Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiku appeals to Nupur

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Milind consoling Nupur. He says sorry, I feel so helpless. She says get me my Payal. Chiku sits outside and cries. Nupur says Payal is alive. He asks why isn’t we finding her. She says she has to come to me. He says Mini and Chiku’s lie got caught, else we would have believed Mini as our Payal. Nupur says I wish Mini was my Payal, we would have stayed happy. He says it would be a lie, this truth was imp for us to know, none can take Payal’s place.

Everyone talks about the girls playing with their emotions. Tai asks Nupur what punishment does she want to give them. Nupur says I don’t want to punish anyone, I won’t get anything. Tai asks will you agree with whatever we punish them. Kamini thinks my kids will get all the property. Mini apologizes to them. Tai says you are doing a good drama. She asks Chiku does she have to say something. Kamini taunts Chiku. Tai says we will throw you both out of the house. Aai says we should think again, they are kids, we loved Mini as our Payal. She asks Nupur what does she want. Nupur goes. Chiku says mummy… Milind stops her. She says let me talk to her. Tai says throw her out first. Mini says don’t listen to Chiku. Milind scolds them. Kamini comes to give money to Mini. She asks her to get lost. Mini returns it to her. She says I don’t want this money, I will tell them the truth that you were involved. Kamini asks who will believe you. Mini threatens her. Kamini asks what do you want. Mini says I won’ go anywhere from here.

Chiku comes to Nupur. Nupur says I don’t want to talk to you. She scolds Chiku for cheating her. Chiku asks who said I cheated you, do you think I can cheat you, touch me and fell that I m your daughter. She gets Payal’s pic and says I m your Payal, look at me. Nupur says you aren’t my Payal, just go from here. Chiku says fine, why do I like you so much, why do you like me, when we met for the first time, you said we have some old connection, I know I m your Payal, our blood matched in the hospital, I danced like you in the anniversary party, I didn’t see the CD. Nupur says you knew the truth, how did you hid the truth. Chiku says you would have not believed it. Nupur says I told you to always tell me the truth, you knew it, I love my daughter, someone was cheating me, can a daughter see someone cheating her mum, no, you can’t be my Payal, I have to find her. She cries. She asks her to stop lying. Chiku says you don’t trust me, fine, make me away from here, kick me out. She takes Nupur to the door. She says push me from here, I know you can’t do this. Nupur says you used me, you cheated me. She cries and goes.

Chiku is at the cliff. She says I will not go to boarding school. Mini and Chiku fight. Chiku falls down the cliff. Mini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Mini is so evil n heartless wat did Chiku did to her tat she wants to trouble Chiku?? Chiku nvr exposed her n let her stays in the house n how many times Mini tried to get rids of Chiku?? Now tat she is exposed she still wanna trouble Chiku???? Nupur keeps saying tat she has connection wit Chiku now tat the truth is out why dun she feels tat connection?? Chiku had been blamed b4 but the truth always came out why Nupur still doubts Chiku? Now dunoe wat will happen to Chiku? Why torture Chiku again n again???

    1. Sometimes I feel bad for nupur bcz tye poor lady has been in the dark since the start. But sometimes she don’t even think precisely. Most of the times she’s in stress. Also the way chiku was behaving seemed like she’s faking it. Chiku should’ve told them earlier that she’s her daughter but she listened to kamini instead of herself

  2. Aai n Nupur made a promise to the inspector to take care of Chiku till she finds her parents, how can they chase her out the most they can send her to NGO right?? Did the Joshi family 4got how Kamini n Mini was treating Chiku especially Mini she throws tantrum n make such a huge fuss over Chiku when Nupur or Millind wanna adopted Chiku?? If Chiku wanna lies tat she is Payal she shuld hve accepted when Millind wanted to adopt her officially?? I just hope tat the seties dun drag till Chiku has grown up!!

  3. Chiku should be able to call the lady whom she stayed with since childhood as witness as I’d tell how she was kidnapped also Hira did not give all the information on who is her payal

    1. She’s apparently dead so I guess that’s why chiku isn’t thinkin of her. Also shashi knows the truth and chiku know that he knows it so she can ask all the members to ask him but idk why she’s quiet

  4. They should have at least done DNA test just in case Chiku was telling the truth. What would have been the harm before sending her away. It’s an easy and quick test. Plus don’t they wonder how mini’s results were faked? She could not have faked them on her own – an adult must have been involved. I hope they check her dna while she’s missing so that the truth is finally out. They will feel extremely guilty for having sent their daughter away and especially if they believe she’s dead. I wonder if chiku will have amnesia. That would be an interesting I think.

  5. @May true why can’t they just do another DNA test? and why are they not finding out who faked the previous DNA test?? The doctor can tell them who did it?? But all these proofs are avoided to drag the series!!!

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