Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit insults Meher


Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The kids wake up. They hear the sound of the stick. Kids say, devil uncle? How did he get the stick? Meher comes there with a stick dressed like Daar ji. The kids say, mama.. Meher says are you ready kids? The kids say we broke this stick. Meher says this stick is of your younger dadu, Gurbaskh Singh ji. The kids say so they had the same sticks. Your papa gave it to me to keep it safe. Daar ji comes. Meher touches his feet. Meher gives him the stick. He says I separated from my brother 25 years ago reunited us. You have kept our family’s heritage and memories safe. It feels so good. He says this isn’t just a stick. It’s my brother, your dada. You have 2 grandfathers now. Big dadu, me, and younger dadu, Gurbaskh, he shows them the stick. He says come take blessings from your younger dadu. The kids touch the stick. He says are you ready for your punishment? Seher says I had to make my school project and Param and Karan are helping us. Karan says can you punish us after two days? Meher says don’t worry I will help you with the project. Daar ji says did you hear? You broke the stick and had fun? Now get punished.

Scene 2
Daar ji makes them run in the garden. They get tired. The song hanikarak plays.

Meher is looking for something. She sees Karan’s file. She recalls how angry Harleen got. Sarab comes and picks her. He says I am the world’s luckiest man to have a wife like you. You solve problems before they arise. Thank you for reminding me of dad’s stick. He says why are you up on the stool? She says I was looking for Seher’s stationery. Sarab picks her. Mehr says I will fall. Leave me. They run after each other.

The file falls. Tai ji comes and picks it. She is about to open it. Sarab closes her eyes and says what soap do you use? no one can have skin like this? And your eyes are like the sun. She laughs. Meher says Tai ji what did you come for? She says Sarab I wanted to talk to you. Daar ji’s friends are coming. We wanted them to be served well. Meher says don’t worry. Tai ji says I get worried seeing your face. Did anyone come from your place? Where is your mom? Do they have no interest in meeting your in-laws?

Scene 3
Kulwant says Meher thinks my game has ended? My game starts where people end. I got time to think here. Bitu says what are you thinking? She says destruction of the Gill family. Once I get out of here I will ruin their family.

Scene 4
Tai ji says where is your family? Where is your mom? Sarab says they are busy with something. They will come. Why do a girl’s family need to come always? We are all equal. She says these are old rituals. You won’t understand. She has taught you her ways.

The kids are tired. Daar ji asks how are you? They say not good. They laugh. Meher gives them juice. Daar ji says give them milk. They can’t exercise for a few minutes. Now see how I make them lions. Meher says if your blessings are with them they will become a lion. His knees hurt. Meher says all good? He says yes I am fine. Tai ji gives him hot water. Meher says it will increase the pain. You should give him an ice pack? Tai ji says I know how to serve him. You don’t need to teach me. Ice increases pain.

Dolly serves badam halwa to everyone. He says tell me tables till 20 in Punjabi. The kids are confused. He teaches them 21’s table. Amrita chokes. She tries to get water. Daar ji tries to stand but he can’t. Meher comes there and hits on her back. She spits out the halwa. Amrit slaps Meher. Everyone is shocked. Tai ji says how are you punch me? Is that what your family has taught you? To hit your elders? Stop staring at me? Meher says but.. she says silent. Meher says I have been taught if you choke hitting on the back can spit it out. She says I know you were taking revenge. Sarab says Meher can never do that. Tai ji says stop being her lawyer. You weren’t even here. She starts crying and says she was hitting him. She has made you a slave. But I recognized her. She’s very clever. She shows her true colors. She made food and added hair in it and hit me in the name of saving? Meher says but I was.. Tai ji says I saw everything.

Daar ji shouts Amrit Kaur.. Enough. He says don’t you dare to say a word against this daughter. Karan says devil ji is taking Meher mama’s side? Daar ji says Sarab wasn’t here but I was. You couldn’t breathe. She saved at the right time. You could die otherwise. And you.. Instead of thanking her, you’re accusing her? Tai ji says for this girl, you’re insulting me in front of everyone? Dolly says please calm down. Drink water. Dolly cries and says I don’t want it. Meher says Daar ji please don’t say anything to her. She’s like my mother, it’s her right. Tai ji says don’t do this drama in front of me. She leaves. Meher cries. Seher says why was she scolding you mama? Sarab says nothing. Meher recalls what she said.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says I am scared. I hope we don’t have to hide another truth and lie again. Sarab says what other truth? Seher says I was in jail, how would I get a photo there? Amrit comes there and says what did you say? Karan says Meher mama was in jail for many days.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Radhika Purohit

    OMR!!! This tayiji crossed all limits of patience today… she is lucky that sarab respects her so much and hence only spoke in favour of meher and didnt lash out his anger… had she been someone else then would have faced Sarabjeet Singh Gills wrath too!!! But anyway i am satisfied that she got good lashing from daarji.. that was just😍😍 daarji had felt bad for meher even for the icepack issue and then with this incident he lost his patience… Good Lord that lady is mad!!! Even dolly and harleen are better than her… she doesnt understand anything sensibly… couldn’t she understand that meher was playfully hitting sarab with the pillow… was it necessary to taunt that too…
    And then the precap!!! Now the jail issue is out again!!! I think meher is discussing the same with sarab or she may be referring to kulwants truth 🤔🤔🤔 and finally we got the glimpse of the famous three… kk, bittu and rana…
    All these years except for sarab no one in Gill family have really loved and accepted meher … everyone just keeps quiet because they are scared of sarabs reaction… BUT finally there is some elder in the house that too the eldest one speaking for meher🥳🥳🥳 hope daarji understands that meher was innocent in the murder case … i think he will… and day by day he is becoming my next favourite character after mehrab and their kids😍😍

    1. are you guys on twitter if you are please dicuss n twitter using #ChotiSarrdaarni hashtag it ll be fun

    2. @Radhika I hope they tel darji the truth before the witch tells him.

  2. TheSilentGirl

    The story was going smoothly and kept me hooked on the show until the slap scene. Truly unacceptable! I can never accept a man raising his hands on a woman, what more if a woman raises her hands on another woman. It is well said that an enemy of a woman is another woman of the same kind! The more I couldn’t digest when Sarab failed to protect his wife from the abusive MIL. Isn’t it obvious to him that his aunt has been abusing his beloved wife verbally, and now physically! Why cant the makers show sarab protecting his wife? They also failed to show sarab consoling and comforting Meher after the verbal abuse done regarding KK’s whereabout. Sarab is more concerned on the truth of Karan’s birth secret rather than the abuse that the wife is going through. How pathetic! They only show him talking for her but never really shield her from getting abused. He is just trying to be a mediator, that’s how it looks to me. Why the makers are showing him weak like that?! If it was sarab who got the slap, meher would have chopped the hand of the person or even send to jail! But why not with sarab? This happened in the past when he dealt with the abusive harleen. His anger is not that satisfying to watch. How can you not get angry when your wife gets slapped in the public? Why didn’t he warned his aunt like how he warned the biker who almost hit his wife? Is it because she is his aunt and much older in age he can choose to deal with her politely? This is the reason why many women gets abused in the world. The own husband and family failed to stand up for her! Please don’t tell me that Sarab did defend her by explaining to his aunt. That’s neither defending nor protecting! It’s just an act to calm down the angry buffalo! Oops… 😅 I really hope the makers show Sarab lashing at his aunt for her bad behaviour. Don’t create more injustice to Sarab’s character. We need to see the anger in him that was shown when sandu raised his voice on meher!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @TheSilentGirl…That scene @sandhu’s house is one of the best scene which was just🔥🔥🔥 and infact all sandhu did was raise his voice against meher… but the anger that sarab had at that time was somuch at its peak…
      And its not just sarab, even meher just keep quiet when anything is thrown at them by elders in gill mansion… infact in matter with harleen sarab is much better than meher in giving answers… meher just tolerates everything and anything thrown at her by her inlaws… harleen kept her away from sarab still meher just loves her harleen di🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Sarab is and has always been a shield for meher and protecting her… and he would have protected her from getting slapped too had he foreseen it… who would have expected that this mad lady will slap the woman who saved her life😡😡😡 the same happened with harleens slap to meher long back… if we see the episode… sarab never knew harleen was gonna slap meher… without even telling that she is upset or angry the first thing she did on seeing mehrab was slapping meher… but sarab definitely stopped the second slap.. yes harleen was about to slap again and sarab stopped her… even for human reflexes to act a man needs time… so no point in saying that sarab should have stopped the slap itself… he is not antaryami to know that his tayiji is crazy!! A normal person wouldn’t slap meher and so a slap was not expected in that scene… and one can prevent only those things which are foreseen…
      And about tayiji trying to insult meher about her family… I think sarab gave the most befitting reply in the most polite way… well that is sarab… a man who speaks politely and respectfully even to the woman who tried to kill him just because she is his MIL.. that cannot be changed overnight.. its sarabs nature that he is polite to the elders in the family.. So dreaming of sarab lashing out will just remain as a dream… he may get upset… he may give a polite ultimatum…
      I am more upset with mehers reaction to her inlaws action!! Its a different meher who fights for her bhabhis rights in dhillon house and a different meher who just keep apologizing even when she is not wrong in gill mansion!!!

    2. Yes,that is my point of view as well their is 2 different mehar when it comes to Dillon’s house and gill mention..she lashes at her mother and brother for every small issue but at gill mention she always quit and bearing everything weither its write or wrong this not choti sardarni..

    3. TheSilentGirl

      @Sonua For me it looks like a double standard on Meher’s side! If she could forgive her SIL for treating her like shit, and showing discrimination among the kids, why can’t she do the same to her own family? I know what KK has done is a crime, but Robby committed a crime too (the scam). But for the sake of keeping the in-law family in harmony, she dropped the case. Hoping for the makers to show Meher as a woman standing up for herself, Karan and going against all the odds. Not stay submissive anymore!

    4. TheSilentGirl

      *sorry @Sonia

    5. @TheSilentGirl: Interesting observations. Sarab by nature is meek and unconfrontational, hence he rarely challenges others, let alone his elders. Meher, for her part, is even meeker – her mother killed her lover and got her married to Sarab and she showed minimal resistance. Meher very rarely challenges her in laws and here she is facing the classic domineering mother in law in the form of Tayiji. There will be little need for KK to take any ‘revenge’ when she comes out of jail, as the Gill house may well be on fire anyway by than as Tayiji may find out the reasons why Meher went to jail.

    6. Radhika Purohit

      But yes after the slap i expected and sarab should have had a better response after the slap!!! Even a polite one but a firm one wherein he draws a clear line about getting physically abusive to his wife!!!

    7. TheSilentGirl

      @Radhika the reason why many fans are giving negative reaction is obviously for Sarab’s reaction post the slap. There is even screen shot of his expression that is on the social media’s that sparks more anger.
      The question is not why he didn’t stop his aunt from slapping meher. It is why he didn’t stop her from further degrading and harassing done on meher. He could always draw a boundary for certain kind of attitudes as he is the owner of the hse. Age is just a number. Respect should be earned not given based on someone’s age. And after all the hell that meher went through and still in the process of recovery, Sarab’s reaction is definitely a big NO! The only one who really protected meher in yesterday’s ep is definitely the uncle not Sarab. Like I mentioned earlier, he was just calming the angry buffalo. I’m not saying sarab has never protected meher. Obviously he is a good husband who provides and protects his wife and children. Only under certain circumstances he fails to do so, such as in yesterday’s ep. As a man of your family, you need to find solution for such domestic problems quickly. Not leaving the guests to act in undesirable way just because they are old and have made a return after 25 years! Looking forward for the jail-birth track now. I want to see if sarab is going to keep standing like a mannequin listening to all the shit that is being spewed at his wife and only say a few lines as a way of protecting her, or do what he is rightfully supposed to do.

    8. Radhika Purohit

      @TheSilentGirl… sarab has a lot of patience but he goes against elders too when he has to absolutely do it … finest example is mehers abortion track… though he was respectful towards harleen still he made sure harleen realized her boundaries when it comes to his wife and unborn child and made her stop the abortion herself!! We may have to see another one or two episodes of this diplomtic and peacemaking behaviour of sarab but he will definitely take a stand during the ultimate drama of this track!!!
      And when the audience is so angry that he didnt himself lash out at tayiji no one sees that even for a second he didnt believe his so called tayijis accusations!!! There have been so many shows where in fact the husband joins the mother to blame the wife!!! And then fight ensues between the couple and then they resolve and such couples on ITV bag the award for best onscreen couple!!! Everyone sees what he didnt do but no one sees what he did… no one realizes that after the slap he was there beside her, standing by her side against anyone!! Yes he may be polite, too polite infact… but he is with her…
      Infact the same show had the couple Jagga and Amrita … where jagga loved amrita too apparently but if the same scene happened at dhillon house with kk blaming amrita, it wouldn’t take 1 whole minute for jagga to snap at amrita!!! And blame her!!
      Since we all know very well that sarab would never believe tayijis accusations we are not noticing the beauty his actions had.. instead we are all more focussed what we wanted him to do!!! Even i was upset about the reaction post slap… but after giving it a deeper thought i realized that there is nothing much to blame him for… what he did was nothing less in comparison to what usually happens in other couples…

  3. Radhika Purohit

    And one thing i dont understand… why meher and sarab allows their elders to behave as they please??? Meher very well takes a stand against kk but never against her inlaws… sarab neither takes against kk nor against his family… seriously they always need not apologize when it isnt even their fault… meher is supposed to be the sherni who fights all wrong… and definitely sarab would support her as she is right.. they need to stop this submissive attitude

    1. Wow first you praise these two silly people, and then you point out faults. You say they could have been better, hahaha! What an irony.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @Megha Desai.. read the comment carefully…. I meant that sarab and meher shouldnt be polite to this extent and instead should stand up for themselves when the elders are wrong… its not a fault.. its a quality… But then what else can one expect from a person like you who probably doesnt even know the meaning of politeness, respect and good manners!!!

      P.S: I had to make this personal remark because you chose to make a personal remark challenging my brain

  4. Looks like Kk is going to be causing more trouble, let’s hope it dies not go too far and end up in murder, and the beginning of that long rumored leap!

  5. I think I have missed a few episodes. I am not sure whether SabHer married after Meher’s return from the hospital. I only saw the marriage proposal scene and nothing else.
    If that happened, then is day before yesterday’s wedding their fifth one?
    I think they married on the following occasions other than these ‘two’
    1) First Wedding
    2) Rana and Ginni’s Wedding
    3) Manav and Aditi’s Wedding (miss this couple quite a lot!)

    1. Could someone clear this doubt please? @Radhika Purohit @MD @Charl @Ayni @TheSilentGirl

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Sabher married 4 times in total
      1.The actual wedding
      2.Ginni Rannas wedding
      3.Aditi Vikrams wedding
      4.The mega wedding to renew their wows and love with the excuse that kids wanna see their wedding 😜

      Meher only proposed sarab after her return… they didnt marry again

    3. Thank you @Radhika Purohit for replying.
      Actually, I missed the episodes of Rana and Gianni’s wedding. Could you tell me how it was and what MehRab did in it please? Like how they indulged in wedding festivities.

      I remember Amrita once said during Manav and Aditi’s wedding that Mehar hadn’t enjoyed any of her marriage functions, and Manav and Aditi’s marriage gave her the chance to enjoy the wedding functions. So how was Rana and Ginni’s wedding from the eyes of MehRab?

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Mehrab only had tha anandkaraj… actually perry was trying to replace ranna by wearing sehra… but mehrab saved rana and asks him and ginni to have a court marriage… meanwhile in the mandap mehrab sits and groom and bride under sehra and ghoonghat and performs anandkaraj… at the end of pheras harleen feels that its not ginni and rana and asks them to show their face… then its revealed that its mehrab and not ginni rana
      Actually this anandkaraj is my personal favourite among all 4 weddings… good emotional flashbacks were shown with the anandkaraj…

  6. Taiji is the biggest chandal ever. Daarji taught her the best lesson. SARAB needs to take a stand for meher which he does but he is weak infront of his family which is pathetic. Even when i was 14years old i could take a better stand than this. Kicked my own aunt out of the house for being rude.

    She needs to learn her place as a guest and not just as taiji aka chandal aurat….

    Sarab needs to lash out at her soon.

  7. Daarji is a wonderful addition to the cast but honestly Taiji is useless and a kalank on the show…..

    1. Couldn’t agree more! They should’ve bought him on his own! Would also love to see darji v KK! KK as a villain is so good to watch Taiji makes me
      Want to switch channels!

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @Charl… please dont switch channels🙏🙏 just close your eyes or move away from the TV… but if you switch channels TRP will fall!!

  8. I am really disappointed to show this kind of story MIL enfact she isn’t one, that the moment she reached to the gill mantion, she allowed her self to undermine the owner of that hause! How can a guest allows herself to act the way she acted! The path they’re taking is really disturbing and insulting too. Sarah better start to drow some lines when it comes to his kids and wife! makeing sure that his wife gets respect doesn’t mean that he is disrespect the elders! If elders don’t respect the youngest why teach children to do so. The perfect example is param and Karan, dolly said param is the eldest so, he is always right! with out any explanations 👉 the same question arises here! Like Karan did not accept this, neither of Mehran. If CS wants to stay unique should rethink its own uniqueness!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @Ayni… people are already mad at makers for the slap scene and sarabs reaction post the slap… i dont know what the makers are planning but hope its something good… btw jail issue comes out tomorrow and karans issue on Monday… we really have such episodes coming up which is gonna make us angry and sad🙄🙄

    2. Yeah @Radhika, gail issue is okay by me and hope they make sure that Meher tells sarab that she came back after her release and Harleen sent her away.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      I dont know whats going on in the mind of makers… even their other show on starplus which is one of the top shows is witnessing hate from the viewers that the elders in the house are verbally abusing the DIL and the husband isnt taking stand for her… infact it was trending on twitter today to boycott that show🙄🙄🙄 probably some serious issue there…
      And then they bring similar track (not exactly the same) here too… are they trying to make some point at the end of all this or are they just not aware that audience is hating this abuse of DIL by inlaws i dont know🙄🙄
      Yesterday i was all praises for the track but today i dont know what to say about the track… well my favourite statement from Instagram regarding todays episode is the one which said meher should have shoved back the badam down tayijis throat🤣🤣 and i absolutely agree … she should have just done that…

    4. @Radhika Purohit, tnx for the info. I watch passionately only CS will continue to do so because I know they are capable of making it unique again. 🤔🤔Just don’t understand them why they sometimes make us hate them.😳💔

    5. Radhika Purohit

      @Ayni even i dont watch that show… but this news was circulating so much and since the makers are the same i just read a few tweets and got this info… and thinking of todays episode i found the similarity

    6. Me too @Ayni!!! Trust me…I am dying for this to happen and have some hope since the makers keep bringing up the past, particularly around what happened 5 years ago!

  9. @Radhika Purohit – Sandhu’s house? Are you mixing this with Udariyaan (which currently has a very interesting story indeed) ?

    1. Radhika Purohit

      There is no mixup… probably you dont know the whole story of CHOTISARRDAARNI 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
      Udaariyaan may or maynot have an interesting story… i dont know… i dont watch the show… so i really dont know…

    2. Sandhu’s were the one who wanted to be in lows to Gill’s family by marring ginni.

    3. Oh @Radhika Purohit you really need to have a brain to understand. @AJ meant one simple thing and that is the shows have had a common villain. The lead family is also ‘Sandhu’ in that show, hence the confusion is genuine.
      You have seen all CS episodes, okay. What do we do of it? Publish it in the Guinness Book of World Records?????? Stop priding yourself on that and looking down upon others.
      “Udaariyaan may or maynot have an interesting story… i dont know… i dont watch the show… so i really dont know…” fine, who is asking for your comments on that? Is the world nothing more than CS to you?

    4. Radhika Purohit

      @Megha Desai… since you simply have to poke your nose in comments specifically tagged for someone else and wont shut up even when your comments are ignored let me reply to this one… WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO COMMENT ON MY BRAIN or MY INTELLIGENCE??? I dint ask @AJ to comment that i had a mixup with a show that I dont even watch.. and thats not because something is wrong with other shows.. its just that at a time I watch only one show… its my personal choice and yes, I am definitely proud of my choices in life!!! Be it my real life choices or choice related to a TV show!!!
      “Looking down upon others” is more like your quality not mine!!!
      Also if I was not asked an opinion about udariyan then even @AJ was not asked about udariyan… if @AJ can express a view on udariyan even I can!!! And i have only told that i dont know if the story is interesting since i dont watch the show!!! Whats so wrong about it???
      And no !!! I have not watched all the episodes of CHOTISARRDAARNI!!! there are episodes which I have voluntarily chosen not to watch and have only read the updates!!!.. What I said was that if one doesnt remember sandhu in CS then one doesnt know the whole story of CS.. Considering the fact that the track involving them was a very much significant track in CS!!! Even a school going child would understand what that meant!!!…Also if @AJ doesnt have a problem in it why are you poking your nose in comments not at all directed to you?? It wasnt even a general comment!!! So you first learn to mind your own business.. Have you not learnt in school that it is bad manners to intervene in a conversation between two people and create problems there!!! Or you know that , but since you love bad manners just chose to do so???

  10. @Radhika Purohit – ok, you were referring to Ginni’s potential in laws. But by coincidence there is indeed a link between the two serials – Ginni’s than suitor in CS has played a rogue in Udariyaan as well, leaving the heroine in that show on her wedding night after stealing from her.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @AJ… an actor is allowed to play different roles in different shows… that doesnot mean the shows are connected..
      One thing common btwn udaariyan and CS is at the level of makers associated with the channel… but the stories arent connected

  11. Dissapoiment of this show. I thought choti was diferent but each day they story is a mess. Sorry with my opens words and the trp is low and the show is under scanner. I feel sorry for the Cast is wonderful but story is 😩 without words.

  12. Okay I finally just saw it…late on the reply today!!!
    HOLY MOLY DO I WANT TO SLAP TAI JI!!!!!!! She comes into the gill mansion with this chip on her shoulder thinking everything will be done her way and she is free to teach anyone a lesson without any consequences??? The only way to shut her up is through Daarji, because noone else is going to pipe up. She was WAY out of line today. She doesn’t even know Meher and has made 100 false assumptions about her character. She has insulted Meher and MEhrab’s relationship. She clearly doesn’t understand or care about boundaries. There is NO redemption for her at this point. She is going into the same garbage pile as Harleen and the ONLY person that can set that pile of garbage on fire is Daarji and never have I wanted this more until this episode. If the goal for today’s episode was to ruffle our feathers as fans, the makers were successful at that. I was enraged. Similarly to the comments already made, I too had wished that there was more of a reaction from Sarab. He did defend Meher to the best of his nature while still being respectful, but someone, who chose to walk out of your life, suddenly comes back unannounced and then slaps your wife…she needs to be put in her place…whether it is infront of everyone or privately if you did want to be respectful about it! I just hope this elders track has a short shelf life, because between them and KK’s anger and plan to detroy the Gills, it’s just going to be too much torture to witness simultaneously. One crazy lady at a time please!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Oh yess @MD.. i was wondering where you disappeared today😜
      Seriously all women in CS are crazy… i think the makers wanted to show daarji on mehers side and so kept sarabs reaction on a milder side… BUT I so want a reaction and an ultimatum from sarab to the women in gill mansion…all women in his house considers meher like a doormat!!! Atleast dolly and harleen are scared enough of sarab that they wouldn’t do something like this… only time harleen slapped meher is when she thought meher had cheated sarab too and was unaware that sarab knew the truth… but all other instances she and dolly made sure that sarab doesnt know their actions against meher…
      How i wished daarji used his powerful stick on this lady!!! ( i know its wrong… but i cannot help it)
      Fans are all disappointed and angry over sarabs reaction too!!!

    2. I’m really just so baffled at the moment right now 😳 You know things are going south when we are being let down by our most favourite and beloved couple 😭 They need to stop being so submissive! I hope the makers are listening to all the fans right now. I’m not sure if the point of all this is to get Mehrab to a breaking point and then have them come out with a bang against Tai ji or what, but continuing this behaviour is just not who these characters are and I feel like they are having an identity crisis at the moment 🤯🤯

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly @MD…. mehrab needs to stop this submissive behaviour…

  13. Surbhi Chaudary

    Meet The Times 20 Most Desirable Women on Television 2020

    Nimrit Ma’am is on the 12th place….Congratulations to Nimrit ma’am.🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂

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