Choti Sardarni 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Seher Finds A Clue About Harnoor And Her Daughter

Choti Sardarni 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Seher recalling Kulwant murmuring Deep and wonders its meaning. Ranna informs her that Harnoor gave birth to her daughter at Deep Jyot Hospital. Seher says they can get information about Harnoor and her daughter from Deep Jyot Hospital then. On the other hand, Mannat asks Zoravar when he has millions of dollars, why he is behind them;e he is a scared man who needs bodyguards even to visit Gurdwara. Scarlet rudely warns Mannat to stay back. Zoravar says let him handle it. Mannat says she is impressed with his security arrangement with bulky bodyguards outside and a cat inside Gurdwara, but she is a tigress and is not afraid of his security. She taunts him that he cannot protect himself and asks if he is a child. Zoravar recalls his father scolding him in childhood that he is not a kid anymore who needs help for everything. Seher continues confronting him.

Zoravar wants Mannat to shut up as he is tired of listening to her blabber since yesterday. He says its his ancestral land and he already sent a legal notice to villagers to vacate it, but they didn’t react. He says if she hasn’t done any homework, his manager will give her legal documents to read. Mannat asks if he thinks he gets a license to exploit innocent people with a legal notice, he is making innocent and true people homeless who stay like one family. Zoravar asks her not to lecture him on family as they will walk away once they get money. Harnoor gets tensed seeing Zoravar. Zoravar leaves walking while his manager requests to get into car. Harnoor stops Mannat and says she cannot fight every battle. Mannat says she can as villagers are her family who supported her in her happiness and sorrows. She asks if she really doesn’t have any family that she never informed her about them.

Seher with Ranna visits Deep Jyot hospital and requests receptionist to give her details about Harnoor’s delivery which happened 20 years ago. The receptionist says she can’t get information with just a name without much details. Seher asks Ranna if he knows any more details. Ranna says Meher’s death was on 24th September 2002, he and Kulwant had visited this hospital exactly 5 months before that. He asks the receptionist to check the records of that date range. Receptionist checks and informs them that Harnoor gave birth to a baby girl on 6th April 2002. Seher seeks the address and finds same Attari address where nobody stays now. She asks if she has any more information. Nurse says no. She tells Ranna that they need to gather more information for Kulwant’s sake.

Mannat pleads Harnoor to reveal about her family. Harnoor asks why she asks same question repeatedly when she knows that she can’t answer it, asks if she is not enough for her, she brought her up alone. She gets a panic attack and coughs. Mannat apologizes her and promises not to question her again. Harnoor’s condition worsens. Mannat rushes to bring water for her. An old man asks Harnoor till when she will hide the truth from her daughter. Harnoor says she knows that nobody in that house will accept Mannat due to Kulwant’s hatred and now Bitto has her own children, hence Mannat will be considered illegitimate; Meher was the only person who supported her, but she is dead now.

Zoravar continues to walk alone on road recalling his father humiliating him and Mannat’s words. He sees a father scolding his son and strangulating the father says he should realize the mental effect on his son’s mind, why did he give birth to his son when he cannot love him. Father apologizes to him. Zoravar then asks the boy not to get afraid of anyone, not even his family. Boy hugs and thanks to him. Zoravar leaves from there and reaches home. Scarlet asks him what he has decided about the land. Zoravar calls someone and asks him to find out complete details about Mannat, especially her strength and weakness. He thinks he will not let Mannat ruin his business.

Ranna gets emotional how he feels after losing his niece and says she had a mole on her palm. Nurse hears their conversation and says she remembers Harnoor and her baby as she got the baby delivered, Harnoor used to cry always and tell that she wants to shift to a hill station. She says she got a taxi for Harnoor after 3 days of her delivery. Seher thanks her and reaches Fauji Taxi Service. After many requests, its owner searches the data.

Zoravar orders his men to destroy the houses on his ancestral land. Villagers plead him to spare their houses. Scarlet calls him and asks to reach home soon. He orders to continue the work and reaches home where he finds Mannat sitting on the bulldozer. Mannat threatens to destroy his house if he destroys the villagers’ house. Scarlet says this girl is really mad and orders her to get down. Mannat records live video and operates bulldozer towards Zoravar’s building. Taxis service owner overhears Mannat and Ranna’s conversation about a heart-shaped mole on the baby’s hand and reveals that he left Harnoor and her baby in Dalhousie. Seher returns to the hospital and informs Kulwant that she found where her granddaughter is. Kulwant opens her eyes.

Precap: Inspector says to Mannat, what did you do? I have orders to arrest you from seniors.
Doctor tells Seher that Kulwant is gaining consciousness but we need this injection urgently and you will get it only in Dalhouse.
Seher calls Mannat for injection but Manat doesn’t answer phone as she is getting arrested.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. No Sehraj moments, even over actor just came at end ! Only Rana and Seher!

    1. Snowflake

      Arre, now the focus has to shift only… We can’t expect muchπŸ˜₯

  2. Meher died 2002, but got arrested in 2016 and released 2022 what a joke.

    1. Ya even I found it hilarious πŸ˜‚
      Remember when meher had some memory issues then sarabjeet along with children was exchanging calender of 2008 n 2021

    2. This whole show has become a running joke! And Trp is reflecting it, if TRP does not get better look for makers to use more desperation in attempt to resurrect this show!

    3. Snowflake

      I laughed too… Poor makers have no optionπŸ˜‚
      What else can they show? Meher and Mannat may end up being same age then πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  3. Rajveer is the most trajical character of itv! Never shown getting a job, lived in his wife’s parent hause and now grand mother house! They mentioned that his wife got his family’s house but didn’t allow him to move in there.

    1. All credits goes to the makers.Because before Kushi, they did not have to go to the Babber mannat.Will Sehraj’s chapter end with Atari ?πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. Do you think trp will increase?

    1. Snowflake

      Idk… Prob by 0.2
      9.30 is late.. plus competition from yrkkh πŸ˜”

    1. Snowflake

      What’s going on bro?!!
      Zara is so cute tho 😍

  5. You sure it’s not Sehraj daughter, could be another special leap!Lol

    1. no πŸ˜… i think it is dream squence someone

    2. Snowflake

      I’m wondering if it’s for a promo…
      But also could be a sequence..
      Plus also the setup is of a festival with a mini giant wheelπŸ€”πŸ€”
      Any festival coming up??

    3. Yes, there is a festival, but I do not know what it is

  6. What rubish is this? First if all aaisa Kaun sa injection hai which is easily available at hill station, makers kuchhh bhi dikhaote and yeh mannnat hai Kaun koi naahi pharma company ki manager hai kya

    1. Snowflake

      They have to show some connection na!!

  7. Snowflake

    Zoravar asked his men to find out abt Mannat…. They may find out that Mannat is related to the Dhillons… If he knows his gill family and Sarab well, then he may know his wife was MK. Dhillon… Can he connect the dots?πŸ€”
    Crazy theory.

  8. Snowflake

    Baisakhi festival coming up✨

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