Childhood love come into real (abiya) ff – 3

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Hi guys this is sowji…guys i replied your all comments..just check it previous ff…thank u guys encouraging me and supporting me…guys i specially want to thank sandy,trisha,b_ani,priyanka,aishwarya,vidhya,abiya,minu,sangu,sanam…if i missed any name i am sry and thank u…frankly want to say some ppl asked to change the heroin name i am sry to say this i can’t change the heroin name…because already reason told to u this us my dream ff so i can’t change any name..i never want to anyone here thats y repeating this words again…guys i need ur suggestion what type of song from expecting from me (english,tamil,hindi,malayalam,telugu)…i thought i took the character name from hindi serial thats y i choose song in hindi if u need any song just tel me…frankly…

lets move to dream story thjs ff no is 3 the ff begin with alu &darlu sitting in the bench &talking,sharing eachother morning sequence suddenly bell rings both go to the respective classroom..they sit in the window side but seat is middle they can see outside allthings..alu asked about presentation to darlu…darlu said yeah alu i prepared wat happen y ur worried for this presentation everything is k..alu said no yar i never prepared that y this much sad suddenly priya shared some things to her and tel about that content to alu…u have to do this presentation today…alu said thank u yar whenever my problem comes u would solve it easily and making smile in face all the time…do u know thing y i am always possessive on u…darlu your friendship is precious gift for me god only sent u for my happiness…i thank god everytime because ur the most amazing person i never saw in my life…all the person like u..this life everyone live happily peacefully without ego,adamant,jealously…i always possessive on u i never leave u ever..i never give u to anyone..darlu smiling look at her…suddenly mam came all did there own presentation…darlu impressed by everyone…her presentation is superb..mam also impressed…after bell rang class over screen shift to abi and purab they reached office in his car.both went to respective cabins…

abi called his manager asked about today schedule…he informed today u invited as chief guest bishpa international college..abi said to his manager k i wil go to der..which time they said abi asked his manager??manager replied to him at evening 5.30pm abi said k told them about arrival…u can leave now…screen shift to purab cabin he finished his work he thinks go to abi cabin..screenshift to college actually time is 4.30pm college is over now both come out from her class room..they are walking on the entrance way..suddenly alu darlu are shocked to see rishanth..rishanth is priya brother..baiya r u here..rishanth asked y i don’t want come here…alu said no baiya actually ur arrival is shocked for us…

rishanth talked in teasing manner i think ur wil go to any wrong deeds i coming here wrong timing but correct way…right…aliya smirked his lips darlu stared fake anger showing in his brother alu said to his brother actually v plan to go for bank to steal a money..rishanth said acha which bank is opening in evening time alu asked her teasing manner…they talking lyk this way while minute after rishanth said to bye to alu take care yourself rishanth get in the car darlu said alu bye alu we wil meet on tomorrow they both said bye each other went from there screen shift to abi office abi said about that invitation to purab..they left cabin..abi and purab joined to attend the college function they both were sitting in the car..they talk random things…screen shift prishanth(priya+rishanth)they are sitting in the car..priya listening rockstar music in his ears..priya is big fan of rockstar abishek prem mehra..till now she is never see his face..she like all kind of music…she like his voice and his music….one more thing i want to say alia is never about that his ownbrother is rockstar…alia only know about his brother is doing business…she nothing more than information know about him…she studied 10th standard her parents joined her to hostel..10th to 12th she was in hostel…she never knew rockstar abishek is his ownbrother…

at evening event conducted by music department student in her college is unique other department people never knew if any function is conducted only that department person only know event…now screen shift abirab(abi+purab) purab driving the car..abi asked to purab how much distance from here to college??purab said with in 20min we wil be there..suddenly the signal is red…abirab car waiting for green signal…abirab opposite direction prishanth car stopped..abi opened his window staring outside…in beside prishanth car,priya covered her face in duppatta one small girl knocked priya window she opening her window…actually abi watching a small girl in long distance…that small girl beg a money…suddenly priya told to his brother baiya plze wait that shop i wil come der told suddenly took her pursue get down from the car..priya hold that baby girl hand near by priya saw bouquet shop she go to der buy a lot of flower..both came from the shop…priya told to her…i know u need a money to survive u have a hand so don’t beg to anyone sell this flower when signal is red some people like flower wait i wil show u example abi looking both of them..both went some car…priya told to them..she impressed him by her words…the man buy it that flower…priya told to her did u understand what i am saying…that small girl kissed her cheeks told to her hereafter i never beg to anyone i have a hand i wil workhard one day i wil start bouquet shop like this way..i promise u didi…she says bye to her she gave her number to her left from der..abi said smilingly nice girl..purab asked what!!!!! Abi said nothing…suddenly the signal is green abirab leave from there…abi never know both girl are same…abi think about that girl he saw her covered face and earrings she wear it her neck wore a chain dollar is Written letter that look old model…He saw dollar only..abi thinks about the girl..on the other side priya get hiccups continuously…

i stop ff is end….

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  1. nice one dr keep writng

    1. Sowji

      Thank u sandy…thank u for encouraging me..

  2. Superbbbb yarrrr I loved it…….. waiting for next update

    1. Sowji

      Thank u nannu…thank u for encouraging me..

  3. it’s superb alu & darlu’s friendship is amaizing

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni…

  4. Nice yaar loved alu darlu scenes and abiya’s scenes waiting for the next update

    1. Sowji

      Thank u minu..

  5. Sowji

    Thank u sethidishaoo2..

  6. Monesha

    Awesome……. Awesome…….. Awesome…… ??? What a story line. You made my day. I just loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee………… No words to express it. I am flying on sky after reading your ff. First of all sorry for not commenting you as i came now only its all coz of my school. Plz forgive me. I hope you will understand. I am waiting for your next episode of your fantastic ff. Keep rocking……. With your Rocking…….. ff. Take care…. ???

    1. Sowji

      Thank u monesha..thank u for encouraging me…

  7. Superb yaar…i loved it…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part dear…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka thank u for encouraging me..

  8. It’s nice sissy

    1. Sowji

      Thank u sangi…

  9. Princesskrisha

    So nice n awesome loved it priya was amazing alia doesnt know abhi a rockstar intersting pls uldate more wont urge you

    1. Sowji

      Thank u princesskrisha..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep…

  10. Awesome epi yaar

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishwarya..

  11. Saranya24

    Wow its awesome alu priya bond is super?????

    1. Sowji

      Thank u saranya24..

  12. its awesome…awesome awesome awesome…i am loving this…keep rocking…Love u

    1. Sowji

      Thank u b_ani… u too…

  13. Hi sowji dear!! Today’s epi was fabulous…I really loved it..I love Alu and darlu’s friendship a lot…its become very interesting..ok dear I will call u by name..and off course u r my friend… Take care and keep rocking…love u !!! 😀 😉 😀 🙂 …

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