Choti Sardarni 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer and Celebrate lohri

Choti Sardarni 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer applies medicine on his wound. Seher comes and applies it. Seher says why did you lie? He says I can’t see you in pain.. I can’t see you anyway. Everyone was so excited. Seher says nothing is more important than you. Rajveer says nothing is more important than your happiness. Rajveer says remember we met at your dance class. Any lesson for me? She says feel the dance floor before anything. I am with you. Rajveer says me too.

Scene 2
The function starts. Param says Seher is coming. Rajveer smiles. He says you must be looking very pretty. Harleen says let’s start now. Kulwant comes in dancing. Everyone is happy to see her. Harleen says how did she come back so fast. Kulwant says it was Raj and Seher’s first lohri. Rajveer says it was incomplete without you. Ginni and rana tell her all that Harleen has planned. Seher wishes Rajveer. Kulwant says you both look so pretty. Kulwant says let’s do lohri. Mahi and Seher take rounds around the fire. Seher prays for Rajveer. Rajveer prays for her happiness. Ginni and Jeeto give them gifts. Karan and Param give them gifts too. Robbie says we had a gift for Rajveer too. He says it’s black glasses for him, a stylish one. Seher gets mad. Kulwant says you had no brain left? Rajveer says so sweet of you. He wears it and says I look goof right?

Robbie says lets’s start the celebration. The couple that dances the best will get best couple award. Harleen says Rajveer will do Seher’s braid. She says bring parandas. She gives it to Rajveer. Karan says come Rajveer. Harleen says you won’t be able to do it. rajveer says I will. Rajveer starts tying Seher’s braid. Kulwant says very good. He ties the paranda. Everyone claps for him. Seher is happy. Rana says Rajveer is a winner. Seher says I am so proud of you. Rajveer says I know you must be looking very pretty. Seher says you can feel me with your heart. Rajveer recalls meeting her at the temple.

Scene 3
Harleen says now the second ritual. The dance one. Let’s see if Rajveer can do it. Let’s start the bhangra. Rajveer comes in the center and slips. Seher says careful. Rajveer gets up. He says I am fine. Robbie spilled water there. rana says do your best. Rajveer recalls Seher said feel the dance floor. He feels it with his barefeet. He realizes there’s water. Rajveer starts dancing. He falls again. Robbie left pebbles on the floor. Seher dances with Rajveer.

Seher dances around Rajveer on le ja le ja. Rajveer dances with her. Seher dances on menu ishq tera. Rajveer does slow dance with her. He picks her. She was imagining it. Rajveer is dancing with the men. Everyone joins him. Rajveer does bhangra with Seher. seher hugs him. Kulwant says well done. Harleen is angry.

Episode ends

Precap-Robbie says Rajveer come I want to introduce you to someone. Rajveer is walking towards the fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    Full Precap:
    Rajveer is with Param and Karan. Robby comes to him and says, Raj, come with me, I want you to meet a special guest. Harleen smirks. Robby takes him in the direction of the fireplace. He says, you go, I’ll just come, and leaves him in the direction of the fire and goes and stands next to Harleen. Rajveer walks towards the fire. They both have an evil grin. Seher sees Rajveer going near the fire and widens her eyes.

  2. Snowflake

    Kulwant Kaur ki entry 🙌🙌✨
    Seher is looking so beautiful today… Straight hair for a change!
    All actors are doing their job so well❤️✨
    Sehraj’s dance… Haye!!!!✨

    1. SEHRAJ is the Most Adorable couple, for a reason!

  3. Snowflake

    Robby….. How much evil will u try to do? Physical wounds can be healed… But mental ones… Isn’t easy!

  4. Robbie upto no good, too bad Sarab didn’t kick him out of the house all these years ago!

    1. Sarab or no one can kick him out until his mistress Harleen is in power.

    2. I think Seher will find the truth!

  5. Snowflake

    I just googled n saw…. Lohri is on Jan 13…. Then why early? Even udaariyaan is showing Lohri today….

    1. Maybe they have some other lohri special episode..or some bigger twist planned for lohri day..

    2. I was Smiling way too much while watching this show today!

  6. Sakeenah

    I just love Rajveer his so cute 😘😘😘😘.

  7. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Harleen and robby are surprised to see kk ji is back
    kk ji vs 2 witches😍😍
    Very excited🥰🥰

    1. Megha Desai

      Witch and wizard

  8. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Surely seher saved rajveer👌👍

    1. Snowflake

      Yes 💓
      Last time she did and this time she will too!


    Seher and rajveer are pure souls.Sehraj chemistry no words said.The Lohri celebration is so beautiful.Day by day is more interesting.

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