Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku wants to help Rangoli

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku’s mummy Rangoli telling Kaka that she has no money to pay rent, she has to raise her kids. Kaka says I m fed up hearing this same thing, you stay here if you want else you can leave. She shuts the door. He scolds her for taking the kids’ earnings. He says you keep your junk, I don’t care if they go back on the roads. She scolds him. She says my kids are diamonds, get out of here, I will not leave you, I will stay here with my kids in your house, do anything you want, I will see who will make me out. Kaka says let police come, I will see how you stay here with your junk kids. She scolds him. He goes. Kids look on. The kids go away and talk. Chiku says mummy is taking care of us, we should help mummy, no one will come to help us, we are one family, we should help each other. The kids agree. Chiku says we have to do something. She gets an idea.

Milind asks are we doing wrong to lose hope of finding Payal. Aai says these seven years has snatched my hope. Nupur comes and says my belief won, we got our Payal. Milind gets shocked. Chiku dances on the roads. Nupur says Reema called and said they got a ten year old girl, come with me, it can be our Payal, please come. Milind says there is no harm in seeing. He goes with Nupur. Some goons come and stop the music. They ask the kids to leave from their area. The kids run away with the money. Chiku runs and passes by Nupur’s car. Milind and Nupur come to see the girl. She sees the girl with her mum. Nupur cries. Reema says really sorry. Milind goes. Nupur says its proved that miracles can happen, one day I will get my Payal like this. Chiku says we got less money to help mummy. Inspector comes and says there is a complaint against you. Rangoli asks so what, did you come to arrest me, do you have a warrant. He says no, there is a good offer. He holds her and says come to my house. She laughs.

He says come with me to my house, I m saying the truth. She says I didn’t say you are saying the truth, Ganpat, that’s your problem, my problem is, I can’t do what you are saying, where will you take me, in your police quarter, your parents and family stay there, where will you keep me and my kids. He says just say yes, I will take a big house. She asks how, either you can be sincere or own a big house, my dreams are big, go to Kaka and slap him, tell him not to ask for rent again. He smiles and says you know I can’t do this, you didn’t give rent for three months, take a month’s time. She says if you can’t help me, then go, don’t waste my time. He says I have to go, I got a report of theft. She worries. He says I will buy a big house by my hard-earned money and take you there. He goes. She sees the pamphlet and says I will buy a big house one day, I will take my kids there, we will have a good life, one doesn’t get love and dreams together, dreams want a sacrifice, I will give this sacrifice of my love.

Aai is upset and talks to her bahu. Milind and Nupur come home. Milind signs on the file. He goes. Chiku hears a man telling your order will be fulfilled tomorrow. Chiku goes to the sweet shop and asks about the laddoo order. He tells about Joshi family, Shashikant is a big builder, they are keeping a big function for charity. Chiku asks who is laddoo. He says charity means donating to poor people. Chiku smiles.

Aai says Payal’s soul will get peace if we help the orphans. Nupur joins them. The kids reach Joshi house. Rangoli learns about their lie and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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