Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur promises Milind

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur asking Chiku will you come with me. She goes to get laddoos for her. Sulab and Rangoli catch Chiku and bring her home. Nupur sees Chiku gone. She says I will meet you again. Chiku says sorry, last time, I will clean the house and cook food. Rangoli scolds her for lying. She doesn’t listen to her. Nupur teaches dance to the kids. Reema says you look happy today. Nupur says I felt happy meeting Chiku. She dances on Teri deewani….plays… Savita, Kamini and Shashikant come home. Savita gets angry. Nupur stops on seeing her. Chiku thinks how to convince Rangoli. Ganpat asks her to sing a song and melt her mum’s heart. Savita says I asked you not to dance again. Nupur says I was going to NGO to teach dance to the kids. Savita says you insulted me. Nupur says I m teaching dance to the kids because I see Payal in them. Savita says Payal isn’t on the roads, she has left, I accepted this truth, if she is on the roads then you are responsible for this. Subodh comes and looks on. Kamini says you got Milind at the right time. Savita holds her chest and gets dizzy. Milind and Nupur hold her. Kamini gets water.

Chiku dances for Rangoli and plays the song. Rangoli smiles. Doctor says there is nothing to worry, take care of her. Nupur says sorry Milind, I went against Aai’s wish, it wasn’t right, tell me, what shall I do that Aai and you forgive me. He says stop going against us, take Sanyas from dance, you won’t dance, you won’t go to teach dance to the kids, promise me, don’t trouble us more. Nupur promises. He thanks her. Chiku says forgive me. Rangoli hugs her. Chiku says I won’t let you get angry again. Rangoli says I can’t live without family, Nupur wants to take you away from us. Nupur gets green tea for Milind. He says thanks for the promise, I know you will not break it. Rangoli says you made a big mistake. Chiku says sorry. Rangoli says promise me, you won’t meet her again. Chiku promises. Rangoli hugs her.

Nupur thinks Chiku and those kids need my help. Rangoli asks how will I stop that woman, she will make all the kids away from me. Nupur thinks that woman will ruin the kids’ lives. Rangoli talks to her inner self. She says the kids are mine. She argues. Nupur thinks I will get my Payal one day, how shall I lose this chance to make Chiku meet her parents. Chiku worries for the rent. She thinks to steal. The kids run to the Ganpati pandal. Rangoli says I don’t want to recall how I had stolen the kids, they live with us, I m their mummy. Nupur sees the pandal news. The man announces the competition reward 1 lakh. Chiku thinks if I win this reward, then mummy’s problem will be solved. Nupur thinks I understood what I have to do. Rangoli says I won’t let Nupur come here, they are my kids, I won’t let anyone separate them. She prays for her family. Chiku says thanks Bappa, I don’t need to steal now.

Nupur says our company can sponsor Ganpati utsav this year. Milind agrees. Rangoli says no one will go out of the house and attend the Ganpati utsav. Chiku steps out of the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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