a sword.

Scene 2
Seema asks Aditi and Vikram to take prasad. They are about to leave. Seema says I put a coconut in the lawn and it had seeds. Vikram says what does that mean? She says that means you will have a son. Aditi says that’s not true. She says make me dadi doctor Sahiba. Seema gives her a necklace. She says this is your gift. She gives Surya’s chain to Vikram. She says you will have it now. They touch her feet and hug her. Manav says in heart Karan, you will celebrate Diwali with your dad.

Meher keeps beating the good down. Param keeps eye on the back side.

Scene 3
Kulwant makes laddos. Amrita says so much? She says I have to make it for sarab. Jeeto’s family comes. Kulwant says who are you? Jeto says they are joking. Kulwant says Manjit.. You come once a year. He says happy Diwali. Kulwant says congratulating without anything? He says there is a gift. He gives her a gift of pan. Kulwant laughs. Bitu says she he brought what he sells. Kulwant says your daughter will clean it.

Vikram and Aditi are on their way. Aditi gets a call. She says I have an emergency. I have to go to the hospital. He says other doctors can manage. She says no, it’s as important as your emergency duty. He says okay I will drop you.

Meher keeps fighting the goons. She recalls Sarab saying he’s always with her.

Harleen and Robbie come to Kulwant’s house. Amrita gives kheer to Manjit. Kulwant takes it and gives to Harleen. Harleen says your gift. Robbie says my mom sent it from Canada. Kulawnt says wow my Ginni. See this Manjit got me a pan. Robbie says and Amrita? Amrita leaves. Kulwant says have some tea. Harleen says we have to go. They leave. Kulwant sees the necklace.

Meher stabs another goon. Param says Meher mama look behind.

Pathak calls Sarab. He says happy Diwali. Sarab says same to you but who is this? He says your family’s Yamraj. Sarab says how dare you.. Pathak says you don’t have time. Wait for your family to die. And then you will die. Sarab calls home. Meher keeps fighting with the goons. One tries to hit Param. Meher stabs him.

Precap-Sarab runs on the road to get home. Meher fights with them. Someone shoots Meher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The most unrealistic fight ever on Indian television. Now someone will take the bullet for Meher,Who will it be?

    1. Haha true, it looked ridiculous and out of nowhere.

    2. Lol… for the entire episode I was in disbelief. Really don’t understand the theory behind showing the leads as superhuman.

    3. This is what happens more often than not when writers lose the plot and script write nonsensical storylines to leep a drama going. A good drama should keep tothe storyline and not keep dragging on with meaningless episodes. Why do dramas have to be long drawn out. Cant writers stick to the plot and wrap up once its time to do so

  2. I see a lot of you saying Manav lost everything. Pls what did he lost? Somebody who is a nobody went and put his hands in a place higher than him. Meher as the daughter of a king is a princess. Did he marry her properly. We are just talking bcs it’s a film. In reality will you allow someone to just come and impregnate your daughter without marriage. To me I won’t kill him but will never accept him. Co-parenting will be extremely difficult for Sarab bcs that will make his wife be with her exlover times without number. So the best thing is that Karan should be Meher and Sarab. That does not mean he cannot visit the baby when he likes. After all he is an inlaw there. When the baby grows up to like 10years, he can start going on holidays. Now, who wants to kill Meher and her family. Sarab is such a good man he does not deserve all these sufferings. How many men can accept a pregnant bride and cover her secret. Love the baby like his own. This your so called Manav, when Param was kidnapped, did he do anything even as a CBI officer? No. Instead, he traveled to Serbia to go and witch-hunt Meher. Pls pls let his mother and mother go and take care of him

    1. Funmilayo, I really respect your opinion but You said that we are just talking because its just a serial. You are talking about reality that you will not accept Manav as your son in law? Of course, if you are a mother,then it is genuine that you are going to hate Manav. BUT,BUT,BUT If you will not accept Manav as your son in law, then who will marry your daughter? Which Sarabjit will come to accept your daughter in “real life”?

    2. Shreya just to let you know there are “Sarabjits” in real life. A friend of mine has been blessed to have met a “sarabjit” in her life. They may be few but good souls like him do exist

    3. Really Manmeet, wow…I would like to meet him once in my life. By the way, its a personal question, I hope you don’t mind… Your friend also suffered like Meher? Did her boyfriend cheated her? Did her boyfriend die?
      Anyways,whatever happened to her was past, I am very happy for your Friend now.
      But, It is not necessary that like your friend, funmileyo’s daughter will also get Sarabjeet if her daughter gets pregnant before marriage.
      After all, you said that good souls like Sarabjeet exists but are only few.
      Generally, we don’t get Sarabjeet easily in our society. There are only limited Sarabjeet.

    4. This is my so called Manav,who sent his full CBI Team to rescue Param. His team includes 12 years experienced CBI Officers as well. Remember,he said, “Param ko ek kharonch bhi nahi aani chahiye, uss bachhe me Meher ki jaan basti hai, mujhe meri team par pura bharosa hai.” Vo baat alag hai, ki bechare 12 years experienced CBI officers ne faltu me UPSC jaisa one of the most difficut exam of the country ko crack kiya, par fir bhi Meher ne Serbia baithe baithe aur Gills ne Param ko bachaya. All CBI Officers be like arey arey degree barbaad😂…..Meher never cracked any NEET exam and she does not have any BAMS degree but she is still practicing Ayurveda,that too in Serbia🤣🤣🤣
      We can’t expect reality from this kind of show.😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    5. Beautiful explanation for the present situation I agree with your narration which is by all means true. Nothing to say a word totally logical

    6. Beautiful explanation for the present situation I agree with your narration which is by all means true. Nothing to say a word totally logical

    7. Yrr…sorry, mujhe galat mat samjhna Funmilayeo, par yar sirf isiliye kyunki Sarabjeet Meher ko apne ex se baar baar miltey dekhega isiliye joint custody nahi karni chahiye,ye koi bat ni hoti. Arey, yrr vo Sarabjeet hai…he is the gem of person.He is diamond, a pure hearted person and greattt….!! He is Rab.Vo bina ye jane ki uski wife ke baby ka father kaun hai,usne accept kia. Vo itna achha hai,itna vishvas karta hai Meher par. Aur vo Meher mar gayi hai jo Manav se pyar karti thi,ye nayi meher hai jisey Sarabjeet ne janm diya hai….itna pure relation hai Mehrab ka,itna vishvas hai,to sirf is wajah se ki Meher Manav milenge ye to koi bat nahi hoti hai,vese bhi ye dono to mila hi karte hain, to is bat ke liye ek baap ko uske bete se door nahi karna chahiye, hak se Karan ko Bade hokar Manav ko papa bolna chahiye, aisa kyun ki apna khud ka beta hotey huye bhi vo fufa bankar jiye aur kbhi kbhi milne jaye apne bete se.

    8. @shreya I couldn’t agree more with you. Lies are more destructive as the time pass. We are already witnessing the outcome of the secrets now, it will get worse later on. All of them should sit together, share whole truth and find some arrangements. And if they can’t then family court exists and nothing to be embarrassed in taking law’s help. Helping civilians solve problems is the whole purpose of justice system.

    9. Yeah Jui, you are absolutely right and I agree with you. Family court is the best option.

    10. Shesha485

      @Hats off to you, Funmilayo. You’re right and accurate about Manav and Sarab although I could not get any idea of Meher

    11. Nope .What you have said is abhorrent.
      “Somebody who is a nobody went and put his hands in a place higher than him” Yuck.

  3. Shaheera Khan

    so there jhansi ki rani is killing so many peoples singe handed.

  4. Sarab is just coming from the hospital then Meher is going to be next. This people it seems that they really like hospital scenes. Throughout the series the family has been in and out the hospital. First it was Meher, then Param, then Meher again, then Sarab and now Meher will be going back after being shot. We are tired of Hospital scenes ,they should bring something new.

    1. Shesha485

      I agree with you, K.Khan. Always hospital scenes.I like first three hospital scenes especially Param’s one although they dragged or stretched it. But the past two hospital scenes are too much. Blood in a beaker… So much dramas…

  5. Todays episode was rather over dramatic, especially Meher fighting all those people. Kulwant is Kulwant, insulting in laws who don’t come with enough gift’s.

  6. Shaheera Khan

    waao sarab was in hospital was not allowed to move around and now he having a marathon race to win no taxi or lift at all

    1. May be Vikar will give him a ride since his is on the way to hospital with aditi

  7. My reply was to funmileyo I liked that comment I don’t like manavs nusence any further his reentry totally spooled the beauty of the show. His obsession for Meher n now for kid are irritating. By mistake my comment was posted thrice above. I don’t know how to remove extraones

  8. I think Manav will take the bullet not for Meher but for Karan. Meher’s back was turned and Karan was tied to her back, so to avoid the bullet hitting Karan, Manav takes it. This would then show how much Manav loves Karan and Meher can give him a chance to help father his son. I agree with Shreya, let it all come out, let Manav and Aditi live in the Gill mansiom and they all take care of each other as sad as it is because we know Manav still loves Mehere but respects her decision to be with Sarab. Today’s episode was really too unreal that the show has lost some of its beauty. Anyways, to all the readers, Shubh Divali.

    1. Happy Diwali Muskaan😊
      Yeah, I was also thinking the same that Manav will take the bullet for Karan or may be the bullet will go in the air.

  9. Sherya please tell me who save Param was it Manav and his team or was his mother and the whole family.
    who gave Karan a family and his name especially when the nurse asks Meher who is the father of the baby and didn’t care what his sister taught.
    What happened to Manav was so wrong, but he needs to stop his childish ways and grow up. Meher suffers a lot but she found happiness. Put yourself in her shoes and let me hear your response. If all three of them come together and talk and understand each other feelings and what BEST for Karan and not their self. it would be good.
    Meher is a true Warrior fighting to protect HER KIDS, She a true Queen the protect her family, and even when his not there Sarab is her strength.
    Manav Karan doesn’t need balloons and toys that he needs his a responsible father. You’re not the ONLY one who suffers. People is a series and get upset

    1. Angie, Param was saved by his family but pls tell me who saved Karan from fire? Manav,Ryt? Manav was unaware about the fact that Karan is his son but still saved him.
      Meher suffered a lot but found happiness and what about Manav? He suffered a lot but never got any happiness. A boy lost his identity,his dreams,his love and was about to lose his life but I don’t understand why people don’t feel Manav’s pain? What is the problem in joint custody? Family court is the best option as suggested by Jui. Par nahi nahi Manav ko kaise khushiyan mil jayein,vo to khali supporting actor hai na,sirf Hero Heroine ko hi khush rehne ka hak hai.
      I don’t want that Meher should completely hand over Karan to him. I want that they should opt joint custody.
      Meher is queen,arey hogi queen vo apne ghar ki,apne mohalle ki,apne chauraahe ki…. But for me,She is not even a person with good morals.What kind of woman Meher is? Manav was brutally stabbed and thrown in the river in front of Meher. So,as per Meher, Manav was murdered and was dead.Ryt? Why Meher didn’t tell about Manav to police even when she and her baby were accepted by Sarabjeet and they were safe from Kulwant’s evil intentions. Any person with good morals would have drawn in guilt until gets justice for him,especially the person whom we claim to love.Arey yrr,itni berehmi se mere saamne mere padosi ko bhi maar diya jaye to mai depression me chali jaaun, chlo depression chhoro, mai to tab tak chain se na baithun jab tak uske culprits ko saza na dilwa dun. Kya tum chain se baithoge 1 saal tak agar koi tumhare pyaar ke sath aisa kare? Bolo? But Meher remained silent for for one year….Why? Oh, Kahin sab ki khushiyan na barbaad ho jayein is ek sach se…Ryt? Yahi hoga Meher ka answer….A person’s life is more important than any other thing for me.
      Why she didn’t tell Jeeto and Ginny about their respective criminal husbands? Why she kept them in dark?
      Ab bas ye sab jo hua, ye sab jo meher ne sabse chhupaya,ye kismat hai,ye niyati hai,ye bhalaai hai….O my goodness

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Manav does deserve some happiness in life. But here it will cost his sons future if he lets this entire truth out coz karan is karanjeet singh gill, sarab and mehers child in front of the society, tomorrow when the entire story will be out that child will become a child born out of wedlock and the society will react in a way exactly like how harleen reacted when she got to know about it. People will start calling that kid kisi ka paap .. or najaayaz bacha and etc ..joint custody do work in a scenario where people are previously “legally” married and they have a kid (even in such cases the child does suffer sometimes ) this really is a problem which doesnot have a perfect solution with all being happy.. someway or the other either mehar and sarab or manav or karan will have to suffer and be sad

    3. Radhika, you are ryt. Manav or Mehrab or Karan,one will have to suffer and I know the one who is going to suffer will be Manav. I think that Manav is going to die again. Sahi hai yar mar jaye Manav, Manav khatam, problem khatam….

    4. Shreya, you raised valid points against Meher.

    5. Sarabjeet has not taken any training of being responsible father.He should have also understood his responsibilities gradually. Jab Param paida hua hoga, to kya turant Sarabjeet ke pas aadi shakti ne vardaan de diya usey zimmedari uthaane ka.Every parent goes through this phase. If I will become a mother,I will also learn slowly, if you will become mother,you will also learn gradually….Mai,aap,har koi guzarta hai ya guzrega is phase se.

    6. Of course, every parent goes through this phase.

    7. Anyways Angie, we all have a feeling that Makers are going to kill Manav again. And then full custody of Karan will go to Meher and Sarabjeet.
      Happy Dhanteras Angie😊

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