Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku tries to flee

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aai saying we will get the DNA test done just to confirm. Nupur says listen to a mum’s heart. Milind says its true, Aai is right, we won’t need to prove it again after this, we will get the tests done. Hira says I know you dance really well, I will make you Rangoli number 2, you will pay back for the losses. Chiku says I will dance and get money for you. She thinks to go out once. Hira says don’t just dance, steal and get money. Chiku says no, I won’t steal, Nupur taught me not to steal. Hira says they forgot you. Chiku says no, they can never forget me. Hira says you have to steal, tell me yes. Chiku signs no. Hira scolds her. She calls Dolly. Chiku says don’t know what will she do with me. Nupur asks Vini not to worry, their DNA will match, she is her mum. Vini thinks if DNA doesn’t match, then she will know the truth that I m not Payal. Chiku fools the goon again.

She gets a chit and writes help on it. She prays to get some help. Kamini says Chiku would have done this to trap us. Subodh asks will she have such a mind. Kamini says she is Milind’s daughter, if our truth comes out, then they will make us out, why is this girl so worried, she knows that she is lying. He asks shall I tell them that she is lying. Kamini says I will make her out and find a way. Nupur says be careful, she should not get hurt. Milind says don’t worry, its not a blood test, but a saliva test. Vini worries. Nupur asks her not to worry. Kamini gets an idea. Chiku looks outside for help. Someone comes and asks did you throw this chit. She says yes, I m Chiku, Hira Amma has trapped me here, send me to Meeta aunty’s office. The man acts to scold Hira and laughs. Hira smiles. The man locks her back. Milind gets the reports. He checks and smiles. He says report is positive, she is our Payal. Nupur and everyone smile. Nupur hugs Vini happily. Aai says we got our Payal back. They ask Vini to take Shashi’s blessings. Vini thinks uncle may have read it wrong, how did the report come positive. Kamini smiles seeing her. Hira faints down Chiku and sends her in the bus. Chiku doesn’t faint because of blocked nose. She thanks Bappa. She thinks I will reach my parents now. Vini happily jumps on the bed. She loves the nice toys. Kamini comes and scolds her. She says don’t fool me, I know you are fake Payal. Vini says no, that reports… Kamini says I bribed to change the reports. She recalls bribing the man. She says I know who is real Payal. Vini is shocked. Nupur comes there.

Chiku runs to meet Nupur. Nupur makes Vini ready. She introduces Vini to everyone as her Payal. Chiku comes there and gets shocked seeing Vini.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. How can nupur beleive her. She always says meri payal meri chihu why can’t her inner voice tell her she isn’t her daughter. I’m very disappointed in her. And what would this kamini get for proving this girl is payal? Would’nt it be better if it was the real payal inplace of fake one. Tbh, she’s a villain without a reason.

  2. They’re stretching this too much. I’m hating that girl but more than that I’m shocked how dumb nupur and chikoo can be. Chikoo shouldn’t have trusted that girl..

  3. Their dragging this for nothing from the beginning until no it’s now boring

  4. This serial is terrible in the way it portrays inhumanity towards children. The directors and producers need to think about moving the story forward and showing Chikoo overcoming the disappointments and with some support getting on with her life and leaving unstable Nupur and her family. It breaks my heart to see such cruelty against children. The story needs to have a feel good factor rather than sadist adults treating children so badly. 😢

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