Choti Sardarni 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarab finds Kulwant’s email

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Choti Sardarni 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says it’s a big deal. You always forget things. Sarab says I never forget things. Meher shows him lunchbox and says see this. He says why are you scolding? Meher says I want to make you hen as well.

Yuvi meets a student. He says what’s your name? He says when I enter the school, carry my bag. The student says behave, I will tell the principal. Param meets Yuvi. He says we are both in one class now. So if anyone annoys you let me know I will beat them. Meher comes outside and says I have to give lunch to my son. He says your name isn’t here. Meher says the last watchman knows me. He stopped me the last time I got on the pipe. He says go from here, I will call the police. Sarab says wait Meher. The watchman says Sarab sir, come in. Sarab holds Meher’s hand and takes her inside. Meher says I could manage on your own. He says by hopping on the pipe? You forgot your medicine. Meher says give this lunchbox to Param? Sarab says no, we have something important to do before it. Come with me.

Yuvi comes to the clas and says get up and say good morning. The kids say good morning. Yuvi says sit down. He says I am Yuvraj. No one will call me Yuvi. He says Param you will sit in front from now on. He asks kids to go back and says bring Param’s bag. He says Param you sit here. Param says where will you sit? He says I always sit on the last seat and keep an eye on everyone. He asks the kids to bring his bag.

Meher and Param come to the principal. Sarab says update Meher’s name in your records so she doesn’t have to hope on a pipe again. The principal giggles and says it will be updated. Sarab says I forgot his lunch but you didn’t. You came here. He says you deserve to be his mother in all records with all the respect. Meher smiles.

Yuvraj says my name is Yuvraj Singh. The teacher says what is your favorite hobby? Where do you live? Yuvi says so much English. He says wonderful ji wonderful. The teacher says behave. The kid says he made me carry his bag. Yuvi says I will beat you in front of everyone. The teacher asks Yuvi to go and stand outside.

The principal says our records are updated. Meher is listed as Param’s mother now. Meher asks him to send a lunchbox to Param. He gives it to the staff. Meher and Sarab leave. A teacher comes to the principal and says he is a complete bully sir. We can’t tolerate his behavior. Meher and Sarab wonder who are they talking about. The principal says Sarab asked us to admit Yuvraj. We can’t rusticate him. Meher and Sarab hear this while leaving. Meher says to Sarab did you get his admission done? He says no.

Meher and Sarab check the email. The PA says this mail was sent on 20 Nov. Someone sent it and deleted it. Sarab says that is when I mailed you about Meher’s accident. Meher says he was with me and he didn’t send any email. Meher says mummy ji is behind all this. Sarab says in heart I can’t let her hate her mom. Probably Kulwant hacked into my system and did this and that is when she got that email. Sarab says I did this email and forgot.

Scene 2
A kid says Yuvi is treating everyone in the canteen. Param says no I will eat Meher mama’s lunch. Yuvi says we ave to feed people to rule them. Let’s eat this samosa.
Sarab sees Jolly leaving. He says you’re leaving? He says yes I have to. Meher says stay for some days. He says I have to go. Jolly meets everyone.

Meher asks Param did you eat lunch? He says yes. He says Yuvi.. Khushi says Sarab uncle is calling you. Harleen says Rovi wants to go to Canada and start his business there. Meher says we would be so alone without you. Harleen says you are here. I am so proud of you. We were everything to each other after our parents’ death. You have colored Sarab and Param’s life. I had never seen them this happy. I was so worried about him. But you made me confident. You are blessed and so is this house because of you. Even Simran couldn’t handle it all so well. Thank you, Meher. Harleen hugs Sarab. Harleen says to Meher take these keys. Thanks for everything. Meher says I can’t handle it without you. Harleen says I have full trust in you. Sarab says you’re not going anywhere. Harleen says don’t worry I am always with you. Harleen says I will manage him don’t worry Meher. She says they have so much love and respect for me. I would return the same.
Precap-Meher come to the bridge. She says the fate that broke our hearts, it tied me to Param and Sarab. She cries taking Param’s name. Meher falls. Sarab holds her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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