Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Mini locks up Nupur

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur saying I love you a lot, but I can’t turn selfish, I know the pain of staying away from a child, you had seen me when Payal was away from me, maybe your mum wants you. Chiku says maybe she got someone already. Nupur says not everyone is lucky. Chiku asks her not to trust Hira. She says I m happy here, I don’t want to find my real parents. She goes. Nupur says I m hurting you unknowingly, you are young, I know you would want to know about your real family, your real parents, please let me try for your betterment. She cries. She thinks of the keys. She says how shall I get those keys, Bappa help me. Mini plays with soaps. Nupur hears Mini talking to Aai and Tai. They laugh.

Nupur gets an idea. She goes to meet Hira. Hira says you are smart, I would have taken you in my business. Nupur says I hate you and your business. Hira asks her to leave. Nupur says I m helpless to be here. Hira says I m taking risk. Nupur says I m taking the risk. Hira and Nupur act. Constable asks Hira to leave Nupur. She slaps Hira. Nupur gets the key impression on the soap. Constable locks the door. Nupur goes. Tai asks Kamini for a soap. Kamini says I just have bubble bath. Tai says you have much time to waste. She goes to Nupur’s room. She sees the soap there and takes it. Nupur comes and looks for the soap. She asks Kamini did she see anyone with soap. Kamini says everyone is asking about the soap. Nupur asks who asked. Kamini says Tai asked. Nupur runs to Tai and says give me that soap, its bad, you will get an allergy with it. Tai dumps it. Nupur makes an excuse and goes. Tai says they both have gone mad. Nupur goes to the key shop and asks the man to make the key. She thinks I m doing this, I got this chance to find Chiku’s real parents. She gets the key. Kamini says surprise, I didn’t know you will come to market for getting a key, why. Nupur says its okay. She lies. The man thinks something is wrong. Kamini and Nupur leave. Kamini asks Mini to stop Nupur. Mini says I m just a kid.

Kamini says I know you well, don’t act smart, you think what to do and stop Nupur. She goes. Mini worries. She takes Nupur to her room and says I won’t let you go anywhere. Nupur asks what’s special today. Mini locks her in the room. Nupur bangs the door. Chiku asks Mini to open the door, why did she lock Nupur. Mini says the kids who love their mum do this, Hira is dangerous, you want Hira to kill mum. She goes. Nupur shouts for help. Chiku talks to her. She says I asked you not to go to Hira. Nupur says I won’t go, open the door. Chiku says no way, you will go to meet Hira, sit there, I will sit outside. Hira waits for Nupur. Nupur asks Chiku to open the door. Chiku says I love you, I can’t open the door. Nupur says fine, don’t open. She cries. Chiku says maybe she got upset with me. She apologizes. She hears some sound. She opens the door. She sees Nupur left from the window.

Nupur asks who are Chiku’s parents. Hira says Mini is not your daughter. Nupur gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think she won’t tell about chiku’s identity yet to nupur bcz we can’t see that in the precap till now. Good atleast she’s telling her mini’s truth!

    1. I think that depends entirely on whether the series ends soon or not.
      I couldn’t read any official confirmation anywhere…

      But I guess, if it does not go off air, they will delay the truth for as long as they can…

    2. Yeah you’re right @lin and I see you’ve became active here are you liking the plot rn haha

    3. Ha ha, no @Suseme, you know this plot is bullsh*t, I can’t believe Nupur is supposed to help a criminal get released now🤦‍♀️… or flee, I don’t know which is worse 😶🙄…. But I always wanted to see the moment when the truth comes out. I hope I don’t have to wait forever🥱💤… By the way, can anyone tell what happened to Rangoli, is she dead?

    4. I think she’s not dead bcz death scene wasn’t there, someone might’ve helped her

  2. Hira still wanna gets benefits out of Nupur for Chiku’s truth n to take revenge on both of them!

    1. @Unicorn yeah something seems off

  3. @[email protected] yes u guys are right can’t see Rangoli any where may she may come and tell the truth. Just eagerly waiting for the time Nupur will discover Chikoo to be her real child just hope there won’t be some new drama surounding the truth

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