my childhood love (chapter 18)

Next day, they all go to college and the classes starts. Meher collides with Natasha while going to class.
Meher: hi ganji Natasha
Natasha rolls her eyes and goes from there.
Natasha in her mind, “I will take my revenge Meher Purohit.”

The classes start and Meher comes in the class and sits beside Abeer. Meher was keeping her books in the draw below the desk when her hand touches something sticky and she was like eww. Natasha comes there.
Natasha: kaisa laga Meher? Tutut ab tumhe hath dhone Jana parega, yeh chewing gum gandi hai thooki hui, chhee

Meher: oh to yeh sab tumne kia hai ganji, ab dekhna main kia krti hoon (she sticks the chewing gum on her wig) laga k ghoomo isey, nh to agar tumne isey nikalne ki koshish ki, to wig bhi nikal jaegi, or tumhara takklu saamne aajaega, phir sab kahengay ganja Patel tumhe ?

Natasha goes boiling in anger. Abeer laughs keeping his forehead on Meher’s shoulder.
Abeer: Meher u r really mad.
Meher: to or kia kru? She has become a pain in the neck.

Abeer giggles.

It was finally break after 4 long periods. Mehbeer goes to their usual place where they sit. Meher sits beside Ishani and Abeer stands leaning to the railing. Natasha comes there. Rajesh jokes on her.
Rajesh: arey aagai Miss Natasha Ganji
Everyone laughs.
Meher: us ne abb tak apne nakli Baal par se chewing gum bhi nh hatai, wig nikal jaegi na.
They giggle.
Abeer: aaj mere hi fans mujhpe bhaari pargaye
He says irritatingly.

Ishani: jeeju, kuchh log hotey hi aise hain.
Lavanya: jeeju nh Abeer bolo nh to aag bagola hojaega
Abeer: nh hounga, bolo jo bolna hai…guys let’s change our place

They go from there and sit in the other side of corridor. Still Natasha keeps staring at them.
She murmurs, “yeh to chhotu sa revenge tha, bara revenge abhi baaki hai.”
She smirks.

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  2. Amazing as usual!! Ganja Patel and chewing gum were the best parts????

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