Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update: Mini blurts the truth

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur saying I knew it, Mini isn’t my Payal. She leaves. Kamini and the man come there and look for the file. He says its not here, I will check in other record room. She scolds him. Aai calls Kamini. Nupur comes home. Mini acts good. Nupur sends her to the room. Milind warns Nupur. She says I remember your words, I sent her, to tell you all about her birthday tomorrow, you forgot it. He smiles. She thinks sorry to give you a false hope, Mini did wrong to take Payal’s place in this house. He asks about the file. She says I will tell you, we will prepare the surprise party first. She goes.

Everyone decorates the house. Nupur says I wish the birthday girl gets my blessings, and even Mini will go to her room. Mini asks Kamini to take her outside. Kamini asks her to stay inside. She says its a surprise birthday party. Mini gets happy. She says there will be many chocolates and gifts. Kamini says you should think that nothing matters than Nupur, I think Nupur has some other plan, we didn’t get the lab tests reports. She warns Mini and goes. Everyone comes in the party. Milind says thanks everyone for coming, Payal will come now and we will welcome her and wish her, be ready. They wish Payal. They all get shocked seeing Chiku. Mini comes and says you didn’t wait for me. Milind says she is my daughter Payal, we will wish her. They all wish her. Mini hugs everyone. She asks them to play the music. She dances with everyone.

Chiku smiles seeing everyone. Mini says thanks everyone for coming and bringing gifts for me. Tai says we will play games and then go for cake cutting. Mini runs and plays the games with the kids. Mini thinks this is the chance to make Mini say the truth. She says we will play connecting words. She plays with them. Mini takes her mum’s name. Nupur looks at her. She asks what did you say. Milind asks who is Swati. Nupur asks Mini. Mini creates a scene in front of everyone and goes crying. Nupur follows. Aai asks what happened. Tai says I don’t understand what problem she has. The lady asks how can the girl say Swati as her mum’s name. Kamini defends Mini. Tai says Kamini is right.

Milind tells everything to Aai. Tai says Nupur just thinks of herself, she kept the party and ruined it. Kamini says I m worried for Payal, Nupur will be troubling her. Nupur asks Mini to tell her that she isn’t Payal. Mini shouts yes, I m not your daughter, you aren’t my mumma. Everyone gets shocked. Kamini thinks mad girl is gone now. Mini says I had lied to you. Chiku smiles.

Aai asks Mini why did you do this. Nupur says tell me where is my Payal. Nupur says don’t lie, who gave you this locket. Mini shows Chiku. Chiku smiles and thinks now I can tell them that I m Payal.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I know its going to drag again! Frm wat the precap Mini is going to frame Chiku!! Unless Shashi speaks up!!

  2. I am looking forward to Tai’s reactions五五 will she rushes to purifies herself aftr learning the truth tat she had been pampering, kissing, hugging a street orphan she so resented when she thinks Chiku was!! 不不不 As for Chiku I think she will be framed by Mini tat they both conspired to lying tat Mini is Payal!! Nupur gotta find out who plotted to change DNA report! N Shashi gotta speaks up by now!! Hopefully by next week truth be out!!!

  3. Unicorn I agree with you. Its time Shashi spoke and cleared the air and Kamini is caught along with her idiotic henpecked husband and Chiku given her due respect and place in that house.



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