Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur defends Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur asking Chiku to take time and think. Chiku hugs and kisses her. She thanks Nupur. She says I want to dance. Nupur says I also love dance. Chiku says I feel life is good when I dance. Nupur says same pinch. She laughs hearing Chiku. She says you get happiness when you dance, do you get a bit of happiness when you steal, did you think about it. Chiku gets silent. Nupur asks her to sleep. Nupur thinks its not easy to erase what Rangoli taught her, I will keep trying. Chiku asks how can Rangoli teach everything wrong. Kamini scolds Subodh. Subodh asks her to calm down, Milind is anger, they have to put water over the fire, Nupur is his weakness, he won’t tolerate if anyone calls her wrong. Kamini says yes, you are right, I will use Chiku against Milind and Nupur’s relation. Its morning, Nupur asks Chiku to wake up. She sees Chiku gone. Chiku is in some locality. She says Nupur is alone, help me in helping her. She performs on the road to get some money. The people don’t stop and go. Chiku says they won’t watch without the music. She hears a song playing in the car. She sees the driver sleeping. She increases the volume. She dances again. The people watch her dance. They put some money in the cap. Chiku checks and says I didn’t get much money. She sees the wallet fallen on the road. She stops and recalls Nupur’s words. She takes the wallet to return. She goes to the man to give his wallet. The man says its my wallet. She says it fell down there, I got it to give to you. He says you had stolen it. She says I didn’t steal, I swear. The man scolds her. She says I m not a thief, I didn’t steal. Nupur looks for Chiku. She asks the people. Chiku says I m not a thief. The people scold her. The man says come with me to the police station. Nupur comes and scolds him. She hugs Chiku. The man argues.

Nupur says she isn’t a thief. Chiku says I didn’t steal, his wallet was fallen there, I returned it to him, don’t send me to the police. Nupur says you didn’t think how it will affect her, if she has returned your wallet, then you should thank her, I will take you to the police, come. The man goes. Nupur asks why did you come here. Chiku says I came to help you. I came to earn money by hardwork. Nupur thinks this is my first victory, you got affected by my words. She says you did good, how did you get this idea to dance for earning money. Chiku says me and my group used to do this, we used to earn well, I don’t have my group and good music with me, so I didn’t earn well. She gives the coins and few notes to her. She recalls Rangoli’s words. She thinks Nupur didn’t like seeing these coins. She says I will try again tomorrow. Nupur says calm down. She takes the money and says its your hard earned money, it should be respected. Chiku asks will you respect the coins. She hugs Nupur and thanks her. Nupur asks her to promise, she will not dance to earn money. Chiku asks how will we arrange food for us, I know you are hungry. Nupur says its my responsibility to manage our expenses. She thinks I have given all my savings to Reema, I have to do a job. She asks Chiku to help her in setting the kitchen. They come home and clean it. They dance on itti si hasi…

Nupur looks for a job. Chiku says we got a good event. Chiku and Nupur dance at an event. Milind gets angry. He sees some men insulting Nupur.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The men in all the dramas are spineless they can’t take their own decisions they have to listen to the wife or mother. In this case one son is been manipulated by the wife and other by the mother. Also evil seems to be the key point in all the dramas. Please show positive thoughts and deeds

    1. Sandra true! Milind does not have a mind of his own?? Can’t he sees tat his brother is trying to misguides him? If he does care for Milind he should advises him against drinking not asking him to drink!!! like his mother Nupur n Chikoo really cares for him n he shuld knows!!!

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