Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur wants to help Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur sending a thanks message to Milind. Milind says I was thinking to spend time with Nupur. Aai asks him to cook food for Nupur. Nupur comes home. Aai says no one will talk about dance in this house. She says I m just teaching dance to kids in NGO. Aai says Payal got away from us because of dance. Nupur thinks I understand your pain, but I have to dance to find Payal, I will not hurt you by telling this to you. Chiku recalls Rangoli’s words. She hears the ghungroo sound and gets scared. She runs away.

Milind’s brother Subodh and Bhabhi argue. She says we have to make Aai and Milind away by making Aai angry on Nupur, we should find something against Nupur. Molind asks Nupur to sit. He says I m going to cook dinner tonight, lets go back to old times. Nupur says wow. She gets a call from ACP. She says I didn’t want to talk about Payal, but of someone else, she is a little girl, I think she is part of some thieves gang. Chiku gets scared of the ghungroo. Bhabhi hears Nupur talking on call. She thinks Nupur is doing something, but what. Nupur asks ACP Avinash to find that girl. Chiku says there is a ghost after me. The kids get scared. Chiku runs. The ghungroo sound scared everyone.

Sulab stops her and says you are scaring them for no reason. He goes. The kids get scared and shout ghost. Nupur meets ACP. He says I will find the ghungroo. She says I want to find the girl. He calls Ganpat and gives the case. Ganpat says I will see. Rangoli asks what’s the case. He says I can’t tell you about the ongoing case, I m a policeman. Rangoli says you go and solve the case. She says what was he telling about the kids, I have to find something. Milind decorates the candle light dinner. He waits for Nupur.

He sits sad when it gets late. Chiku walks and shouts ghost. She sits in a corner. Nupur says thanks, I will leave now. ACP asks why are you interested in the locality kids. Nupur says I don’t know, maybe its God’s wish. The kids try to help Chiku get rid of the ghost. They hear ghungroo sound and shout. Rangoli says there is no lights today. She hears the kids shouting at home. She comes home. The kids get scared seeing her in darkness and run away. The ghungroos fall off Chiku’s bag.

Chiku says I told her to come and take the ghungroos. She asks Nupur to take the ghungroos. Nupur says you like to dance, I will take you with me. Chiku hugs her. Rangoli looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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